tagIncest/TabooJess was a Bitch Ch. 04

Jess was a Bitch Ch. 04


Fun becomes tempered by reality. Jon and Jess hook up with another couple.

There is MFMF group sex and while the other man is interested in Jon, there is no MM sex, if that worries you. Nonetheless, Jon's limits are tested. There is a bit of FF sex; funny, that never seems to bother anyone.

Thanks to LarryInSeattle.

Enjoy. Constructive criticism is always welcome.


James wakes to the feel of his wife's hand on his cock. He's vaguely aware that he's hung over.

"Um, Gloria, what are..."

She throws the covers back and tugs at his briefs, freeing his cock. He forgets about his headache as his wife's mouth engulfs his cock. He sighs and settles back. He's forgotten how good Gloria is, was, at sucking his cock. He runs the fingers of one hand through her hair as her mouth rises and falls over his cock. When his cock is wet enough, slick enough, she strokes him with her hand. He thrusts into her mouth. She stops, holding her hand just behind his crown and keeping her lips tight; his thrusts become more insistent. They haven't made love in weeks. His output is prodigious but Gloria keeps her mouth over his cock and swallows. She twirls around in bed and straddles him. She pulls the crotch of her panties to one side. "Fuck me, Jim, before you get soft, fuck me." She steadies his cock and lowers herself until she's sitting on his legs. She moves her pelvis back and forth, rubbing her clit with two fingers. He reaches up and cups her face, urges her to lean over him. "But, Jim, you came in my mouth." He nods, smiles. "Baby, I haven't brushed my teeth yet, you're getting the short end of the stick." She kisses him, tentatively at first, then with more heat as his tongue probes her mouth. She cums gasping around the tongue in her mouth.

"I've missed this," she whispers.

"So, have I, my love. So, have I."


"Listen," Jess whispers.

"Mm-wha-hmm," Jon, still mostly asleep replies. "What?" he whines when Jess hits him on the shoulder.

"Listen." She's kneeling in the bed, with her ear close to the wall. Jon doesn't need to move. He only needs to listen. There's no mistaking the sighs and grunts coming from the next room.

Jess holds out her hand. They high-five each other. Jon looks up at his sister and the smile fades from his face. He scoots and swivels until his head is beside her thigh. He pulls at it. She understands. She moves and his head is between her legs. She steadies herself by leaning against the wall as she lowers her pussy onto his waiting mouth.

He can taste his cum, still in her pussy, even after eating her out last night. He thinks it's his cum. Has his brain lost track of the taste of his cum versus the taste of Jess' cunt? He hopes so, that would mean the sensations are thoroughly intermingled in his mind. He opens his mouth and sucks as much of her pussy into it as he can. He probes deep with his tongue, wondering if he can touch her cervix. No, he discovers, he can't but her taste is more intense. Her thighs press against his cheeks. He can't breathe. He lifts her ass with his hand and inhales deeply. He tilts his head and pulls her pussy back to his mouth. He probes the gaps between her labia, sucking them into his mouth. He rubs the tip of his nose over her clit, making her gasp. He hears a soft thunking sound as her head hits the wall. He moves his head, sucks her clit between his lips and runs his tongue around and over it. He nips at it with his teeth, tugging.

"Oh, fuck, don't stop. Jesus, Jon, please don't stop," she moans and starts to bounce on his face. Her thighs clench rhythmically. She goes loose and collapses onto his face. He lifts her slightly and slides from under her, purposely dragging his nose through her slit. He turns and rubs his wet cheeks and nose into her ass crack. He presses his tongue against the hard circle of her asshole.

She gasps, puts a hand back, and presses against his shoulder. "No, Jon, not that, not now. I can't take that, not this morning."

She moves to lie along his right side. He lifts his arm so she can snuggle close and rest her head on his chest. She watches his cock as she jerks him off, watches the strands of precum stretch to his heaving belly, watches the way the head of his cock turns purple when she pulls her hand forward, squeezing. And she watches when clear-whitish streamers fly from his cock to cover his chest and belly with lines of jizz.

She keeps stroking him, causing him to whimper helplessly, while she sucks cum off his sweaty body. She leans over him. He starts to rise up to meet her mouth. She pulls back, shakes her head. He looks confused. She presses one finger to his chin. He opens his mouth. She opens hers. His cum slides from her tongue in a single large dollop, it dangles for a moment, then falls. He closes his mouth. Groans. Swallows. Only then do they kiss.


