tagInterracial LoveJess Finds Herself in a Contest

Jess Finds Herself in a Contest


"Honey, I really need to start working out again." Jess says to me as she pulls her pants up past her hips.

"Baby, you still look amazing. Yeah, we've both kind of fallen off the work-out wagon since moving across country, but you still look great." I tell Jess with honesty.

"Well I don't like how I look." Jess continues. "I'm going to take advantage of some of the classes at the base gym. Maybe take a spin class after I get off work."

"Sure." I tell her. "Whatever you need to do to feel good about yourself."

Since we moved across country six months ago we've both let ourselves go a bit. Nothing serious. By all accounts, for being 42 Jess looks amazing. She's regularly confused for being in her late 20's or early 30's. It always comes as a shock to people when they find out she's in her early 40s and has two kids that are out of the house. She could maybe use to loose five pounds, but that is just being nitpicky. She's always been about 110 pounds. When she gets to 115 or 120 she gets self-conscious. Silly girl.

The next evening Jess tells me that after work she is going to catch an 11 A.M. High Intensity Interval Class. She works a very early shift at a coffee shop and is usually off by 10 A.M.

"Good for you baby." I tell her. "I'll probably go for a run after work." I'm not much into weight lifting. I've always been lean. At 5'9" 165 pounds I don't have a lot of muscle, but at the same time I don't have to worry much about a spare-tire like many men my age. Jess on the other hand could easily pass for a fitness nut. At 5'5" and around 120 pounds she has gained a little bit of cushion over the past few months, but she still looks fit. Several years ago she got breast augmentation that she had wanted for years. I never cared whether or not she got the work done. At 34A her breasts were kind of small, but it worked with her tiny frame. Now she had 34DD breasts. They looked pretty much like porn star tits. While I didn't think she needed them, I certainly wasn't going to complain about the new porn star ones.

She had intended to only go up to 34C, but at the last minute had made the decision that if she was going to get work done, she might as well make it count. I was indifferent, but I must say that after she got the new boobs I was loving them. They certainly stood out on her tiny body and garnered more than a few long stares and second looks from other guys. While she acted like she was uncomfortable with the looks I started to get the feeling that she liked it. After the surgery she initially dressed modestly, not wanting to flaunt her breasts, but over time she started wearing slightly more revealing clothes. The change was slow enough so as to be almost unnoticeable. I'm not even sure she realized she had changed the way she was dressing.


I was totally self-conscious showing up for the first fitness class. I didn't know anybody in the class, and I have always been kind of socially awkward in these types of situations. I tried to dress modestly. I was here to work out, and get fit, not to socialize or try and show off my body. There were eight of us in the 11 A.M. class. This was the first class of the eight week beginners program. The rest of the students were all female. That would make it easier, no guys as a distraction. Several of the other ladies seemed to know each other. None of them were especially fit. I'd go as far as to say that a few of them were a bit frumpy. That made me feel simultaneously happy with my body and self-conscious.

I had to be the oldest girl in the class by at least five to ten years. But I was definitely the most fit. A few of the girls that seemed to know each other were on the far side of the room chatting. Three of them were looking over at me and talking to each other under their breath. I caught several glances that were certainly not friendly. I've seen this judgemental look before.

Great, what a way to start the class. I was wearing yoga pants, a sports bra, and a t-shirt. I couldn't be much more conservative. Still, the way my breasts popped out did tend to draw attention. Sometimes good, and sometimes bad I guess.

"Don't worry about them." A masculine voice says to me.

I look over and see a tall, muscular black man standing just inside the room entrance. He looks at me and smiles. "Are you supposed to be in the beginner class?" He asks me.

"Yes." I respond.

"Good." He tells me. Moments later he walks to the front of the room. "Hello ladies. I'm your instructor Dante."

That first class went well. It was quite a shock to the body, I hadn't done a high intensity workout like that for almost a year. Despite being a little out of shape I was able to keep up and finish out all of the exercises. It felt good to push myself, and as the class ended I looked forward to the upcoming Wednesday and Friday classes.

