tagIncest/TabooJenny's Weekend with Daddy Ch. 03

Jenny's Weekend with Daddy Ch. 03


It was Saturday night and daddy and I were playing in my room. I sat on my bed in my cheerleader uniform after giving him a sticky lollipop blowjob, ready for some cuddles. What I didn't know, was that daddy had other plans

"You're not the only one who made purchases at the mall today princess, daddy's not done with you yet."

I quickly became very excited. I was frustrated and achy because I had been rubbing my clit earlier before daddy's blowjob and hadn't gotten to finish. I needed to cum badly. I wondered what daddy had in store for me.

"Go to my room and lie down on my bed. I'm going to clean up and I'll be right there. Oh, and keep the uniform on." He said with a smile.

I did what daddy said. His bed was bigger than mine. I had a full, he had a great big king sized bed, the softest I'd ever slept in. I laid in his bed, staring at the ceiling, getting wetter and wetter by the minute. The anticipation was killing me. After what seemed like forever, daddy came in carrying a medium-sized, unmarked brown bag. He set it down on the bed and pulled out a box.

Inside the box was a long wand of some kind with a bulb looking thing on the end. He plugged it into the wall and a light came on. It looked familiar, I thought it was some kind of body massager. I hoped he'd give me a massage with it, my muscles were a bit sore after all of our escapades! He went to his bedside table and opened the drawer, pulling out the mask he usually wears at night for sleep.

He set it on the bed next to me and crawled up beside me.

"You made daddy feel so good just now baby, now I'm going to return the favor. I want you to promise me you'll lie still and let me take care of you, ok?"

"Yes daddy," I said with a smile.

He went to the bottom of the bed and started rubbing my feet, massaging the arches with his thumbs. Everywhere he touched, even something as innocent as this, sent tingles straight to my pussy in my highly aroused state.

"That feels so good daddy, thank you!"

"Shh, baby girl, don't talk. Just lie there and enjoy, let your mind be still."

He kept on with his massage, slowly moving farther up, first to my calves, then to my quads. He instructed me to raise my knees and plant my feet on the bed, and when he massaged the backs of my thighs his fingers curled around to the insides. His fingertips felt like fire and I could feel my pussy throbbing. He told me to turn over and to my disappointment, he moved away from my pussy and started kneading my shoulders and back.

I thought about the massager by the bed and briefly wondered what it was for if he was just going to use his hands the whole time, but the thought slipped away as soon as he got to my ass. It felt so good to have him kneading and cupping my cheeks, and with my head turned to the side I could see how hard it was making him to have his hands all over my young body.

He suddenly grabbed my ankles and spread my legs, running his index finger over my wet panties, through my slit from behind. It was unexpected and I almost came right then and there.

"Mmm, so wet for daddy. You smell heavenly baby girl."

He sucked his finger into his mouth.

"Just like ripe peaches..."

I was trembling with need, aching for him to touch me more and make me cum. He grabbed my ankles again and flipped me over onto my back. He crawled up my body and pulled the front of my cheer uniform down, freeing each of my perky little breasts one by one. Daddy bent down and sucked one of my hardened nipples into his mouth, nibbling it with his teeth, while he used his hand to pinch and roll the other. A bolt of fire shot straight down through my belly, the sensations were overwhelming and I started to squirm.

He immediately released my nipples, leaving my breasts free.

"You promised to stay still kitten. Daddy's going to have to do something about this."

He picked up the sleep mask and pulled it over my eyes, securing it behind my head. I felt his weight leave the bed and briefly wondered where he'd gone, but it wasn't long before I felt his hands on my ankles again. He ran them up my legs and under my skirt, pulling my sopping wet panties down and off my feet. The rough texture of his palms was sharply contrasted with something soft. Daddy was tying something around my ankle! I started to protest, but he stopped me with a sharp word.

"Enough! Do you trust me baby girl?"

My heart was beating rapidly, but his words calmed me.

"Yes daddy, I trust you."