In the adjoining room, their parents are also kissing and trying to ignore the sounds they're hearing through the wall.

They talk. They make it past the stage of saying "I'm sorry", over and over and move on to addressing the amazing number of ways they've managed to misunderstand and misread each other over the past two and-a-half decades. As the light grows brighter and the sounds of people making their way to the beach grow louder, talking is replaced by touching. James rolls atop his wife. She opens her legs and he rests there, supporting himself on his elbows and knees. His cock brushes against her pussy. He kisses his way down her neck. He kisses her breasts, missing the way they looked before the surgery.

"I hate them. They're ugly," Gloria whispers. He can hear tears in her voice. "You don't have to kiss my breasts. I..."

"Shush, sweetheart. They're not ugly, they're just not you. When we get home, we can find someone to take out the implants, if that's what you want."

"Is that possible?"

"It must be, don't you imagine? We'll find out. If that's what you want." James decides actions speak louder than words. He kisses his way down her cleavage. Kisses her nipples, teases them with his tongue. He knows there is less sensation since the surgery. "I'm not hurting you am I, sweetheart?" She shakes her head, smiles, and pats his cheek. "No, James, you're not hurting me. Make love to me?"

"That's the idea," he teases her with a grin. She reaches between their bodies and guides him to her pussy. He enters her slowly, relishing the feel of her pussy molding itself around his cock. She caresses his back with her fingertips and nails, making him shiver. When his pace increases, she pulls him closer by wrapping her legs around his ass. He cums quietly, never changing the pace of his thrusts. He stops. He kisses her neck and breasts as his cock softens and slips out of her. He knows she hasn't cum. He doesn't ask, as he would have as a younger man. He'd discovered that women, or at least Gloria, feel put upon by the question, being forced to feel she must explain that she doesn't hold it against him; feeling she had to explain, over and over, that it felt wonderful having him inside her, she didn't need to have an orgasm for it to feel good. So, he doesn't ask. He kisses his way down her belly. Like kissing her after she's given him head, this is something else he's never done, heard of, but never done.


He reaches and puts his fingers over her lips. She kisses the tips and relaxes.

When his mouth covers her sex, she sighs. When his tongue explores her, she grasps at his hair. He discovers he's so lost in giving her pleasure that he has little awareness that her pussy is filled with his cum. Her orgasm is a slow-motion earthquake, its epicenter just behind her clit. She feels her orgasm roll out of her pussy to her belly, her legs, her chest. Her body tenses, pressing hard against the tongue and lips tormenting her. Reaching the top of her head, the tips of her fingers and the tips of her toes, her orgasm arcs from her body. Gloria is certain the light in the room flares brighter. She collapses into the bed, able to do nothing except pant for breath.

James kisses the inside of her thighs, watching her clit twitch. He knows she's too sensitive to tolerate his touch, so he blows his breath over her clit. Even that elicits a gasp as her fingers clench in his hair.


"Holy cats, they're as bad as us," Jess whispers, as the last of her mother's gasps fade. She lies tangled with Jon and the sheets. They'd fallen back asleep after their wake-up tryst. The sounds from next door woke them. Jess rolls away and puts her hand between her legs. "That made me wet." She holds her hand up. Her fingers glow in the mid-morning light. Jon takes her hand and pulls it to his mouth. He sucks at her fingers. His cock is hard. Jess finds him with her hand. "Mmm, you feel amazing in my hand," she mutters against his chest. She turns and puts her nose in his armpit and inhales. "You smell good. I mean you, not your deodorant. I like it when you smell like you."

"Do I stink?" Jon turns his head to sniff his other armpit.

"No, stupid head," Jess tells him, smacking his chest with one hand and nipping at his side at the same time. "You smell like you. You shower too often to stink. Try not using deodorant, okay? Just shower and wash. I'll tell you if you get BO, promise. Besides, I would've thought not using deodorant would be part of the hemp underwear mystique." She smiles at her own teasing.

"Ha, ha, ha, sis." Jon frowns. "Perhaps I should refuse to satisfy your sluttish needs if you're going to abuse and deride my lifestyle and fashion choices."

"Really? Is that a challenge, little brother? I'm totally certain, I can hold out longer than you."

Jon rolls out of bed and smiles down at his sister. "No masturbating?"

"No masturbating," Jess agrees. Jon nods. "Okay, then. I'm starving. Okay, if I shower first?" he asks with a kiss.

