tagIncest/TabooJess was a Bitch Ch. 12

Jess was a Bitch Ch. 12


I understand that some of my readers don't care for Caitlin and Travis but they've insisted on butting their way into my story. And, trust me, their nice people.

The two weeks is drawing to a close and what the future holds remains unsettled.

Thanks to LarryInSeattle for editing.

Enjoy. I appreciate thoughtful comments and suggestions, so don't be shy.


"Uh, is it okay if I go work on my painting?"

The four of them, Jon, Jess, Travis, and Caitlin, have been lolling in a post-orgasmic haze. The only movement has been that the ladies now faced each other, in between the men. Jon's head remains at one end and Travis' at the other. Jon has been absent-mindedly stroking Caitlin's butt. She chuckles.

"If one of us said 'no', what would you do?"

Jon surprises her by rolling over and kissing the back of her shoulder. "I'd probably stay but I'd be distracted."

"Go on, Jon," Travis laughs. "If you stay here the insatiable desires of these two over-sexed women will sap your artistic energies."

Jon shakes his head, as he scoots to the end of the double-wide chaise lounge. "I don't think so. I think they're charging my batteries."

Travis nods, not giving any sign of moving anything but his head. "I was joking. I totally agree."

"Are you guys going to fool around some more?" Jon's voice betrays no concern, no jealousy, nothing but curiosity.

"No, not unless you rejoin us," Caitlin answers quickly.

"If I did, what would you do?" Jon asks in the same tone.

"Go down on Jess," Caitlin answers without hesitation.

"Then why do I need to be there?" Jon's confusion is apparent in his voice and face.

"We only make it with other couples," Travis explains.

"That doesn't make any sense. If I know about it. If I am okay with it. Why do I have to be there if I'm not actually participating?"

"But you would be," Caitlin protests.

"By watching? Rubbing your back while you eat Jess' pussy?" Jon nods toward the easel. "I can watch from over there."

"Maybe it doesn't make total sense but that's just the way we feel comfortable with this. It's our way of making sure everyone involved is okay. People can say they're fine but their actions may say otherwise," Travis pauses. "You know like the first time we tried this."

"Not the same," Jon says, shaking his head and stretching his back, totally unaware that doing so put his cock just beyond the reach of the trio on the bed, all of whom are eyeing his dick. "I said I was okay, mostly, with joining in. What I wasn't okay with was eating your cum out of Jess' mouth."

"Fair enough," Travis concedes.

Jon shrugs. "This confuses the fuck outta me. On the one hand, we act like there's this set of rules that we have to follow so that this is all okay. But the rules don't really make any sense." He looks at Travis. "Seriously, dude, if Caitlin made it clear she'd rather fuck me than you, you'd be okay with that? Even if she said she loved you more? Really?" He shakes his head. "Jess you'd really be fine if I said I love you but would rather fuck Caitlin? That doesn't seem right."

"I don't think you can separate sex and love like that." Jess offers, after thinking for a moment. "If you love me, you'll naturally want to fuck me more than Caitlin."

Before she's finished, Jon is shaking his head. "Uh-huh, in the past you've said love and sex are two separate things. That you can have sex without love."

"Of course, I did and of course, you can," Jess retorts. "That doesn't mean sex and love are totally divorced from each other. I never said that. I said that in some circumstances, they can be separate, not that they're always separate." She shoos him away with one hand and a smile. "Go paint. You're making my head hurt." She rolls to her knees and reaches for him. He bends. They kiss. "Did you have fun," Jess whispers.

Jon nods. "Yeah, I did," he confesses.

"Good, so did I. Now stop worrying and go paint."

He kisses her again, then makes his way toward his easel and paints.


"Is that how they'll look?" Gloria whispers, nodding toward the canvas sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall at the end of the dresser. "If we force them to be apart."

She hasn't dressed. She's standing, more or less discretely, near the patio door looking out at the water, enjoying the ache between her legs. The man who had stopped, peered past the billowing curtain, and watched her husband nail her to the sheets, has established himself on a blanket a bit further down the beach. He hasn't glanced toward the patio, not that Gloria has noticed anyway. She wonders if that's because he's showing admirable restraint or if he spotted her standing at the door and doesn't want to be caught peeking. She feels the warmth of James standing close behind her. He puts his arms around her and she leans back against him. He rests his chin atop her shoulder.

"Well, they certainly believe that's how they'll look if they can't be together." He kisses the top of her shoulder. "I'm sure that's true but not forever. Broken hearts heal."