"Good girl. I need you to stay still, and I need your sweet pussy open to me."

He quickly tied the other end of whatever it was -- a necktie maybe? -- to the lower part of the bed frame, and I could no longer move that leg. He moved to the other ankle, spreading my legs wide before tying that one down as well. He did the same to my arms, and suddenly I was spread wide open to him. I was his to possess, and I had never felt more vulnerable. Oddly enough, the feeling turned me on more than it scared me.

"There princess. Now daddy can really take care of you."

I felt his weight back on the bed and suddenly he crushed his lips to mine for a passionate kiss. He invaded my mouth with his tongue and sucked on my lower lip, and when he finally broke away I was left flushed and gasping for air, desperately wanting more. He planted little light kisses all over my face, down my neck, and along my collarbone. With my limbs tied down and my eyes covered, all my senses were heightened and each touch sent a tingle throughout my whole body.

Daddy reached down under my skirt and pushed my cheerleading uniform up my torso until it was bunched up between my neck and breasts. He took his time moving down my body, planting little kisses, trailing his fingers lightly, and nipping sharply with his teeth. I never knew what was coming next, and I couldn't help but squirm. He made it to my low belly and nipped at my hip bones. He dipped lower and licked at the insides of my thighs.

"Fuck daddy, you're torturing me. Lick my pussy daddy, please let me cum!"

"Don't worry baby girl, doesn't daddy always take care of his princess?"

He reached under me and cupped my ass cheeks, spreading them apart, as well as my labia. He flattened his tongue and ran it slowly all the way up my slit, and I let out a long groan of pleasure. He closed his lips around my clit, sucking lightly on the little nub to draw it out even farther. He released the suction and started making little flicks and circles around it with the tip of his tongue, and within seconds I was panting. I felt pleasure coiling low in my belly. My chest turned red and my legs started shaking. Just as I was about to finally get my release, daddy pulled his tongue away.

"FUCK!" I yelled out. "Daddy, I was so close, why did you stop?"

"Watch that pretty mouth of yours baby girl, or I'll have to find something to stuff it with. Daddy's not done playing yet. As a matter of fact..."

He crawled back up toward the head of the bed and I could feel his presence looming over my face.

"Stick out your tongue." He ordered.

I was reluctant, I thought he might actually gag me, but I did as he said. I felt something smooth touch my tongue, daddy's cock! He rubbed it back and forth over my outstretched tongue, and rewarded me with a taste of his salty precum.

"Very good, kitten. You like your daddy's cock in your mouth, don't you? What a good girl you are for me."

He pulled his cock away and moved back down my body. I felt something poke at my clit, and when it moved down in between my labia I realized it was daddy's hard cock.

"You're so wet for daddy, baby, absolutely dripping. Such a good girl."

He dragged the bulging tip of his cock through my wetness and began to slap it lightly against my clit. After every few taps he'd run it down my slit and enter my tight, clenching hole, just an inch or so, just enough to leave me wanting more. I desperately wanted my daddy's hard cock to thrust all the way into me, to fill me up and give me my release.

The precum oozing from his tip mixed with my juices to make the whole thing a giant wet mess, and I could hear every squishy sound. He continued tapping his cock against my clit and began to massage little circles around it, and just as I was about to cum he pulled away again.

I was aching and frustrated. My whole body was on fire and my pussy was throbbing. I couldn't even speak anymore to complain, I just writhed and moaned. I was deprived of my senses, literally and figuratively, and it had me in quite a state. Daddy shushed me and stroked my sweaty face gently. Just as I was starting to calm, a buzzing noise brought me back to awareness. All of a sudden I felt a sharp sensation against my nipple, a vibration that echoed straight down between my legs.

I realized this must be the massager that daddy bought at the mall today. I wondered if this is what he had planned all along. All I could do was gasp as daddy placed the bulb on different parts of my body. It seemed like there wasn't an inch he didn't cover, and every new place felt different.

