tagBDSMJess Pt. 06

Jess Pt. 06


Tom woke to find that he was still lying face down on Jess's double bed between the two sleeping sisters with his neck still chained to each of their waists. He eased his naked body up into a kneeling position and tried to lift his head up from the white sheet. He had only lifted his head a few inches, when the chain pulled tight around Jessica and Lisa's narrow waists. Any further and he might wake them up and he wasn't ready for the pain that would inevitably ensue.

He counted the links on the high security chain between his neck and the girls' waists. He was six links from Lisa and only five links from Jessica. The chain was locked tightly around his neck and locked more loosely around their waists, but not loose enough to slide the chain over their hips. At least there was equality with the three padlocks, one per person, all locked, all high security and all with empty keyholes.

Tom stretched out his legs, relaxed back on to the mattress and turned his head to the right so that he faced Lisa's butt. She was slightly slimmer than her younger sister, although they both had similar shaped butts. He traced his lips around the hem of her black silk underwear and watched as goose bumps appeared on her butt, on soft skin that was as tanned as the rest of her body.

He smiled as he thought back to how proud she'd been of her new underwear. They certainly looked expensive, soft silk with lace around the hem. They were both tasteful and tarty at the same time, but then everything about Lisa was elegant. Even passed out with exhaustion, as she was right now, she wore her underwear beautifully, stretched evenly across both cheeks, with the lace causing the slightest of indentation across her butt.

As far as he knew, Lisa didn't have a partner and so must have purchased these simply for herself, or maybe as a ploy to tempt him. Mind you, that had hardly been necessary as it was easy for a woman as attractive as her to thrust herself on anyone, particularly someone bound in chains.

For all her elegance, Lisa had no say when it came to these tie up games, the power rested totally with her younger sister Jessica. Anyway, based on Lisa's behaviour the previous day, she seemed more than happy with her role as a sub. She'd even refused Jessica's offer to release her from the cuffs. She'd soon get to know that any offer by Jessica to 'release' you from bondage was rare and should be accepted.

Tom turned his head the other way to face Jessica's butt and her equally used black underwear. Silky like her sister's, but not real silk and not new and riding up one side of her butt with the manmade material dangerously close to disappearing into her crack. For a slim woman, Jess was amazingly strong, with an unusually well developed sadistic streak and Tom was careful to keep clear of her thighs even when she slept.

It hadn't been long ago that Jessica had just been his flatmate, but in that short time she'd managed to become his mistress, dominatrix, even owner. He was infatuated by being under her control and she seemed intent on ensuring that he was never out of it. He peered between her thighs to her damp pussy. That in particular was his mistress, if he didn't please that then he would never be released. Tom knew where his allegiances lay and it was Jessica's butt that he nestled up to, his lips touching her cheeks, as he fell back to sleep.


Jessica smiled as her sister finally opened her eyes and stretched. They watched each other for a moment and then Lisa's eyes moved to the fit naked guy chained between them.

"Oh, my god, that's so cool!" Lisa exclaimed.

"Well, we didn't want our plaything running away."

"Wow, he really can't leave!"

The sisters were now sitting up on the bed, either side of Tom's head, both wearing only t-shirts and underwear. Jessica lifted her hips and swung them gently to one side to wake their prisoner. The chain tugged Tom's neck, but he didn't wake. Jess lifted her butt again and moved her hips with move force. Tom woke suddenly, his head following the female hips across the bed.

"Good morning darling," Jess said in her most innocent voice.

Tom tried in vain to sit up. "Oh we're still joined..." he remembered as he craned his neck to look at the two woman above him.

"Yes," Jess said unhelpfully.

The girls didn't move which meant that Tom's head didn't either.

"Are we just going sit here all day?" he asked, his throat parched and desperate for coffee.

"Maybe, and if we do, you do."

"Well then maybe you can change into clean underwear," Tom suggested unwisely, having spent the last few hours with his nose up against Jessica's butt.

"I think he's asking to be gagged with our panties," Jess smiled to her sister.

"Oh yes, can it be mine!"

Without saying a word, Jessica turned on to her side facing him and slowly lifted her top leg. Tom looked at her for a brief moment, his sexy brown eyes almost pleading for her to go easy on him.

"You know what you have to do," Jess said as she rested her unbrushed brown hair back down on to her pillow, "assuming you don't want to stay as my prisoner for the rest of your life."

"That's not within your power, Jessie."

"Really, are you sure," her eyes looked at him in an eerily confident way.

It had the intended effect as Tom buried him mouth into her crotch and his lips stated on her clit and then a little too quickly moved to her vagina. His tongue was already deep inside her, but still Jessica grabbed his head with both hands and pulled him in closer, pushing as much of her body as possible into his open mouth. Once, he was as deep as it was possible to go, she wrapped her thighs tightly around his head to lock him in place and prolong the pleasure.

