tagIllustratedJesse's Journey Down a Rabbit Hole

Jesse's Journey Down a Rabbit Hole


This story is collaboration between me and Rebeccasm. She has provided the art and a lot of the direction in the story line. Please be aware all participants are over 18 and in no way are based on any persons alive or dead. It contains act of non-consensual sex, exhibition, gay sex, and humiliation. If this is not your cup of tea pleas move on. There are plenty of other stories to enjoy. It is also a product of our imagination and as such there are liberties taken.

I wish to thank Lord Dark Star and Amela who helped me did a fine job of editing. Without their assistance this story might not be readable. All feedback is welcome, both positive and negative. Although if all you want to do is bitch and are afraid to sign your name it will be disregarded. Don't forget to vote.


Jesse Grabas was sat at her kitchen table and thought about what she needed to do. Her home wasn't much now; it was only her husband, Marcus. Both of her kids, Julie, and Kevin, were off at college. For the first time in their lives, she and Marcus were alone... and she felt like a deep hole.

Since high school, there were always kids around. She married Marcus right out of high school. She was 17 and he was 19. They fell in love and she got pregnant a year later. Within two years, Jesse and Marcus were raising their children, working full time jobs and trying to finish college. For the next several years they didn't have any time or money, but they were in love and it was the happiest time of their lives.

As their children grew and needed less attention, Jesse sought a job as a high school teacher. Marcus became manager of a local bank. Jesse also worked as a personal trainer in the summer and on weekends. It supplemented their income and kept her in great shape. She was very proud of her figure and she could still fit into her high school cheerleading outfit.

But she felt lost as she sat in the kitchen thinking about her life. The past few years, their marriage had become stale. She and Marcus still had sex, but the passion was gone. The fun they had when the kids were very small was long gone. It was all routine now. The kids had filled her life, and made their less-than-satisfying love life bearable, but now they were gone.

Marcus was off playing golf. It was Saturday and Jesse would be alone for the next several hours. By the time he would return he would be tired and probably drunk. All she had to look forward to was a night of TV and her husband snoring away on the couch. A lone tear ran down her cheek. Jesse decided to go down to the basement to her in-house gym. Normally she would have clients in all week, but this week her primary clients were either out of town or working.

Jesse began her daily regimen of working on her upper body and abs. But her heart wasn't in it. After only half an hour she quit, and decided to do some research on her upcoming American history class. She strolled into the office and pulled up her browser. She typed into Google "Slavery, teacher, school." Jesse wanted to find something original to capture her student's interest but would also be relevant and educational. She scrolled through the results until a particular result caught her eye: "Owned Teacher." She clicked on the link and up came a long story about a teacher that was blackmailed into slavery.

Jesse had never really looked at erotic stories before, but curiosity got the better of her. She read the first chapter and it captured her mind. Before she knew it she had been reading for over two hours. The further she went the more aroused she was. By now her pussy was soaked and her nipples were threatening to poke holes in her sports bra. Just as her hand was sliding into her spandex workout shorts, she heard her husband pulling into the garage. Jesse quickly closed the browser and rushed out to the kitchen.

Marcus walked into the house and was greeted by his beautiful wife. He knew something was different when she walked up to him and planted a passionate kiss on his lips. He accepted her tongue and pulled her into his chest. When she pulled away, he smiled and said, "Wow! I haven't been greeted like that for a long time. What's gotten into you?"

Jesse was panting, her body flushed by her memory of the story. She needed to be fucked and right now! She slid her hand into his shorts and grabbed his cock. She was pleased to find it rock hard. Jesse smiled and pulled him by his cock into the dining room. "I need you now Marcus! Fuck me!"

Marcus gasped as she dropped to her knees and pulled down his shorts. As soon as his cock sprang free, she opened her mouth and swallowed him whole. He groaned as she sucked on his cock like it was her favorite popsicle and watched as her face bounced off of his stomach. It didn't take long before he was ready to cream all over her.

