tagInterracial LoveJersey Shore Games Ch. 04

Jersey Shore Games Ch. 04


On Sunday Lis and I left around noon. It was early for us. On other trips to the shore Lis usually spent every possible moment in the arms of either Reggie or Richard. This time we had to get on the road as we both had big Mondays at our respective jobs. The one thing that didn't change was Lis being so tired she slept for the first half of the drive. Finally at the last toll booth my girlfriend rocked herself awake as the car accelerated out of the booth's lane and back up to highway speed.

"Long night huh?" I asked.

"Mmmm sort of . . . more like a long day and night. I was so nervous before we got into the filming it drained the hell out of me." She smiled over at me."

"Are you sure you didn't get drained by the workout you got once the filming started?" I added.

"That kind of workout just invigorates me and it didn't stop when the camera was turned off." Lis closed her eyes and smiled.

"Did you even go to that benefit thing?" I already knew the answer but wanted to find out what happened afterwards.

"Of course, we danced, I met some people and then Richard took me to his place and had me assume the position for about three hours straight. Pure bliss." Lis was grinning at me.

"You like him?" I inquired.

"Richard? Sure what's not to like? He's a stud with a big dark penis, and to top it all, he's a gentleman." Lis concluded.

"Maybe you should start dating him?" I suddenly felt like encouraging her.

No, you don't date a guy like Richard. You just lie in his bed for a while until the next woman takes your place. Although I have to say that he has been very close with Jodi. They're pretty much of an item. I'm happy to be his wham bam thank you ma'am girl from time to time." Lis informed me.

"He's with Jodi?" I was rather surprised until I remembered Alex had mentioned that Jodi was originally supposed to go to the benefit with Richard.

"They've been fuck buddies for about six months but that's as far as it goes. You know the rules." Lis said.

"So Richard's really out then?" I was somewhat relieved.

"Jodi will share." Lis smiled at me sideways.

"So Reggie has Alex and Richard has Jodi. Where does that leave you?" I wanted to know where Lis planned to go with her own extracurricular love life.

"Oh I'm sure someone will pop up. Reggie has other friends. Speaking of Alex I heard that you were fitted with a rather nice piece of jewelry." Lis smiled triumphantly and gently patted my crotch with her hand. "It feels rather impressive. How does it feel?"

"Alright I guess." I said as I shifted uncomfortably in the car seat. Even though the metal tube shielded my penis from most any sensation just having Lis run her hand along my groin started the blood flowing and my cock began to inflate inside the chastity device.

"Alex told me that your cock is a little bigger than the chastity tube. Is it getting a little uncomfortable?" Lis smiled knowing that her touch was making me more and more uncomfortable.

"She said that I'd get used to it." I replied with a bit of a grimace.

"Good. I'm glad you've accepted that." Lis had the upper hand now and she knew it.

"Lis how much further is this going to go?" I asked in a pleading tone.

"We're almost there Denny, almost there." She said as we drove down the highway.

Lis and Richard's video was released immediately after it was filmed and I went through the week not knowing which shoe was going to drop first. Who would be the first to report that they had watched my girlfriend writhing underneath a black man? Would someone gleefully tell me that they had seen my girlfriend performing on the internet or on a video that they had ordered or would there be an accidental discovery of the chrome tube that was hanging between my legs. Either one would have been disastrous. At first I was living in constant paranoia. Then I came to the conclusion that Reggie's short list of clients was, in fact, a discerning group and currently none of them were friends or associates of mine. I also learned to effectively hide my new appendage by using the stalls in the bathroom at work. I also found that I could pee easily with the device as long as I aimed it a certain way. It was just another step towards a submissive lifestyle.

Reggie and I talked a couple of times a week. This guy could fuck my girlfriend anytime he wanted and still we had become friends. He may have been in his fifties but Reggie thought and lived about twenty years younger. We talked about everything from college basketball to investments. Yet unlike any other friend Reggie was able to push my buttons when it came to Lis and he loved doing it. His latest probe was telling me how Lis was going to be used in the next shoot he had planned. He knew it turned me on.

"We're going to have Lis in a ménage a trois. She's going to be the vanilla frosting in an interracial layer cake." Reggie boasted.

