tagRomanceJersey Love: Apple Dreams & Release

Jersey Love: Apple Dreams & Release


Author's Note: "Jersey Love: Apple Dreams & Release" is my entry for Literotica's - 2011 Halloween Contest. I'm sorry it's taken so long to post. I hope the length doesn't scare too many people away. I know it's long, but I had to follow where the story led me. Thanks for your patience!

This is a Romance story through and through, but there are strong paranormal elements present which made categorizing this story difficult. I hope the young spirit who influenced it finds peace.

Note: This is a continuation of "Jersey Summer Love", but is also a stand-alone story. You need not read the first story to appreciate it. I hope readers of the last story are satisfied with this one! There was such a resounding wish for more Raina and Logan, that I worked hard to bring you the continuation. This story is for all of you!

I have to give a huge thanks to estragon for copy editing for me. Thank you also to MidniteRose for reading and offering feedback as the story progressed.

Please Read, Vote, and/or Comment and ENJOY! I love feedback, and constructive criticism helps me grow as a writer. Thanks so much!


Raina gazed up at the early October sky. The moonless night lent itself to a dazzling display of stars. She lay side by side with her boyfriend Logan on the neighbor's trampoline, two houses down from hers. It was midnight and she knew that soon she would have to go home. Logan and his two friends would have pile into their work van and sleep for the night. They lived in North Jersey and she and her family lived on the Jersey Shore. The boys worked during the week at Logan's father's auto-shop, but came on the weekends to visit Raina and her sister Coral. During the summer, all of the summer "bennies" stayed at Jack and his father's house, coined the "summer house." But with Labor Day a month gone, most of the summer visitors had gone back up north until the next summer season.

Coral had a way about her that made most people agree to anything she asked them. The girls and guys had devised a plan to allow the boys to spend the weekends into the Fall months in such a way that the girls' parents would allow the boys to camp out in their van in front of the house. Their parents even agreed that it was a great idea. Raina was still flabbergasted that it had worked. She thought it was doomed to failure; parents agreeing to let teenage and college-aged boys camp out in their driveway with their teenage daughter's only a few feet away seemed impossible. For the past month, the plan had gone along swimmingly. She was still waiting for her parents to wise up or put a stop to the visits. For now, she was enjoying the benefits!

Raina knew that her Mom was a lot wiser and more in tune than she let on. After all, she was their age at one point. But it was more than that. It was like her Mom had some type of sixth-sense about things. She always knew what was going on around them and she had these gut feelings. Her feelings were so strong that family learned to heed her warnings. She saw through people and quickly sized them up. You couldn't get things past her or trick her. It was a trait that annoyed the hell out of Coral. Raina shared in this ability too and often found herself alone, even in a crowd.

Their upbringing was definitely a bit different than that of their friends. While there were certainly boundaries set for the two girls, there had also always been an open-communication and open-door policy in their house. The girls could talk about anything with their parents without judgment, and the house was always open to guests; friends needing a place to escape or crash were welcome with open arms.

"Are you sure Jack's Dad won't mind that we're over here?" Raina turned her head and nuzzled Logan's cheek. He squeezed her hand and flipped onto his stomach, lying on top of her.

"All we're doing is hanging out on his trampoline. It's not like a bunch of people are over here partying and getting wild. There's no one here to worry about invading their space. I'm sure it's fine."

"What if I want to get wild?" Raina smiled coyly, gazing up into his sea-blue eyes.

"We can get as wild as we want in my van, baby," Logan replied, kissing her lips.

"What if I want to get wild right here on the trampoline?" she suggested. The last month or so had seen a positive change in Raina. She had her old spark back and a confidence that had always been hidden beneath fatigue. Other people had remarked on it too; Logan was good for her.

"As hot as that sounds, I'd rather save that for a time where no one is around, including your parents. You're a little temptress, you know that don't you? Get a small taste of love in the outdoors and you want it all the time now." Logan slid his leg between hers.

Raina laughed. "It's all your fault! If you weren't so amazing with your hands and mouth and tongue and manhood, I wouldn't be craving you all the time."

"Did you just call my cock my "manhood?" He twisted a strand of her red hair around his finger.

"Mhm, got a problem with that, Mister.?" Raina tugged on the waistband of Logan's jeans and slipped a hand down into his boxers. "Oh my. Excited already?"

"I've been excited." Logan cupped her breast. "Come on, let's go to the van." He released her hair.