"So where were we," she smiled as she looked back at Lisa.


With Jessica satisfied and Lisa passing as she was still sore from the previous evening, Tom lay exhausted on the bed. It was a short lived reprieve, as Jessica counted to three and both girls threw their legs over the end of the bed and stood up. Tom saw what they were doing just in time and managed to move with them, keeping his head by their hips. The girls were now standing with Tom kneeling between them.

"I love this," Lisa exclaimed, "we are in total control of his body... kiss the floor."

"I think the correct answer is 'fuck you'," Tom smiled sweetly as he looked up defiantly.

On Jessica's signal, the sisters sat down dragging Tom's head down with them. Tom was on his knees with his head bowed submissively to the floor, but Jessica could tell from his hard cock and cute smile, that any protests were only part of the role play.

On Jessica's command, the girls stood back up and again dragged Tom's neck with them. Tom was now hanging on to the chain with both hands in an attempt to regain some control.

"No you don't," Jessica said as she stretched for two pairs of handcuffs that were lying on her desk, "right hand please."

When Tom didn't comply, Jessica just grabbed him and snapped a cuff tightly around his wrist. She then locked, much more loosely this time, the other end of the cuff around her left ankle.

"Do I get one?" Lisa asked.

Jess handed her sister the other pair of cuffs and waited while her sister locked Tom's left wrist to Lisa's right ankle.

"I'll just double lock us all up," Jess said as she took the keys and engaged the security locks on all four cuffs.

Jessica looked down at the sexy guy who was now locked to both her waist and her ankle. His arms were stretched out, as a result of her legs and Lisa's legs being a little longer than his arms. It was all he could do to balance on his knees on the hard floor and avoid being choked by the tight chain around his neck.

She stripped off her tight white t-shirt to reveal her breasts with noticeably hard nipples which she caressed with her own fingers. She knew Tom couldn't resist watching and loved how he was looking up at her so longing. Despite this devotion that should have been enough for any girl, Jessica still could help herself from exerting her power.

"Your nose between Lisa's cheeks until I say," she ordered.

Lisa was relieved that Jess hadn't ordered him to stimulate her clit again and gladly turned her slim waist inside the waist chain until her butt was facing towards Tom. Tom lined himself up and pushed his face into the blonde's butt.

"It tickles," Lisa giggled.

"Lower," Jess ordered.

Tom slid down as far as the chain would let him and pushed his face into the lower part of Lisa's butt. From here, the curves of Lisa's pert behind fully covered Tom's eyes and made it impossible to look up.

"Good, now he's blindfolded," Jessica purred, "Lisa, you can kiss my breasts."

"What?" Lisa exclaimed.

"Unless you want me to handcuff you again..."

Lisa smiled suggestively, more than happy to be cuffed again.

"Well do as I say and maybe I will," Jess smiled back.

Lisa tentatively leaned over and placed her lips on her sister's left nipple and then without warning, Jessica's left nipple slipped between her lips. Lisa looked up at her sister almost in surprise as her tongue started to stroke Jessica's nipple. In no rush at all, Lisa moved on to the second nipple.

Jessica liked the feeling of nipples in her sister's mouth, but even better was the fact that her older sister was obeying her every command. "Good girl," she purred, "for this I'll lock you in cuffs, shackles and the cage... everything locked and double locked."

Lisa moaned into Jess's breast in excitement.

"And you can stay blindfolded," Jessica said to Tom as she reached down and pulled Lisa's underwear to one side and forced Tom's nose into Lisa's naked crack. She then carefully stretched her sister's underwear over Tom's head.


Having finally removed her sister from her breasts, Jessica reached for her tight black bra that she'd worn the previous day and stretched it around her and tucked the cuff keys inside. Lisa was stroking the part of Tom's head that protruded from her underwear.

"Can I let him out?" Lisa asked hesitantly.

"Not until you fart in his face."

"You bitch," Lisa said with a smile.

"In your own time."

"It's not coming out," Lisa said as she forced herself to break wind.

The three of them shuffled in their chains back on to the bed and waited.

"How long will this take?" Tom mumbled apprehensively.

"I'm trying," Lisa looked embarrassed.

Tom didn't really want Lisa to fart in his face, but he knew that Jessica was getting off on the whole situation. She would get angry if he disobeyed her and he had no desire to break off from this crazy, but sexy threesome.

"Oh fuck!" Someone was stroking his balls. He had no idea who, but it felt great. The mystery hands were now on his cock.

Tom climaxed and moaned into Lisa's butt and almost immediately Lisa farted. It was long and loud and lasted for several seconds. The warm air gushed passed Tom's face, leaving a permanent smell in his nose and mouth.

"Mmm, he'll be tasting you for weeks," Jessica said as she breathed in the small fraction of smell that had escaped.

