tagIncest/TabooJerk It for Your Little Girl

Jerk It for Your Little Girl


Hi Daddy. I know I'm eighteen now, but I still like playing games. Will you play a game with me? You will! Goodie. But... the game I want to play is kind of an adult game. Is that OK? It's the kind of game mommies and daddies might play together. It's just, I know how hard you work to take care of me. You do so many amazing things for your little girl. It's not easy finding ways to return the love and kindness you show me every day. That's all I really want. I want to make sure you know how much your little girl loves you.

So, how the game works is simple. I'm going to count backwards from ten to one. In between each count I'm going to describe something naughty that will make your Daddy-cock hard. If you want to win the game all you have to do is jerk your dick exactly how I tell you. At first, I want you to start off nice and slow but as I count down I want you to jerk it faster and faster. By the time I get to "two" I want you right there on the edge of shooting all that cum everywhere. I want to see all that spunk explode out of your cock, Daddy. Having to wait won't be easy for me, either. Thinking about it makes your little girl feel all tingly. Remember, your daughter loves you so much. Just this once let your little girl take care of you. OK, Daddy?

Lean back and get comfortable. That's it. Unbuckle your belt and unzip your fly. Do you already feel all that tension leaving your body, Daddy? That's what your little girl wants. You do a lot for me. You give me so much love and attention. So, lay back and let me show you how much I appreciate you. Reach into your boxers and pull out that cock. Show it to me, Daddy. I want to see it, please! I need to see it. Picture my young pretty face and soft skin as you get hard. Look right at your daughter looking back at you. Am I the most beautiful girl you've ever seen? I am? It's because I'm your little girl, isn't it?


Slide the backs of your fingers up and down your shaft. That's how I want to touch it. I want you to imagine my little fingers are gliding along your cock from your balls to your head, up and down, up and down. Doesn't it feel amazing to have your daughter touching you? I love seeing how it grows. I want it to keep getting bigger and bigger. Seeing it stand up makes me feel all nervous and weak. I don't even really understand it. I just know when I'm near your cock I want to learn what it would feel like inside me. Do you like knowing what your cock does to your little girl? Do you like knowing your daughter is so hungry for you, Daddy?

Well, keep sliding your hand up and down while you think about that. Picture me sitting on the edge of your bed as you touch yourself. Look at how young and innocent I am. But you know my secret, don't you, Daddy? You know that all my innocence gets thrown out the window when I am around you. I'm sorry. I can't help it. I hope you don't think less of me for needing that Daddy-cock inside me. I hope you don't think I'm some trashy whore. Let your little girl make you feel good, please. Let me take care of you. Why don't you wrap your hand around your shaft and slowly stroke it up and down? That's it Daddy, nice and slow, up and down.


Does the cute outfit I put on make you happy? I know you think I look so pretty when I wear a short skirt with stockings. I know you love it when my shirt is cut low and you can see my young perky tits. Would you like to see more of your little girl? I thought you might. Why don't I unbutton my shirt just a little bit? Keep jerking it as you watch, Daddy. Sometimes I feel like my tits are too small, but you've always made me feel good about my body.

Watch my little fingers undo another button. Do my boobs look cute when I pull my bra down? Can you can see my tiny pink nipples? I bet you want to touch them. I bet you want to suck on my young taut breasts. I promise I'll let you soon, after our game. For now, look at your daughter. Watch me glide my fingers around and around my nipples. They're getting so hard like your cock. Keep stroking it for me as you imagine me playing with my tits. These are your tits. I belong to you, Daddy. You know that, right? You know that I'll always be your little girl? I don't ever want to belong to anyone else.


Stroke it for me a little faster, Daddy. Watch me as I spread my legs. Do you see the panties I put on? I was going to wear my black panties to look sexy for you. Then I remembered how much you like it when I wear plain white ones. Watch me as push them to the side. That's it. Stare right into your daughter's pussy. Doesn't it look so young and fresh? It's yours, Daddy. You know it belongs to you. Does it turn you on to watch me rub it? Do you want to see your little girl finger herself? Mmmm, I love the way my tiny digit feels inside me. I love that you're jerking your dick as you think about me.