She swivels in his arms and returns his hug. "But, do their hearts have to be broken?"

James' only answer is to hug her closer.


Caitlin watches, fascinated by the way Jon's cock grows hard as he paints. She's desperate to know what the painting looks like. She was too busy enjoying being fucked by Travis with four sets of eyes on them to have paid much attention to Jon. "Is he going to show Travis' cock in me? Me pulling at my nipple? Fuck, I'm horny," she thinks, watching Jon's cock sway as he works. She suppresses a smile and notices that Travis is also watching the swaying cock, and, better still, he's getting hard. It's been over a half-hour since they came. His balls have been drained damn near dry but that's fine.

She shifts position and leans across Jess, letting her breasts drag across the other woman's belly while wondering if she's breaking the rules in doing so. Caitlin lets her cheek rest on Travis' leg for a moment, then scoops his half-hard dick into her mouth. She's lying over Jess' belly at an angle. Jess' boob brushes against her side and she shivers. Her mouth on his cock pulls her husband's eyes away from Jon's cock. He smiles at her. She holds his dick with one hand, lets it fall from between her lips and smiles back. Still smiling, she turns to look over her shoulder at Jess, who's begun to rub the back of her leg.

"Is this okay, rule-wise, I mean?" Jess asks in all seriousness. Caitlin looks to her husband, who shrugs. "Jon seemed okay with it but I'd feel better if we knew for sure, after all, you suggested going down on her." He nods at Jess. "Not the other way around. I presume Jon is okay with Jess doing stuff to you if he's okay with you doing stuff to her."

"Jon!" There's no answer so Jess raises her voice a little more. "Jon!" He looks up and she sees the confused look on his face she's growing accustom to. "I want to go down on Caitlin. Will you join us?" Jon stares at her for a second, before shaking his head. "Uh, no, I want to work on this. Go ahead, seriously. It's cool." He smiles at her before turning back to his canvas.

Jess wiggles beneath Caitlin, moving toward the end of the bed and turning underneath the other woman. Caitlin rises up, giving Jess room, never letting go of Travis' dick. The chaise starts to tip and she quickly shifts her weight.

"The earth is not supposed to move until I make you cum," Jess tells her. She's lying now with Caitlin kneeling over her. She can smell the other woman's pussy. It's wet. Jess tries to remember if both Jon and Travis came in that pussy or not. She doesn't care.

Caitlin smiles at the quip, then hunger replaces humor in her eyes; her look is matched by Jess'. Jess parts her lips, wetting them with her tongue. Caitlin reaches between her legs and spreads her pussy as she lowers herself.

"I'm eating pussy! I'm fucking eating another woman's snatch! Fuck!" Jess' mind screams as she presses her mouth over Caitlin's cunt. She pushes her tongue into the other woman. "This is so fucking hot! I can't believe how good she tastes. I've licked my fingers but this is totally different." She pulls Caitlin closer with her hands, her tongue probing deeper. "I wish there was more cum. I'm such a fucking slut but it's true; I wish her cunt was full of cum, Jon's, Travis'. I'd love to see it running out of her pussy as she shoved it into my face. Fuck, yeah, Caitlin, grind that pussy into my mouth."

Caitlin wiggles on top of Jess' face, the intensity of the assault on her cunt takes her by surprise, a pleasant surprise to be sure, but a surprise nonetheless. She wished she'd been more certain this would happen. She would've prepared, cleaned herself up, cleaned up her ass. "I want Jon behind me, fucking my ass while his sister has half her face in my cunt. I want Trav's cock in my mouth. I can't do anything about Jon but I can do something about Trav's cock." With that thought, Caitlin forces her mind to go silent. She leans forward. Travis understands what she wants and rolls to sit back on his knees. He pushes his cock down with the fingers of one hand and his wife, the love of his life, wraps her mouth around it. The movements of her hips and head synchronize.

A shadow falls over her face. She twists her head with Travis' cock still in her mouth. Jon is standing beside them. His cock juts upward, unperturbed by gravity. She reaches with one hand and wraps it around his cock. She lubes her hand with precum, adds some of her spit, and begins to stroke him again. She pulls him closer, hoping Travis doesn't push it. She continues to stroke Jon's cock, pointing it at her husband's chest.

She's forced to stop sucking and stroking as the insistent tongue flits all over her clit. She opens herself to her orgasm, coaxing it along, then reining it in, prolonging the agony and the joy. A slow ripple plays over her body moving from her belly outward. Her toes curl. She swears her hair stands on end. She pulls herself off Jess' mouth, her clit too sensitive for even the gentlest touch. She breathes deep, shuddering.

