tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJesse, It was Really Nothing!

Jesse, It was Really Nothing!


As I got to the top of the stairs, my best mate Will came out of my bedroom. He froze with his hand on the knob and we eyed each other warily.

"What were you doing in my room?" I asked.

"I helped Luce to bed."


Lucy, my girlfriend, had been laughing and drinking in the lounge twenty minutes earlier when I'd left to go pick up some more beer from the off-licence. I'd never met another girl who could drink that much without ending up in an A&E, but Lucy was exceptional. She was unlikely to have needed assistance to get to the bedroom.

"Will, you've got five seconds to tell me if I need to punch you right now."

Will glanced back at the door as Lucy opened it. She was flushed with alcohol, her cheeks stained with a natural blush, her eyes outlined with black makeup. She was out of breath.

"Hi Jesse."

"Will?" I said. I took another step towards him and he put his hands up to ward me off.

"Jesse, nothing happened. Honest."

Lucy squinted up at me from under her mane of red hair. "Is there a problem?"

I gritted my teeth. "Yes, there's a problem. You've just fucked my best mate."

Will cast a terrified look back at Lucy, but my girlfriend wasn't in the slightest bit concerned.

"And how is that different from what you did with the milkmen?"

Fuck. She had me there.

Will folded his arms. "The milkmen?"

"Drop it," I growled. "Luce, that happened to me. I didn't go looking for it."

She gave me a scornful look. "Your exact words were, 'I just drank three loads of cum and I think I'm a cockslut'. And then you made the sign of the horns, and then you downloaded Grindr onto your phone."

Will's eyes widened to the point it must have been painful.

"Ah, yeah mate, I think I'd best be off."

He tried to get past me, but I put a hand against his chest and shoved him backwards."

"No, mate, I think you'd best go back in that bedroom. You too, Luce."

She looked taken aback. "Are you serious?"

"Yeah, I am! In the bedroom! Now!"

She turned and went into the bedroom, and after a second, Will followed her.

The bedroom smelled of sex. I felt a stab of jealousy that I'd contributed to none of it. There was a wet patch on the bed that suggested Luce had had a very good time with Will.

"Right. Who initiated it?" I asked them both.

They glanced at each other in a moment of intense communication. Will swung back to me.

"I did. I came onto Lucy. I'm really sorry, mate."

I didn't believe him for one second. My girlfriend and I had a very specific relationship. I liked to think of it as 'playful', but Luce had pointed out on occasion that 'vindictive' was also an accurate description.

But regardless, Will was my best mate. I couldn't let this go.

"Right, get your kit off."

He stared at me. "What?"

"I said get your kit off. All of it."

"What?" He stared at me stupidly.

"Well, either you take your kit off and let me work out my issues, or you can fuck off and not come back. Which includes not asking me for help on your Business Information Systems paper due next week.

Without me, there was no way Will was getting his Bachelor of Business. We both knew that.

"What are you going to do?" he asked nervously.

"This whole thing started because Luce locked me outside the house naked last week. As a result, I met some friendly truckers."

I let my eyes drift up to the ceiling as I thought back to my mouth being stuffed with three cocks.

"Anyway, if that hadn't happened, my girlfriend wouldn't have just let you plough her. So, now you can get naked, and we'll see what happens shall we?"

Will started to unbutton his shirt. "You're not going to do anything to me though?"

"I'm not gay, mate."

Luce folded her arms and watched my best mate strip off his shirt and jeans.

"And your pants."

He gave an eyeroll of frustration and slid his briefs off. He covered his flaccid cock with his hands, much as I had the week prior.

He was a good looking guy, was Will. Just over six foot tall, twenty-two and muscular in an unfinished way. You could see when he got older he'd look like his dad, who was a dead ringer for Jason Statham.

Will had the same strong jaw, always a covering of stubble, and short brown hair that'd recede by the time he was thirty. But for now he was popular with the girls; more so than me. I'd often been told I had a pretty face, which put some girls off. I kept my dark hair long enough to be confused for a goth, had an ironic eyebrow ring, and a penchant for tight leather pants.

Maybe it shouldn't have surprised me that the truckers had taken a liking to me.

I realised Will was waiting for instructions.

I put a hand on his arm and pulled him towards the bedroom door.

"Right, let's get you outside."


I ignored his protest and pushed him down the stairs. The clamour from downstairs stopped abruptly as he reached the bottom level.

"What you doing?" a girl shouted, in a broad Northern accent.

"He's going for a walk!" I said cheerfully. I shoved Will towards the front door, and he staggered ahead of me in nothing but socks and shoes.

He stood on the threshold and shivered. "Come on mate, don't do this. I'll freeze to death."

"You live three blocks away. What's the worst that could happen?"

He gave me a pained look and stepped outside onto the stoop.

I followed him, Luce close behind me.

A group of lads walking past whistled. "Nice balls, mate!"

So full of crap. It was way too cold to see his balls.

"Best get walking," I said to Will.

He put his head up, and keeping a hand over his shrunken equipment, he started for home.

I turned back to Luce.

"Right. Your turn."