Can I tell you a secret? Sometimes, late at night, I watch dirty movies online. I see all these sexy girls spread their legs nice and wide. Would you like to see me do that? I could spread my legs so wide and you could get a deep look at what your daughter has. Look at me stretch my tiny smooth lips. I want you to see all of me. I want you to see deep inside my tight young cunt. Get a good look, Daddy. Does it turn you on to see my pussy going from light pink to dark pink? That's it. Watch your little girl finger herself. Look all my juices glistening on my finger. Pretty soon my juices will be glistening all over your cock.


Oh my god! I love watching you stroke it and seeing your hand wrapped around your dick. You're so big, Daddy. I love how your skin moves along your shaft. I love your fat head disappears into your hand and then reappears. Can you imagine it's my tiny my fingers wrapped around you? Can you feel how soft my hand is? Isn't it perfect? Picture my sweet innocent face near your head. Look right into my eyes, Daddy. I love the way your hand pets me before I take you in my mouth. It makes me feel like you love me. You do love me, don't you Daddy? I know you do. I just like hearing you say it. Pet your daughter. Make me feel like I'm a good girl when I start licking you.

Imagine my little tongue circling around and around your head. I'm going to squeeze your cock just a little. I want to see if I can find some of that precum you taught me about. I love tasting you in my mouth. There's something so special about a little girl sucking her Daddy's cock. There really isn't a better way for a daughter to honor her father. Can you picture me on my knees looking up at you, Daddy? That's it. Rest your hand on the back of your little girl's head. Feel your cock parting my lips and my mouth slide along your shaft. I promise not to remove my eyes from you no matter how deep I take you down the back of my throat. I want all of you. I'll try my best not to gag, Daddy.


I want you to picture me climbing on top of you. I hope you don't think I am a dirty nasty whore for needing to ride you. I can't explain it. There's no other cock in this world I want. Tell me it's, OK. Tell me you still love me when I climb on top of you. Reach up and touch my young innocent face to let me know you think I'm beautiful. I need that reassurance before you fuck me, Daddy. I need to be reminded that I'll always be yours.

Do you like how small I feel? Do you like how innocent I look? I'm still so new to this. Show me how this works. Rub your cock on me and get my me ready. I know it will hurt but I trust you, Daddy. I know you'll make it feel good. Can you see me sitting on top of you? Can you see how big your cock looks against my stomach? Rub it on me just a bit. Your little girl is so wet for you. Oh my God, I'm dripping. I want it, Daddy. I need all of you inside me. Promise me that you're going to fuck me. Promise me that you're going to stuff me with your cock. I know that makes me sound so slutty. Do you forgive me? Do you forgive your daughter for being addicted to you? Thank you, Daddy. Thank you for making me feel so special.


Jerk it a little faster. There you go. We're half way there. Feel all that Daddy-cum building inside your balls. Can you picture how it will look when your head spreads my lips? Doesn't it look so sexy. I'm going to gently ease down onto you, Daddy. Watch your cock slowly disappear inside your little girl. I love the way your hands feel on my hips. You're guiding me, aren't you? You're making sure I don't take too much of you all at once. I'm so lucky you have a daddy like you. I'm so lucky to have a daddy who will never hurt me, who will always express his love to me by giving me his cock.

Just keep picturing it work deeper. Jerk your dick as you imagine how it feels having my pussy wrapped around your head. It's almost like my body is pulling you in. It's almost like I was born to have you inside me. Touch my face. Tell me you love me. Tell me everything's going to be OK. And keep giving me more and more. I'm a big girl, now. I can take it all. If you're gentle I'll be able to get all of you inside me. Imagine how it feels, your shaft gliding along my tight pussy. Imagine the look on my pretty young face the deeper you get. My lips are parted. My eyes want to close but I can't. I can't take them off my Daddy. "You're inside me. Oh my God, it feels amazing."


