tagInterracial LoveJersey Shore Games Ch. 02

Jersey Shore Games Ch. 02


Reggie didn't call me for a month. When I heard his voice on the phone I wondered if there was some sort of unwritten rule about the length of time one waits to call a man whom you had helped his girlfriend cuckold. I knew why he had called and it had nothing to do with having an extra ticket to the Celtics. Reggie wanted Lis again and from his tone he wanted her badly. Why else would he get back in touch with me? He had had his fun with my girlfriend during the summer and I thought maybe that would be enough. Obviously I was wrong.

The black man gushed about how glad he was to have met us and that the whole crew from South Jersey couldn't wait to see us again. I was very much on guard. I knew what he was angling for and as I had found out the hard way he was an expert at getting it. Still I couldn't avoid it. Not only was I no match for the older black man I had done nothing if think back to that night and what he had done to my girlfriend. During the conversation he played me like a matador circling a confused bull then letting me fall like a skewered animal into which he had thrust his sword.

"I just wanted to call and say that we all really enjoyed hanging out with the two of you during your vacation." Reggie said.

"Well some enjoyed us more than others." I brought up the encounter and quickly regretted it.

"Yea I guess you're right about that." The black man chuckled and then continued. "I want to tell you that you were a great sport. I am really glad that you enjoyed yourself along with Lis and I because it made for a fun weekend. This is why I called. Jodi and Eddie are having a party at the end of the month, on the 28th. It's going to be a Halloween bash, you know, costumes, the whole thing. They asked me to give you a call and see if the two of you could make it."

"Well Reggie, Lis and I want to save the Jersey shore for the summer. Besides I have to work that weekend." I wasn't lying. I had to be in Boston for a convention through that Saturday, the 29th of October. I could have gotten out of it but it was the perfect excuse to keep Lis out of Reggie's clutches. Still as I said it I could feel the matador putting the final sword into my back.

"That's too bad. It's going to be a hell of a show. Is Lis going to be away too?" Reggie probed.

"No she'll be around." I answered too quickly.

The conversation ended and I had no idea that I had been badly outsmarted. I felt that if I had told Reggie that Lis was going to be out of town there was no way that the lie would have held up. I knew that the black man was going to call my girlfriend and I didn't want a lie to cause a blow up with her. I could call Lis and tell her that Reggie was going to call and tell her that I didn't want her to go to the party but the heavy hand didn't work with my girlfriend. You didn't tell Lis what to do and I knew that's how the phone call would come off. On the other hand I knew that she would let me know about her conversation with Reggie and ask me how I felt about her going to the party. That would be the time to exert some influence, yet I never got the chance. I found out the next day when Lis and I were out to dinner. She came right out and said it.

"I'm going to be in Jersey the weekend you'll be in Boston." She said as an unequivocal fact and not as if she was interested in discussing anything.

"What do you mean?" I knew what she was talking about and who had taken advantage of my naivete.

"Eddie and Jodi are having a Halloween party. I thought it'd be fun." She nonchalantly took a bite of her tuna steak.

"Are you going to stay at their house?" I knew the answers to all the questions leading up to that one so I just skipped ahead.

"No I'll be at Reggie's. He asked me to be his date." My girlfriend admitted.

"And you're going? You didn't even check with me." I retorted.

"Denny I've fallen for you and we've become very close but I told you the way it was with Reggie. My emotions with him are purely sexual and quite frankly so are yours. If you weren't in Boston you'd be down there to watch us." My girlfriend admitted to me.

"Lis, you had fun that weekend but I think you're making a big mistake." I came back with as much of an ultimatum as I could muster.

"Denny I'm sorry but I'm going and I would love to have you come along if you could get out of Boston." Lis plowed right through the ultimatum and signaled her desire to change the subject. I thought about pushing her on it but admittedly didn't have the guts. I just wasn't prepared to risk our relationship.

Instead I tried to turn Lis off over the next couple of weeks. Although we lived apart we had become accustomed to seeing each other almost every day. Lis called me the first few days but she got the picture and gave me my space. For the first week or so I worked late or did some home improvement projects. It kept me away from Lis physically but I just couldn't stop thinking about her. The thoughts of Lis and I together and worse, thinking about me without her began breaking me down. One night I just couldn't take it anymore. I called her. It was a surrender of sorts and we both knew it. Still Lis was magnanimous in victory. She never mentioned Reggie or the party.

