tagErotic HorrorJenny's Summer Ch. 02

Jenny's Summer Ch. 02


Author's note: This story takes place following Holly's Winter and Cecee's Spring, but before Vicky's Fall and Oksana's New Year. However, this story was written immediately after Holly's Winter and before any of the others in the series. It should stand as its own complete story. I appreciate comments, feedback and constructive criticism.


Two days later, I still had seen no sign of my tormentor. Nor had I seen any sign of the two from the airplane, assuming that Windigo had not lied about the whole thing. Could he simply be giving me false hope about escaping so as to make my terror upon recapture sweeter for him?

After I set up my tent, again under a tree to hide myself as best I could, I heard two shots in the distance. I held my breath in an attempt to hear any other proof of humans around me. Everything remained silent, except a wind started howling through the branches and my heart seemed to be pounding in my chest very loudly. Looking up, I could see dark green clouds blowing in across the blackening sky. Was this his doing? I knew some faeries had power over the weather. I crawled into my tent and sealed it up. I knew it would offer no protection against Windigo, but the illusion of protection was priceless. I had never hidden under my bed sheets as a child, but I now understood why many children felt some comfort in doing so.

I tried to sleep. I started counting sheep until Windigo showed up and ripped them apart. I awoke in fright. I had heard another gunshot! It was hard to tell how close it was as bullets of rain pelted my tent, passing easily through the sparsely needled branches of the sheltering tree.

Then there was another shot and a woman's voice. "Don't waste time shooting at it!"

I unzipped the tent opening and crawled out. Everything was dark and the wind changed direction rapidly, throwing the rain at me first from above, then from the side and then directly at my face. I ignored the hard raindrops and peered into the darkness.

"Keep going! Don't give up!" called out a man. That voice sounded familiar, I thought. Who is that?

"Over here!" I shouted. "Come over here! I have a tent!"

I could now hear the man and woman crashing through the trees. There was a flash of lightning and I saw one of them point directly at me as the other raised a rifle and pointed it at me.

"Don't shoot! Don't shoot me! Quick, get over here before he catches you!" Seeing other people had bolstered my hope that I might escape reasonably unscathed.

As the man and the woman approached I scrambled back into my tent. The woman crawled in first, with her rifle and small backpack. The man followed, also carrying a rifle and shouldering a large backpack. Once they were in I sealed the opening to the tent.

"This flimsy tent won't stop that bear," said the man. Where did I hear that voice before?

"That is no bear," said the woman, with a trace of a French accent. "I told you I shot it in the eye. It is a spirit bear, although I never believed such things existed." I did not recognize the woman at all.

"It's no bear," I explained. "He calls himself Windigo. One of you must promise me that if he finds us then you will shoot me."

The man and woman went silent in the darkness. I could hear one of them searching in their backpack. The man said "Jenny? Jenny, is that you?"

The woman lit a match and I looked at the man. "Phil! Oh, thank God!" I threw myself across the small tent, wrapped my arms around Phil and burst into tears.


I wept on his shoulder, trying to tell him everything that had happened between breaths and sobs. Phil just kept his strong arms around me and tried to soothe me as best he could. It must have been over an hour before I finally ran out of tears and just sat quietly in his lap, completely spent. His flannel shirt felt good against my cheek. He was tall for a man and well built and I fit into his lap very comfortably.

"She's hysterical," said Phil softly, glancing at the woman.

I looked at the woman and saw sympathy and curiosity in her narrow, brown eyes. She had long, straight, black hair tied behind her head in a ponytail, fine facial features and a sun-browned complexion. She was dressed for hiking, with jeans, hiking boots and a pink flannel shirt and had a good figure. I thought she might be an aboriginal.

"I know." She stared into Phil's eyes. "That was no bear. I hit it twice."

"Bears that big don't die easily," replied Phil.

"I've hunted bears before. That was no bear." She looked into my face. "Why did you say it was not a bear?"

"Because it isn't," I said simply. Realizing I was more coherent now they waited for me to continue. "There's a...creature near here that is very dangerous. It can change shape."