"Be my guest. No jerking off in the shower. I'm trusting you."

"Back at ya, no beating the bishop while I'm in the shower."

Jess hops out of bed. "There's only one way to make sure neither of us cheats." She moves past Jon, into the bathroom, and begins to brush her teeth. He stands there, she looks at him questioningly. He smiles and joins her. The shower is huge. He lets Jess wash his hair. They wash each other's bodies. His cock is throbbing. He knows she's wet but she seems to be tolerating their touching much better than he is. He tries to remember why he'd made such a stupid bet.

Jon is still trying to figure out how to hide the fact he can't seem to get his dick less than half hard when there's a knock at the door. Jess bounces over to the door and opens it.

"Mommy, daddy," she squeals. "We were just coming to see if you guys were hungry. Did you sleep okay?" Jon hears the teasing tone of her question and cringes. What the hell, Jess! He admonishes her silently, as he buttons a shirt he hopes will hang low enough to hide his semi-boner.

"Fine, honey. You?"

"Like a rock, mommy."

"I thought you were done with 'mommy' and 'daddy'," her father drawls. "We live in Texas but we're not from there, after all."

"Forgive me, father." Jon gives her credit. She has their New Hampshire relatives' accent down pat. Their dad, snorts. "Come on, you two. Your mother and I are famished." He purposely lapses into the down East accent of his youth.

"Well, for my part, I'm a fixin' to leave you fools behind and go get me some victuals."

"Mom," Jon teases her. "You're from Nebraska, not Arkansas or Alabama." He looks at his father. "And, point of fact, I am from Texas."

"For which I can only beg forgiveness," his father says with great sadness. "Come on. Seriously, I'm starving."

"Next time, more dinner and less scotch," Jess lectures him, totally serious. Her father gapes at her. Jon laughs. "You're gonna make a wonderful wife someday," Gloria says, putting an arm around her shoulders. "Close your jaw, James," she tells her husband and leaves the room.

Jon's dick had started to fade during the repartee. Watching Jess walk down the hall in her gauzy cover up and bikini, undid all the progress he'd made. He reminds himself to stop in the gift shop. He needs a swimsuit.


They ate well and with a minimum of talk. Jon's dick finally relaxed as he concentrated on his huevo rancheros. His parents stuck with juice, coffee, yogurt and fruit.

"Gloria, what would like to do today? Pool? Beach? Shop?"

"I'd like to see Tulum, if you don't mind seeing it again."

"Really? That'd be great. I was a bit distracted yesterday. The guide yesterday was a wonder. I hope he's there today."

"Okay, we have a plan. Should we go?"

"No, we can relax for a bit, wait for the heat of the day to pass. We have plenty of time for a dip in the pool or ocean."

"Jon and I were thinking of renting a beach cabana. There's room for four. You guys can leave when you need to. Will you be back for dinner?"

"I'm not sure. Go without us if you get hungry," her father replies, looking more excited than he has in a long time. "I'll go check on a cabana, that's a great idea." He rose and Jon joins him. "I need to get a new suit. Should we meet back at the room or on the beach?" he asks Jess.

"If you're not in the room I'll look for you on the beach. You do the same."

"You got it, sis." He turns and follows his dad.

"You want more juice, coffee, Jess?"

"No, mom. I'm good."

"You know, it will have to end, don't you? It can't work, not forever. I'm afraid not even for very long."

"I know," Jess says softly.

"Does your brother?"

Jess shrugs. "That's what worries me, I'm not sure. I'm so confused. I know you're right but I can't imagine anyone better, or even close." She looks at her mother, eyes shining with misery. "I love him, mom. I really do."

"I believe you, honey. I don't claim to understand it but I believe you. I see it in your eyes. But, honey, however true that may be, it can't last. How could it? You think you can run away somewhere and hide? Never see your family or friends? You think you can pretend to just live together? You've always said you wanted a family? How? I'm sorry. I don't mean to upset you but you must realize this will have to stop and it's probably better to stop it sooner rather than later."

"Can you give us till we get back home? Does dad know?"

"Yes, I'm sure he does. I never had a problem with his intelligence you know. I think the longer you wait, the harder ending it will be. I won't interfere, for the moment, but, as your mother, and as Jon's mother, I reserve all my options when we're back home."

