tagBDSMJess Pt. 07: Final

Jess Pt. 07: Final


Lisa's simple act of turning the key in the bedroom door had made a huge difference to Tom's morning. He gratefully opened the unlocked door and using a low squatting position, and steadying himself with his hands, was just able to shuffle along on the balls of his feet. He felt like something out of a horror movie, his naked body with the chain around his neck, the half unlocked cuffs on each hand and of course the chains on his legs.

Tom was over six feet tall, but since the girls had frog chained his legs he was now three feet something. Every now and then he'd forget and he'd try to stand up. The chains would hurt as they pulled tight around his muscular legs. 'Fucking things' he cried out as he slowly started to accept his new height.

Tom reached the kitchen, where he could barely see over the kitchen counter and could only just reach the all important coffee machine. He couldn't reach the cups and so had to use Jess's dirty mug from the day before. After a frustrating ten minutes, he finally had a mug of black coffee and some toast and he shuffled back to the lounge and climbed up on to the sofa with the TV remote.

Tom was exhausted after a week working away in the US and very little sleep the night before. He drank the coffee, turned on an old movie and lay down on the sofa. Without the keys to unlock his legs, there was very little else he could do.


Jessica felt great as she ate breakfast in the cafe. Her insatiable sexual appetite was for once sated, her older sister was hanging on her every word, she had a sexy guy chained up in her house and the coffee was good.

"Do you still have your key?" Lisa asked, referring to the keys that both sisters had hidden intimately on their bodies.

Jess shrugged her shoulders as she bit into her toast, "You should be more concerned about your impending imprisonment," she told her sister, "You know I've promised you some more time in handcuffs."

Lisa beamed, delighted that she'd discovered her submissive side with someone that she could trust, even though she was uneasy about the associated feelings of intimacy for her younger sister. She brought her hands together as if locked in handcuffs and enjoyed the teasing reaction in Jess's smile.

With their almost matching leather jackets zipped up tightly around them and the wind blowing through their almost matching blue jeans, the sisters returned to the flat. They walked into the hallway and Jessica sat on the stairs and took a call on her mobile, while Lisa walked into the lounge to find Tom lying on the sofa watching TV.

The blonde clipped over to him in her boots and sat down close to Tom's head, her weight making Tom sink further into the soft cushions. She ran her fingers through his unbrushed hair, while her other hand gently ran down his bare back to his butt. She was breathing hard.

"Thanks for letting me out of the bedroom," Tom smiled, "Jess wouldn't have done that."

"Mmm, I like it when you're indebted to me," Lisa replied as she shuffled her butt a little closer to his head.

"Did the keys make it back?" he asked.

"Maybe you should find out."

Much to Lisa's delight, Tom reached up and ran his hands down between her legs. She helpfully opened her legs further to give him free rein, but there was still no way for Tom to get his fingers inside her figure hugging jeans.

With her pussy disappointingly out of his reach, Lisa jumped up and started to walk back and forth across the lounge as if on a catwalk, hips swinging, hair flicking and hands on hips. With her model figure, wrapped in designer jeans and tight white woollen top, the effect was very convincing.

"Oh I love this one," Lisa cried as the next song came on the radio, "let's dance!"

"Problem," Tom replied, "of your making!"

Tom's problem wasn't shared by Lisa and she pulled him off the sofa and held his hands tight as she danced with him. As Tom couldn't do anything other than crouch low to the floor, Lisa towered above him and made the most of her height advantage as she danced and swung her hips. At one point, she turned her back on him and swung her butt into his face. Tom overbalanced and fell to the floor, where a gigging blonde stood over him to pull him back to his feet.

As Lisa continued to dance, she threw her leg over Tom's shoulder and wrapped it tightly around his body. She was now hopping on one foot as she pulled him into her. Lisa inevitably lost her balance and they both fell to the floor, with Tom's head still pinned between her thighs.

"Mmm, why don't we dance naked," Lisa panted.

"Because your sister will kill me?"

"Oh yeah, my darling little Jessie."

Lisa released her grip, stood up and continued dancing and dragging Tom around with her.

"Where is your fucking key?" Tom cried in frustration as he returned his focus to Lisa's jeans and ran his hands all over them looking for the small object inside.

"I've found it!"

"Well can you get it out?"

Tom felt through the soft denim and tried to ease the key down, but it caught on the inside hem of Lisa's underwear. As he tried again, Lisa stepped back with a twirl, Tom fell forward and landed on his front between Lisa's boots. She looked down and noticed the two pairs of handcuffs still hanging from each of Tom's wrists. The temptation was too strong for her kinky mind and she crouched down on Tom's bare back and locked the spare end of each of the cuffs to her own ankles.

