tagIncest/TabooJess' Family

Jess' Family


My family, 8113

Jess and his girl friend (Barb) have been together for about three years and have had a very lively and healthy sexual life. Over the course of their relationship, he shared, little by little, the unusual life he and his family shared. They lived in the mountains in a remote area. There were five in his family, mom, dad, sis and bro and a few hundred yards away was his dad's brother with his wife and son. Both families shared a swimming pool to the rear of the houses. Jess said that both families were nude most of the time when at home and they all had sex with each other. Surprisingly, Barb was not turned off by with this news but wanted to hear some stories of episodes within the family. Jess was very excited to hear this and noticed that when he related an episode it would get Barb aroused for a good fuck session. Finally, she asked to go with him on his next vist home and he quickly agreed. And that is why this morning they are pulling up in front of his family's home. They grabbed their belongings and walked onto the porch and in the front door to the living room. Mom and Dad were watching TV and, of course were naked and Dad's cock was half hard as usual.

On entering, Dad got out of his chair and walked over to the couple, shaking Jess' hand. Then he told them to go upstairs and put their belongings in the spare bedroom next to his parents and get naked. It didn't take them long until they returned to the living room in their birthday suit. Dad, couldn't help himself, he jumped up out of his chair, walked over in front of them and said to his son "Wow, Jess, you certainly have a beautiful girl friend, such lovely tits and big nipples." Barb blushed and felt Dad's hand gently rub over one of her tits causing her a quick gasp. Mom said, "Calm yourself Dad, they just got here and look at your cock it's all hard again." "Well, Mom, I guess there's another load waiting to be released." Dad now placed one hand on each tit and was gently massaging them, he just couldn't resist. Barb loved it and gasped in pleasure. Mom got out of her chair, her big tits bouncing about, and walked over to the trio standing in front of her son. Dad leaned forward and placed his mouth on one of Barbs' nipples and started to suck it and pull on it. Jess was enjoying watching his Dad work on his girlfriend. He felt his Mom's hand on his cock which was on the rise. She said, "Come on Jess, suck on Mom's tits, I know you like them and they need to feel your hot mouth sucking on them." Jess leaned forward and sucked on one of his mom's big tits, then the other one. He pulled on them and sucked roughly as that is what she liked. "Oh yes, Son, suck 'em up, get those fuckers hard. Yeeees!" Mom's hand reached down to her son's now hard cock and started to massage it. Now, Jess was getting super hot watching Dad and Barb and all this action with his mom.

Dad was still feasting on Barb's tits. Now, Barb reached down to Dad's now super hard, big fat 7"cock and wrapped her hand around it. He broke lose saying, "Yeah, baby, feel my hard dick, you want that dick don't you." Barb didn't say anything, she spread her legs wide and moved against Dad shoving his cock between her legs. He got the message and aimed his throbbing cock at her now dripping shaved cunt and with little effort, split her cunt clips and slipped it into this super sizzling wet pussy. She gasped at the intrusion and her whole body spasmed as she came right away. Dad said "yeah, baby, I'm going to fuck you until you can't cum any more." He started roughly fucking her ramming his cock into the balls, pulling it out and rapidly shoving it back in again and she loved it.

Then he pulled out and said, "get down on the floor on your back". She did so, he shoved her legs apart, and shoving his cock back in started fucking her wildly. "Yeah, cunt, you love Dad's cock, oh baby your pussy is so tight, it needs some loosening." Barb loved this filthy mouth and she came several more times. Jess was getting super charged watching and listening, his mom was slipped onto her knees and took his hard cock into her mouth and she started sucking her son's hard throbbing cock. Then he quickly pushed her onto her back and mounted her just as his Dad was doing to Barb. Jess shoved his hard 8" dick into his mom. "You just couldn't wait to feel my cock back in your hot cunt, Mom, could you." She shook her head NO. Now Dad was still fucking away with Barb and his son was fucking his wife. Finally, Jess yelled, "here it comes Mom, another load of hot cum from your son for hot greedy dripping cunt." He made one final lunge and shot him mom's cunt full of his cum. This put Dad over the edge and finally shot his load into Barb, plunging mercilessly into her now oozing pussy. Finally, all four collapsed onto the floor and took a few minutes to catch their breath.

"Wow, mom, you are just as hot and as good as ever" exclaimed Jess. Dad chimed in while looking at Barb "Shit, you are one hot fucking bitch, we will have to do this again that's for sure." Suddenly they heard some light clapping and cheering "What a show". This came from Jess' brother and sister who had slipped in very silently and watched. "that was some hot steamy fucking guys' said Bro who was sitting on the sofa next to Sis and they were stroking each other. Bro said, "move out of the way Jess so I can suck all your cum out of mom's cunt, it's been a long while since I tasted it but let me clean off your cock first. Bro cleaned off Jess's cock then dived into mom's dripping cunt to clean it out and he enjoyed every drop and lick as usual. Meanwhile, Sis was on her knees cleaning off her dad's spent cock, then she turned to Barb and leaning down, ran her tongue over this new girl's sopping slit. Barb, pushed her legs apart and felt Sis' tongue slip past her cunt lips and into her dripping pussy and felt the cum being sucked out of her. Then Sis surprised Barb and located the girl's clit and started chewing on it and sucking on it. Suddenly, Barb was all heated up again and started to orgasm once, then twice, then the third time and Sis mopped up all her juice. Finally, Sis straightened up and stood up out of the way. All the others watched the show and enjoyed it.

This was Barb's introduction to Jess' family and this was only mid-afternoon. Let me know if you want to read some more about this family - dad's brother and his family and then a surprise discover.

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