The rest of the week went pretty well. I felt like I was able to get through the exercises well. The Instructor, Dante was excellent. He did a great job of motivating all of us. He had an excellent approach and seemed to recognize when each of us needed a break, and when we needed to be pushed harder.

After several weeks of classes I even made some headway with some of the other girls. The group that had initially been giving me the cold stares warmed up to me when, after a little group discussion I revealed to them that I had a 20 year old son and an 18 year old daughter. They all seemed shocked.

"How old are you?' One of them asked.

"Forty two" I responded.

"Get the fuck out of here!" She replied. "I thought you were our age."

"How old are you guys? I asked them.

"I'm twenty eight, Jennifer is twenty nine, and Kara is twenty seven." She said. " Well, you sure look great for forty two."

I blushed a little and thanked her for the compliment.

Monday's workout on the third week was an ass-kicker. Dante said we were all doing well and pushed us hard. When the class was over and as the other girls were packing up, Dante called me over.

"Hey Jess, I've got a question for you?"

"Sure." I responded, "What's up?"

"I've been paying attention to the progress of everyone in the class. You are well ahead of the others. I think this class is too basic for you." Dante continued.

"Well what do you suggest?" I asked Dante.

"The classes at the base gym are really catered to beginners." Dante went on. "I work part-time at Everyday Fitness just down the road. I could sign you up for some of the intermediate classes there. I teach one of them and could squeeze you into a few classes for free. After the first few classes, if you like it I can get you a pretty good discount."

I was totally stoked that he thought I was doing so well in the class. I definitely wanted to push myself, so I thought this was a great idea.

"Sure." I told him. "When do classes start?"

"You could start on Thursday if you're ready. Classes are Tuesday and Thursday at noon. I split my time between the base gym and there. Over there I also do personal classes for those that want more catered training."

"That sounds fantastic Dante." I told him. "Should I skip the Wednesday class here?" I asked.

"Yeah, you're not really getting as much out of this as you should. And you'll need to rest up for Thursdays class." Dante said.

"Great, and thanks so much for taking an interest, I'll see you Thursday." I told Dante.

"I'm holding you to it Jess." Dante said with a smile. "Oh, one more thing. I heard you talking with the other girls. I had no idea you were in your forties. You'd look amazing for a thirty year old, let alone a woman in her forties."

This takes me by surprise. "Thanks, I guess." I say to Dante, somewhat embarrassed.

"I'm telling you this because I think you should really consider entering a fitness competition. It's a great thing to keep you motivated and working towards a goal. I also think you would do amazingly well." Dante tells me.

I have to admit. It felt really good hearing him say that. Quite the boost to my ego.

"I'll definitely think about it." I told him. "Do you do competitions?" I asked him.

"I sure do." He responded. "I'm training for one in a little over a month and a half. I'll be hitting it hard and changing my diet in the next few weeks to really get ready." Dante explained. "I've done a few competitions, I still have some work to do to be really competitive."

"Really?" I asked him. "I'd think you'd do really well."

"Thanks Jess, I'll take that as a compliment, but i really do need to make some improvements in a few area if I want to come away with a win." Dante tells me. I don't think he's just showing false humility, he really seems focused on wanting to make himself better. I find that really attractive. Normally a guy with a body like his would either be eating up compliments, or show some sort of fake humility fishing for affirmation.

"I'm serious about you competing too Jess. I've seen a number of female competitions. They have an over forty category, which I think you would kill with just a little work, but I think you could be really competitive in the general competition as well." Dante tells me.

Being complimented like this from someone I barely knew felt really strange. Don't get me wrong, it felt really good to hear, but it also felt awkward. I didn't really know how to respond. I'm sure it showed on my face. I stood there awkwardly for a minute, then I lifted up on my toes like a school girl and thanked him with a stupid giggle. I looked at him, cock eyed for a second then realized I just needed to make my exit to prevent more of my awkward behavior.

"Alright then, well I'll see you Thursday Dante." I say to him as I spin around and wave goodbye. He returns my goodbye as I head out the door.


As we sit down for dinner I can see how the workout classes are improving both Jess' mood and her physique. Jess has been in a much more bubbly mood the past few weeks and I can already see that she has toned some of the areas she was concerned with. Her tummy is looking a little slimmer, and her arms definitely have a little more tone to them. I want to make sure she knows I notice.