"Who is going to be filming the scene if you and Richard are going to both be banging my girlfriend? Can Jodi or Alex do that?" I inquired.

"No no Jodi's gonna help Lis with her makeup. I'm going to film the action. Two of my boys were more than happy to volunteer to be stars." Reggie chuckled into the phone.

"Reggie how many black guys is my girlfriend going to end up fucking? Who are these guys? Has Lis already been with them?" I was anxious when it came to sharing Lis with someone I didn't know. Richard had been a prime example.

"Questions, so many questions! Look Denny you should know by now that Lis is going to fuck as many black men as she wants and as many as I can introduce her too. She's too far gone now but you knew that before she worked with Richard in her first film. Nothing has changed though. You know our little club is going to take good care of the two of you." Reggie admitted.

"What club are you talking about?" I asked.

You should know it by now, you're in it. Lis, Alex, Paula, Jodi and a few others, their significant others and the black men that get to sex these white women. Let's just call it a club dedicated to the promotion of relations between the races, specifically between black men and white women." Reggie explained with a confident chuckle.

"Well I can tell you that Lis is more than happy to be a paying member of any club like that." I gave Reggie his due.

"She most definitely is and she pays for that membership with her sweet ass." The black man laughed heartily.

"So who are these guys that you are going to film fucking Lis?" I wasn't giving up on who Lis' new lovers were going to be.

"Oh you'll get to meet them soon enough. They're good men and they'll turn your girl out nice and sweet." Reggie informed me.

"You know I do worry about that Reggie. I see Richard taking Jodi from Eddie and I'm worried about the same thing happening to Lis." I conceded.

"You'll always be feeling that way but that's part of the lifestyle my boy. At first it makes you feel pretty shitty but soon you'll embrace your Lis' freedom and it'll be a part of the turn on. And just so that you know Jodi's not going anywhere. She and Richard have bonded a bit. So have Alex and myself. If you believe that either Richard or I are thinking about becoming one woman men you're crazy. We're going to keep fucking as many white women as we can get our hands on, including Lis. Now if your girl meets a favorite stud that'll be just fine because both she and that black man are going to know the rules." Reggie explained.

"Lis made it sound like Jodi had fallen for Richard and Eddie was just letting it happen." I kept pushing.

"Well would you just let something like that happen?" Reggie asked.

"Not likely!" I answered with emphasis.

"Then it's not going to happen. Look man me and your girl have done some pretty freaky things together. She's told me some pretty private stuff. You've got nothing to worry about. You're her man plain and simple. Trust me. It would kill her if you walked away at this point in the game." Reggie finished our conversation and we said our good byes.

Lis went down to help with first a video that Alex was starring in and then another that Jodi did. Reggie came right out and told me that he really didn't need much help with Alex' video. He just wanted to fuck my girlfriend. Richard had pretty much monopolized Lis the last time she had been down for her own video shoot. The black stud had fucked her on camera, wined and dined her and then taken her to his bed for the night. Reggie had missed his blonde beauty and wanted her back in his own bed.

As usual Lis came back tired from the sexual events of the weekend with Reggie. She told me that both her friends had performed wonderfully. They had gotten Alex's video done in a few hours and Jodi had actually joined Lis in the one take club even though her video had been a gangbang involving five black studs. This gave her and Reggie more time to themselves for the weekend. Lis detailed how the older black stud was able to fuck her six times over the weekend.

Lis' second video was filmed a few weeks after the other two. Reggie knew that my girlfriend was a very hot commodity amongst his clientele so he wanted to separate her production from any other girl's performance. He felt that if his people knew Lis was coming out with a new video maybe his customers wouldn't buy the films starring Alex and Jodi. The last thing that the amateur porn producer wanted was hard feelings to develop between the three women that had become such close friends.

Summer had arrived in full force the weekend of Lis' video shoot. The temperature down by the water had soared to over 90 degrees which meant that you could add another 5 degrees to that at the inland location where the filming took place. Dr. Watson had been kind of enough to once again lend his property to Reggie. This time it was his home. It was located in a secluded spot at the end of a long road at the top of a hill.