Jesse felt his cock pulse and pulled back. She wasn't about to let him cum just yet. She needed him deep inside her. The story, still thrilling her brain had her craving to be fucked. She smiled and stood up. Jesse kissed him on the lips, pulled her shorts down to her ankles, turned around, and bent over the kitchen table. "Fuck me Marcus, I need you inside me NOW!" She demanded.

He looked down at his wife like he didn't recognize her. She had never acted like this before, but he wasn't going to question it. He slid his cock up and down her dripping slit until it was covered with her fluids. Jesse trembled.

"Goddamnit! Quit teasing me and push that cock into my cunt, you fucker!"

Marcus gasped, surprised to hear his wife talk so dirty, but lined up his cock with her gaping hole and shoved it in.

Jesse didn't want to make love, she wanted to be fucked, used, and even abused. "Fuck me, fuck this slut!" She didn't think of what was coming out of her mouth.

Marcus didn't recognize his wife, but he was enjoying every minute. He shoved his cock deeper inside his slutty wife's cunt harder and harder. His balls pulsed and he knew he was close to cumming. He grunted and pushed harder and faster, his body screaming towards a massive explosion.

Jesse was consumed by pleasure, her entire body tingling. Each savage thrust pushed her closer to the orgasm her body demanded. When she felt him piston faster inside of her she crested the mountain as her body tensed and as her muscles contracted. She could only moan when the orgasm hit.

Marcus groaned as her cunt grabbed his cock, setting off the fuse as his cock exploded deep inside his slut. His legs trembled and his strength drained from him as his orgasm washed over his body.

Marcus collapsed on top of Jesse. Both of them gasped for breath and tried to regain control of their bodies. He nibbled at her neck and whispered in her ear. "You know, if I was greeted like this more often I might not play as much golf."

Jesse smiled and moaned. She felt him pull off her and stand up. She slid off the table, turned and pulled his cock to her mouth. She looked into his eyes and smiled. Marcus couldn't believe his eyes as he watched her extend her tongue and lick his sensitive cock, cleaning it of their combined fluids. He closed his eyes and basked in the sensation that was bringing his cock back to life. He was back to full staff in only a few minutes. He reached down and pulled his slut wife to her feet. He picked her up and carried her to their bed.

Marcus lay Jesse on the bed and slid his body next to hers. Their bodies still coming down from the animalistic fucking in the kitchen. Now he just wanted to touch her, to make love to her, to give her all his love. Marcus caressed her tits, lightly touching all around her large mound, coming oh so close to her rock hard nubs but never quite touching them.

Jesse moaned as his touch pushed her arousal higher and higher. She raised her hands over her head and surrendered her body to her man, telling him to take her without saying a word.

Marcus watched his wife's capitulation and moved his lips to her excited nips. He lightly sucked each one in his mouth and bit down on the tender morsels. Jesse gasped as the pain mixed with the pleasure and sent shivers from her spine to her core.

Marcus could feel the tremors pulsing through his slut's body and slid on top of his very excited wife. Placing his steaming rod just outside her dripping slit, he rubbed his cock lightly up and down, teasing her engorged clit.

Jesse pushed her hips towards him, trying to find the object of her desires. Marcus suddenly shoved his manhood deep into his slut wife. He pulled back and felt her pussy grasp his cock, not wanting it to leave her body, and pushed again harder, burying himself all the way inside. He ground his pelvis against her extended clit. They both gasped as their joined bodies consumed each other.

Jesse screamed and pushed back, wanting to suck his entire body inside her dripping cunt and feel her lover take her mind and body.

Marcus stroked his cock in and out over and over, faster and faster, pounding his wife like a machine until his body and mind joined in one large surge of uncontrollable pleasure. His muscles locked with his cock buried deep inside his wife when she screamed as her own orgasm exploded out and took over.

The pair stayed locked in an erotic embrace as their orgasms flowed through their bodies and fogged their brains, rendering both unable to move for several minutes.

When at last his mind cleared, Marcus rolled off his exhausted wife and they fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning Jesse woke to an empty bed. There was a note on the night stand


Thank you for last night. That will go down in history. I'm sorry I can't be there today. I have another outing today. It's in Martins Ferry and I had to leave early. I probably won't get home 'til late. I'll call you on my way home.

