tagLoving WivesJesse & Diana's Honeymoon

Jesse & Diana's Honeymoon


Jesse & Diana's Alternate Universe

Jesse and Diana awoke Monday morning, still entwined in each other's bodies. Jesse stared at his new bride in the dim light peeking through the curtains of the honeymoon suite. He was still enamored at the beauty of her caramel-colored skin, soft and supple, and there for only his enjoyment. Jesse had learned to appreciate Diana's feisty jealousy. She would not share her man, and she would not allow herself to be enjoyed by anyone else. Diana wanted a good man, a strong man who would take care of her, love her, and become part of her family and enjoy building a life with her in South Texas. The only source of contention was their alma maters. They had graduated from competing universities, but their contention was merely play.

As the room grew brighter with the morning sun, they kissed, caressed each other, and made love slowly. There was no place to be, no deadlines to meet, and their phones were turned off. Many had wondered if a strong Latina and her highly educated Anglo boyfriend would last. They had proven the doubters wrong, building a strong relationship. The surprise of Diana getting pregnant was simply the result of their passionate love for each other getting away from them after Jesse had proposed to her. But they both wanted children, and they wanted to be together. And both sets of parents were excited at the prospect of the first grandchild on either side. Diana had a glow about her. She had given up on a high-paying engineering career to teach kindergarten, discovering the joy of working to shape young minds and having a much more manageable stress load. Jesse loved his research, teaching, and his consulting. As they basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking and the morning sun now brightly piercing their suite, the topic of coffee and breakfast had to be broached. Jesse called down and ordered room service.

Over coffee and a plate of fruit and pastry, Jesse and Diana talked about the future. Baby names, baby furniture, whether to buy a new house or if Jesse's was big enough for a family. The consensus reached was that Diana would need a bigger vehicle. Her little Prius would hold them, but Jesse wanted more heft, to keep his woman and child safe. Despite Diana's concerns about gas mileage, she knew her man's intentions were good, and she loved how he cared for her and their baby. It wasn't the most romantic thing to do, but they decided to go shopping for a new vehicle. But first, they needed to shower and dress.

Jesse climbed into the steaming shower stall, enjoying the hot water, thinking he would let Diana rest a little longer. His love for her grew more intense with the thought of the child she would bear him. He was finishing up when his bride opened the shower door and came in.

"You're not leaving yet, are you?" Diana was being coy. She reached for him, and he drew her up in his arms and kissed her. "I don't want to be alone in here. You can stay and watch." With that, Diana stepped under the water as Jesse sat on the ledge at the back of the enormous shower. As the hot water cascaded over her soft, caramel skin, a waterfall forming at the tips of her breasts, a river rushing downward to her bare pussy, Jesse was in awe. She was statuesque, sensual, yet still ladylike, her naked beauty a privilege only he would enjoy. And she carried his child, the result of their passionate lovemaking, the fruit of their loins.

Jesse could no longer contain himself. He got to his knees in front of her, which she did not see. Her back was arched as she wet her hair, her head thrown back and her eyes closed. Jesse grabbed her ass and pulled her into him, pushing his face deep into her pubis. Diana was not surprised. She knew how to drive her man crazy, and she loved it when he ate her pussy. She grabbed the bar at the side of the shower, meant as ADA compliance but more useful for lovers in heat. She held herself steady, pulling one knee over his shoulder to give him more access to her garden. Jesse sucked and nibbled her clit and pushed two fingers into her pussy. Her moaning and grinding against his face told him he was pleasing his woman.

"I love you, Jesse. I love what you do to me. Please keep going." Diana begged.

Jesse couldn't speak. He was enjoying the taste of her pussy, her wetness and the warm water flowing from her body onto him. As the pitch of her moans grew higher, he knew she was close. And in short order, he knew he had her.

"Baby, I need a break! I can't keep going. It's too much. Please, Love!" She was begging him to stop, but he knew better.

Jesse grabbed her hands that were pushing his head away from her pussy and restrained them behind her, pulling her body into him.

"I'm going to cum, Baby! I'm going to cum all over your beard. Please don't make me do that!" They had a safe word, but Diana wasn't using it, and Jesse knew what that meant. He sucked harder at her clit and pushed his fingers harder into her pussy. "Oh, god, FUCK ME JESSE! SUCK MY PUSSY AND MAKE ME CUM FOR YOU!" she cried as her wetness flowed into my beard.

