tagBDSMJess Pt. 04

Jess Pt. 04


Tom woke after the strangest dream to find that he was still chained to the stool, with his head still inside Jessica's dress and with his lips still in contact with her vagina. Despite the position, or maybe because of it, it had been the most restful sleep he'd had all week. He'd only slept for an hour, but as far as Tom knew he had been there all night.

He looked up and tried to make out Jessica's shape through the thin fabric of her dress. It was impossible; the shear silky fabric blocked everything, thereby reducing his whole world to the contents of her dress. Everything inside was hot and damp. Everything inside was scented by her wet pussy, her moisture covering his mouth and nose and now sucked down his airway and throat.

Tom pulled his lips away from her vagina, at which point her panties snapped back into place, sealing off her vagina and clit. Damn, now he would have to force his tongue underneath the tight black silk all over again to get back inside the horny woman.

He turned his head to the left only to be faced with the soft skin of her toned thigh. It was strange, Jess's body was slim, but she was strong and her thighs particularly so. He watched her inner thigh muscles tense and a moment later her smooth warm skin crushed against his face. Both of her thighs were now closing in on him and forcing him to turn his head back towards her crotch.

"Jess?" Tom said, as she forced his lips back against her soft black underwear.

"I told you not to speak," Jess snapped, "now I'm going to gag you."

Tom immediately used his tongue to slide her panties away from her vagina and went to work, in a desperate attempt to please her.

It worked, Jess was pleased, but his actions also gave her an idea. 'No need for a ball gag,' she thought to herself as she slid forward a little more. The pressure of her pussy against his mouth was plenty and true to her word, Tom was gagged.

"Now I do want you to talk, or at least try," Jessica smiled as she leaned back and closed her eyes. Tom may have been incapable of speech, but his mouth was now doing something much more important. Who needed a gag when you had a pussy, she thought as she continued to develop a taste for constant stimulation and Tom continued to develop a taste for her. Literally.

When Jessica finally moved, it was pitch black outside. She slid back to free his mouth and then eased herself up and over his head. Once on her feet, she pulled her short blue dress down as far as it would go and smoothed it down modestly with her hands.

"You know I have seen what's under there, Jessica," Tom joked.

Jess stooped and looked up with big eyes, "Who?" she asked.

She didn't like to be called by her full name and now looked even cuter because she was cross. Tom tried to suppress a smile.

Her lips were now pursed as she spoke. "Well, 'Jessica' is going to make sure you see very little for a while!"

She opened her overflowing laundry basket and fished around for her old blue jeans that were ripped and faded from age. She put them the right way round, zipped and buttoned them up and pulled them down over Tom's head.

"Jess, these really need a wash."

That brought a smile to her lips and made it even more enjoyable as she threaded a thick brown belt through the belt hoops and pulled it tight around Tom's neck. Pleased with herself, she buckled it up and slowly threaded the spare end of the belt back through the belt hoops, leaving Tom's head tightly sealed inside.

"Now what can you see?" she teased as she pulled up her dress and stood only inches from Tom's head, "my butt... my pussy... its right here!"

"So what, it's lovely inside your jeans, fresh air, great view..," Tom lied.

"Yeah right, but no pussy!"

"No, but I can smell it."

"Ha, good, breathe it in," Jess smiled as she let go of the hem of her dress, "you need all the brownie points you can get right now as you're in danger of spending the rest of your life as part of my stool."

"Do you plan on kidnapping me?" Tom asked as he pointlessly tried to bite through the denim.

"It's not kidnapping if they don't find your body."

Jessica had a strange take on the law. She also had a way of evoking just a little fear and her words, combined with the chains and her jeans over his head, were starting to play with his imagination.

With nothing to look at other than the inside of her jeans, he thought back to what he'd done to her sister and his imagination started to run riot. What would happen if Jess found out that he'd orally fucked her sister? Maybe she would take the superglue and fill the keyholes of the many high security locks that currently held his body; she'd threatened to do that enough times already. Would she kill him, or keep him as her long term slave? Tom wasn't sure which one would be worse. Here was a girl that was too unreliable to keep a cat, how would he fare if he was locked up and had to rely on her for food and water.

Tom was so caught up in his thoughts that he barely noticed as Jess unlocked him from the stool and gently unbelted her jeans from around his neck. She helped him slide his head free from the seat and get up on to his feet.