Jess wiggles from underneath her and climbs off the bed. She moves to stand beside her brother. She turns his head with her hand and pulls it toward her face. "Kiss me, Jon. Taste Caitlin's pussy on my tongue. Fuck, on my chin, too." She wipes her chin with two fingers and offers them to Jon. He takes them, sucks them clean, and then finds her mouth. He nips and sucks at her lips, loving that he's kissing her, loving the taste of Caitlin on his love's lips.

He breaks the kiss, throwing his head back as that familiar ache begins deep in his guts and begins to wind its way to his balls. Caitlin's hand urges him forward. He shuffles a half-a-step and stops with his legs against the edge of the chaise. His hips jerk forward and his ass cheeks clench. He cums hard but there's only a few drops of jizz left in his body. One lands on Travis' cheek, the other few on his chest.

Jess leaves his side and plants her lips over the drop on Travis' cheek. Caitlin moves forward, licking at the drops on his chest.

Jon watches for a moment. Jess looks up at him. He smiles at her, touches her cheek with his fingers, and then turns without speaking and walks back to his painting.


The trio leave Jon at his easel and head inside to clean up. Jess stops on the way to lean over and slurp Jon's cock into her mouth. She sucks the tiny bit of jizz leaking from the head, stands, and kisses him hard. There's more kissing and touching in the huge master shower but they stay mostly on task.

Jess re-dons the flimsy shift and re-joins Jon. The sight of his painting causes her nipples to ache.

"Jon, that's so, I don't know, amazing, hot, stunning," she whispers, one hand on his shoulder. He turns and gives her one of those smiles that leaves her trembling.

"Thanks. I like it, too." He kisses her. "Would you be upset if I asked you to take Caitlin and Travis to our room, or anywhere, so I can finish?"

"You afraid, you'll find them irresistible?" Jess teases.

"No," Jon answers, looking confused. "You, sure, but not them." He shakes his head. "Don't get me wrong. That was intense. I loved watching you eat Caitlin. Everything, all of it, was fucking insane but I can resist them, just not you."

Jess nods, kisses him. "I understand. I love you, as much as you love me, I love you more."

"No way," Jon teases. "I love you twice infinity as much as you love me."

"Is that from a movie?"

"Beats me." He kisses her again. "I'll see you soon."

Jess nods and moves back to the patio table. Before she can sit, Travis and Caitlin appear. Travis is wearing a mostly open shirt, board shorts and flip flops. Caitlin a stunning sun dress that shows off her cleavage and her nipples. Jess can't decide which one of the duo is making her nipples hard.

"I know it's your place, which makes this totally bizzarro but Jon was wondering if we could give him some space to finish the painting."

"Not a problem," Caitlin answers, shrugging her shoulders. Whether it was her intent or not, her breasts move beneath the soft cotton of her dress in the most intriguing fashion. Jess realizes she's staring and jerks her eyes away with a blush that makes both Caitlin and Jon smile. "First, I'd like to take a look at it," Caitlin continues.

Jess puts a hand on her the other woman's forearm. "Wait," her blush deepens. "It'll blow your socks off but I think if you wait until it's done, then it'll really blow your mind." Travis and Caitlin exchanged a glance and a pair of shrugs.

"Whatever you think best," Travis answers for the two of them. "Let's go see if we can talk your parents into getting a drink and lying about like a bunch of bums."

"Jon, we'll be at the pool, on the beach, or fucking our brains out in our room," Jess calls to her brother, who nods without looking up. Jess shakes her head with a giggle. "Come on. I think enough of that got through that he'll have some idea of where we might be." She stops and puts a hand on Travis' and Caitlin's arms. "Thank you for today. It was - unbelievable."

"Trust me, it was our pleasure," Travis replies. Jess leans in and kisses both of them on the cheek. She tosses a wave to Jon, who either doesn't notice or doesn't think to respond and then heads for the beach path, almost skipping with joy.

The husband and wife take in the way her bare butt moves beneath the shift, turn to each other, and shake their heads. Travis takes his wife's hand and they start off after the young woman whose life seems destined to be intertwined with theirs.


It's a struggle but Gloria manages to not raise her eyebrows at the sight of her giddy daughter hurrying toward them wearing a dress that leaves almost nothing to the imagination. Her heart sings to see Jess so radiant, so happy but her mind keeps nagging and insisting, how? how? how?