"What?" Her blue eyes went wide with surprise. She'd thought she was getting off scot-free.

"You're next."

"Jesse, so help me, if you so much as touch me right now, I will smack you so hard you forget your last name!"

I grinned. "And how are you going on Computer Networking Principles?"

I knew exactly how she was going. Both she and Will relied on me to finish their papers when their drinking got in the way of their class work. I had to be the only person I knew who could get a degree without it being a community effort.

"If you think I'm going to let you blackmail me into stripping..."

But there was a light in her eyes. That 'playful' light. If I did this to her now, she knew she'd be able to get me back, and I knew that was a tantalising prospect for her.

I pulled her to me, crushing my mouth to hers, my hands roving over her lush breasts, captured under a taut shimmering blouse.

She grabbed a fistful of my hair, but it only made me hungrier. I pulled against the pain, kissing her deeper.

She shoved me away and we faced off, grinning at each other with that mad glint in our eyes.

Let the games begin.

I glanced down at her well developed chest, and she dropped her gaze and realised I'd pulled her top open.

"You little shit!"

She threw herself at me, but since I was wearing a leather jacket over a t-shirt, she didn't get very far trying to disrobe me. And although I would never be Jason Statham's son, I was still six inches and fifteen kilos heavier than her.

I pinned her arms at her sides and nipped at the side of her neck, running my mouth up to her ear.

"Get your kit off, love."

She headbutted me.

I staggered back and again we faced off. By this stage, a small crowd had started to form, but no one interfered. Our mates knew us well enough to sit back and enjoy the spectacle.

"Right!" I dived at her, tackling her to the ground.

She thrashed under me, but I pinned her wrists above her head and cupped the nearest breast, squeezing it through the silver and black bra she'd presumably shown off to Will earlier.

I straddled her and leaned over her. "Stop struggling, love, and I'll let you get off with just your top off."

She lay still under me, her eyes blazing, her mane of flame-red hair spread out under her head. Christ she was gorgeous.

Inside its leather prison, my cock was straining for release. But it'd have to wait a bit yet.

I finished unbuttoning Luce's top and pulled it all the way open, baring her bra to everyone. I heard chuckles and a few murmurs from the lads as they pressed 'rec' on their spank banks.

I kept Luce's wrists pinned as I ran my hands over her breasts, then pushed my hand under her and unhooked her bra.


"Would you rather show your lady garden to everyone?" I asked.

She narrowed her eyes and glared at me as I pulled the bra up her arms, releasing her wrists just long enough to pull it off and toss it across the garden.

She put her hands against my arms as I cupped both breasts, her nipples rock hard in the cold air. I ran my palms across them, warming them, but doing nothing to soften them.

She was starting to breathe harder, her fingers digging into my arms. She was tense, but she wasn't punching me, so I knew this wasn't a 'no'.

I moved further down her body and bent to take a nipple into my mouth and she grabbed a fistful of my hair and held me against her breast.

She moaned as I ran my hand up under her skirt, brushing my fingers across the lace of her underwear. She was damp. Christ, of course she was. She'd just fucked Will.

I transferred my mouth to her other breast, squeezing her freshly sucked nipple with my free hand hard enough to make her jump under me.

"Go easy!" she said, increasing her grip on my hair.

I moaned against her skin. She knew how much pain turned me on. If she wanted me to back off, this wasn't how to do it. But of course, she didn't want me to back off. She just wanted me to work for it.

I moved down her body and hooked my fingers into her skirt. The whole thing was a tight elastic sheath, and with a bit of pressure, I slid it down over her hips, leaving her in her torn-open top and a pair of spike-heeled boots.

"Oi, you said!"

"I lied," I growled.

She gripped my hair with both hands as I fought my way down to the lace between her legs. But she needn't have worried. There was no way my mouth was going where Will's cock had been.

But my cock, on the other hand, didn't care where the moisture came from as long as there was plenty of it.

I put my hands to her wrists and squeezed, forcing her to let go of my hair.

The university students that surrounded us let out a chorus of catcalls and lewd comments as I flipped her onto her stomach and pinned her by her legs.

"What are you doing?" she asked, doing her best to punch me. But almost no one has an effective 'behind-the-back' punch.

I caught her wrists again and pressed them against the small of her back. I needed something to tie them there.

I glanced around, then realised I had the perfect thing right under my arse.

I got off her, still holding her pressed against the ground, and tugged off her lacy underwear.

I sat back across her legs and used the lace to tie her hands together.

"You're going to suffer for this!" she said.

I pressed her face against the dirt and bent over to murmur in her ear. "I hope so."

I put my arm under her and pulled her up onto her knees, my body pressed against her back. Cameras flickered as half a dozen boys took photos of those huge, proud breasts of hers. I put my hands over her tits and massaged them, presenting her nipples to the crowd.

"I'm going to kill you," she said. "And I don't mean that metaphorically."

"Good luck with that, love," I said.

It seemed that having three truckers in my mouth had left a litre of testosterone in my system.

I swept Luce's hair to one side and kissed her neck, using enough suction to leave a mark.

