tagInterracial LoveJersey Shore Games Ch. 01

Jersey Shore Games Ch. 01


My girlfriend, Lis and I pulled up to Eddie and Jodi's house around 9pm. There were cars everywhere and music and shouts and laughter were blasting out of the house. It was reminiscent of a college frat party.

"Not exactly a sophisticated affair." Lis smiled over at me from the passenger seat.

'Hey they said to just wear jeans. You've got to figure that there's going to be more kegs of beer than stuffed mushroom hors d'oeuvres." I smiled back.

"Alright let's go. Anything is better than another night at the casino." Lis opened her car door.

Lis was right. We had been in Atlantic City for three days and while we loved the beach and the boardwalk neither of us were big gamblers so after an hour or so at a slot machine or a craps table we would end up at the bar and it had gotten boring. Thankfully we had met a local couple on the beach. Eddie and Jodi were just a couple of years older than us and as it turned out Jodi and Lis had a couple of friends in common. We had hit it off and the couple had invited us to the party.

Eddie, a self professed surfing nut was your typical beach boy with blonde hair and a tall slim build. He was as laid back as they come so I wasn't surprised with the beach house and frat house style party. It wasn't that Lis and I were that uptight. Still we were in our early thirties and I was hoping that we wouldn't be out of place.

We walked into the house and were pleasantly surprised by the crowd. Most were our age or older. Sure there were a lot of Hawaiian shirts and bad sandals but it was just a bunch of people having a good time. They had jobs and responsibilities just like us and just like us they liked to blow off steam on the weekend.

Lis and I found Eddie and Jodi and quickly got to meet some of their friends. Everyone was friendly and we started to feel a little out of place in our Biff and Muffy country club outfits. As it turned out it didn't matter much. Everyone was concentrating on having a good time on a hot summer night to really care.

The party seemed to be split into two. Many of the quests were out at a bonfire on the beach while the rest were congregating in the house. Lis was involved in a discussion with Jodi and two of her girlfriends. So I decided to head out to the bonfire on the beach.

I gave my girlfriend a look to make sure she was okay. I couldn't help checking out her body. She was wearing a nice white oxford shirt, a pair of tight fitting black satin pants and black high heel pumps. With her blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail she looked beautiful. I had met Lis seven months ago and had been in heaven ever since. She was outgoing and despite being drop dead gorgeous didn't have and arrogant bone in her body. She was very athletic and had the body to prove it. Her legs were spectacular and I loved it when she wore a short skirt and stockings. Lis worked out all the time and enjoyed showing off her body.

I went through the sliding glass doors with a few other guys. One of them was a thin black man that I could have sworn I had seen before. He was laughing and joking with one of the other guys as they walked ahead of me to the large fire. I found Eddie again as I waited in line for a beer. He seemed to be much happier out of the house and down on the beach.

"Denny! You making yourself at home?" Eddie called out to me and slapped me on the back."

"I'll be all set once I get a beer!" I replied. The three smiled at my remark.

"I see you've met some of the local hoods." Eddie pointed at the guys who had walked down to the beach with me.

"Actually . . ." Before I could finish they had started introducing themselves and shaking my hand. There was Tim a slightly older version of Eddie with the blonde hair and surfer look. George, a good looking brown haired guy with a weird but amusing smile and Reggie the black man who was an inch or two shorter than me.

We joked around as we filled our beers. All of them were avid surfers and while they respected my experience as a wind surfer none of them could understand how I could enjoy playing on such a waveless pond as Long Island Sound. They were all going surfing the next day and I promised to make it if Lis would let me. They surfed right out in front of Eddie's house and it would be a great change of pace from the crowded beach in front of the casino. As we talked I was now certain that I had seen Reggie before. I just wasn't sure where.

