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Jerry Springer: National Nude Day


The crowd was rowdy like always. Jerry Springer adjusted his tie before he headed out to the stage. He readied his cue cards as his make up artist did one last touch before he headed out.

"Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" The crowd roared as usual.

Jerry Springer entered the room as the crowd went wild. He shook hands with a few folks. The noisy crowd slowly but surely calmed down. Jerry stepped upstage facing the crowd.

"This is a show about nudes. Since National Nude day is coming up, we thought this would be a good time to talk about nudity. Today's topic is my significant other likes to be naked all the time and I'm tired of it."

"Woohoo!" The crowed cheered.

"Now, our first guest is Anthony. He's been married to Leah for three years, but lately they've been fighting a lot because he loves to be naked at all times no matter what. Anthony is this true?"

Anthony sat in his chair with only a robe on smiling wickedly. "That's right Jerry. I love being naked. Nothing feels better than to wake up naked and stay naked all day. My wife knew this about me when she met me. I don't know why she's getting so upset about it lately."

"Do you think that maybe she doesn't like her friends seeing you naked?" Jerry asked.

Anthony scoffed. "That might be it. I know her friends check me out and well, Jerry, I can't help it if they want to look."

"Boo! Boo!" The crowd roared.

"Well, Anthony, your wife, Leah, his here. Let's see what Leah has to say. Leah, come on out!"

The crowd whistled and cheered as they saw the pretty blonde girl come out. She took a seat next to her husband rolling her eyes at him.

"Hi Leah," Jerry said politely.

"Hey, Jerry."

"So tell us, why does Anthony being naked all the time bother you so much?"

Leah sighed. "Well Jerry, can you blame me? It is not normal! I mean that's why there is such a thing called "clothes!"

"But he likes to be this way."

"I know he does, but he walks around naked not only in the house, but the backyard, in the front lawn and just about anywhere he can get away with."

"Anthony, you hear your wife complain about this knowing she doesn't like it, could you change for her?" Jerry asked.

"No, I'm sorry."

"Ohhhh!" The crowed yelled.

Leah had a sad look in her eyes. "Not even for me? Anthony, I love you but you have to try to put some clothes on. At least for me!"

"Ok Anthony what are you going to tell your wife today?" Jerry asked.

Anthony turned to Leah and stood up. He undid his robe letting it fall to the ground. Leah's eyes widened and her jaw dropped. Her husband was standing completely naked on national TV! The crowd went wild, standing up clapping, cheering, booing all at once.

"Shhhhh!! Ok folks, let's listen to what Anthony has to say." Jerry said taming the audience.

"Leah, I love you, babe, but this is the way I am and the way I'll always be. If you can't accept that, then I have to choice but to ask for a divorce."

The crowd booed.

Leah felt tears coming out of her eyes. "You can't be serious! I'm not asking for much Anthony. Just that you put on some clothes every now and then. Please!"

Anthony remained standing, and turned around showing off his naked youthful body. "Why should I be ashamed of my body? We were all born naked right? The naked body is a beautiful thing."

"So you're not willing to compromise with your wife and wear clothes every now and then?" Jerry asked almost in shock.

"That's right Jerry. She has to love me for me. I love her the way she is, I mean I never beg her to get naked with me."

"That's not true!" Leah yelled out standing up.

Anthony narrowed his eyes. "Leah, I have never asked you to be naked with me around the house."

"You do it all the time! You are such a liar!" Leah slapped Anthony. The crowd went wild!

"Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" The audience yelled.

The security guards ran to them separating them to keep Leah from slapping Anthony again. It took a few minutes until they finally calmed down. Leah took her seat and Anthony sat down as well.

"Ok you guys have to stay calm if you want to talk about this like adults," Jerry said calmly.

Leah felt her heart racing. Never in her life had she hit anyone. But Anthony was making her so mad! Why couldn't he just understand her point of view?

"We'll be right back," Jerry announced as the show went to commercials.

During the commercial break, Leah tried to avoid looking at her husband. She felt her face turning beet red. How could Anthony just take off his clothes in front of thousands of people? There had to be a limit!

A few seconds later, a short brown haired girl came on stage also wearing a robe, just as Anthony had earlier. Jerry sat her down talking to her before the cameras began rolling again. The music came back on and the crowd was cued to cheer again.

"Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" They all cheered loudly.

"Welcome back," Jerry began, "Today we are talking with people in relationships that love to be naked but their partner is not so thrilled about that. Meet Jessica. Now she's been with Mike for over a year, and lately, they've been fighting over how she loves to be naked."