"Just in case Will forgets you're mine."

She snarled, and I knew I was getting very close to her limit.

Still massaging her breasts, I ran a hand down to her ass, cupping and squeezing those shapely pale buttocks as I tossed up how I wanted to fuck her.

She was going to need her hands, unless...

I gripped her bound wrists in one hand and used my free hand to unzip my pants.

Tight as they were, I was struggling, when a girl from the crowd dropped down beside me and gave me a hand.

The girl, a shy blonde with a wicked smile, pulled my pants down over my arse and then did the same with my briefs.

"Thanks, love."

She kissed me, a light press of her mouth against mine, and her hand strayed to my swollen cock. She wrapped her fingers around it while I half-closed my eyes, lost in the feel of a stranger's hand on me.

"Jesse, what the fuck are you doing?" said Luce.

"Being fluffed," I said. I pulled her back towards me so that my knees spread hers, and she was positioned over my lap with her knees spread wide.

"Anyone wants to join in, her mouth is free!" I called out.


But her angry cry turned to a shuddering breath as I slid inside her.

I put one arm around her waist and pulled her back onto me, thrusting my hips up to meet hers, my free hand snaking between her legs to provide her clit something to grind against.

She let out small, muffled moans, and I transferred my hand to her breasts again, letting her set the pace.

She impaled herself on me, bouncing in my lap as if we did this all the time. We sure as hell would be from now on.

Her moans grew even more muffled as some lad stepped out from the crowd and pushed his cock into her mouth.

I glanced up out of my fucking frenzy and saw fucking Will, dressed now, but with his cock hanging out of his jeans, shoving his meat into my girlfriend's mouth.

Never mind. I'd take care of him later.

I put both hands on Luce's hips, pulling her down hard onto me, while Will pulled her mouth onto his cock, forcing her to swallow him up the dark pubic hair that curled around the base of his cock.

"Ungh," said Will, panting as he slid in and out of her mouth, pleasuring himself in my goddamn girlfriend!

The anger in my stomach turned into a fire of rage, swelling my cock to epic proportions as I slammed into Luce.

Will let out a strangled moan and pulled Luce hard onto his cock, humping her face as he spurted cum into her throat.

It was too much for me. I lifted Luce's hips and put a hand to my slick cock and pulled her back towards me.

She tried to adjust to push me back inside her hot and ready passage, but I had a different route in mind.

I positioned my tip against her tight rosebud and pulled her down.

"Fuck!" she squeaked, her mouth having been recently vacated by my best mate.

"Steady on!" said Will, but I pushed two fingers into Luce's cunt and felt her asshole open to swallow me inside.

"So she didn't do this with you then?" I said to Will. I grinned up at him.

"Guess my cock was too big," he said.

Luce yelped as I shoved hard into her hot tightness, vowing to give Will a taste of my 'small' cock up his arse at some point.

I let her adjust, my hands back on her breasts, teasing her, getting her dripping wet and ready to have my cum injected into her back passage.

I pushed two fingers back into her wet cunt and fucked them in and out of her, dragging my palm across her clit until she was thrusting herself against my fingers, and subsequently, my cock.

I kept her still and thrust up into her with enough force to stimulate her but not hurt her. Will, I was going to ream until he couldn't walk straight, but Luce was still my girl, and if she weathered a bit of punishment, I could live with what she'd done.

I fucked her with fingers and cock and her breathing quickened. Crap, she couldn't cum before me.

I thrust in a little harder, a little deeper, and she pushed back against me.

"Fuck, Jesse, fuck!"

I did as the lady asked. I fucked her arse until I felt her muscles clamp around my fingers and released my load up into her, flooding her dark insides with cum.

I put my arms around her as she fell forwards, then put a hand to my cock and carefully pulled out.

She dropped back onto her butt and rested back against me and I put my arms around her neck and rested my head on her shoulder.

"You don't fuck my mates, Luce," I said. "Not without my permission."

She glanced back at me. "Can I fuck Will?"

I rolled my eyes. "Get the fuck inside and we'll talk."

I helped her to her feet and pulled my pants back up to the cheers of the crowd.

Will kept his distance and I had a feeling he knew he'd pushed his luck. But that was okay. I had enough trucker cum in me to deal with him too.

I guided Luce back inside, tottering up the steps in her spike heeled boots, her hands still secured behind her with lace underwear, and thanked the gods I didn't take my own advice about stroppy redheads.

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Hey Anonymous

Thanks for the feedback. I have in fact sunk lower, (check out the rest of my catalogue), so you should be able to find what you're looking for. :-)


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For the real pervert ones!!

Lower isnt possible. But there are always perverts who will go with your sick fantasy!!!

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Great work!

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Hey JJ,

Fair enough, love, each to their own; I personally like to think of Luce as an exhibitionist, and I try to write her as someone who gives as good as she gets. You'd better believe she'd kick Jesse's arsemore...

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by JJMemaw062307/14/17

Sorry not into public raping! That's exactly what he did. If he had just kicked her & the best friend out and went for the girl who 'fluffed' him it would have been a great story. Guess I'm aprude aboutmore...

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