"You look really good baby." I tell her. She smiles at me and opens her eyes wide.

"Thanks hun, do you really notice a difference?" She asks me.

"Absolutely." I tell her honestly. You also seem to have more energy and to be generally happier."

"Huh, I didn't realize that would be noticeable. But now that you mention it, I guess i really do feel like I have more energy." Jess tells me.

Last time we talked about the class Jess had mentioned that the girls in the class were kind of stand-offish. I was really hoping that had changed. Jess can be kind of type A which often rubs other girls the wrong way. Her tiny body and giant tits probably don't help either.

"So, any headway with the girls in class? I ask her.

"Actually, yes. When the three girls that had given me dirty looks found out how old I was it seems like they decided I wasn't worthy of their ire anymore. Not sure if it's because I am older and not a threat or what. Either way, I'm glad they don't seem to want to bite my head off anymore." Jess continued.

"That's great." I tell her.

Throughout dinner we caught up on our how our day went. Work for me was very routine. My new job had me doing lot's of menial staff work. Not exactly exciting, so I never really had much to talk about. Her job at the coffee shop generally resulted in a fair amount of venting when she got home. She seemed to be settling into a good routine and enjoying work more, that made me happy.

Jess had to wake up really early for work most mornings which meant that she was usually ready for bed by 8 or 9 o'clock. That generally sucked for our love life, since I never want to lay down that early. If one of us wanted to get frisky we needed to make sure we both headed up to bed together. I made sure to follow her to the bedroom when she was ready to lie down. It had been too long since we'd had sex, almost two weeks. Looking at her at dinner made me really want to take her tonight.

I made my way up to the bedroom while Jess was getting ready. As Jess walked from the bathroom to our bed I was there waiting for her.

"What do you have on your mind?" She asks me with a smile.

"I want to feel our bodies together." I tell her. "I want those amazing tits in my face, and I want to taste that delicious pussy." I continue.

"Well what are you waiting for?" She asks.

At that I move in. Taking time to touch her body all over. I run my hands up and down her body, stopping to play with her nipples and give them a teasing twist. Then I move my mouth to her now hard nipples. Doing this makes her moan. Jess runs her hands up and down my torso as I use my tongue and teeth to stimulate her nipples.

"Eat my pussy" She whispers into my ear.

I push her back and onto the bed. In seconds my tongue is deep inside her. As always, she tastes amazing. Her juices are making my lips and cheeks wet. The smell of her is intoxicating. I slip a finger inside her and hook it up to hit her in just that spot. After a minute or two she's arching her back and cumming.

"Fuck me now." Jess says as she looks down into my eyes.

I slide up and press the head of my cock up against her clit. I give it a little slap before sliding into her. I take it slow at first. Kissing her, playing with her nipples, and then speeding up the pace. Her pussy feels fantastic. Tight, wet, and the way she moves her body makes me have to concentrate in order to keep from cumming too quickly. After a few minutes of this Jess sweeps her leg around and rolls us over in order to get on top of me. She always cums much harder and faster when she's on top.

The way she rocks her hips back and forth and slides up and down before slamming her pussy down hard is amazing. I'm biting my lip doing my best to keep from cumming. Jess see's this. She closes her eyes and starts rocking back and forth rhythmically. A minute later she's breathing hard. She squints her eyes and is making that sexy face she makes when she's about to cum. Her eyes open and she lets out a scream.

"Fuck." Jess yells. She's now grinding her wet pussy on me. Our loins are pressing together hard. She's using her amazing Kagel skills to squeeze my cock. Now it's my turn to get that look in my eyes. Jess see's this and jumps off me, moving down to take me into her mouth. That's something Jess has always been good for. From our very first date, and throughout our marriage, she's always liked to swallow my cum. What a lucky guy.

I cum hard into her mouth. While I'm cumming she sucks hard, making sure to drain every drop from my now softening cock. When I'm done I look down to see her swallow. Such an amazing sight.

