tagNovels and NovellasJen's Story Ch. 7

Jen's Story Ch. 7


Chapter 7: Double Blackmail

The following day while sitting in my precalculus class I glanced over at Josh who was sitting with one of his friends on the other side of the lecture hall. As soon as I saw Josh my thoughts flashed back to the previous afternoon. In my minds eye I saw him standing over me jerking his hard cock as I rebuked him clenching my lips together denying him access to my warm mouth. I felt kind of happy I had denied him that satisfaction, but then I remembered the humiliation of his cum all over my face and in my hair.

As I came back to reality I noticed that he was looking directly at me. He smirked arrogantly as if he was reading my mind and then he leaned over and whispered something to his friend John Baxter.

John immediately looked back at me with an amused expression. When his eyes met mine I felt a chill and I knew something was wrong. Without breaking our eye contact he took his pen and in grotesque fashion simulated a blow job as Josh struggled to stifle his laughter.

"MY god," I thought to myself, Josh told him about yesterday!" I quickly diverted my eyes back to my notebook and tried to act unfazed, but I was mortified. "Who else did he tell? I cried to myself. "That son of a bitch....I can't believe this" I thought as tears welled up in my eyes. I sat there desperately trying to get ahold of myself, but I knew that by the end of the day I would be the dirty joke of the wrestling team, the Freshman class and possibly the whole school.

When class ended I scooped up my books and hurried out of the room trying not to make eye contact with anyone. I didn't know whether to go to my next class, leave school or what. I stood in the commons area just staring into space while students shuffled by me to their next class. For the first time in my life I actually considered killing myself.

Suddenly a tap on my shoulder snapped me out of my daze. I turned my head toward it finding Jim standing their with a big smile on his face.

"Hi Jen," he said cheerfully.

"Go away," I said angrily as I turned away.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Jim asked.

I turned back to him defiantly and stared at him. He looked bewildered making me think he really had no idea why I was mad.

"Josh told one of his asshole friends about yesterday."

"What a SHITHEAD," he declared as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders trying to comfort me. Overcome with fear and humiliation I buried my face in his chest and began to cry.

"Don't worry Jen, I'll talk to them," he assured me. "Who did he tell?" he asked.

"John Baxter" I told him tearfully.

"I swear they won't tell anyone else, just calm down," he said as he comforted me in his arms.

"You will do that?" I asked sniffling into his now damp shirt.

"Yes, now relax - it will be ok," he said smiling down into my wet puffy eyes.

"Thanks," I whispered as I hugged him close.

I went on to class feeling a little better about it, but still very nervous that others knew about what I had done in Danny's basement.

When I was done with morning classes I headed for the dining hall hoping to see Jim and find out if he had talked to them yet.

As I walked down the walkway past the gym the door which led to the courts swung open and out stepped none other than John Baxter. As he blocked my path I immediately stopped in my tracks and stared fearfully at him.

"Jen, I need to talk to you," he said as he motioned for me to follow him into the gym.

Hesitantly I followed him through the double doors and walked with him onto the empty basketball court. He led me out onto the court I guess to insure our privacy and stopped to look at me. I stood defiantly a few feet away from him with my arms crossed in front of me waiting to hear what he had to say.

"I talked to Jim after second period," he began.

"Yeah," I said praying he was going to cooperate.

"Yeah, I'm not going to tell anyone Jen," he assured me.

"Thanks," I said shyly. I was relieved, but felt very embarrassed and self-conscious that he knew my secret.

We stood there in uncomfortable silence for a few moments. Finally I could take it no longer and said "I'll see ya," and turned away from him and headed for the door.

"Wait," he called out.

I stopped and turned back to him, "What?" I whined.

"I'm not going to tell, but you have to do something for me, ok?" he said more like an order than a request.

I looked at him exasperated by his ultimatum. "What?" I asked timidly knowing full well I was in no position to deny him anything.

"Follow me," he said and then he led me off the court toward the locker rooms. I followed him until I realized he expected me to go into the men's lockerroom with him.

"I'm not going in there!" I exclaimed.

"Don't worry, there won't be anyone using this lockeroom for at least an hour," he explained.

"But why, what do you want," I asked suspiciously.

"Just come on," he groaned impatiently.