"Like to see you get the key out now!"

Tom was now on his hands and knees beneath her. He couldn't use his chained legs and now his hands were connected to Lisa's ankles. The next song started and Lisa continued to dance.

Jessica returned to the lounge and watched jealously as Tom and Lisa tried to dance. Tom had been such an amazing find, a sexy guy who she could control, tease and use to satisfy her insatiable urge for sex. He was the best thing that had happened to her in a long time. She'd even been able to use her relationship with Tom to get her sister's respect and to make her sister jealous. Lisa had never looked up to her before, but now she was in awe of Jessica kinky lifestyle. Lisa would do anything for her right now and it felt great. The one thing she had to ensure, however, was that Tom didn't fall for Lisa very obvious charms, as that would ruin everything.

"You have the keys for those cuffs, Lis?" Jessica asked as she saw how they'd locked themselves together.

"Mmm, no."

"So how were you going to get out that?"

"I didn't really think..."

Jessica walked around her two prisoners slowly and then unbuttoned and pulled down Lisa's jeans which landed on Tom's head. Lisa didn't say anything, once again overawed by the excitement of being under her sister's control. Jess's hands were now caressing her panties and her fingers even slipped inside for a brief moment.

"One hot key," Jessica smiled as she dropped it down to the manacled guy below still kneeling at her sister's feet.

"I'll glad I could keep it warm for you," Lisa breathed.

"Sit down and put your head between your legs," Jessica's voice was strict.

Lisa immediately complied. She was flexible and soon had her head between her own thighs and could feel the warmth of her own bare skin close in around her neck.

"Now squeeze together as if you were giving yourself the world's most inescapable head scissors."

Jessica took her 'D' shaped bike lock and squeezed it around her sister's thighs, just above her knees. Like this, Lisa's thighs were almost touching with no way for her head to escape. Jess positioned the other part of the lock with a clang of metal on metal and turned the key.

There was now a jumble of long blonde hair hanging down between Lisa's legs, reaching down to the polished wooden floorboards. The red lock was tight around Lisa's slim tanned thighs and couldn't be slid down over her knees. That in itself would have been a cruel chastity restraint, but with her head between her knees it made Lisa's predicament ten times as bad.

"You might even be able to touch yourself with your tongue," Jessica teased.

Pleased that Lisa could no longer dance, Jessica unlocked the cuffs from Lisa's ankles and watched with amusement as her sister increasingly enjoying her new position.

"Mmm, my legs feel nice," the increasingly perverted blonde purred as she kissed her own thighs.


Jessica had changed into a red top, denim shorts, tights and ankle high boots. She strode through the kitchen and out into the small garden and sat down on the wrought iron bench. With Lisa's key now returned and therefore one leg now free, Tom hopped behind and sat down next to her to catch his breath.

"Can I have your key too," Tom puffed, "I'm kinda tired of hopping everywhere."

"At least you're no longer crawling everywhere," Jess replied.

Tom looked down at Jessica's short shorts and noticed a key trapped inside her tights. "Is that the key?" he asked, touching her inner thigh.

"Mmm, keep playing with it."

Tom slid it further up her thigh until it was in the crotch of her short, against her panties, and he continued to play with it between his fingers.

"You know what you did to Lisa just now was hot," Tom said with a wry smile.

"She seems to think so too."

"She's as kinky as you."

Jess gave him a disapproving look. "I'm guessing the feel of her own thighs will wear off in an hour or two."

"Can I have this now?" Tom asked again as he turned his attention back to the key that was still inside Jessica's tights.

Jessica gave him a teasing smile which became bigger as he moved the key further up her leg , inside the crotch of her shorts and up to her clit.

"Can I unbutton your shorts?"

She shook her head and watched with amusement as Tom tried to push the key up inside her shorts, while at the same time trying to fish it out from the top with fingers pushed down inside her tight waistband. While Tom concentrated on the near impossible task, Jessica kissed him on the lips, her tongue sliding deep inside his mouth.

"I didn't want the key anyway," he smiled as he pulled out his hands and wrapped them around her neck instead.

"Right, you like to hop everywhere."

"Yeah, love it."

"You must be so desperate for that key so you can walk again!"

"Not really."

Jessica broke off the kiss, ducked out from between his arms and skipped teasingly out of reach. Tom struggled to his foot and hopped after.

"No wait, please!"

Jessica was now bouncing back into the flat and out of sight. She passed the lounge where her sister was still doubled up on the floor with her head still locked between her own legs.

"Are you still my happy little prisoner?" Jess asked her, "Do you want me to let you out?"