Jess nuzzles up to me and gives me a kiss. "You don't know how much I needed that." She tells me.

We fall asleep with her nuzzled up against my shoulder.


I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited about the Thursday workout class. All morning at work I was looking forward to going to the new gym. The thought of working out at a new gym makes me a bit nervous. The base gym was in a comfortable atmosphere, I had no idea what to expect at this new place.

After work I headed straight to the gym. I walked up to the front counter. The counter girl's name tag says Sarah. I tell Sarah that I was there to try out Dante's intermediate HIIT class.

"You must be Jess." Sarah says. "Dante, told me you'd be coming. I just need you to sign the guest log right here."

I sign the slip. "Thanks, where do i go from here? I ask her.

"Just down the hallway to the left are the changing rooms, once you're done head back this way and past the desk and take the next hallway on the left. There will be a sign outside the door that says intermediate class." Sarah tells me. I thank her again and walk towards the dressing room.

After changing I walk past the desk and give Sarah a smile. "Have a great workout Jess." She tells me with a smile.

There are just a few people in the class when I enter the room. I use one of the workout mats against the wall to stretch. A few more people trickle in. A minute later Dante arrives.

"Hey everybody, great to see you hear. Are you guys ready to work hard and get sweaty?" He asks.

A few nods and affirmations from the group. There are ten of us in the class. Nice round number. Dante tells us all to line up. While doing so he looks at me and smiles.

"Hey Jess, I'm really glad you made it." He says to me.

I got special recognition. U-oh, does that mean up the class pet? I think to myself. This makes me kind of chuckle inside.

The class goes great. We push much harder than in the beginner class. I have to push past the point where i want to quite on several occasions. There were a few new routines that Dante had to take time to explain to a few of us. During the class Dante walked around and gave corrections where necessary and encouragement as well. What an amazing trainer I thought to myself.

The class lasted 90 minutes. After that everyone seemed exhausted. Dante thanks everyone for the hard work and says he can't wait for Tuesdays workout. A few of the class members thank him. We all start to file out slowly. I'm lagging a little bit behind to see if Dante has anything else to say to me.

"So how did that feel Jess?" Dante asks me.

"It was great. Definitely harder than the beginner class, but I also can tell that I worked harder, which feels good." I tell him.

"I'm glad to hear that." Dante tells me. So, have you given any more thought about what I said about the fitness competition?" He asks me.

"I've given it a little thought. I just don't know if I'm ready to commit to that though." I tell him. He gives me a disappointed look.

"You've got great genes and a natural athletic ability. It would be a waste not to take advantage of that." He continues.

I stood there still undecided and not ready to commit.

"Wait here just a sec, OK?" He asks me as he walks over to his gym bag.

A moment later he walks back over with his phone. Dante stands shoulder to shoulder with me holding his phone up. "Just take a look at a few pics from the last competition I went to." Dante tells me.

I watch as he scrolls through photos. Eventually we get to some photos that are clearly from the competition. Dante enlarges the photos and scrolls through some pics. There are pics of guys and girls. The girls are in bikinis, the guys are wearing that revealing one piece speedo type of bottom.

Dante stops on a few pics of girls in bikinis. "Look at this girl right here." Dante tells me.

I take a look at her. She looks fit and super tan.

I look up at Dante, "I'm not nearly ready to compete against someone like that." I tell him.

"No, net yet." Dante tells me. "But take a look at this." He scrolls for a minute through more photos. He then comes to another round of competition photos. He stops on another girl in a bikini.

"Do you think you could compete against this girl?" He asks me. I look closer and realize it's the same girl, but she is just not quite as toned. I compare this girl to how I think I look. I'm honestly not far off.

"I think with a little work I could get where she is in this photo." I tell Dante.

He smiles down at me. "These competitions were three months apart." He tells me. That blows my mind that she could make that much change in three months.

"She took sixth place out of eight in this photo. She took third place out of eight in the other photo." Dante tells me." "There is a local competition that you could enter in two months. You could be more toned by then than this girl is in this photo." He tells me.

This really gets by gears turning. It would be amazing to be up there on stage competing like this. "Is that the competition you're competing in?" I ask Dante.

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