I pulled away as she relaxed, coming down from the high of her climax. "I love you, Diana, and you are the sexiest woman I've ever laid eyes on." I stood and kissed her, pulling her against me, feeling her huge breasts against my chest. I was about to push her against the wall of the shower and have my way with her when she pulled away and gave me an order.

"I have to wash my hair. Go finish getting ready and wait for me. I want to get beautiful for you before we go out. You can show me off."

I wanted to protest, but I knew it would be futile. I kissed her lightly, whispered in her ear that she was already beautiful to me, and exited the shower. After getting dressed, I found a news channel and sipped on a fresh cup of coffee while I waited dutifully. Thirty minutes later, Diana exited the bathroom wrapped in a towel, with another around her hair. I reminded myself that we were not in a hurry, then poured the last of the coffee into my cup. Diana dug through her suitcase, found whatever she wanted to wear, and went back to the bathroom without saying a word. I watched her walk, hoping the towel would fall. My luck wouldn't hold. After another thirty minutes of hearing the hairdryer blow and makeup brushes land on the counter, the bathroom door opened, and out walked the most sensual, lovely, curvaceous, caramel-skinned goddess imaginable. She was wearing jeans that had to be painted on, black heels that were sexy without being slutty, and a white tank top that showed every curve of her breasts and detail of her nipples. It was clear she was not wearing a bra, a fact that she knew I would notice. Out of the closet, Diana pulled a red blouse and donned it over the tank-top, then winked at me, "We can't let everyone see, now can we?"

I rose, kissed her, and held her. "My God, you're amazing, Diana. I love you."

Diana twirled for me, then announced "I'm ready. Let's go find a new car." Then she lightly gasped, "But don't we need to go get my car so we can trade it in?"

"Nah. We'll sell it when we get home. For now, we'll just go find something we both like." We walked downstairs and found my pickup. It was a beat up old Nissan 4x4 that I had picked up after my Ford Escort had been totaled by a dumbass who wasn't paying attention. But it had served me well, and I like that I didn't have to worry about it getting damaged. It already looked like shit. As I unlocked the door to open it for Diana, I was thinking the same thing that her eyes told me. We may be looking for two vehicles.

We drove into McAllen. Neither of us wanted to run into friends or family on our honeymoon. We stopped at the Chevrolet dealership and looked at several vehicles. When I saw the salesman texting his buddy that he had a customer with a wife he'd like to bend over a tailgate, I decided we would take our money elsewhere. But not before I got in his face and made it clear that this PhD was man enough to kick his fat ass if he didn't show more respect. Men like that are the reason we have to endure sexual harassment training. Diana talked me out of beating him senseless.

I called the manager after we left, giving him more than a piece of my mind as I drove us across town. I was livid. And I felt like I should have just beaten him. Diana grabbed my hand and assured me she was okay. She knew I would protect her. After an hour of aimlessly driving by car lots, we decided to stop at a Ford dealership. Diana didn't like what she saw, but wanted me to look at the trucks. We drove a couple of nice crew-cabs that I liked. I wasn't really into it and decided we should focus on finding something for Diana. I needed to do something to show her I would care for her. And she knew it.

"Let's go the Toyota dealership. I'd like to look at a Highlander. Is that okay with you, My Love?"

I nodded my agreement and turned toward the south. Once there, I was breathing easier, and seeing Diana smile at what she saw helped me ease up. My Diana was a practical woman. She didn't want flashy. She wanted quality. While she was looking at a mid-range model in silver, with a black cloth interior, I found a blue one with a tan leather interior. I called her over and announced. "I want to get this one for you."

Diana smiled and replied "I like it. Let's drive it." She pecked me on the cheek and squeezed my hand.

I looked over at the salesman that had been patiently waiting about twenty yards away and motioned for the keys. He nodded and walked quickly toward the office. I was already impressed with this guy. No pressure. Let us look, and he knew not to ogle my woman.

"Good afternoon, sir. I'm Juan Garza. I have the keys for both the blue and silver Highlanders you were looking at." Juan was professional and courteous. "Would you like to drive either of them?"

"I want to drive the blue one. That's the one my man found for me." Diana announced, as she winked at me.

Juan tossed me the keys and informed us "I'll be in the lobby when you get back." I was liking this guy more and more.