I got a little carried away down at the fire and spent over an hour talking with my new friends. I was refilling my beer and planning on heading back up to the house and Lis when it hit me like a lightning bolt. He was a few years older and had lost some of the curly black hair that made up his afro but I was 100% sure where I had seen Reggie before this night. I had house sat for my friend Phil and his wife a few years ago. While I was there for the week I found their porno stash. There were a dozen or so tapes and one was head and shoulders above the others. The video had an amateur look to it which made it even more exciting. It depicted a skinny black man and a young blonde haired woman. They seemed so mismatched. The black man was not unattractive yet he was quite a bit older and shorter than the well built blonde in her high heels. In a real world situation you would have never guessed that she would have given the black man the time of day.

This perceived inequity lasted only as long as the two actors left their clothes on. Once they were naked I realized why the black man was in the video. This guy had a cock that a horse would have been proud of. Add to that his sexual prowess as he worked over the shapely blonde. After starting out slowly the tape consisted of the blonde getting the fucking of her life. I watched it over and over that week and must have cum ten times jerking off as I watched the black man ravage the pretty white girl. In addition I was intrigued by the silver colored ring that the black man wore around his scrotum just above his testicles.

I never found out who the participants in the video were. It was an amateur tape and there were no markings on the video cassette. Needless to say I didn't have the balls to ask my friend Phil about a tape I found buried in the back of his closet.

Now, five years or so later here I was talking to the black stud from that video. More than anything I wanted to bring up the video to Reggie. Yet the last thing I wanted to do was embarrass the man in front of his friends. Besides having viewed the video five years ago who knows how long before that that it was actually taped. I didn't want expose a nice guy who may have done something years ago that he now regretted.

Needless to say I got my chance when I went to piss before going back into the house. In the darkness the men were simply going down to the water's edge and letting it fly at the high tide mark. I was staring at the waves as I drained my vein and Reggie came up next to me.

"So are you having a good time?" Reggie asked as he started his own pee.

"I'm having a great time. I'll tell you the best thing that has happened this vacation has been meeting Eddie and Jodi." I replied.

"Yea, they're great people." Reggie concluded.

I was zipping up my fly and just drunk enough to ask Reggie about his acting career. "Hey man I have to ask you this because it's been digging at me all night. Were you ever in a porno film?"

Luckily Reggie had finished taking his piss because he laughed so hard he would have urinated all over himself rolling around in the sand.

"Yea man, guilty as charged. I've made quite a few actually." Reggie admitted through his laughter.

"Jesus! Really? I can't believe that was you!" I couldn't contain myself. Only the surf kept the whole party from hearing my outburst.

"Well here's the proof my signature piece of jewelry." Reggie pulled his scrotum out of his pants and revealed a thick silver ring that wrapped around the flesh. "Which one did you see?"

"I saw the one with the blonde with the great legs." I gushed.

"Well I've had a few of those so you'll have to be a little more specific." The black man informed me.

"Her name was Kristen I think." I tried to be nonchalant but I had remembered quite a bit from that tape.

"Ah! What a girl. Kristen didn't have any tits but she sure could fuck. I have a serious weakness for women built like Kristen. I'm definitely a leg and ass man." Reggie explained.

"Yea well I don't watch a lot of porno. I just never got into it but that was one hot scene. I still remember video five years after watching it." I admitted.

"Well thank you. I did it all, the production and the acting." Reggie seemed happy to have found a new fan.

"So you set up everything. I have to ask you, it was an amateur video right? How do you find a woman that's willing to do the video?" Curiosity had gotten the best of me especially when I found that Reggie had more than just acted in the video.

"Hey man you'd be surprised how many women want to get it on in front of the camera and off of it too. I had a stable of pretty white housewives, girlfriends and school girls all looking to try me on for size. It all started with a couple of ads in swinger magazines and then it was word of mouth." Reggie seemed to be gloating, proud of his accomplishments in the amateur adult entertainment industry.

"And these friends of yours know what you do?" I delved in further.

"Did. I'm pretty much retired. It'd take a real nice situation to get me naked in front of the camera. Some of them know. I don't care. We're all pretty laid back around here." Reggie smiled.

"Well I'm a big fan." I offered as we made our way back to the fire.