Jessica was buzzing from a mix of power and confidence, a confidence that she had never experienced with her older sister. For some reason Jessica also felt sexier and more attractive than she ever had. In Jessica's mind, Jessica was the sexiest woman alive.

She touched the front of her sister's damp panties and Lisa jumped and cried out in pleasure. Lisa's hands then reached as far as they could up Jessica's legs, although she could get no higher than her sister's thighs.

"I think I should leave you locked up for a little longer."

Lisa moaned again.

Jessica rolled Lisa on to her back and gently sat down on the back of Lisa's thighs in the 'v' shaped gap between Lisa's butt and Lisa's head. In this position, the front of Jess's shorts fitted snugly against her sister's face.

"Maybe you can warm me up for Tom." Jess buzzed.

Jessica had wanted one submissive and now she had two, and the thought of her sexy sister licking her down there appealed to her on so many levels. She loved to lock people up, loved to have oral sex and really loved to put one over on her usually untouchable sister.

Jessica's shorts were already off and her pantyhose soon followed. She sat back down on Lisa's legs and nestled her panties up against Lisa's lips. Fuck, those stupidly attractive lips were now touching her. Fuck, her tongue had just slid inside her, oh and was going deeper and deeper. Jessica grabbed her sister's blonde hair and pulled it towards her crotch, not that there was any further that she could go.

How was her sister breathing down there? Fuck, this was more than a warm up, this was the main event. What was her sister doing to the lips of her vagina, not even Tom had done that. She'd orgasmed again and still Lisa didn't stop.

Jessica stood up with shaky legs and walked around the room to calm herself. She watched her sister closely as she eased her pantyhose back on, followed by her shorts. She fished a silver key out of the front pocket of her shorts.

"Do you want this?"

Lisa peeked out from beneath her own legs and shook her head.

"You sure, that's gotta be an awkward position."

Lisa inched her way over to the white rug and lay down on her side. "It's nice."

Jess knelt down and tried to stroke the blonde hair out of her sister's eyes. "Thank you," she smiled kindly, "I'll keep you as my prisoner for as long as you like."


Jessica's closed the lounge door clipped in her boots back to her bedroom.

"My one legged lover," she teased as she lay down on the bed next to Tom.

"I'm all yours," Tom kissed her and rattled his chained leg.

"Mmm, but that's not enough," she purred seductively as she picked up the heavy interconnected wrist and ankle shackles, "once you are safety inside these, we will make love."

Jessica looked fantastic as she undressed down to white underwear, the key to Tom's leg lost somewhere in her pile of used clothes. He was starting to understand and share her passion for excess sex. He lay down on his front and positioned his hands and feet behind him ready to be hog cuffed. The semi-naked brunette knelt with her knees either side of his head and ordered Tom to kiss her thighs as she locked him up. She eased Tom over on to his back and slipped Tom's cock inside her.

"If you ever leave me, I'll find you and lock you for the rest of your life," Jessica smiled gently as she thrust down into him.

Tom looked up at her big dark eyes that could look so beautiful and yet so intimidating at the same time. But to Tom, Jessica's sadistic streak was one of the best things about her and something that her sister could never match.

"Good, then maybe you should never unlock me from these shackles," he cried as she continued to work her hips into his body.

"Would you really like that Tommy?"

"Mmm, life under Jessica law."

"Whose law!"

Tom smiled.

After making out again, Jess redressed in denim shorts, jacket and boots, the key to Tom's leg still in her tights, but now pinned under her left foot. Tom was looking up at her with doting eyes which almost made her undress again.

"Whatever you're thinking, keep thinking it until I get back," Jessica smiled.

"I will..."

"Mmm, I might make sure you don't get distracted."

Jessica picked up her solid steel head cage and positioned it around Tom's head. She then walked to her laundry basket and picked out a week's worth of her dirty underwear.

"I'll leave you with a few reminders," she said, dropping the underwear inside the ball before closing it and padlocking it shut.

Tom's muffled moans were too much and she bounced out of her shorts again and eased down on to his hard cock.

Jessica had control of all his senses. He couldn't see and he could barely hear. Taste and smell were exclusively of her body. He was wearing inescapable chains and could barely move. The only feeling left to him was that of his cock which he thrust up into her with everything he had. She had reduced him to a cock, a cock highly motivated to please her.

Tom's muffled cries of ecstasy echoed inside the steel mask as Jess climbed off him and redressed in her short shorts. She left her helpless prisoners where they were and walked down the road in a state of unbroken arousal. She had complete control over her two most important people. They trusted her with their freedom and their lives, and to a dominant sadistic woman like Jess, that was the best feeling in the world.

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