Meanwhile a few days before leaving for Boston Reggie called me. At first I thought he may have wanted to gloat, instead he was the perfect diplomat. It wasn't until I analyzed our conversation afterwards that I realized what he was really after.

"Hey man I just wanted to thank you for letting me take your woman to the party. I'll take very good care of her." Reggie started out.

"Reggie, I had nothing to do with it." I said.

"What do you mean?" Reggie seemed surprised at my rather cold response.

"You went behind my back and Lis made her own decision." I explained.

"I didn't think you'd mind. I mean I thought you were into this scene." Reggie stated.

"I guess I found it exciting. You know watching you and Lis is one thing but you just taking her for a weekend." I returned. I didn't know whether I was searching for answers or pity at this point.

"Hey I used to sneak around husbands' and boyfriends' backs. It's not worth it. If you're not happy with Lis coming down to Jersey without you I'll call her right now." Reggie offered.

"It's too late Reggie. If you cancel, Lis would go to the party and have sex with you just to spite me. She's yours for the weekend." I was sure that Reggie was aware of this before he had even picked up the phone to call me.

"I appreciate your honesty and the tough situation that I put you in Denny. I'm really sorry about this. Tell me. Are you still interested in watching me fuck Lis?" Reggie asked.

"Maybe I want to have my cake and eat it too but I don't want things to get out of hand. This all started because of an impulsive urge. Maybe it was a bad decision." I just didn't want to give in even though I was constantly having thoughts about Lis and Reggie in all sorts of scenarios ever since they had spent that night together.

"Denny I'm not looking to steal your girlfriend. I just think that consenting adults can have some fun. I want you to be a part of this fun. In fact I'll make you a promise. If you lose Lis, she'll lose me. I won't see her if the two of you ever break up." Reggie promised.

It was a weird thing to say but oddly it made me feel a little better. If Reggie was true to his word he was as interested in only hooking up sexually and not emotionally as Lis had proclaimed. In fact it was his penis and his expertise with that particular organ that Lis had admitted she was lusting after. Sure the taboo nature of an interracial relationship appealed to Lis as well. I figured walking into a public venue on the arm of a black man was going to be a real turn on for my girlfriend. While she was never one to crave attention, the stares and comments she would experience were sure to get her juices flowing. I had no choice but to accept the motives of the two in their sexual relationship.

I had to get to Boston on Wednesday for the trade show. It was a two day event and I had to help set up the day before and then break things down the day after. In between I would be busy schmoozing clients morning, noon and night. Consequently I only got to speak with Lis briefly by phone on the day of the party, which was Friday. She told me that she loved me and was going to miss me down at the party. I didn't say it but I was going to miss watching her with Reggie.

I really wasn't myself at the trade show. I covered it up pretty well although a couple of my colleagues asked me what I was day dreaming about on Friday night at dinner. I told them I was just tired. In fact after visiting a few hospitality suites I begged off the rest of the night and went to bed with what I explained was an oncoming cold. The boys bought my story and wandered off into the night while I went back to my hotel room.

As I lay in bed watching the 11pm news I wondered what Lis was doing. Was she having a great time with Reggie and the other friends we had met during the summer? Had Reggie taken my girlfriend home early? Was he mounting her at this very moment? Was she screaming his name in ecstasy as the black man played her body with the expertise of a concert musician? And what did all those people Lis and I had met as a happy couple think about my girlfriend showing up at this Halloween party with a new man, a black man? Would they draw the logical conclusion that Reggie had simply taken Lis from me? As these questions raced through my mind and I imagined my girlfriend wrapping her body around Reggie I began to masturbate.

I got up early on Saturday and did my share of the clean up at the booth. I had scheduled a breakfast with a client but wanted to get home in the worst way. Still I went through with the breakfast thinking about Lis and Reggie the whole time. I finally broke away about 11am. My cohorts in crime were still finishing with their clean up and dealing with some massive hangovers. I normally would have taken pity on the fellas and helped them out but for the obvious reason I raced home as quickly as possible. I actually made it in less than three hours. It was mid afternoon and I was hoping Lis would have beaten me back or at least be home within the next couple of hours.