I ultimately went back to the house and found Lis. I was lucky. She was engrossed in a conversation with Jodi and another woman. She had barely noticed that I was gone and like me she was having a great time. I ran out to the car and got her a sweater so she could go down to the bonfire. When I returned Lis was still talking to the girls and didn't seem interested in heading out to the bonfire. I gave her the sweater and went to the kitchen for some water. When I returned I noticed that Reggie had made his way back into the house. He was on the opposite side of the living room talking to a group of partygoers. He was also giving my girlfriend a serious once over.

Instead of going back to Lis I joined Reggie's group. I watched while everyone else was talking and then I remembered what Reggie had said down at the water. He was a leg and ass man. Lis was a leg and ass man's dream. I waited out the others in the group and got more and more interested every time Reggie discreetly took a glance Lis' way. I couldn't explain it but the fact that a porn star who happened to be hung like a mule was showing such an interest in Lis was kind of a turn on. Still Reggie couldn't keep his eyes off Lis. I'm not a jealous guy but this was beyond a guy checking out another's guy's girl. Reggie had gotten to the point where he was just staring at my girlfriend. Finally it was Reggie and I just standing there.

"I can tell you that woman has an amazing pair of legs." After several minutes ogling her Reggie finally commented about Lis.

"How do you know?" I asked keeping my cool as Reggie discreetly nodded towards Lis.

"The way those pants get so tight at the calves and then again at the back of the thighs and I don't have to tell you about that bubble of an ass." Reggie leaned in and told me with a grin.

"So you wouldn't turn down her application to be a co-star?" I replied.

"Man I'd be all over that girl. Who cares if she'd perform she's gorgeous. I'd have her in my harem." Reggie said.

"Well I doubt she'll perform in front of a camera but I'll let her know and I'm sure she'll be flattered. I mean I meant it when I said that I thought your video was top notch but I have to tell you Lis is my girlfriend." I smiled at Reggie.

"Well well good for you young man. She is a gorgeous girl. You're a lucky guy. I'm not sure I could handle all the men going after her." Reggie didn't seem put off or intimidated that Lis was with me.

"Lis is a good girl I haven't had to worry too much about that." I replied.

"Listen I just met you and the last thing I want to do is upset you and get into an argument because we are using your girlfriend as an example but there are devils like me that can convince, seduce or even trick the nicest of women to have sex with them." Reggie explained.

"Really! So you're telling me that any woman can be seduced regardless of her morals or situation?" I was amused by Reggie and thought that maybe the beer and size of his penis had given him an extremely inflated sense of his prowess with the women.

"Well stereotyping can be such a bad habit but, yea, I'm 99% right on that one." Reggie smiled at me rather pleased with himself.

"So you could walk right over to Lis and pick her up just like that?" I had the two of us laughing now.

"No no way man! It would take a few days to get your girl to fall for me." Reggie grinned.

"How would you do that?" Now I was as curious as well as amused.

"I have my ways." Reggie continued his Cheshire Cat grin.

"Sorry but I gotta disagree with you Reggie. You just haven't convinced me." I told him.

"Well I could but my guess is that you're not the kind of guy that would be up this type of wager." Reggie challenged me.

"Okay Reggie, I'll bite. How would you go about convincing me?" I took the bait.

"Like I said I didn't want to get you pissed off but here goes. You give me the last three and a half days to seduce your girlfriend and then I can prove my point." Reggie presented his proposition.

"Reggie even if I was one of "those guys" what would I possibly get out of you seducing my girlfriend?" I was having a good time jousting with Reggie.

"I'll tell you what. Just for participating I'll lend you my house free of charge next summer for two weeks. It's about 5 miles from here and across the street from the beach with a great view of the marsh from my back deck. Great sunsets." Reggie offered.

"Well that's tempting Reg but I really don't think that trading Lis' virtue for a vacation house would be a good idea." I responded.

"Oh there's more in it for you than just a house." Reggie grinned at me again.

"What else is in it for me?" I had gone from being amused to very curious again.

"You get to watch. I'll set things up so that you're right there in the room with us." Reggie acted as if he was adding some sort of irresistible caveat to his deal.

"Why would that be so great?" I asked.

"Just think about how you felt when you saw me in that video. Now add to that the experience of actually being there and the ultimate excitement of the woman being your woman." Reggie finished.