"Shh, Jenny. Just be quiet," soothed Phil. "You've had a rough time of it. It must have been the serial killer that caught you, or was chasing you. That's why I came here looking for you. When we were at Joe's Place in Hearne, you told me you had never been to Canada before. Once my leave was over, I contacted Mary at O'Hallihan's Supplies and she mentioned that you had come here on some sort of crazy mission. RCMP records show there has been a serial killer operating here for a few decades. I went on leave again and came as soon as I could. Now just rest, Jenny."

I looked up into his face, with his short dark hair and the beginnings of a dark beard and moustache. Phil was very worried about me. "I thought..." I began. Then I thought I'd best not discuss that unhappy date with Phil right now; there were more important things to worry about. I disengaged myself from Phil and sat looking at both of them. I put my hand out to the woman. "Call me Jenny. Apparently, I am some sort of ambassador to Canada, representing the North Pole."

The woman's jaw dropped. "Qu'est-ce...? What did you just say?"

Phil interrupted. "That's right: Jenny is a diplomat from the North Pole."

I smirked at him. "Holly told me about the trouble you gave Mary and her. So you believe us now?"

"Hard not to believe with all the goings on at the UN a couple of months ago," he admitted.

"I was in Santa's library and found some interesting information relating to the faeries. I came here to investigate. Boy, that was a big mistake." I frowned. "We've got to get away from here and get your government to drop a nuke on this place."

Phil and the woman were aghast. "She's American," explained Phil. That somehow seemed to explain everything to the woman. Was it some code that Canadians have?

"Phil, if you and she knew what I knew you would agree with me one hundred per cent. His name is Windigo and I don't think we can kill him with guns."

"My name is Sabrina."

Phil put his hands up. "Hold your horses, Jenny. First off, Canada doesn't have nuclear weapons. Second, we don't let our citizens go around condemning people to death, even if they are serial killers. You look uninjured. We'll take you to civilization and then I'll return with some other officers and we'll apprehend the man who attacked you."

I looked from one to the other. "Sabrina. Phil. This isn't just a serial killer or some crazy hillbilly capturing lone campers. This is a supernatural threat..." The disbelief on their faces convinced me I was not going win this debate. "Look, after what has been in the news the last several months do you both accept the existence of Santa Clause and the elves?"

"I'd say I have to, until some other more rational explanation rears its head," said Phil.

Sabrina stared at Phil in shock. "I don't. I don't watch much news. What's all this crazy stuff about Santa Clause?" asked Sabrina.

"This is taking far too long..." I realized that the wind had died down outside and I couldn't hear any rain. "Oh, damn. I think he's found us."

A large bear roared outside the tent. Phil grabbed his rifle, pushed me away from the entrance to the tent and began slowly unzipping it. "It's the same bear," he told us after peeking outside.

Sabrina picked up her rifle and began to reload it. "Sabrina, you are sure you hit it twice and that it is not a normal bear?" I whispered. Sabrina nodded.

As long as Phil and Sabrina didn't believe me we had no chance of escaping. I took a deep breath, pushed past Phil and left the tent. I slapped away his hands as he tried to grab me.

"Windigo, show them who you are. They think you are a bear and as long as they think that, they are not really afraid of you. They'll be more afraid if they see you in your faerie body."

Windigo's form shifted and shrunk. The white fur disappeared, leaving the naked male form in which I had first seen him. I could hear Phil and Sabrina both gasp.

"Did you tell them what I am going to do to them, my love?"

"Not yet. But I will. I think they are probably more afraid right now than they were a few minutes ago, correct?"

"Yes and it is delicious." He chuckled, with malice.

"If we think we can escape, our terror will be increased when you recapture us, will it not?"

"I can see what you are planning, my love."

"Give us a seven day head start and then come after us, Windigo."

"You have three days and then I come to feast on all of you. But, my love, you will watch the exquisite tortures I will put them through before I kill them. You will learn to be terrified of what I am doing and you will learn to appreciate it. Then you too will die."

I bent down to re-enter the tent. Phil had followed me out and was kneeling at the entrance in shock. I grabbed his rifle, whirled and fired at Windigo's face. There was an explosion of red and then his form changed. He became smoky, then transformed entirely in to a grey-white smoke and rose slowly into the sky. Windigo's mocking laughter filled the clearing long after the smoke had vanished.


