tagBDSMJen's Bitch Ch. 02

Jen's Bitch Ch. 02


Jens visit this time, was different. When she got here, i looked at her after we did some housework, and sayd "My "pussy" needs to be shaved, will you do that for me please?"

She smiled at me and said "Of course I will. Go get the bathroom ready." She began fluffing and spraying Lysol on the pillows.

i went into the bathroom retrieving two towels, the shaving cream warmer, the razor with an extra blade, a container for her to rinse the razor in. One towel lays on the tile floor, the other gets folded and placed under my ass. i got undressed and filled the container with hot water. When she walked in, she smiled and said "I think you got everything."

She sat down and began to rub warm shaving cream on my cunt. She took the razor and began shaving the left side first and then moved to the right. When she finished that, she changed the water, rinsed off my cunt and used a little more shaving cream and got the places where she missed. She rinsed my cunt off with very warm water.

She used her right hand and spread open the lips, held her hand out of the way and slapped my clit and cunt together, softly the first time..."It shouldnt"...second slap a little harder..."Look like this." and the third slap was still harder..."ever again."

She stood up changed the blades and put them away. She started to walk away when i quietly asked..."What has he been telling you?"

"He who"

"HE, Sir..."

"To watch your body language,exert force at times, use pain at times, and I already figured out your pussy responds to some orgasm denial and being called dirty names."

"Its a cunt...yours is a pussy Jen."

She smiled at me and said, "you are such a dirty little slut...your cunt is soaking wet, isnt' it."

i nodded my head and she replied with "Good. Get dressed lets go finish the sheets in the spare room." She walked away.

Her next visit was to be a week away. All i could think about was that day. All week that was all i could think of.

As Jen arrived that morning, i was a little nervous about revealing that my cunt was wet and not shaved. At one point i intentionally scratched it, and she picked up right away on it. He had to go to the store so he left us alone. As soon as his truck was out of the driveway she turned and said in a very demanding voice..."Strip your pants off...NOW!"

i did as i was told and she took one look at my cunt and said "You are in trouble. Make me a cup of coffee and i will be right back."

When she came back she had a belt, my smallest butt plug, my paddle, a ball gag and duck tape.

She walked over to me and made me lay on the hard tile floor. Having me use the counter as leverage to lift my ass up off the floor. She slid her finger in my cunt and it came out soaking wet, so she slipped the butt plug in and got it good and wet and then slid it into my ass. I tried to get away from the plug, but she looked me in the eye and said "I have seen you take bigger things than this up your ass, shut the fuck up."

She took the ball gag, made me bite it and wrapped it around my head tieing half a knot, then she took a piece of duck tape and covered the gag and my mouth...a second piece and then a third. Pushing them to be sure they sealed. then going back to what she was doing with the plug.

When the plug was firmly seated in my ass, she had 3 pieces of duck tape that were fairly long and she started at my hair line in front sealing it, she placed a guaze pad between the tape and my cunt lips and the plug and then pulled the tape tight to my back. Several more pieces of tape varying in length were put there in the same fashion. She said, "Now, you get the punishment part of this...well part of it."

She wrapped the belt around my neck holding it tight and being sure that if i moved it would tighten up. She walked me into the dining room as though i were a dog and the belt was her leash. She bent me over the table, holding my "leash" in one hand and the paddle in the other, she began to paddle my ass. Several quick smacks and a pause, maybe a hand caressing and then a hard slap. This went on for several minutes, then she pulled me away from the table, and ran the belt through my legs and taped it to my back.

She looked at me and said "Now, while i am gone, you will use this paddle on your webcam and hit yourself in the CUNT 17 times. The tape and the plug will stay until HE arrives, so that he can see you were a bad girl right off the start and i am sending him an email, to be sure you have followed through with my punishment. Send me the video. I will call you this weekend. If i have to punish you for this again, it will be worse the next time, as i am already beginning to plan it. DON'T you dare get lazy...I love you differently than he does and I am not afraid to "hurt" you a little. The gag can come out at the end of my video." She ripped the tape off my face. Then got ready to leave.

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