Just then we were interrupted by Lis and another woman. Her name was Alex. She was about Lis' height and had the same long blonde hair. Yet she was a few years older than us and while Alex carried a little more weight than Lis and Jodi she was far from what I would consider overweight. In fact she was a very beautiful woman. Lis introduced me to her and it turned out that she was Tim's wife. With pleasantries being presented all around I felt obligated to introduce Reggie to Lis.

The four of us made small talk for about an hour or so. This is when I discovered that Reggie was as good as his word when it came to women. He had both girls laughing hysterically with some of his crazy stories. He was funny and interesting and I saw that he was very adept at handling my girlfriend and for that matter Alex. I could see that he was controlling the situation completely. He was a perfect gentleman but whenever he found an opening Reggie let Lis know that if ever given the chance he would have been very interested in her. He complimented my girlfriend on the shape she was in, her hair and what she was wearing. It was all so basic but done so artfully and with such a subtle expertise.

At the end of the night Lis excused herself to use the bathroom before we left. Reggie took the opportunity to bring up his proposition one more time. I told him that it was interesting talking to him and I thought he was a great guy. I even complimented him on his ability with women, what little of it I had seen. Yet I had to end the whole façade by telling him I just wouldn't be interested in any experiment involving Lis. Still the thin black man gave me his cell phone number and told me if I changed my mind to call him any time of the day or night.

We had been invited to stop by Eddie and Jodi's the next day to enjoy the beach and surf during the daylight. We thought about it when we got back to the hotel room. We had told Eddie and Jodi and the rest of the gang that while we had no plans we thought that we might stick close to the casinos and boardwalk. I climbed into bed next to Lis and we began to kiss. She had looked so beautiful at the party. She clearly stuck out being less casually dressed than the other women. Reggie had been right. The pants Lis wore fit perfectly and she looked so sexy in her high heels. I slid down the bed and went down on my girlfriend. I loved eating out Lis. She was always fresh and had genitals that were much bigger than average. As I worked my tongue along my girlfriend's labia lips and she began to moan I started thinking about Reggie. First it was with the actress that had been in the video with him and then, incredibly the image in my mind shifted to Reggie with Lis. I couldn't believe that these thoughts were racing through my mind as Lis squirmed above me and I was even more amazed to find that these images had me so excited I was about to bust. I climbed on top of Lis and sank my rock hard cock inside her. We began to move together and this time I was fucking my girlfriend harder than I ever had before. Lis loved it and responded by pushing her hips up into me with equal force. We had never made love like this before. In fact for me it was raw sex and it felt wonderful. I grunted loudly as I came hard inside of her. I had never had an orgasm feel this good. All the while as I humped into her images of Reggie topping Lis raced through my mind. I collapsed on top of my girlfriend and kissed her.

"My God! What did you drink at that party? That was some serious fucking babe!" Lis exclaimed.

"God that did feel so good. I don't know what it was but I hope I can keep it up." I smiled and kissed Lis again as I rolled off of her.

She turned and kissed me back. We kept necking and I kept thinking about Reggie and Lis lying together naked with his huge black cock all shiny from being embedded inside her. I was going crazy as I thought about them in different positions and doing things that were raw and obscene. Lis was quickly fading away into sleep. When I felt her breath become soft and rhythmic I slowly climbed out of bed and went to the credenza in our room where I had put my cell phone. I reached around in the dark and found the small device and then through on a robe and crept out into the hall outside our room.

It was three thirty in the morning but I dialed the number anyway. After a series of rings there was a click. "Hello Reggie?"

"Yea man, who is this?" He answered as if he had not yet gone to bed.

"It's Dennis. I'm in. Like we had discussed, she's all yours for three days. We'll be at Eddie's tomorrow." I said into the phone.

"Good for you brother. I'll treat her right. I'll see you tomorrow and we'll talk." Reggie's voice seemed hoarse and out of breath as he accepted the challenge and then hung up the phone.

I went back into the room and got back into bed with a woman that I had fallen in love with but had just given to an amateur porn actor. I was so tired but I couldn't help lying in bed and thinking about what I had just done.

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