I spent the rest of the night answering Phil and Sabrina's repetitive questions and trying to make them stay relatively calm. They now believed me and my earlier crazy babblings were now taken as gospel, well most of them were. Perhaps anchoring their sanity helped to preserve my own during this time. I felt a surreal calmness deep inside me, perhaps what martyrs had felt as they went to their deaths.

As morning broke we all agreed we had to leave as fast as we could. Somehow, I believed that Windigo would not harass us for the three days of grace he had granted, but he would certainly make up for it at the end of that period.

The problem was that we had no compass, Phil and I were completely unfamiliar with this land and although Sabrina was a native and her ancestors were born in these lands, her people no longer lived as her ancestors once did. She was a pilot and while she had spent some time in the bush, why was there a flicker of a smile when she said that, she was used to flying over this terrain.

Upon leaving the tent we found that a thick mist had settled on the landscape, making it seem eerie and unearthly. I believed that Windigo was trying to make it difficult for us to leave his domain. That was not unexpected.

We set off due south as best we could. The mist was cold and condensation built up on our skin and clothes, sucking away our body heat. We marched single file, just a yard or two apart, and Sabrina and Phil kept me between them at all times. I seemed to anchor the trio. I would have been useless breaking a trail anyway. We snaked over large outcrops and around dense copses of pine trees and ponds and small lakes. Sometimes we followed an animal trail, but this had to be pointed out to me. Any skills my father had taught me for getting around in the wild were now atrophied.

When we stopped to make camp, we were quite confident that we had travelled a good distance. Our exhaustion emphasized that point as we set up camp. We had seen nothing of Windigo all day, so Sabrina and I volunteered to collect some water together from a nearby stream. Phil made us promise to yell for him immediately if anything happened. He was going to forage for some food around the camp.

Sabrina and I crept away from camp until we found the stream. We filled our canteens. "I could really use a bath, Sabrina. Do you mind?" I asked.

"Not at all. I'll have one after you're done." Again I saw a brief smirk that was quickly concealed.

We were a little too close to camp and I was oddly shy about Phil finding me bathing, well oddly shy under the circumstances. I walked further along the gentle stream and Sabrina followed me. I noticed a gleam in the underbrush and bent down to investigate.

"What is it, Jenny?"

I pocketed what I had found. "Nothing. Just a sparkly rock. Let's go a little further." I had found a buckle that had been torn from my backpack and cast aside by Windigo when he thought I was imprisoned on his island. I had first seen it when I found my tent and I had let it lie where I found it. We thought we had travelled south, but we had ended up going northeast somehow. Windigo was disorienting us and I was afraid to reveal this to Sabrina.

She seemed to be such a lovely girl and about my own age. I think part of my desire to be out of sight of Phil was actually a desire to be alone with Sabrina.

Ten yards further downstream there was a small cliff, perhaps three yards high. The stream fell through a crevice in the rock and made a small waterfall, collecting into a shallow pool below. I surveyed the idyllic and familiar spot and noticed it would be very easy to climb down.

"A shower would be better than a bath." I climbed from rock to rock, followed by Sabrina. When I reached the bottom, I began stripping down. The air was chilling, but that actually soothed my aching muscles. Once I was in my birthday suit, I stepped into the knee-deep pool with a gasp. I had forgotten exactly how cold the water was around here.

I slowly walked over to the small waterfall, took a deep breath and then immersed myself in the frigid spray. I involuntarily jumped back out again and laughed. I heard Sabrina laugh as well and gave her a quick wink and then stepped under the falling water. At first I was shaking from the cold, but then my body began to adapt a little and I was able to start massaging my body. I showered as quickly as I could and then stepped out of the waterfall.

I felt cleansed. I walked towards my clothes and I could see Sabrina was appraising me. Her eyes lingered on my boobs. I gave her a knowing smile because I now knew what was going on behind that pretty face. "Were you going to have a shower, too?"

She gave me a quick nod and then stripped down. As her shirt and then bra came off, I realized her dark skin was not from tanning, but her natural skin colour. Her breasts were small, smaller than Holly's, but just as pert. Her areolae were about the size of a half dollar and dark, not pink or red. Her belly button was an outie, which I had always found sexy for some reason. Her feet were small, considering she was a good two inches taller than I was. Her legs were slim and her bottom was not spherical but gently sloping and curved from her back to her legs.