John held the door while I hesitantly entered the empty locker room. The large room smelled foul. Sweat and urine odor permeated the humid air. Dripping water from the showers echoed off the cinderblock walls and metal lockers making it seem almost eerie.

I stood by a bench nervously as he approached me. Knowing all too well why he had brought me there I averted my eyes and stared at the wooden bench squeezing my hands together anxiously. Sitting down on the bench aside the one by which I stood he calmly looked up at me.

"Take off your clothes," he quietly commanded.

Shocked, I turned and stared at him. "I can't do that HERE," I pleaded.

"Hurry up, we don't have that much time," he insisted.

"NO, what if someone comes in! I can't do it HERE!" I argued.

"Stop pissing me off or I'll take out an ad in the school newspaper about what you did at Danny's yesterday," he threatened. Exasperated I sat down on the bench knowing full well that I would have to satisfy him in some way. Slowly I removed my sandals and then looked over at him numbly hoping he would reconsider.

"Better hurry or you'll be stripping for the whole PE class," he said motioning me to get a move on.

Realizing that I'd better get this over with fast I quickly unbuttoned my shirt and removed it and then unbuckled my jeans and pulled them off. Now standing in only my bra and panties I looked up at him for the first time since beginning to disrobe. His expression had changed from annoyance to lustful as he gazed at the ample tit flesh spilling over my sheer bra.

He watched intently as I dragged the straps down my arms and then pulled the cups down exposing my big round tits for him. I left my bra bound uselessly around my tummy and slipped my fingers under the waistband of my wispy panties sliding them down to mid-thigh. I stood there embarrassed and frightened for a few seconds while he sat there dumbly staring at me.

Suddenly he stood and opened his jeans as he walked up to me. He immediately began squeezing and mashing my big pliable breasts as his finger dug roughly into my moist slit. Diverting my eyes from his I submitted to his probing until he placed his hand on my shoulder and silently pushed me to my knees on the cold cement floor.

Pleadingly I looked up into at him as he fished out his semi erect penis and stuck it in my face.

"Please don't make me do this," I begged.

"Suck me," he demanded.

"MY god, what if someone comes in," I protested.

"Just do it," he insisted. His expression unyielding

I lowered my gaze to his cock and hesitantly brought my mouth closer to the head of his semierect penis. When I didn't immediately take into my mouth he slapped it against my lips impatiently. Not knowing what else to do I submissively opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the purplish head. Terrified that someone would come through the door and find me naked on my knees sucking cock I began to feverishly piston up and down the hardening shaft as he held it at the base feeding it to me.

Desperately wanting him to come quickly I pushed his hand away wrapping my little hand around his rigid prick and stroked it furiously while I sucked it deep into my throat. My wanton display seemed to kindle his desire for more because suddenly he pulled his prick from me and hoisted me off my knees.

Before I could ask him what he wanted I was bent over and made to support myself with my hands on the bench. Suddenly he grabbed my panties which were stretched taute around my thighs and violently ripped them off of me.

"AHHH", I cried as the elastic cut into my flesh before tearing away.

Before I could respond with anything intelligible John spread my legs and drove his rock hard cock deep into my sensitive little pussy. He savagely pummeled me as I yelped and grimaced praying no one would hear us. My round fleshy ass quivered in waves and my tits bounced wildly with each crushing thrust.

As he buried his cock in me one last time he groaned and squeezed the loose flesh on my hips while shooting jets of hot cum deep in my cunt.

When he withdrew his dwindling erection from my abused pussy I sat on the bench and quickly replaced my bra concealing my tits while I looked for my panties. John put his cock back in his pants and glanced over at me as he headed for the door.

"See ya," he grinned and then he was out the door.

I ignored him still frantically trying to locate my panties. Finally I saw them laying torn and unwearable on the floor under a neighboring bench. Anxious to get out of there I just pulled on my jeans with no panties and donned my shirt.

Grabbing my sandals I headed for the door, but just as I was about to push it open the door swung away from my extended hand causing me to lose my balance stumbling head on into Mr. Fick, the varsity wrestling coach. He caught me as I fell face first against his big barrel chest with my breasts squashed against his big pot belly. He quickly hooked his hands under my arms and lifted me up to my feet with a puzzled expression. Scared and defensive I tried to excuse myself and pass by him, but he blocked the door with his massive frame preventing my escape.