"Okay, mother," Jess whispers. The light has gone from her voice. Gloria sighs. She hates to be the cause of the dejection she sees in her daughter. She wonders if she should have kept her mouth shut. Jess is a smart girl, she'd figured this all out soon enough, if she hadn't already. "Come on, baby girl. I'm sorry. I should've probably kept my mouth shut. I know you feel like your heart is breaking and it'll never heal but it will. It'll have a scar on it but it'll heal. You don't need to find someone better than Jon. As much as I love your brother, you'll find someone just as perfect for you. Trust me. It's the one advantage of getting old and ugly, you know shit."

"You're not old and even if you were, you're a total MILF."

"A what?"

"Mom I'd Like to Fuck, MILF. I'm sure you loom large in all Jon's friends' jerk off fantasies."

"Oh, dear Lord, I hope not. Come on, let's go change. Maybe I can get your father to fuck me in the surf, too."


"Don't mother me, young lady. You don't want comments like that, learn to keep your wits about you before making love in public. It's a myth that only men think with their genitals." Jess' cheeks feel like they might combust. Gloria laughs and gives her a one-arm hug. "Relax, probably only a dirty-minded old hag like me would have wondered if that's what you were doing. Although," she gives a wistful sigh. "It looked like a lot of fun."

Jess manages to make her mouth work. "It was. It was amazing." She bursts into tears and throws her arms around her mother. Gloria lets her cry, patting her back. She says nothing since there are no words that will make it better.


The cabana has a double-wide lounging bed, two reclining chairs, and a small table; it's cramped. At first, Jon interprets Jess' quietness as nervous at being in close quarters with their parents. The fact that he's never known Jess to be nervous around them before escapes him. His parents spend most of their time in the water. He smiles. It's good to see them having fun. He mentions this to Jess. She nods and tries to smile, which serves to emphasize the fact she's not, in fact, smiling. Trying to appear casual, Jon rubs her shoulder. "You, okay? You're so quiet. You wanna go swimming?" Jess pulls her feet up and rests her head on her knees. "I'm fine. No, I'd rather take it easy. You go."

"No, I don't want to be a third wheel."

Jess nearly tells her brother what their mom told her, about fucking in the ocean, but she bites her tongue. It won't help. Jon bumps her with his shoulder. "Don't flake on me, sis. You're not fine. What's wrong? Did I do something to upset you?"

"No, Jon, you haven't upset me." The words are forming in her head, words telling him they have to stop, now, not when they get home, now, the words arrange themselves into a sequence that will make sense, at least make sense in regard to syntax, if not emotion. The words leave her brain and pass down the nerves that lead to her throat, mouth, larynx, and tongue. She breathes in, filling her lungs with the air that will be used to make the words come alive. She opens her mouth. And closes it. The air leaves her in a sigh, audible to no one except herself and her brother who looks at the side of her face, lost in confusion.

Jon feels like his floundering in deep water. He'd call for help but there's no one who can help him. He'd been walking on air this morning. He'd replaced his lost swim trunks and had a little surprise for Jess. In the space of a few minutes his feet are not only back on the ground, he feels as if they've been encased in cold cement. He wants to scoop Jess up in his arms, caress her hair, kiss her, until she smiles again or tells him what's wrong. He can't, not with his parents swimming a few dozen yards away, not on a public beach. He can't. The truth of their situation almost sneaks past his defenses. It flits across his mind, I can't, but he refuses to see it. He sits in the chair closest to the bed Jess is stretched out on, feeling even more miserable that he can't risk taking a hold of her hand.


"Aren't you two going to swim? The water is unbelievable." James picks up a towel and hands it to his wife and begins to dry off. "Your mom and I are going to head in and get ready to head to Tulum." Jess and Jon nod. Their mother catches her daughter's eye.

"Jess, honey, is it, uh, that time of the..." she sees a light go on in Jess' eyes.

"Probably, I think so. I'm fine. I'm just going to take it easy."

"Okay, we'll call when we get back. Like your father said earlier, don't wait on us for dinner."

Jess can't believe she never thought of that excuse. Her mom's a genius. It's perfect. She wonders, if it's so perfect, why does she feel like shit. When their parents leave, Jon turns to his sister. "Is it okay if I lie down beside you?" Once more, Jess' brain tries to ask, is it okay if I just take it easy, but instead she brushes the sand off the pad and scoots over. Jon pulls the back of his half of the lounge up, so he can recline and look out over the water. Jess lies on her side, close enough he can feel the heat of her butt on the side of his leg. His hand trembles to rest atop her hip but he keeps it in his lap.

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