Reggie was going to film the scene outside at Dr. Watson's pool. I was worried about other people seeing the action until I saw the Doctor's home. It was high up above the neighbor's homes which were at least 100 yards down the dead end road. The pool itself was huge for a private pool. It was attached to the side of the home and was surrounded by 15 feet of cement patio all around. Like the house the pool was elevated and on the patio if you looked through the door of the high fence one could see for miles down the hill. It was obvious that the good doctor had done well and the privacy of his large home showed it.

I stood out by the pool and withstood the morning heat. It beat down in relentless waves. Even the mild breeze offered no relief as it simply pulled the heat by my face with a dry harshness. I had asked Reggie the night before about the wisdom of having Lis performing outside on such a hot day. The black man explained that while the productions done indoors hopefully went well enough to be shot straight through, he was always sure to halt for water and cool down breaks if necessary when they filmed outside in the heat. He then retired to his bedroom to make love to my girlfriend and I went to the guest room equipped with my chrome chastity tube. The night before the filming had been no different than any other at the Jersey shore. Lis always slept with a black man and most times it was Reggie.

As I looked out over the horizon Dr. Watson came up and stood beside me. "This is really something at night."

"I can imagine. Is that the ocean in the distance?" I asked the doctor.

"Sure is. You can get a better look through the telescope over there. At night you can even see the lights from the ships through it." The doctor said proudly as he pointed towards the high powered instrument in the corner of the patio.

"I guess it does pay to study in school." I surmised.

"Yea yea I guess so. It sure did for you and Lissy. An insurance executive and a lawyer, you may not being looking over naked people but you're still hauling the mail." Despite being a doctor Clete had none of the conceited baggage that often came with the profession. I liked that about him.

The house opened up to the pool with two sets of sliding glass doors. I heard one of them open and three black men walked out from the air conditioned comfort inside. One of the men was Reggie. He was followed by the two men that I assumed would be fucking Lis in front of the camera.

"Denny let me introduce you to a couple of friends of mine." Reggie had me shake hands with Byron and Santino.

Byron was tall and lanky but still quite muscular and had long dreadlocks that went down to his back. Santino could only be described as a human tank. He was about six feet tall and as muscular as any man I had ever seen. Both men were dressed casually in shorts and flip flops. Santino's legs bulged out from his shorts in a mass of muscles and veins. We all shook hands and the men seemed very friendly at first impression.

"Reggie is that the chair that's supposed to hold us? Sheeeet!" Santino let the word shit slide of his tongue real slow.

"Have faith brotha. We just got it back from the welder. Not only is it strong enough you'll see that we made it long enough to fit you guys. Go head man check it out." Reggie chuckled loudly when he saw the bodybuilder's look of disbelief.

Santino walked over to the brightly colored lounge chair and lifted it. While he was able to get the chair off the ground it was apparent to all of us that the muscular black man was exerting himself. He put the chair back down and looked up at Reggie and laughed and we all joined in.

"That motherfucker is at least 150 pounds brother. Good luck breaking that reinforced steel with that pile driver of yours. Now do me a favor and put it in the recline position." Reggie continued to laugh at his friend while referring to the force with which he would be fucking Lis.

As if trying a last ditch effort to find fault with Reggie's reinforced prop Santino pushed down on the thin straps that made up the seat of the 7 foot long lounge chair.

"Those straps are Kevlar. That's stuff's stronger than the steel frame. No reason to be scared big boy." Reggie was grinning proudly.

"Me? I'm not scared. I just don't want this thing coming apart and then I end up squashing somebody." Santino flexed one of his big arms.

"We'll put you on the bottom. You're more of a cushion anyway." Byron added jokingly.

"Before we all sweat to death out here why don't you guys get into those uniforms." Reggie pointed to a couple of blue one piece uniforms and sneakers that were on another chair by the house.

"You got my size?" Santino smiled sheepishly.

"Size extra muscular. Right there my brother." Reggie returned.

"Hey I haven't met your woman yet but I want to thank you or letting us do this man." The muscular black man shook my hand.

"Hey she's all yours. She's really looking forward to doing this with you guys. Have fun." I replied feeling a little weird around four black men, two of which would soon be fucking the living daylights out of my girlfriend.

