tagNovels and NovellasJen's Story Ch. 04

Jen's Story Ch. 04


Another Threesome for Jen

About a week before we were due to start our Freshman year at the local state university I went up to the lake alone because Erika was at her aunt's house. Danny said he only had to work a half day and would come up when he was done. I was sunbathing and watching some kids splash around in the lake when he arrived. When I noticed him coming down from the parking area I realized he had Steve with him.

I was disappointed at the time because I had been looking forward to spending the day alone with Danny. Steve of course wanted to get high suggesting we take a walk. Danny wholeheartedly agreed so I pulled on my shorts and sandals and we headed for the trail. We ended up going all the way to the cabin where we sat and smoked Steve's joint.

Once we were high Danny and Steve talked about work as I curled up sleepily in Danny's lap. As they talked Danny was caressing my bare tummy between my shorts and my bikini top. I languished under his soft touch for a few minutes until he lovingly raised my chin and brought his lips to mine in a soft sensual kiss. I turned toward him and returned his kiss passionately as he massaged my ass through my shorts with his strong hand.

As our lips parted I gazed into Danny's gorgeous eyes while his hand slid up my back and began to undo the buttons of my top.

"But Steve's..." I started to say.

"Relax," he whispered as he unfastened the back of my bikini.

Offering no resistance I peered up at him realizing what he wanted me to do.

"But what about Erika?," I reminded him feeling guilty.

"She will never know," Danny assured me and then he slowly slid the strap of my suit down my arm.

"Danny, please..." I whined still unable to shake the guilt. Ignoring my plea he pulled the little bikini top off of me exposing my white melon size tits.

I diverted my eyes refusing to look at either of them ashamed at how excited I was. I felt so sexy, so wicked allowing them both to see me topless. This was so different than the that day at the lake months before. I was not stripping on the pretense of going skinny dipping, but rather to arouse them and ultimately to fuck them.

Danny began to massage and squeeze the pliable flesh of my big tits as I nervously looked back up into his eyes. Suddenly I felt hands on the clasp to my shorts and glanced down to see Steve kneeling on the stone floor undoing them. He tugged on the shorts, but when they wouldn't come off he stopped and peered up at me.

"Lift up Jen," Danny urged.

My heart pounded in my chest as I submissively raised my butt up allowing Steve to slide my bikini bottoms along with the shorts over my hips. I then dropped my bare bottom into Danny's lap and watched excitedly as Steve quickly slipped them down over my sandals. Once he had discarded my shorts and suit Steve began to slip off my sandals as he intently watched Danny caress my erect nipples. When he had removed the first shoe I playfully wiggled my little toes in his face flirting with him as he pulled the other from my tiny foot.

Danny lifted me off his lap and placed me on my back in the chair. He then stood up leaving me with my head and shoulders propped up on the musty back cushion of the old chair, my large breasts flattened out to my arm pits and my hairy bush only partially concealed by my slightly parted thighs.

The two boys began to remove their clothes unable to take their eyes off of me. As if in a trance Steve quickly pulled his shorts and underwear down as he stared at my body. Danny pulled his shirt over his head and gazed into my eyes and smiled slyly as he slowly unsnapped and lowered the zipper of his jeans.

As they revealed their erections I unconsciously touched myself and felt my own arousal seeping from my pussy. When they were finally naked I allowed my knees to fall apart drenching my finger as it slid easily into my hole. Stroking their beautiful cocks they both stood in awe as I writhed sensuously rubbing my middle finger excitedly over my swollen clit pleading with every gesture for them to take me. I was a slut for them, enticing them, begging to be fucked.

Finally Danny knelt between my open legs as Steve sat above me on the arm of the chair. Danny brought his tongue to my moist slit and began to lick me as I gazed up into Steve's eyes moaning at each titillating flick of Danny's tongue. It embarrassed and excited me having him watch me as I held Danny's head encouraging him to eat me.

I grabbed Steve's cock and squeezed it in my little hand gazing at the tip which glistened with precum. I struggled to lift my head so that I could reach it with my tongue, but dropped my head back into the cushion frustrated when I realized it was impossible. Seeing my brazen desire Steve straddled me with his knee on the arm rest and I engulfed his stiff cock in my mouth voraciously as Danny's lips nipped at my tender clit.

My shameless craving for Steve's cock served only to ignite Danny's desire. Just moments after I had begun sucking the precum from Steve's dick Danny's tongue disappeared and his rock hard cock took it's place sliding effortlessly into my gaping cunt. Just seconds after Danny began pumping his cock into me the sensations in my pussy began to surge. Quickly dislodging my mouth from Steve's cock I screamed for him not to stop.

"FUCK ME, please don't stop... HARDER!" I shrieked as his cock pummeled into my aching cunt.

Suddenly his violent ramming became too much for me causing waves to surge and crash against my throbbing clit. Just as my orgasms began to dwindle Danny with one final thrust shot gobs of his sticky cum on my stomach.

I held my legs spread shamelessly as Steve took his place and jammed his raging hard-on into my willing cunt. His lustful expression took me back to the day we had fucked by the lake and then to images of Erika kneeling partially nude sucking the very cock that now fucked me.

My mind reeled tormented by visions of Erika standing over us fully dressed shouting "FUCK THE LITTLE TRAMP," over and over as she peered down at me laughing hysterically.

Suddenly Steve withdrew his thick cock from my hungry hole snapping me out of the guilt ridden nightmare. Before I realized what was happening Steve was straddling my face.

Take it in your mouth" he demanded jerking his cock furiously. I obediently opened my mouth wide with my tongue laying over my lower lip begging for his cum.

"I am such a tramp...a pig," I thought to myself as I stared lustfully at the hard cock being stroked inches above my face. I couldn't believe how much I wanted to taste his cum. Aroused and humiliated beyond anything I had ever known I held my mouth like that for a few long seconds until his cock finally erupted and hot cum flowed onto my tongue and down my throat. Steve stared down at me in awe as I closed my mouth and swallowed his load.

"Your such a hot fuck," he huffed between heavy breaths.

"Thanks," I whispered hoarsely forcing a weak smile.

Danny drove me home later that afternoon. We rode in silence lost in our own thoughts. I feared that he hadn't really enjoyed sharing me with Steve this time and that somehow it would ruin our relationship. However, the next day he called me like nothing had happened.

Steve and Erika broke up just a few days later. I was glad when they broke up. She was my best friend and Steve was a cheat. She never would have understood what I had done with Steve and I prayed she would never find out. I don't think I understood it either. The fact that they were no longer going out seemed to alleviate some of my guilt.

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