The massager had different speeds, and he kept changing them on me. Before long, he turned it to its lowest speed and pressed the bulb directly between my legs. I saw stars behind my eyes and my stomach clenched up. This was it, I was finally going to cum.

I should have known better. Daddy pulled the wand away just before I reached that point of no return. I had truly become his plaything. Daddy's little fuck toy.

He spent the next ten or fifteen minutes bringing me right to the brink over and over, using his cock, the massager, his tongue, even his fingers curled inside me. In between, he would trail his fingers or his tongue over different areas of my body, taking advantage of every inch of overly-sensitized flesh.

Each time he brought me close, it took less and less time to get me there. I had turned into a mindless puddle of sweat and pussy juices, moaning and writhing and pulling at my restraints. I could hardly form a thought, let alone a sentence, but I somehow found the words to beg.

"Please daddy." I spoke quietly. "Please let me cum. I can't take it anymore! I need it, I need you, I need to cum. Please..." I begged.

"There it is. There's my sweet baby girl. You've been so good, letting daddy play with you all this time. Since you asked so nicely..."

He pressed his lips to mine for one last sloppy kiss, I was almost too incoherent with need to return it. Finally he turned on the wand, clicked it up one speed setting, and pressed it directly onto my clit. The bulb was big enough so that it settled into my labia as well, and my whole pussy was set on fire with the vibrations. My legs immediately started to shake and my abs clenched. I pulled at my restraints in an attempt to double over, the sensation was almost too much.

Finally, after a precious few seconds hanging on the edge, it happened. My body bowed backward, my legs clenching as tight as they could get while restrained. Every muscle in my body tensed up and then exploded in release. I let out a long cry that must have sounded like a wild animal, I had never experienced anything this intense in my life.

It seemed like I was cumming for hours, and at times I was torn between ecstasy and complete sensory overload. Daddy reached up and pinched my nipple, keeping the wand in place, and my orgasm became stronger, drew out even longer. I felt like I would die if it didn't stop, and there was no end in sight. Finally, daddy pulled the wand away and I collapsed.

The buzzing stopped and the world turned silent. Everything was quiet and dark, only the feeling of daddy's fingertips lightly grazing my ribcage let me know I was still conscious. He untied my wrists and ankles and slipped the mask off my eyes, but I was too dazed to open them.

A giggle erupted out of nowhere, and soon I was doubled over in unexplainable laughter. As quickly as the laughter started, my throat closed and my hands flew to my eyes. Tears started streaming down my face, I was bawling. Daddy must have thought I was a lunatic!

He held me and stroked me and kissed my tears. "What is it princess? Did I hurt you? Are you ok?"

"I'm more than ok daddy. That was... that was..." I had no words. "I can't even..."

"Shh, it's ok baby. Daddy's here."

I curled into his arms and slowly but surely the tears stopped. I had no explanation for my reaction, but I knew that that was by far the most intense experience I'd ever had in my life. Daddy pulled a blanket up over us. He held me close and stroked my hair like he used to do when I was little, and soon I fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.


John laid in his bed, contented with his daughter curled into his arms fast asleep. He thought about all that had transpired between them these last couple of nights. He admitted to himself that he had seen her growing and blossoming into a beautiful young lady, but truthfully he'd never thought anything like this could happen.

He felt a pang of guilt tug at his heart. She should be out experiencing this sexual awakening with someone her own age, in a normal healthy way. What had he taken from her? He wouldn't think about that tonight. He'd just enjoy the feel of her warm body against his.

He looked at her peacefully sleeping face. He'd meant to torture her to within an inch of her sanity, and he thought he'd done a pretty decent job of that. He was surprised at how much love he felt toward his not-so-little baby girl, and he regretfully realized that his love for her had changed into something different, something that a man feels for a woman. It had been so long since he'd felt love and passion and trust like this.

It had all happened so fast, and he wasn't sure where the future would take them, but for now he was content to hold her in his arms while she slept. He kissed her on her sweaty forehead, and then started to drift off, thinking about what tomorrow would bring.

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