"What are you doing in here," he barked as I backed away from him.

"I, I thought I was going to be sick," I lied.

"So why in here, the women's locker room is right next door," he retorted obviously suspicious.

"I don't know," I said my voice trembling with fear.

As I stood before him fumbling for an explanation he slowly stepped toward me and I reacted by backing up until the bench blocked my retreat.

"Why don't you have your shoes on?" he asked slyly as he peered at my sandals clutched in my hands. "I don't know," I answered pathetically.

"So what were you really doing in here?" he asked as he scanned the room.

"NOTHING," I cried as his eyes suddenly widened staring at the floor behind me.

"What THE HELL are these doing HERE?" he exclaimed brushing by me.

Confused, I turned to see what he was talking about just as he was picking my tattered panties off the floor. "Are these YOURS?" he asked accusingly as he held the flimsy remnants of my panties in front of my frightened face.

"NO," I insisted indignantly.

He stood there a moment observing my obvious guilt dangling my panties from his pudgy fingers.

"Your going to have to prove that to me," he demanded.

"But......I can't.....," I protested.

"Yes you can - just reach under your jeans and pull the waistband up above them," he said boldly as he watched closely for my reaction.

"I, I can't......" I sobbed diverting my eyes to the floor.

"And why is that?" he asked knowingly as he leaned back against the lockers with his arms crossed, my shredded panties now balled up in his fist. Immersed in panic I struggled to think of something other than the truth, but my mind was blank. "Well?" he urged.

"I don't have any on," I finally conceded as my face went crimson with embarrassment..

"I thought so," he said triumphantly. "Come with me," he directed as he took hold of my arm. He led me to his office at the other end of the locker room. Closing the door behind him he threw my mutilated panties on his desk as he stepped behind it and sat down. I remained standing in the middle of the tiny room weeping and thoroughly humiliated.

"Give me your student ID" the man insisted.

Hesitantly I produced my ID from my pocket and handed it to him. After inspecting my identification he looked up and stared at me strangely.

"I'm going to have to call security," he announced. I'm sure campus security and your parents will be able to sort this out," he concluded as he reached for the phone.

"NO, please don't call them," I pleaded.

He stopped and peered up at me, his hand still on the receiver, as he waited for my explanation.

"A g-guy made me come in here," I admitted tearfully.

"Who was it, Danny Gallo?" he probed. "Or Steve Hastings?" he quipped as he pulled his hand from the phone and settled back in his chair.

I stared at him in total shock. "How did he know about them," I thought as I shook my head vehemently in denial.

"Don't you think I know what goes on with the guys on my team young lady?" he announced arrogantly not expecting an answer. "I've heard the two of them talking about you after practice. I doubt whoever it was you were with in here had to MAKE YOU do anything!"

I just stood there dumbfounded, my stomach lurching, as I stared into his dark menacing eyes still trying to digest his demeaning words.

"Let's cut to the chase Jennifer?" he said as he leaned over his desk and ran his thick fingers over the delicate material of my panties. "We can forget all about calling your parents if you do for me what you do for all my boys," he offered leering at the massive swells stretching the buttons of my blouse.

"HE WANTS TO FUCK ME!" my inner voice screamed as I stared in disbelief at this stocky, middle aged Italian now sporting an ugly smirk. Shifting awkwardly from one foot to the other, clutching my sandals tightly to my bosom, I watched him check his watch and then get up and lower the blinds to the window that overlooked the vacant locker room. Once they were closed Mr. Fick sat on the corner of his desk and slowly eyed me up and down.

"Show me how you lost your panties little lady," he teased with a lecherous grin.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The thought of this horrible fifty year old man touching me made me sick to my stomach . I hesitated, struggling to muster up the courage to go through with it, as he sat there reveling in his good fortune knowing I was his to use as he wished.

Having no other option besides having him report me I dropped my sandals to the floor surrendering myself to his wanton desires. After taking a deep breath to steady myself I began to disrobe for the second time in less than an hour to insure someone's silence. Mr. Fick watched intently as I nervously removed each article of clothing. The lascivious look in his eyes as I pulled my jeans down confirming that the panties that now lay on his desk were in fact mine made me feel so cheap and dirty.