"Yea man I've met your Lis. She's fine and a real nice girl. Thanks for the opportunity." Byron shook my hand and then handed Santino his uniform that had movers printed across the back.

I figured that Byron must have been one of the studs in Jodi's recent gangbang shoot and that was where he had met my girlfriend. The two men stripped down naked right in front of us and got into the one piece uniforms. I took another look at the two black men in their naked form. Santino's skin was an extremely deep tone of black. He probably had the darkest complexion of any person I had ever seen not making their home in Africa. And while Santino was built like a professional body builder Byron was certainly no wimp. He had broad shoulders, narrow hips and full powerful legs. I figured if Lis tried to out muscle either of these men as she had done with Richard and many of the times she had been with Reggie she would be up against two very different sexual athletes. These men were going to give my girlfriend no quarter.

The two men turned to walk inside to get cool when Jodi and Lis walked through the door. Jodi who had come over to do Lis' hair and makeup was dressed casually in a white tube top and a pair of cut off dungaree shorts. Her breasts looked wonderful pressed into the tight white nylon material. Yet it was Lis that took everyone's breath away. She was wearing a shimmering bright green thong bikini. The top just covered her nipples allowing her breasts to spill out all around the sparse material. The bottom was just a covering for her genitals and because of her larger than average labia lips and clitoris it formed a rather prominent cameltoe. Her sex was on display for all to see.

Lis drew lascivious looks from Dr. Watson, Reggie and Byron and a look of disbelief from Santino who had never seen my girlfriend before. The black bodybuilder had no idea that the white woman he had been asked to fuck in front of a camera would have a body that would rival his own in symmetry and definition. He gave his partner Byron a sideways look and mouthed "We get to fuck her?"

Reggie walked over and introduced Lis to Santino. They each checked over the other's body as they talked. There was a look of mutual admiration on each face as they joined Byron for some conversation regarding the sexual chores ahead.

Jodi had been instructed by Reggie and she had done a very good job. Gone was the wholesome quality of a pretty blonde woman of German decent. I noticed Lis' hair had been done up with curlers and hair spray. The long blonde hair cascaded down past her shoulders in subtle twisting curls. Her eyes had been darkened with mascara and eye shadow and she was wearing very long false eyelashes. My girlfriend used clear lip gloss religiously and now she had on a thick coating of lipstick that matched her fingernail polish. Lis was playing a beautiful self absorbed white woman that had married for money. Reggie had wanted a slutty look for his female star and he had gotten it albeit with a gorgeous form playing the part.

Lis walked up to me. In her green high heels she had me by three inches. "So what do you think?"

"I think you might be working up quite a sweat today and not just because of the heat." I smiled at her.

"Yea, they're big boys." Lis turned and looked at the black men.

"Think you're up to it?" I asked trying to make conversation.

"I've handled both Reggie and Richard haven't I?" Lis gave me a confident smile.

"You haven't seen what's hanging between Godzilla's legs." I warned my girlfriend referring to Santino's enormous penis.

"I love a challenge." Lis leaned down and kissed me.

Just then Reggie came out clapping his hands. "My boys are ready! My girl is ready and now I'm ready so let's go!"

Reggie herded Jodi, the doctor and I into the air conditioned house. Meanwhile Lis grabbed a bottle of tanning oil and took her place lying on the reinforced chair as if sunning herself. Reggie told the three of us that the black men had a small scene in the back of the house before they went out to the pool. So we were to wait in the living room until that scene was over and then we could come out and watch the actors from the sliding doors and on a large flat screen monitor that was set up in the room. As the three of us waited in the next room we heard Reggie yell action and the two men began the pornographic performance.

"Hey man this piano doesn't look to bad. We can have it on the truck in no time and then hide out for the rest of the day." Santino said.

"No problem with me. I could use some rest and relaxation on a Friday afternoon this hot. Just keep your hands on the piano and nowhere else. That old man looks like he inventories everything on a daily basis." Byron replied.

"Hey he trusts us to take off for the day and leave us on our own. You're right though. Let's get this done." Santino said.

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