"I'm sorry, Tommy," Lisa said with concern as she rubbed his shoulders in an attempt to comfort him.

"Can I come out?" he gasped.

Lisa looked expectantly at her sister. Jessica ignored her and just studied her long dark hair, looking for split ends.

"OK, let him out," Jess said, flicking her hair back over her shoulders.


The girls stood up and walked forward in unison with Tom walking on his knees between them. At one point he tried to resist and stopped and tensed his body. It didn't work, as his hands were ripped forward by their feet, followed by neck being yanked forward by their waists. He was no match for their combined leg strength. He was now back by their side, walking along on his knees like an obedient dog.

Jess and Lisa took turns to pee, during which time Tom's head was practically touching the toilet seat. Tom couldn't reach the toilet and so instead had to pee into the shower.

The girls continued their unstoppable march, with four strong legs pumping away and exerting far too much force for Tom to stop. They made some coffee and then matched Tom back to Jessica's bedroom and lay face down on to the bed.

"You two weigh a tonne!" Tom complained as he lay on the bed hopelessly trying to lift his neck from the mattress.

"Would you have said that in his position?" Jessica asked her sister.

"Probably not."

Jessica straightened her left leg which in turn yanked Tom's arm.


Lisa joined in, tensing her leg and sending Tom's arm flying.

"OK, I give up," Tom panted, "how long are you keeping me as part of your chain gang?"

"Chain gang, I like it," Lisa giggled.

Jessica was already intent on increasingly her power over her sexy flatmate. She wrapped a length of chain around his left ankle and then looped the spare end around his upper thigh and locked it all together in a figure of eight with a single padlock.

"Hey my leg!" Tom cried, realising that his foot now couldn't move away from his butt.

"Mmm, frog chained, annoying isn't it!" Jessica smiled politely, "especially when you don't have the key.

"I can't straighten my leg!"

"I know, without this key you can't walk."

"I can hop!" Tom smiled defiantly.

Jess smiled as she handed Lisa another chain and another padlock.

"No please don't!" Tom begged as Lisa tried to find the end of the chain.

Lisa flicked back her hair and licked her lips. "Why should Jess get a leg and not me?" she asked innocently.

Lisa had a thing for guys legs, particularly Tom's, and she leaned over and ran her open lips up the inside of his naked thigh. She then pulled his other leg closer and cried out in excitement as her head became pinned between his thighs.

Tom knew there was no answer to that and so bent his other leg up to his butt. He listened to several minutes of clanging before a click and a 'yeah!'


The girls pulled a sheet over them and lay facing each other for the next hour, taking it in turns for Tom to give them oral sex. Tom was completely hidden under the sheet, which made it feel like magic. On their command they could have wonderful oral sex ever, no complaints, no questions asked.

With the coffee long cold, they threw off the sheets and unlocked the chains from around their legs and the cuffs from around their feet. The other side of these restraints remained locked on to Tom's body, along with the heavy chains that frog chained Tom's legs.

Unable to straighten his legs, Tom tried to shuffle after them as they walked around Jess's bedroom and changed into jeans, boots and jackets, all the time careful to keep just out of Tom's reach.

"Hey, I'm starving, can I come too?" Tom begged.

"Mmm.. we really wanted to try an experiment," Jessica said.

"Or at least settle a bet," Lisa added.


"I think that my darling sister's lingerie is far too brief and tarty and the key that she's tucked inside will certainly fall out," Jess explained,

"And I think my panties are very sensible and able to contain my butt and the key," Lisa retaliated.

"What sort of bet is that!" Tom exclaimed.

"Quite an important one for you," Jess explained, "the only key to the padlock locking up your right leg is in my darling sister's underwear and if it falls out we can't free you."

"And Jess has the key to your left leg in her ultra skimpy lingerie," Lisa pointed out.

Tom looked concerned. "You girls are crazy what happens if those keys drop out?"

Tom tried to stand up and failed, completely debilitated by the chains that the sister's had locked around his legs. Instead he tried to reach the sisters from where he lay, but they simply skipped over him. Within seconds he was reduced to pathetically crawling across the floor after them.

He reached their boots and his eyes worked their way up their jeans. He really wasn't sure quite why he'd made the effort. They weren't going to unlock him and he didn't want them to, he was as turned on as they were by the situation.

"Bring me back some breakfast?" he asked.

"Sure," Jessica smiled as she closed her bedroom door in his face and turned the key in the lock.

"No please don't lock me in here, I need coffee and a shower..."

Tom heard one set of footsteps return and the key turn to unlock and then lock the door.

"Yeah...no...please," he begged as the key turned.

"OK," Lisa said as she turned the key again, this time leaving it in the unlocked position, "you owe me."

The sisters left the flat and walked up the road to the nearby cafe, the keys still with them for now at least.

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