Diana drove the vehicle a few blocks down, then got onto the freeway. I checked out the owner's manual while she drove. I noticed her smiling.

"What do you think?"

"I like it, Baby. It drives well. I want to look around it a little more, so I'm going to park up here for a bit." Diana parked in a shady spot by a park, and shut off the engine. We both got out and started looking around.

After we had looked at the safety features, checked out the legroom in the back seat, and looked at the cargo area, we sat on the tail to talk. Diana took my hand, then leaned over to kiss me. "I really like it. But it's expensive. Are you sure we can afford it?"

"Sweetheart, you and our baby deserve this. Yes, I can afford it, and I want to get it for you. I love you, and I want to give you the best I possibly can. Let's go back to the dealership and get the paperwork done. We can take it with us today." I kissed her and pulled her to me. I wanted to make sure nothing could hurt my family. Diana melted in my arms, depending on me to protect her. After a few moments, we closed up the car and started it up to head back to the dealership.

"Did you sit in the back seat, Baby?" Diana surprised me with the question, but she had a point. Without answering, I left the car running, got out, and climbed into the back. Diana did the same. "Did you notice it has tinted windows? That will help us keep our baby shaded...and no one will be able to see inside. And that air conditioner really works!" Diana shivered a bit, and I noticed that her nipples were pointing through her tight tank top, and she had removed the red blouse without me noticing.

I leaned over and kissed her deeply. As I kissed her, Diana reached over and fondled my cock. My member rose in response. She enjoyed fondling me and watching my body respond to her touch. My hands rose to touch her breasts, sliding over the smooth spandex of her tank top, stopping to feel every detail of her hard nipples. Diana threw her head back, inviting me to kiss her neck. I nibbled her ears and worked my way down, kissing her neck and working down to her ample cleavage. I was rock hard, and I wanted her. "God, I want you, my love." I spoke into her breasts. "We could go get a hotel room." I needed to be inside her.

"No. I want you here, in the new car you're buying for me." Diana unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them down as I lifted up to assist her. Once my jeans were at my ankles, Diana leaned over and took my member in her mouth. She sucked me, enjoying the taste of my precum. When she sat up, I reached over to unbutton her jeans. She helped me remove them, then straddled my lap, holding my cock to guide me into her anxiously waiting pussy. Diana impaled herself on my cock and moaned in pleasure. I grunted, enjoying the site of her legs spread on top of me, then gasped in amazement as she peeled off her tank-top, her breasts bouncing as they were freed, nipples still hard from sexual excitement and kept hard by the cool air blowing over us. I sucked her nipples hard, pulling as much of her breast into my mouth as I could. It turned her on even more, and she squeezed my cock with her pussy as she began to grind against me. As she moved, her breasts moved seductively in my face. I licked and sucked her tits while watching her body move. It didn't take long for my bride to lose herself and gain speed, wildly grinding and pushing against me, her pussy working to milk my seed from me.

"Oh god, Dr. Richards! I love feeling your cock inside me. Please cum in me. I love carrying your seed inside me." Diana begged me with her eyes, my 24-year-old bride wanting me to own her body, to once again plant my flag, to be only mine. I grabbed her hips and pushed back and forth, increasing the speed of her grinding, feeling the pressure in my cock increase, and I could no longer hold back. I exploded in her pussy, hot cum flowing up into her womanhood.

I was shaking with the climax. When I opened my eyes, my bride was looking down at me, smiling, still squeezing my cock. "I love you, Jesse. I love how you care for me. We're going to have beautiful babies together. And I will take care of you so you are never tempted to stray."

"I love you, too, Diana. You are an amazing woman. And I will take care of you and protect you." I fell in love with her all over again in that moment. I pulled out as I went limp, and we got dressed.

I held her hand as we drove in loving silence back to the dealership. I noticed Diana looking around the vehicle, taking it all in, and getting a giddy look on her face at the excitement of her gift. I couldn't help but take joy in providing nice things for my bride. I took care of the paperwork for the vehicle while Diana waited patiently. Our salesman, Juan, made sure she was comfortable and had a drink, then proceeded to prepare our new vehicle for delivery. In short order, Diana was in the driver's seat of her new vehicle, and I followed her in my beat-up old truck. She led me to the mall, and after we parked, she announced that she was going to find some new lingerie to wear for me. My bride is amazing. And we were an amazing match.

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