Love Marcus

Jesse groaned. The last thing she wanted was to be left alone again. Last night was wonderful, but she knew it wasn't about her husband. The story opened up something deep inside her that she didn't even know existed. She started to cry. Her depression was closing in on her again. Jesse mustered up the energy to get up. She walked to the bathroom to begin her morning routine.

She was in the kitchen thirty minutes later. She wore her favorite workout outfit. Jesse loved how it made her look, and it felt wonderful. It was a black and pink sports bra and shorts. She nibbled at some toast and tried to read the morning paper but something inside of her was drawing her to the office to do some more research. This time it wasn't American history on her mind, but slave teacher erotic stories.

Jesse grabbed her coffee and walked to the computer. She pulled up the story from yesterday. For the next hour, she read the increasingly perverted story of how the teacher was dominated into submission. Her body was on fire by the time she finished. She quickly did another search and found dozens of stories about teachers who were blackmailed into perversions.

With each story, Jesse's body and mind went further out of control. With her husband gone and not due back for several hours, she succumbed to her body's desires and slid her hand down into her shorts. She was completely oblivious to the outside world as her mind fantasized about being used by her students.

Marcus was almost an hour out of town when he when he thought about last night. His body was responding to the memories. The more he thought about it, the less he wanted to play golf. He finally called his golfing buddies, told them he wasn't feeling well and cancelled. He turned around and headed back home hoping to surprise his wife.

By the time he reached home his cock was rock hard and he was eager to take Jesse again. He snuck into the house and listened for his wife. The house was silent except for sounds coming from the office. He couldn't quite make out what it was. He crept down the hall towards the office. Marcus could make out moans and groans. His heart was beating so fast it felt like it was going to pop out of his chest. He feared his wife was fucking someone. His jaw dropped when he peeked around the door. There was his wife, staring at the computer screen and masturbating. Her body trembled as her fingers moved in her shorts.

"Oh god! Take me. Make me your slave! I'll do anything you command! Please use this slut!" He heard her scream.

Marcus waited until she started to come down from her orgasm before he let her know he was home.

"So this is what you do when I'm away." He said, smiling at his startled wife.

"Oh god! When did you get home?" she asked breathlessly.

"Long enough to see you having fun! What got you so hot and bothered?"

"I-I-I was just reading." she stuttered.

"Reading huh? What were you reading that would make you beg to be a slave?" He walked over to the desk and sat down.

"Marcus, it was just a story, that's all," Jesse said just above a whisper.

"A story about what? Let's see exactly what got you so worked up," Marcus began reading the story on the monitor. The story featured two teachers that were being blackmailed by twin sisters. "Oh my, so this is what gets you off. Being dominated by your students? What else do you have open?" Marcus opened several minimized pages.

"Well lookie here! You have been busy! All of these stories are about slave teachers. Is this why you attacked me yesterday?"

Jesse couldn't answer, her face burned from embarrassment. She could only look at the screen and hold her hands to her face.

Marcus looked up at his humiliated wife. He smiled and gave her a hug. "It's okay, honey. This is hot. Would you like to have this done to you?"

"Maybe," she answered quietly. "I'm not sure. I mean it turns me on, but god,I couldn't do what they did in the stories, it would be too humiliating."

"Well maybe we could work something out so you can experience it. I can help you. We can take it slow, start with little things."

Jesse looked at her husband and couldn't have loved him more. "Oh god I love you! I need you to fuck me. I'm so hot right now. I need you."

Marcus stood up and grabbed his wife and kissed her deeply. "I love you and I'll do anything to make you happy." He grabbed her by the hand and led her to their bedroom.

Jesse and Marcus quickly pulled off their clothes and dove on the bed. For the next hour they made passionate love in every position imaginable. Then they fell asleep in each other's arms. It was late in the afternoon before they woke.

Jesse smiled at her husband and lightly stroked his chest. "Thank you sweetheart, I needed that. Are you hungry? I can fix something."