I got on the phone as soon as I walked through the door. All I got was Lis' answering machine. I tried every ten minutes for an hour but my girlfriend was still not home. I didn't want to call Lis on her cell phone. I wanted to make her think that I wasn't that anxious over her weekend with Reggie. I didn't want to intrude when all I really wanted was to get my girlfriend back. After a few hours I broke down and dialed her cell phone. I thought maybe Lis was on her way home but when she answered I heard some laughter in the background.

"Hey how's it going? Where are you?" I asked anxiously.

"I'm still at Reggie's sweetie. Did you make it home?" Lis' voice was cheerful and at ease. As if she was having a great time. I felt ill.

"I thought you were coming back today?" I inquired.

"No sweetie. It was up in the air and we got up pretty late this morning so I thought I'd stay. It's Denny." Lis had turned from the phone to tell whoever was in the background who she was talking too.

I assumed that Lis was telling Reggie that I was on the phone. Yet after a pause I heard at least one man and a women sing out "Hi Denny!" back at Lis' phone. I was startled. Lis was at Reggie's house with other guests. How familiar did everyone down there think Lis had become with Reggie? Had I already lost her?

"Who's with you?" That was the first of about a million questions I had for my girlfriend.

"Reggie and Alex. We're going to meet Jodi and Richard at this place called Whiskey Pete's." Lis told me.

"Who is Richard?" I was more confused than pissed at this point.

"He's a friend of Reggie's. Sweetie we have to go. I'll come over when I get back." Lis was hurrying me off the phone.

"Where's Tim and Eddie?" I asked in a desperate attempt to keep her on the phone.

"They're at their homes I guess. Denny, I'll explain everything when I get home, okay?" Lis asked in a pleading tone.

"Alright. Try and get home early, I love you." I had started saying it to Lis over the past few months but never with such desperation in my voice. There were just too many questions to keep pressing so I let her go.

"I love you too." She replied and then the phone went dead.

At least she was still saying that she loved me. It was a small consolation knowing that for another night my girlfriend would be lying underneath the well endowed black man.

I was like a caged tiger prowling back and forth inside my house as I wanted for Lis to return. I knew she would be in bed enjoying Reggie for much of the morning so I figured it was useless to expect her back before afternoon. All I could do was think about the mistake I had made offering my girlfriend to the black porn star. Then at the same time I would get excited at the memory of watching him slowly and patiently seducing Lis right in front of me and I knew it was no mistake. Regardless of the consequences, I was slowly convincing myself that it was worth giving Lis to another man as long as he had the sexual abilities of Reggie and I was able to see the drama play out.

In the early afternoon I checked my email and found that I had received one from an address, 9InchStud@Xmail. I didn't have to put much thought into who had sent the email. The tacky arrogance of the address was pure Reggie. I clicked it open and started to read.


Thanks again for letting me enjoy your girlfriend this weekend. I'm sure you know that it is rare when you find a woman who is so open and friendly and at the same time so sexual. Lis is without a doubt the most eager woman I have ever fucked. You are a lucky man. Let me assure you again and this time in writing that I only wish the best for the two of you and only wish to invite you in on the fun that we have down here in South Jersey. Lis will never leave you for me because I won't allow it.

Let me tell you that we had a great time at the party this weekend. I've included a few pictures for you to enjoy. Just do it in private and with a soft towel, if you know what I mean. LOL

Hope To See You Soon,


The email said it all. Reggie may have been saying that Lis was my girl but only because he was allowing it to be that way. He owned her sexually and the pictures in the email were going to prove it. I couldn't wait to open the attachment.

The attachment opened to a full screen picture. It was a picture of Reggie surrounded by the four women Lis, Jodi, Alex and Ginger. They were in their costumes and to say the least all five were dressed erotically. Ginger was dressed as a pirate girl, Jodi as a nurse, Alex as a saloon girl and Lis as a French maid. All the costumes had extremely short skirts that fully exposed the panties they were wearing. All of them were wearing different colored stockings and high heels except for Ginger who wore mid calf boots. I looked at Lis and saw that her outfit was nothing more than a corset with ruffles and unlike the others she was wearing mesh hose. Just looking at the first picture got me hard. Meanwhile, and appropriately enough, Reggie was dressed as the devil. His red ensemble was made of a thin material that clung to his body especially the huge lump hanging to one side of his groin. By looking at the background I concluded that the picture was taken at Reggie's house. The picture had a caption at the bottom, "Happy Halloween Denny!"