The dark haired girl smiled sweetly.

"Hi Jessica," Jerry began.

"Hi Jerry!" She replied in a cheery voice.

"So is this true? You actually like being naked anywhere you can get away with?"

"That's right. Just like the young man here said, being naked is beautiful. Nobody should be ashamed to be naked. We were born this way and we should stay this way. I don't know where we went wrong that it is considered taboo to be naked."

"Have you always been this way?"

"I guess you could say that Jerry. I hate clothes. I hate having to pick out what clothes to wear each day! This way I don't worry about what I have to wear and I am happy showing off my naked body."

"Yes I understand, but I also know this bother's your boyfriend doesn't it?"

"Yes it does and I wish it wouldn't."

"Well Mike is here today. Let's see what he has to say. Mike come on out!" Jerry announced.

A tall dirty blonde haired guy stepped out nodding his head as the crowd cheered him on. He sat next to his girlfriend holding her hand.

"Awww," the entire audience said in unison.

"Hi Mike."

"Hey Jerry."

"So tell us, why do you hate your girlfriend to be naked all the time?"

"Well Jerry, I don't mind that she's naked with me, but lately, she's been trying to get nude in public!"

"Yeah! Woooo!" The crowd went wild.

"In public? What has she done?"

"Well we were at a concert once and she started dancing and getting into the music, by the time I realized what was going on , she's topless. Then she started to take her bottom off and some jerk tried to hit on her. I had to fight off that asshole, Jerry. I was so upset with her that night."

"Jessica? Is all this true?"

Jessica blushed. "I only did that once Jerry. He makes it seem like I do it all the time in public! I mean if I could get away with it I would, but I do abide the law Jerry."

"Ok, so Jessica why are you here? What do you want from Mike?'


"Turn to him and tell him," Jerry ordered.

Jessica shifted turning to face her boyfriend. She still held on to his hand. "Baby, you have to understand that this is what I like. I love being nude. I wish you could deal with it, instead of getting so upset about it."

Mike nodded. "I love seeing you naked, but I just don't like it when other's see you."

"Speaking of others," Jerry began.

Jessica and Mike both looked at him.

"We have someone here that has seen Jessica nude before. Mike, I believe you know him, too. He's got something to say about all of this. Mystery guest come on out!"

Jessica and Mike turned to see. Mike's eyes widened as he saw his older brother, Connor, come out.

The crowd clapped not knowing what this guest was about to say.

"Hello there. Mike do you know who he is?"

Mike nodded. "Yes. He's my brother, Connor."

"Well, Connor has something to tell you. Go ahead, Connor."

"Hey, Jerry! Yeah, listen bro, I know you love Jessica a lot but let me tell you, one day you were not home. I came looking for you and she answered the door. She stood there completely naked. I got a good view of her hot little body. Well, one thing led to another and well, I fucked your girlfriend."

Mike stood up and started to punch his brother out. Connor fought back and security surrounded them.

"You fuckin' asshole! You fucked my girlfriend!" Mike yelled trying to get another punch at his brother.

"Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" The audience was going crazy.

Jessica remained seated waiting until security separated the two. They moved Connor's seat a few inches away and one big security guy stood in the middle to make sure they didn't fight again.

"Jessica is this true?" Jerry asked.

Jessica was about to speak. "Of course it's not true Jerry! Jessica loves me and would never hurt me like that!" Mike interrupted.

"Jessica?" Jerry asked again.

"Well, yes it's true but-"

"Boo! Boo! Boo!" The crowd yelled out.

"Wait! But, I found out that it was a mistake. Mike I only love you."

Mike turned away as if he wanted to cry.

"Mike? Do you accept Jessica's apology?"

"I don't know Jerry. I love her so much, but she fucked my brother!"

"Yeah, she's a total slut and said she loved my cock!" Connor instigated.

Mike laughed and stood up running to his brother ready to pounce on him again. The security rushed to the stage once again. Connor and Mike were trying to fight, yelling obscenities to one another.

"We'll be right back," Jerry announced.

"Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" The crowd rooted loudly as the cameras faded off tocommercial.

It took a few minutes before security could calm Connor and Mike down. Mike's face was red from being so angry and hurt. Connor had a black eye. Jessica remained calm, but deep down felt lousy for having slept with Mike's brother.

"I can't believe you'd do this to me, Jessica," Mike whispered to her.