"No don't, I think we should go out to eat. Lets' shower and get dressed. I know exactly where we can go."

Jesse jumped up and ran to the bathroom, feeling giddy. "I go first!" She shouted.

Marcus laughed and waited until he heard the shower. He walked to her closet and pulled out the outfit he wanted her to wear. It was a pink two piece set that consisted of a crop top with spaghetti straps that hugged her shoulders and wrapped around her neck. It left her flat tummy showing. The skirt was short falling at mid-thigh. He grabbed a pair of four-inch pink stilettos with white heels to complete the outfit. He then strolled into the bathroom and slid into the shower.

"I laid out your outfit. You can wear panties, but they better be sexy, or I might make you take them off!"

Jesse smiled at her suddenly dominate husband. "Yes sir." she smiled.

"Good. Now get busy and wash me."


Jesse took her time washing her hubby, making sure she cleaned him completely. She used her body like a sponge making sure she touched him everywhere before she dropped to her knees. She lavished him with her tongue, trailing it down his chest until she was licking all around his cock, watching it twitch as she slowly danced her tongue closer and closer to her target. Jesse pulled his cock up and slid her mouth to his balls, sucking one and then the other in her warm mouth.

Marcus gasped as his made passionate love to him with her mouth. His cock stood at full staff as she took him deep into her throat. Marcus closed his eyes as his world now consisted of the six inches of his body buried in his wife's mouth. He knew he wouldn't last long but he also knew he would need his stamina later and pushed her away from his dick.

Jesse looked up at him with a surprised look, her eyes filled with lust.

"Please, Marcus, let me finish you."

Marcus was barely able to speak, but dropped to his knees and kissed her deeply.

"No, my love, tonight is for you. I want to give you what you desire and if you keep it up I won't be able to walk, let alone give you your fantasy."

They hugged and then enjoyed each other for almost twenty minutes before they climbed out of the shower to get dressed.

A few minutes later Jesse was dressed and modeling the outfit. Marcus smiled as she twirled in front of him. She noticed the scissors in his hand when she faced him again.

"What are you going to do with those?"

"I'm just going to adjust something. Now stand still, you don't want me to make a mistake." He knelt down and started to cut the skirt. Jesse couldn't look, it felt like he was cutting her already short skirt in half. When he finished, he stood and admired his work.

"That's much better, but I wouldn't bend over if I were you." He said as he looked at her beautiful legs.

"You can't expect me to go out like this! I'll never be able to keep myself covered!"

"That's the point. You wanted to be controlled, right? Tonight you will do everything I tell you. Now grab your purse and let's go." He grabbed her hand and led her to the car.

Marcus drove down the street and onto the freeway. "Okay slut, start playing with that pussy and don't you come!" Jesse groaned , slid her hand beneath her skirt and into her panties. Soon she was moaning and writhing in her seat.

"Please, may I cum?" She asked, her face filled with lust.

"Not yet my slut. We're here." He parked in front of a honky-tonk bar. Jesse pulled her hand out of her panties and looked around the parking lot, only to find it full of pickups and motorcycles.

"Marcus are you sure about this? I feel almost naked. Please, can we go somewhere else?" She pleaded.

"Sure slut, let's go to our regular place. I'm sure our friends would love to see you showing off all you've got!"

Jesse's eyes got wide and she quickly shook her head no. "Oh god, no! We can't go there. We can't eat here."

Marcus smiled and said, "I thought you might see it my way. Now get out and be a good slut."

When they walked through the door, every eye locked onto Jesse. She blushed to her chest as every man had a look of lust on his face. They walked to the bar and Marcus directed her to a tall chair at the end.

Marcus leaned in to Jesse and said, "For the rest of the night you will do exactly as I tell you. If you don't, I will punish your ass. I'm sure you don't want me to spank your ass in front of all these people."

"Now, you sit here while I go to the men's room. While I'm away, you better keep those legs spread. Those knees better not get any closer to each other than a foot." He said as he turned to leave.

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