She stepped into the pool and her reaction was identical to mine, right down to the look at me, the smirk and then the wink. This could be interesting, I thought. Her flesh was covered in goosebumps by the time she reached the waterfall. The cold spray splashing on her chest made her nipples rise to attention. And I always thought a cold shower was supposed to make you forget about sex...

I watched her as she stepped under the water and began massaging her limbs. I imagined that my hands were rubbing lather over her skin and my pussy began to get wet. I felt warmth begin to spread through me, as my heartbeat picked up a little. Sabrina ran her hands through her hair, tilting her head back as she did so and I wondered if she made the same movement when she had an orgasm. She ran her hands over her chest, momentarily tweaking her own nipples and shivering. She glanced at me momentarily and then her hands moved down her abdomen. She spent a few seconds rubbing her thin but dark triangle of hair and another few rubbing her labia. Then she stepped out from under the waterfall.

She wrapped her arms around her chest, whether to warm herself up a bit or from modesty I could not tell, and splashed through the pool toward her clothes. Once out of the water, she reached down to pick up her shirt and then noticed that I had not dressed as yet.

"You should get dressed. You've got goosebumps everywhere, Jenny."

"I don't want to get my clothes wet. Do you want me to do something with your hair, like wring out the water or something?" My heart was thumping in my chest and I knew my own nipples were rising as I looked at her. I wondered if I was misreading her signals and prayed I was not. This could be my last chance for sex.

"Could you?" Sabrina turned away from me.

Her skin looked so soft and smooth as I approached her. I put my hands on her shoulders and she leaned back a little. I took her hair in my hands and gently twisted it a little and put it over her right shoulder. Then I leaned forward a little and kissed her on the side of her throat. As my tingling lips left her skin my arms went around her and my hands found her breasts. They were soft, but small and round. Her nipples felt hard but were somewhat pliant as I was able to bend them just a little and watch them spring back to attention.

"Oh, Jenny, you are so sexy and I need this so bad right now," she pleaded.

"So do I. You've done this before?" I breathed into her ear, and then I gently bit her ear lobe.

She giggled. "Yes. Have you?"

"You tell me." My hands moved away from her tits and went up to her throat, where they caressed and touched the smooth skin. I pushed her chin up, exposing more of her throat to my hungry mouth and began a series of short kisses wherever my mouth could reach.

Her knees seemed to give a little and her head rested on my shoulder. I kept kissing her neck and shoulder, giving quick licks where I saw a vein or hollow in her flesh. Her hands reached around behind her and she grabbed my waist and pulled my front up against her back. She started swaying her hips, rubbing her bottom against my groin and I felt an incredible urge to throw her to the ground and grind my pussy against hers. But I fought it.

Instead, my left hand slid along her chest, pausing at a nipple to give it a good, sharp tweak, then down to her belly button. She began moaning softly as my fingers teased her outie.

I let out an involuntary gasp as the friction between her bottom and my pussy caused a spasm inside of me. Sabrina giggled and turned to face me. She held my face in both her hands, tilted it up and then kissed me. One of her hands slipped down to my pussy and she vibrated her hand over my clitoris. One of my hands went to her breasts and began squeezing while the other went to Sabrina's pussy and a couple of fingers delved deep. She was wet.

That was when my knees gave out. She lowered me to the rock we had been standing on, propped my legs up on her shoulders and then placed her mouth over my sopping wet sex. Her tongue teased my clitoris for a few seconds and then began to play with my lower lips as she sucked my juices. My fingers were in her hair and I pushed her face against me a little less gently than I had intended. She realized that I was already close and her tongue went to my vagina and explored the entrance. My hips bucked, my body tensed and then I felt the slow collapse as all my muscles relaxed.

Sabrina licked up my juices a little more, causing my entire body to spasm occasionally. Then she folded her hands on top of my pubic bone and put her chin on top of her hands. After a minute or two I raised my head to look at her. She was smiling at me.

"I can certainly tell you've done this before. Now it's my turn to show you what a southern gal can do with her tongue."

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