Jerk it faster. Get yourself closer and closer to cumming. Picture me sitting on top and you're all the way in. Look at my tiny fingers in your chest hair. Cup my breasts with you big Daddy-hands. They feel so small but I don't care. I love feeling you touch me. I always want your hands on me no matter where I am. Always be touching me so everyone will know I belong to you.

You're fucking your daughter, now. Isn't this how it was meant to be. A little girl grows up and when she turns eighteen her daddy helps her to become a woman. But, I don't ever really want to be a woman, Daddy. I want to always be yours. Do you promise no matter what happens I'll always be your, little girl? I never want you to stop loving me. I want to keep taking care of you. Tell me you love me, Daddy. Promise I'll be yours, forever. You promise? Good. Now feel my body moving back and forth. Feel me getting wetter and wetter. That's it, Daddy. Fuck your daughter. Fuck me with that huge Daddy-cock.


Jerk it even faster as you picture me riding you. You can hear the bed shake. You can feel the friction of our hips grinding together. Can you imagine how warm and wet my insides feel? It turns me on so much, Daddy. Fuck your little girl. That's it. Take control. Use your hands to move my body however you want. I belong to you. If you want to be rough use me like a whore. You can choke me or spank me and I'll love it. If you want to be gentle, use me like I'm delicate and breakable. Touch me like we're the only two people on earth and I'll love that, too. I give myself to you, completely. Nothing matters more than my love for you, Daddy.

Is it OK if I cry? Not because you're hurting me. I just need to cry because I love you so much. You don't think I'm stupid and emotional for this, do you? Please, don't. I can't help it. Knowing that I get to devote my entire life to pleasing you is more than I could ever hope for. You give me purpose. My reason for existing is making sure you're always satisfied. I don't even know how to describe what I feel. Thinking about what you mean to me makes my body shake. It makes feel incredibly loved, and at the same time, incredibly scared to lose you. Promise me, Daddy. Promise never to abandon your little girl. Don't stop fucking me. Even as the tears come streaming out of my eyes. Love me, Daddy. Fuck my tight little pussy. It's all I want. Faster, Daddy. Give me more.


It's time. You should be right there on the edge. You should feel all that pressure built up inside. Jerk it as fast as you can but don't cum, yet. Keep yourself right there on the edge for me. Picture my tears rolling down my cheeks as I grind against your cock. Reach up and wipe them away. Show me that you'll always be here to protect me and take care of me. I need that that as much as I need your cock. Show me you understand. Love me, daddy. Fuck your daughter harder. That's it. You're so close now. Do you want to cum?

I know you do. Your little girl is cumming, too. Can you feel it? Can you feel my little cunny exploding all over your dick, Daddy? Oh my God! Jerk faster and faster. I can control myself. Everything in my body feels all of your love for me. It's overwhelming. You're my Daddy. I'm your little girl. This is how it is, now. This is how it will be forever. I give myself to you. Every part of me is yours: My body, my heart and my mind. You have the power to destroy me if you want. But I trust that you'll protect me. You'll keep me safe. That's all I need. Are you ready, Daddy? Are you ready to explode for you little girl?


Cum for me. That's it. Cum for your Daughter. Let me see all that warm Daddy-cum shoot out of the head of your cock. Keep jerking it. I want to see your load shoot all over your hand and stomach. Oh my god, that's so sexy. That's my Daddy's cum. I want it inside me. I want taste it. Imagine your innocent little girl touching it with her fingers. Look at me as I lick it off. Keep jerking it as you watch me play with your cum in my mouth. Can you see it on my lips? Can you see me lick it off and swirl you around in my mouth? That's your daughter eating your cum. Never forget that. Never forget the special bond we have. I need you. I want you to understand that I'm always going to a good little girl for you. I'm always going to do anything I can to make sure your satisfied, to make sure it's me who gets to drain your Daddy-cock.

I was made for you. I devote my life to you. Hold me close. Cuddle with me. Kiss my forehead as I fall asleep in your arms. Tell me you love me. I love you too, Daddy. There's no one I could ever love more. I feel so at ease. I feel so at peace. I hope you can imagine my little heart beating against your strong Daddy-chest. It's beating for you, now and forever.


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