When I was naked he had me sit on his desk and spread my legs lewdly for him as he stuck a finger in my pussy. He then pulled it out and held it in front of my face.

"The boy fucked you, didn't he?" he said sternly as I stared in horror at John Baxter's cum dripping from Mr. Fick's finger. Humiliated I diverted my eyes as he pushed his finger into me again and then added a second. As he finger fucked me he leaned over me taking a nipple between his teeth sucking it into his mouth. I winced and groaned as he roughly chewed my swollen nipple repulsed by the strong pungent odor of his deodorant mixed with sweat that seemed to ooze from every pore of his body.

Inspired by his control over me he abruptly covered my lips in his forcing his tongue between them as he wrapped his thick muscular arms around me. Trapped in his embrace I helplessly submitted to his groping as he forced me flat on my back on the desktop with his fingers digging deep between my outstretched legs.

Suddenly I felt one of his stubby digits press against my virgin anus.

"NO.......not there!" I screamed as my legs in reflex clamped together. I immediately began to struggle which only seemed to excite him more.

"Pwease don.........AAHHH!" I begged muffled by his fat lips engulfing my mouth. His thick finger pushed through the tight opening as I tensed trying to prevent it.

"OH GOD," I cried as his finger sunk all the way into my virgin bottom.

I raised my hips arching my back high off the mahogany desk trying to escape him. Undaunted he easily spun me onto my stomach like a rag doll. Terrified I began to scream but he quickly stifled my cries for help stuffing my tattered panties in my mouth and then laid his upper body over me trapping my arms and crushing my tits into the desk. Reinserting his wet, chubby finger into my rear he proceeded to fuck me sadistically with it as my legs kicked in the air wildly. My screams of terror and pain though muffled threatened to draw the attention of someone outside.

Realizing the risk of discovery he withdrew his finger from my sore ass and began to take his pants off. My hands now free I quickly pulled the gag from my mouth gasping for breath. I remained sprawled across the desk exhausted from my futile struggling relieved that the brutal sodomy was over. Having no fight left in me I offered no resistance as he rolled me onto my side facing him with my head at the edge of the desk.

"Have a taste of some Italian Sausage you little bitch," he said as he slapped the biggest cock I had ever seen against my cheek.

Astonished, I stared at the huge slab of man meat. It wasn't hard and yet it was probably about 8 inches long and as thick as my wrist. He then pressed his stiffening prick to my clenched lips. "Open up," he demanded.

Obediently I opened my lips as wide as I could as he slowly pushed his cock into my mouth.

"That's it - take it!" he urged.

I had never had such a thick cock in my mouth and tried desperately to stretch my lips around it. I got a few inches of his horse cock in my mouth and started sucking the knob and pumping the long thick shaft with my little hand praying he would cum quickly, but I had never been with an older man before and didn't know of their staying power. I sucked and stroked furiously on Mr. Fick's rigid pole hoping he would cum and that that would be the end of it, however he wasn't in such a hurry.

I glanced up at one point and saw that he had removed his shirt. His big hairy belly loomed over me preventing me from seeing his face. I knew that he was now naked and closed my eyes unwilling to accept that I was giving head to this horrible, ugly man.

Suddenly he pulled his cock out of my mouth and I opened my eyes expecting that he might be cumming. But to my disappointment he had no plans to cum just yet. He quickly grabbed me by my ankles and spun me around onto my back. He pulled my ass to the edge of the desk before releasing my ankles and bending my legs back to my chest. I laid there helplessly prone for him to rape me.

"Oh God, GO SLOW.......please.......easy," I gasped when I felt the bulbous head of his immense cock press into my crotch.

I had thought Jim's cock was big, but Mr. Fick's was probably 2 inches longer and had to be twice as thick. Biting my lower lip I gazed up at the wanton expression on his ruddy face as his huge cock pushed slowly into me stretching my little pussy tightly around it's girth. As soon as he had me impaled on his pole he began to fuck me with short, quick thrusts.

"AAHH MAN........you're so fucking tight!" he grunted as he drove it ever deeper into me.

My nails dug into his bulky biceps and I began to pant and groan uncontrollably as he stuffed more and more of his huge cock into my poor, abused little pussy.

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