"I'm sorry baby. Please forgive me. I was stupid and was only thinking with my pussy."

"Hey, you gonna take off your robe too?" Anthony asked Jessica.

Leah hit his arm. "Shut up!"

They saw a guy come out wearing a robe as well. He sat quietly; obviously he was a nudist too.

"Ok we're coming back in 3, 2, 1..roll!" The camera guy said.

"We're back today, talking to couples who are having trouble in their relationship because one likes to be nude the other doesn't. We've just talked with Jessica and Mike. Now Connor, Mike's older brother is here and announced he and Jessica had sex because one day he came to look for his brother and saw Jessica naked instead. They've been sleeping together. Mike just found out. We'll see what Mike will decide towards the end of the show. Now meet Dan. Dan is also a nudist. Now the only difference with Dan, is that he is in a relationship with a woman named Dora. They are actually going to meet today for the first time? Is that right Dan?"

"That's right Jerry. We have been talking online for several months now and I know she's the woman of my dreams."

"Awww," The crowed rooted.

"Ok so what are you going to do today? What do you have to say to Dora?"

"Well she has no idea that I'm a nudist. That never came up in our conversations. I just want to meet her and let her know. If she wants to stay with me, great, and if not, well, there is nothing I can do about that."

"Alright then, Dora is here today with us. Dora come on out!"

Dora stepped out smiling and Dan stood up. His heart raced when he saw the beautiful woman standing before him. They ran into each other's arms Kissing passionately. The entire audience went wild again.

"Yeah!!!! Wooohooo! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" They all yelled out.

Jerry waited until the couple was finished with their kiss. "Ok have a seat you two," Jerry said playfully.

The couple took their seats holding hands. "Hello Dora."

"Hi Jerry."

"So tell us, you really like Dan don't you?"

She turned and her face was glowing. "Yes I do! I'm crazy about him Jerry."

"So, would you love anything about him?"

"Yes, I would."

"Ok, Dan, here is your chance to reveal what you like."

Dan turned to face Dora looking into her eyes. "Dora, I love you, but before our relationship can go any further, I must tell you something. I'm a nudist. I love being nude. I try to be nude as much as I can."

Dora remained quiet at first, so did the audience.

"Dora? What do you say about that?" Jerry asked her.

Dora smiled and stood up. "I love being naked too!"

She took off her top letting her breasts fall out for everyone to see.

"Yeah!!! Take it off!" The men in the audience yelled out.

Dan smiled standing up as well, letting the robe he wore fall off his naked body. He grabbed Dora pulling her towards him making her breasts press against his chest. The couple kissed more and Jerry knew he had nothing else to say.

"We'll be right back."

During the commercial break, everyone continued to watch the happy couple make out. Anthony felt Leah hold on to his hand and she turned to him. "I want us to be that happy."

Anthony touched her pretty face. "I do, too. We have to compromise with one another babe. Try to understand that I like being naked, and I will try hard to wear clothes more often."

She kissed him softly. "You got it."

Jessica looked over at Mike, who seemed so sad. "Mike? Baby please talk to me."

"Why don't you talk to Connor, oh wait, you two don't talk much you just fuck!"

Jessica felt tears rolling down her face. "I said I was sorry. It was a mistake. Can you ever forgive me?"

Mike looked away. "I don't know Jessica. I trusted you, now I just don't know."

She was about to speak, but the cameras began to roll again and the crowd clapped.

"Welcome back to the show. Today we are talking to couples, in which on person loves to be nude and their significant other does not. Also, we are talking about how being nude all the time effects their relationship. Now we are going to meet a couple that owns a nudist camp. They say they both started off fighting like these other couples, but soon found true happiness by opening up their own nudist camp. Holly and Johnny, please come on out!"

The pretty dark haired woman stepped out completely nude along with her tall handsome husband by her side. The audience stood up roaring and cheering. "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!"

"Welcome to the show guys," Jerry began.

"Hey, Jerry," they both said in unison.

"So tell us, you first used to fight like these two first couples and then what happened?"

Johnny sat up and spoke. "Well Jerry, Holly was the one to convince me to like nudity. At first I was shy about it, but then I realized that it's very sensual and erotic. It was hard to step out nude and be nude all the time, but then I liked it. So, we decided to open up our own nudist camp in which we have sort of "therapy" sessions for couples like these."

"I see, so you think there is hope for these couples?"

Holly looked over at the couples. "I think there is. We are here to offer them one week at our camp at no cost. If they are interested that is."