"Great idea."

Logan jumped off the trampoline and helped Raina slide down. He grabbed her hand and they walked to the front of Jack's house and then across the neighbor's yard. When they got to Raina's house, they tiptoed up to the van where Logan pressed her against the door and kissed her lips. She wiggled, feeling his hardness against her, an ache forming deep within.

The scene put her in mind of the day she gave her virginity to Logan during the summer. She had had her first orgasm while riding on the back of his motorcycle and was flustered and aroused when he pried her off the bike. He had noted her condition and had backed her up against the bike with suggestive words. Things had felt right to her. His patience and understanding nature was enough to let her guard down and let him in. He had been tender and patient and careful with her. It had been perfect.

"I want you," she told him, "so bad."

"Shh." Logan reminded her, gently laying his hand over her mouth. She licked his palm and then nipped.

"What was that for?" he whispered as he slid the van door open.

"A preview," she grinned. Logan held up his finger for her to be quiet and pointed into the van. Raina peeked her head in, hearing sounds coming from inside. She saw a blonde head in the back of the van and heard a girly giggle and then a sigh.

"Are you sure that was your first time kissing?" a young male voice asked in disbelief.

"Uh huh. Why? Did I do it wrong?" the girl's voice asked nervously.

"No, it was....my first time kissing too," the boy said shyly.

"Oh. Want to try again?" Coral asked.

"I think you should go in the house now, Coral. It's bedtime." Raina broke into the conversation, realizing she had just walked in on her little sister receiving her first kiss. Coral turned her head and blushed probably for the first time in her life.

"Well, shouldn't you be going to bed too?" Coral shot back at her sister.

"I'm older."

"Goodnight Ryan." She blew him a kiss.

"Night," Ryan mumbled.

"I guess you should go now too, huh?" Logan asked Raina.

"Yeah. Raincheck." She gave Logan a quick kiss.

"Bike ride on the boardwalk tomorrow?" He asked.

"Yup, goodnight." She blew him a kiss.


In the morning, Logan stretched, kicked off the blanket, and rolled to his knees to peek out of the van window. He smiled when he saw his beautiful girlfriend standing on the top step of the front porch. Raina rubbed her eyes, probably to remove the sleepies the sandman had left, he assumed. The morning sunlight shined on her copper hair which was bedraggled from sleep. She looked adorable in her capri pajama pants and matching tank top. He could see the soft swell of her breasts beneath the fabric and licked his lips thinking about how responsive she was to his touch. When she got a little closer, he'd be able to see just how perky they were this morning. He knew she was coming out to wake him up and greet him. He was about to lie back down and make the pretense of sleep, wanting to see what his impish pixie had planned for him, when he saw her falter on the step. She grabbed the railing to steady herself as her legs went out from under her.

Logan slid the van door open with a slam and ran to her.

"What's wrong?" he asked, catching her and gently easing her to the step.

"My knee just went. I'm fine. Thanks." But he could tell she wasn't fine. Raina had told him that she had Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and that she was in chronic pain, didn't have a lot of energy, and was weak. But other than her knee going weak at the boardwalk a month ago, he hadn't seen it until very recently.

He had been noticing when they'd hung out lately, that she'd yawn a lot and have to walk slower, asking to sit down at regular intervals. She had also been scattered and unable to focus for too long.

"Maybe you should go to the doctor." Logan sat beside her.

"The doctor won't tell me anything different than usual or do anything different for me. It's pointless." He could see the frustration on her face as she tried to regain her footing.

"Does it hurt?"

"My knee doesn't hurt, that's just weakness," she said stubbornly. "But my body does ache." Raina's Mom, Jennifer walked out and sat next to her. It was her idea to be called by her first name. It took Logan a little while to call her that. He had been taught to use proper names.

Logan figured Jennifer must have seen Raina go down too.

"Raina, I saw you fall. I really think we should go back to the doctor and see if your medication doses need to be changed. Ever since you started that new one, you've been off-kilter." Logan saw the concerned look on her Mom's face.

"I'm okay. I just need to sit down." Raina looked pale to Logan.

"What are your plans for today?"

"We were thinking of going for a bike ride on Seaside boardwalk." Raina stood.

"Do you think that's a good idea with how you're feeling?" Logan could see that Jennifer wanted to say more, but held back.

"I'm tired of my body ruling me, Mom. It'll be fine. I'm not a baby."