"What were you thinking of?" she asked, seeing the look of surprise on his face.

"Just you," he replied, as he stretched his back and looked down at the pretty slim brunette with bunches and short sexy dress, "we should take a shower," he replied instead as he grabbed her around the waist and carried her into the bathroom.

Jess was just as cute, but now very wet as Tom had turned on the water before she could unzip herself from the dress. Her dark bunches hung down on either side of her head and water was sliding down her slightly posh nose. Her lips were clamped shut, partly to keep the water out and partly in mock displeasure. Her dress was soaked through and now clung even more tightly to her body. "Argh!" she cried out as he turned the water to cold and then turned it off. She looked bedraggled.

"Not the all powerful dominatrix now," Tom smiled as he towel dried his naked body.

Her frown turned to a smile as he unzipped her from her short blue dress, eased it off her sodden body. He removed her underwear and gently and slowly dried her using a combination of the towel and his lips. With the smile back on her face, she reached her arms around his neck and jumped up and wrapped her legs around his hips.

"Nice to see you using your uber strong thighs to grip something other than my head," Tom smiled as he eased his cock inside her. Jess gave him short sharp squeeze around his waist even though a further demonstration of her leg strength wasn't necessary.

They both lay on the bed exhausted, particularly Tom who was still jetlagged and had barely slept all week. He felt himself drifting in and out of sleep until he was finally woken by Jessica sitting on his face.

"For fuck sake," Jess he cried.


Again his energiser bunny had the element of surprise and he had to struggle for a few moments to get free of her naked butt. She was finally off his face, but now her vice like thighs had locked around his neck and he knew that escape from them was all but impossible.

"Let's go clubbing," she said as she held him between her legs and tickled.

He tried to tickle her back, but stopped when her thighs cut off his breath. He held his hands up in surrender, "Jess!" he croaked.

"Oh!" she giggled.

"Can we stay in? I've hardly slept all week!"

He kissed her clit in the hope that that might free him from her tight head scissors, which two orgasms later it did.

"OK, you can stay here," she said as she bounced to her feet, "but I mean 'stay'!"

"Jess, I'll be asleep, so yeah, I'll 'stay'."

Jess dressed and then stood on the bed above Tom, wearing a tight black cocktail dress and suspenders. She wore black heels which made her wobble unsteadily on the soft mattress. She was like any other clubbing chick, other than for the fact that she was holding high security steel manacles, with locking shackles for the hands and feet.

"I know you'll stay here," she purred.

Then the inevitable happened and Jess lost her balance and she and the chains clattered down on to Tom who took the opportunity to kiss her now reddened lips.

"You'll rub off my lip varnish," Jess complained.

She pulled away and tried to roll Tom on to his front. Tom had long since been sold on the delights of being locked up by this cute brunette and happily rolled over and placed his hands behind his back.

"Good boy," Jess smiled as she positioned the manacles.

"I've noticed you do nice things to guys in chains."

"Really what are they?" Jess replied as she snapped another padlock in place.

Each of the four shackles was connected to the others by high security chain, and each cuff locked around its wrist or ankle with a high security padlock which was held close to the shackle to prevent being cut with bolt cutters. Jess quickly and expertly locked the four padlocks so that Tom hands were held closely together behind his back, and his feet were locked tightly together and pulled up towards his butt.

"As helpless as a baby," Jessica proclaimed as she walked back and forth getting ready for the club.

Tom was focused Jess's tight shiny dress and the way it creased and moved with her body. His tiredness was fading, only to be replaced by jealously as he imagined all the guys that would want to dance with her, touch her, fuck her... OK, this was too much.

"Hey, think I will come," he announced confidently.

"Really is that what you think?" Jess laughed, turned up the music and continued to get ready.

Jess clearly didn't believe in second chances, but maybe it wouldn't matter as Tom could see the keys to the padlocks on Jess's bedside table, she seemed to have forgotten them. Ha, this would be funny when he escaped from the inescapable cuffs and showed up at the club.

With her hair up in a bun, Jess elegantly leaned over and kissed Tom on the lips, "Goodnight sweetie."

"See you later," he smiled.

"Opps, mustn't forget these!"

Tom looked on helplessly as she dropped he padlock keys into her handbag. OK, the inescapable cuffs would remain inescapable, but fuck, she looked sexier than ever as Jessica slung the bag over her shoulder and skipped out of the door.

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