The next picture showed the women with their hands all over Reggie. They were laughing and obviously enjoying themselves. Alex seemed to have drawn the lucky card as she had her hand planted firmly on Reggie's erection which bulged through the thin red material. I took it as a gang of women that were probably already drunk and a picture that Alex would regret when she saw it the next day. Still the caption said "The devil gets his due."

The pictures moved as a slide show every ten seconds or so. There were a series of pictures at the party at Jodi's house. There were a couple of Jodi with Eddie, Alex with Tim and Ginger with her husband, Harry. They all seemed like happy couples, a goal that Lis and I seemed doomed to fall short of. I was a little jealous as I watched the couples flash before me then the pictures changed to the party. Most of the pictures were of Lis with Reggie. They were just friendly pictures at first but they soon changed with a shot of Lis sitting on Reggie's lap cooing something into his ear as he smiled for the camera. The caption read "What a fine white woman". There were a few of them on the dance floor as well. I got a look at some of the other party goers in the background and it was obvious that there wasn't a person there in any more than a very suggestive outfit. I also noticed that Reggie wasn't the only black man there. There was another black man dressed as a genie with a pair of very tight yellow pants. He was younger and without a mask I could see he was far more handsome than Reggie.

The series of pictures of Reggie dancing with Lis went from slow dancing to close to obscene. They were always close to each other but from one picture to the next Reggie's hands began exploring my girlfriend's body. He danced with his hands on her breasts at first and as the pictures progressed Reggie was kissing Lis. Lis was towering over the smallish black man in her high heel pumps. It didn't matter she was letting him run his hands all over her body. One picture showed the black man's hands lifting the frilly portion of the corset and cupping her ass. The mesh design of her fishnet hosiery crisscrossed the hard muscular flesh of her buttocks. It was all that covered her as it appeared she wasn't wearing any panties. I looked into the background of the picture and noticed that there were more than a couple of party goers ogling my girlfriend's bare ass. The caption read "I guess at this point they all know she's mine tonight." I could have argued against it in my mind except it was so obvious in the pictures that Lis was a very willing participant.

The pictures progressed from the party back to Reggie's house. I watched as a picture of Lis and Reggie sitting on his couch popped up on the screen. They were both topless. Lis was in only her fishnet hose and pumps and Reggie was wearing only the shiny tight fitting red pants. They were in each others' arms and in the next photo Lis was on her knees in front of the black man. She was licking the pants right over the huge bulge. It was an incredibly erotic picture and I tore off my own pants to get at my now rock hard penis. The next picture was of Lis sitting on the couch with her long legs spread wide. She was inviting him to touch her genitals. The hosiery went up to her waist but they had a hollowed out area at her groin and anal area. I immediately thought back to the party and how many lecherous men must have gotten a full view of my girlfriend's genitals. Now the continuing pictures showed that Reggie was taking full advantage of the crotchless mesh. Lis was laughing as the black man's fingers were on her vagina. In the subsequent pictures her eyes were glazed over and her mouth hung open. The caption read "At this point she doesn't know which way is up. How long before she is screaming my name?"

The pictures progressed as I slowly stroked my cock trying to keep myself from coming right in my own lap. Lis was now performing fellatio on Reggie. She was sitting next to him on the couch leaning over and sucking on the large black erection. As I looked on the next picture showed that another mouth had joined in on the pleasuring of Reggie. Jodi was licking and sucking on the black man's shaft and balls while Lis sucked hard on the head of the penis. I couldn't believe it. Jodi had joined in sucking on Reggie's dick. How had this black man convinced a happily married woman to suck his cock? I didn't bother trying to figure it out. Both women looked extraordinary positioned on opposite sides of Reggie. In the next picture both their tongues were stuck out and they looked to be sliding up and down the saliva soaked shaft. Reggie had a pig in shit look on his face as both women looked to be having the time of their lives.

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