Jennifer sighed. "I know you're not and you can go. But this conversation isn't over. I'm making you an appointment."

"Fine." Raina stood on her wobbly knees and use Logan's arm to climb to the top step.

Logan felt awkward seeing the look of determination on Raina's face meet the frustration on Jennifer's. Raina opened the door and stepped into the house.

"Raina, maybe your Mom's right," Logan interjected.

"Not you too," Raina complained slamming the door. Logan jumped up to follow her.

"Logan," Jennifer said gently. "Don't. Give her some time. Take her to the boardwalk and ride bikes together. She'll see on her own that she should have listened to us. Raina's a strong-willed."

"But it's un-needed." Logan countered.

"I agree it is. But maybe it's what Raina needs. You aren't going to tell me fine now too, are you?" Jennifer chuckled.

"I had thought about it. You have some pretty pouty daughters, if you don't mind my saying." Logan grinned.

"You apparently don't have sisters." Jennifer joked. A pained look crossed Logan's features and she hurried on with, "and they don't get that particular trait from me," she laughed to lighten the mood, "that's all Steven."

"Really?" Logan asked surprised.

"You tell him I said that and you're toast, Logan." Jennifer warned.

"Now I will say, fine." He laughed when Jennifer smacked his arm.


The Seaside Heights boardwalk was empty, just the way Raina liked it. This was her favorite time to come. No tourists were crowding the beach or clogging the boardwalk. The beach after the summer season was over was the perfect place to reflect and write. Peace and quiet and inspiration.

She lived for Autumn; for the crisp Fall weather, the breezy days and cool nights, the smells of apple pies baking, pumpkin bread fresh from the oven, and fallen leaves; and the most gorgeous sunsets seen all year.

Although she had a small notebook and pen with her, today she was enjoying the ocean view on a bike ride with Logan. He was keeping at a leisurely pace for her benefit, but she found she was even struggling with that.

"Can we slow down? I can't keep up." She called over to him.

"Why don't we take a rest?" Logan suggested, squeezing the breaks of his bicycle. Raina pulled up next to him and set her bike against the railing. She sat on the bench and rested her feet on the lower rung.

"How are you doing?"Logan took a seat beside her.

"Good," Raina lied. She didn't want Logan fawning over her. She was fine. She just needed a break to catch her breath and rest her legs. She was determined to finish the length of the boardwalk. She saw Logan's eyebrow lift, but he stayed silent.

"Are you hungry?"

"Always," she smiled brightly. "Not much is open right now though."

"Berkley Sweet Shop is open." Logan mentioned the well-known candy store. They had the best salt-water taffy. "I saw the lights on when we rode past."

"Nice. I could go for a caramel apple." Raina's mouth watered at the thought.

"With peanuts or without?" Logan stood up.


"I'm going straight for the candy apple myself. You stay and rest and I'll go get us our apples. Want a hot cocoa too?"

"You know how to make a girl happy. Extra chocolately please."

"Should we add a massages, manis and pedis to the list of things that make you happy?" Logan asked.

"Only super gentle massages. Manicures and pedicures are more Coral's speed." Raina smiled.

"I take the job of pleasing my girlfriend very seriously." Logan bent, kissed Raina and walked off in the direction of the candy store.

Raina admired him from behind. He was such a sweet guy. She couldn't believe how harshly she had misjudged him upon first meeting him, all over something as silly as his demographic. Logan was unlike any boy or man she had encountered so far in her eighteen years. Granted, she hadn't had a lot of experience with the opposite sex, but she knew that he was a diamond in the rough. He was also sexy as hell!

When a sea breeze kicked up, she watched Logan's shoulder-length, blonde hair wave in the wind and sighing dreamily. Then her eyes traveled down his body to his ass. She couldn't believe how good it looked in jeans. All summer she had only seen him in shorts, swim trunks, or nothing. She bit her lip at the familiar tingle between her thighs when she thought about Logan naked. Her thoughts raced in a naughty direction. God, how did she get so lucky? So he was five years older than her. She was over being concerned about that. He had never once tried to take advantage of her inexperience. She was the one who wanted him to be her first.

She was wondering if they could get away with an under-the-boardwalk tryst when he returned balancing a bag on top of a disposable coffee carrier. Raina stood to take the bag off and he set the carrier on the bench, handing her a cup of hot cocoa. She put her nose up to it and sniffed, smiling.