"I don't want to go to that camp!" Mike said angrily.

"Mike? You're not willing to work out your problems with Jessica?" Jerry asked.

"Jerry, there is no hope for us anymore. She fucked my brother. How could I ever forgive her?"

"We'll be right back," Jerry said going to commercials.

"I said I was sorry. Please Mike," Jessica implored.

"No. You hurt me too much Jess. Now maybe you and Connor can marry each other and have lots of babies!"

Jessica began to sob. Connor laughed while Mike stared icily at him. "And you're laughing? Damnit!! I can't even trust my own brother!"

Connor's smirk faded when he saw the sad look on his brother's face.

"Ok we are back with a special guest," Jerry began. "Her name is Elizabeth. She deals with couples and troubled relationships. Elizabeth please come on out!"

A pretty young gal stepped out with red and blonde highlights. She smiled at the crowd taking a seat.

"Hi, Elizabeth," Jerry said.

"Hi, Jerry."

"Now, Elizabeth, you've been hearing the problems these couples are going through. What advice do you have for them?"

Elizabeth looked at the couples. "Well, let's start with Anthony and Leah. I think these two have something special. I believe there is a lot of hope for them. They just need to compromise with one another. Maybe they should switch roles, Anthony can wear clothes and Leah can be naked to see how each one feels?"

"Woo! Yeah!!!" The audience roared.

Leah turned bright red while Anthony smiled.

"Leah? Are you willing to do that today?" Jerry asked with a wicked smile on his face.

She hesitated, but then gave in. "Yes."

The audience went wild clapping and making noise. Leah smiled and her husband held her hand.

"Now, as for Jessica and Mike. Well, this is a bit of a tough situation. Mike has to forgive Jessica; first of all, if he doesn't forgive her, then there is no hope for them. He has to realize that maybe the choice Jessica made about sleeping with his brother was some sort of way to get his attention. She seems like she's yearning a lot of attention. And Connor? Well Connor, must make amends with his brother as well. Remember you are blood that is very important."

"Mike? What do you say? Do you forgive Jessica?"

Mike sighed. "I don't know Jerry. She really hurt me."

"Wait! I have one thing to say," Connor stood up walking to his brother. The security staff stood up in case there was another fight between the brothers. "Bro I'm really sorry. I know I was an asshole. You'll always be my brother. I don't ever want some girl to get in between us. I'm sorry!" Mike stood up putting his arms around his brother.

"Awww!" The crowd cheered and clapped.

Jessica wiped her tears and smiled. Connor then looked at Jessica. "Jessica? I'm sorry that we slept together. I should have known you didn't want me when you kept calling Mike's name when we were fucking."

Mike looked at Jessica. "You called out my name?"

Jessica nodded. "Yes. I love you."

Mike extended his hand out and Jessica put her hand in his standing up. The couple kissed and held each other as the crowd cheered them on.

"Well I take it you two forgive each other? Are you both willing to trade places as well like Anthony and Leah are going to do?"

Mike laughed. "Yeah I'm willing to."

Jessica agreed.

"Ok then, Anthony put your robe back on and Leah, strip!"

"Yeah take it off!" The men in the crowd yelled.

Leah turned beet red again getting up slowly, she began removing her top and bra. The crowd was hysterical. Leah then slipped out of her shoes removing her pants and panties. This left her completely nude. She was beginning to cover herself up with her arms, but Anthony held her arms behind her to let the whole crowd see her naked body.

"Doesn't she have a beautiful body?" Anthony asked the audience.

The men in the crowd all whistled and gawked. Leah felt a bit proud showing off her body to a bunch of strangers. Jerry went around the audience for comments. A tall black guy stood up. "Yeah Jerry I'd like to say that cute little blonde can get naked for me anytime!"

The crowd cheered leaving Leah to blush more.

Then Jerry went to an older woman in the crowd. "Jerry, I just want to say I'd like to see her husband get naked again, and if the blonde don't want him, I do."

"Oh!!!!!" The audience yelled.

"Well you can't have him, Bitch!" Leah yelled out.

"You want some of this?" The older woman threatened.

"Bring it on!" Leah yelled back.

"Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" The crowd cheered.

"Ok, that won't be necessary. Now Mike? It's your turn. Take it off." Jerry ordered.

Mike didn't hesitate. He began to take off all his clothes. The girls cheered and Jessica looked at her lover so proudly. He was fully nude in less than a minute. He stood proudly showing off his body to the entire world.

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