James looks up from his paper. He's almost finished. He skips the editorial page; it has become as loony as the rest of the world. He smiles at his daughter. "Well," he intones, peering over the top of his paper. "Someone is in a good mood." He sees Travis and Caitlin following at a more sedate pace, holding hands, heads leaning toward each other, talking.

"Good mood, doesn't touch it, dad," Jess chirps, plopping into one of the chairs.

"Where's your... where's Jon?" Jess swivels to look at her mom. Before she answers, she rises up enough to kiss her cheek. She's in a kissy mood. "Painting, of course. Wait until you see it. I don't know the difference between porn and art but, hot as it is, and it's fucking hot, it's not porn. It's fucking amazing."

"You seem to say fucking a fucking lot these days," her mother drawls. Jess sticks her tongue out at her.

"Jess, are you harassing my patient?" Caitlin chuckles, as she and Travis join the trio.

"She was my fucking mom before she was your fucking patient, so yes, as a fucking matter of fact, I was. But she fucking started it." Jess grins at her mother, who rolls her eyes. Not having heard the start of the conversation, the new arrivals look at each other, confused. "Oh, never mind," Jess laughs. "Mom was opining that I say 'fucking' a fucking lot."

"Ah," Travis nods. "We were going to go hang out by the pool. Maybe have a couple drinks. I could eat but it seems kinda cold to go without Jon."

"Jon's a big boy," James says, standing and folding his paper.

Caitlin notices that he does so with precision, pages all aligned, each fold punctuated with a crease applied with thumb and forefinger, even though the paper is going nowhere but the recycle basket. She has no doubt Jess folds the paper in the exact same way. The thought makes her smile.

"Do you like oysters, Travis?"

"That I do, James. You?"

James nods. "Is the fresh bar here good?"

"That it is," Travis replies with a nod. "Shall we?"

"I believe we shall."

Gloria rolls her eyes and stands. "It's gonna be a long..." she pauses to glance at her watch and frowns. "How can it be half past twelve, already?" She shakes her head. "It's gonna be a long afternoon." She turns to Caitlin. "I know getting James three sheets to the wind won't help; he just gets sillier. What about yours?"

"Well, once when I got him drunk, he walked on his hands the length of the bar. To be fair he didn't knock over a single bottle or glass. Still," she laughs. "The fact that he was bare assed at the time got us thrown out." She smiles at Gloria. "So, if that kind of stuff bothers you, yeah, it might be a long afternoon."

"Objection, hearsay, your honor," he turns to address Gloria. "I ask that those comments be stricken from the record and the jury instructed to ignore those prejudicial and highly biased statements."

"Oh, fuck me," Gloria sighs. She smiles, looking a decade younger, as the others bray laughter.


Jon stares at the canvas. He knows it's finished. He knew as soon as the tip of the brush left the canvas. He likes it. He captured what was in his head, not just a couple fucking but a couple deeply in love and in total sync with each other. No one will know, probably, that the couple is Caitlin and Travis. It could be him and Jess. He's startled by the thought that it could even be his parents. The patio door is open. He sets the painting inside and closes the door. He gathers his supplies, tucks the easel under one arm, and sets off down the beach path, wondering if the package he's expecting has arrived.

The rooms are empty. He showers, focusing on the daubs of paint that have dried on his skin. He takes his time with his hair. He wishes Jess were here to re-shave his pubes. His mind roams back over the morning, not dwelling on any one detail, simply reviewing, assessing, and considering. It had been intense. He'd enjoyed it, loved it. Watching Jess suck and lick at Caitlin's pussy had been enough to nearly make him cum in his pants, if he'd been wearing any. He wants to fuck Caitlin again, in the ass. That knowledge causes him to feel uneasy but at the same time stirs his dick. How can he love Jess and think of fucking Caitlin? He's sure of both things. He loves Jess, more than he can imagine loving anyone, ever. He wants to fuck Caitlin. Both are true but part of him insists the two should be mutually exclusive. It seems to him such a thing should be impossible, like two objects occupying the same space at the same time.

He tells himself he's being too literal; love is not physics, nor is desire for that matter. He realizes he's been standing, holding an unused towel, for so long his body is nearly dry. He leans forward and uses the towel to squeeze the water out of his hair. Jess doesn't want him to cut it. He feels he should. Everything is new. He should be new. He remembers to pull on shorts and a shirt before heading to the lobby. His heart begins to pound when the clerk replies, "Si", and reaches under the desk and hands him the package that courier drop off for him, less than an hour ago.

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