She smiled as she unwrapped her caramel apple and took a dainty bite, closing her eyes to relish the crisp, sweet flavor. "Mm. It's the little things."

"I'm becoming awfully jealous of objects and food when you make those happy little sounds." Logan remarked, smirking. "Pizza the last time, my motorcycle, now caramel apples. Are you having mini-gasms or something?"

"Mm, don't be jealous. Mini-gasms? That's not a typical guy word." Raina noted. "Come to think of it, for a guy without sisters, you know an awful lot about girls."

"Nah, I'm just a good listener. When females talk, I'm all ears." He laughed.

"Well, nothing evokes happier sounds in me than you, I promise." Raina giggled. "Want some?"

Logan took a large bite of apple and Raina pressed her lips to his, slipping her tongue in to taste. "Even better. Apples are my favorite food." As they shared the apple-tinted kiss, Raina's cup of hot cocoa teetered on the edge of the bench.

"You actually have a favorite food?" He saw the cocoa on brink and grabbed the cup, placing it further back.

"Okay correction; apples are my favorite fruit, my favorite juice, my favorite pie, my favorite smell, my favorite--" she trailed off as she saw the cup inch back to the edge. "Um..." Raina blinked a few times.

"I get the picture I think." Logan obviously hadn't seen the cup move.

"Seriously, when my blood sugar drops and I get dizzy or cranky, an apple is the best thing to bring me back up. If you see me pale or agitated, apple juice or an apple usually does the trick. Add some peanut butter and I'm a happy, peppy girl again." She tried to ignore what had just happened.

"Satchel of apples -- check. So uh, you're like a little horse, then. Do you need a saddle?" Logan chuckled and choked on his own insinuation as the cup plummeted to the boardwalk with a hot splash. Raina quickly pulled her feet away in time.

"More like a unicorn," she said distracted. "That was weird."

"Sorry, I'm a clutz sometimes." Logan's eyebrow rose, "A unicorn?"

"I'm elusive and untouchable," Raina sassed. "But you didn't touch the cup," Raina argued.

"I think you lost unicorn and innocence status last month." Logan joked, trailing his fingers along her collarbone trying to distract her. "I'll get you a new cocoa."

"Well just try putting a saddle on me and see what happens to you." Raina burst out laughing.

"Is that a challenge, little filly?"

Raina removed the cup of warm cocoa from Logan's hand and climbed onto his lap, straddling him. She took a big gulp of his cocoa. "It might just be a dare." Threading her fingers through his golden waves, she brought his face to hers and kissed him hard, sharing the cocoa and wiggling her bottom to and fro. "I'd much prefer to be the one doing the riding, though."

Cupping her ass with his hands, Logan encouraged her to grind while he deepened the chocolatey kiss, tugging at her lips with his teeth. "Mhm, it's a good position for you to be in and I have no complaints, nor am I going to complain about warm, chocolate, Raina kisses. On second thought, how about we just share the whole cup like this?"

"Think anyone would catch us under the boardwalk?" Raina murmured in his ear, flicking it with her tongue. "Sharing is nice, but nobody gets in the way of me and my dose of chocolate, especially cocoa."

"I'll have to remember that." Logan lifted her and stood, taking long strides down the ramp. "It is a public place, miss play-it-safe." He set her on the ground. "And we don't have a blanket on us. Of course we could always use our sweatsh-sh --."

Logan stared as Raina wiggled out of her jeans, threw her sweatshirt on the ground, and tossed shirt and bra aside. She stalked up to him and yanked his sweatshirt off of him, tossing it next to hers, and knelt to unbutton his jeans.

"Shut up and take me," Raina demanded, releasing his cock and lying back on the makeshift blanket, waiting.

"I thought you wanted to ride me." Logan tugged his jeans down.

"Leave them on. I changed my mind. All of this saddle and riding talk has me so hot and wet. Ride me Logan." Her voice begged. "Plus, my knees couldn't handle much else," she added.

Logan knelt and pulled her panties off, nudging a finger inside "You are wet. Aw man, I don't have anything." He remembered they used the last condom last weekend.

Raina lifted a packet to his eyes and he shook his head. "But I do," she grinned. "Hurry, put it on before sense returns to me and I worry about us being seen and arrested."

Logan obliged her by tearing the packet open and slid it on, lowering to her, guiding his length slowly into her.

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