tagIllustratedJesse's Journey Down a Rabbit Hole Ch. 02

Jesse's Journey Down a Rabbit Hole Ch. 02


As I mentioned in the first chapter, this story is a collaborative effort between me and Rebeccsm. She has provided the art, and a lot of the plot, god I love how her mind works, and me for the text. Please let us know how you feel about our efforts. Comments and votes are welcome. It is the only way we will know if you like our work.

I would like to thank everyone who read the first chapter and I hope that this chapter is even better. This story is about an empty nest mother that discovers her submissive side and decides to pursue her desires. But as you may well know that is a slippery slope and it is easy to get in over your head. It also contains non-consensual sex and forced exhibitionism. Please if this is not what you want move on. I want to thank LordDarkStar and Amela for their efforts in editing this chapter. All persons portrayed are figments of our imaginations and are over 18 years old.

It has been over a week since Marcus had exposed Jesse at the bar.

Since that evening, Marcus had been giving Jesse increasingly embarrassing things to do. One day he called Jesse while she was out shopping. "You have five minutes to send me a picture of you topless," he said then hung up.

Jesse was shocked and taken aback by his daring request, but it didn't take long before a huge wave of arousal exploded from her pussy. She remembered the erotic stories and how the teachers were humiliated by their students. She looked around and found where the nearest restroom was and practically ran to it. She dashed into the first empty stall, and slammed the door. Without even thinking she opened her blouse and dropped it to the floor, her bra followed shortly after.

Jesse pulled out her cell phone, snapped the picture and sent it to Marcus. She stood in the stall with her clothes around her feet. Half praying that she sent it on time, half hoping she didn't.

Marcus responded after a few moments.

'You were late slut. Now remove the rest of your clothes, open the door, walk to the trash can and throw away your bra, panties, and pantyhose. Then wash your hands and dry them with the hand dryer. You are not allowed to get dressed until your hands are dry.'

Jesse's body trembled with excitement. She was scared and very aroused, but reached behind her and unfastened her skirt. Soon her skirt, pantyhose, and panties were pooled around her feet with her blouse and bra. With trembling hands, she reached down, grabbed her clothing and opened the door. She stepped into the main area and went over to the trash can. She tossed her garments into it and proceeded to wash her hands. Every second she was in the main room there was the danger that someone would enter. Jesse's body pulsed with excitement until her body was on the verge of a massive orgasm. She finished washing her hands and turned to the dryers.

"God can this dryer be any slower? If someone should walk in,"

Suddenly the door opened and two young women in walked. They were chatting but stopped when thay saw Jesse standing naked at the hand dryer. They gasped. "Oh my god lady. Why are you naked?" One of them said.

Jesse stuttered, "I-I-It's a dare!"

The women then noticed Jesse's clothing in the trash and the stall.

"Hey look what I found, the slut left her clothes on the floor! God, that's nasty!" The blond woman said as she held up Jesse's clothes.

Jesse was panting and very scared but she could feel her pussy juices leaking down her legs. She was naked and on the edge of a massive orgasm. Her mind was clouded by her arousal and all she could manage was a whisper as she asked for her clothes back. Jesse was ashamed that her voice sounded like a little girl's.

The brunette woman looked at the naked Jesse and said: "Sure,slut just crawl on over here and ask nicely."

Jesse dropped to her knees and slowly crawled over to the woman.

"Hey, she's a school teacher over at GW High. Here's her ID."

The brunette grabbed the ID and smiled, "Hello Ms Grabas, Grabas? Sounds more like Grab Ass to me. Hey, my sister is going there this year. Wouldn't it be funny if became her teacher?"

Jesse gasped and started to beg. "Please don't tell her! Please, it's just a game my husband and I play. Please stop, don't ruin my life!"

The brunette smiled down at the cowering naked teacher. "Okay Ms GrabAss, if you want to keep this quiet, bend down and lick my shoes.

Jesse quickly complied. She was unaware that the blond was taking pictures of everything.

Jesse's mind bounced back and forth between anger at her husband for putting her in this position and how excited she was to experience her fantasy first hand.

The woman made Jesse lick her shoes for a few moments longer before commanding her to stop. She worried someone would walk in and get all of them in trouble. She turned to the blond woman and smiled. She nodded toward the toilet and winked. The blond knew exactly what she wanted and dropped Jesse's clothes into the toilet. Before Jesse even knew what happened. The two women walked out the door leaving Jesse naked and kneeling on the dirty floor.

Jesse jumped up and grabbed her stuff off the floor. The contents of her purse had been dumped and everything was scattered all over the floor. Jesse managed to gather everything back in her purse. She scrambled into the stall and saw her clothes in the toilet bowl, soaking wet. Jesse knew she had no choice and reached into the toilet, pulled out her blouse. She wrung it out as best she could and slipped it on, almost gagging at the thought. She did the same with her skirt. Jesse was soon dressed in her soaking wet clothes, fresh from a public toilet. She walked to the sink and looked at herself in the mirror. She was a mess. Her blouse clung to her skin and clearly her tits. Her skirt dripped on the floor, and her hair looked like she had just gotten out of bed. In spite of the nastiness, Jesse's body was about to explode.

'What if I happen to meet someone I know on the way to my car...?' The excitement was exhilarating.

She needed to get off now more than ever. Instead of leaving, Jesse walked back into the stall, slid her skirt down to the floor, and shoved both hands into her crotch to scratch an itch from deep inside of her. It only took a minute before her body exploded with an orgasm that filled her every pore. She regained her senses a few minutes later. Jesse walked out of the restroom on shaky legs but with a very satisfied body. She strolled confidently out to her car.

Marcus was anxiously waiting for Jesse when she got home. She walked through the door and he gasped. She was a mess, her clothes were still very wet and her body was flushed. She didn't say a word, but stripped as soon as she closed the door.

Her eyes locked on Marcus, as she walked towards him naked. Her mouth opened and her tongue lightly licking her lips like a lioness stalking her dinner. Marcus backed away slowly until his legs were against the couch. Jesse stepped closer until she was so close that she could feel his breath on her cheek. She brought her hands up to his chest and pushed. He fell back and watched as his wife jumped on top of him, ripping his clothes off and attacking his body.

Jesse's adventure at the mall had stoked her body into an uncontrollable mass of quivering flesh. Her entire being was craving relief and Marcus was the means to achieve it. She grabbed his erect member and directed it to her core and slammed down on it with a force Marcus had never seen from his wife before. The sheer power of it caused his cock to scream in pain as he was driven deep inside Jesse's cunt.

Jesse screamed out with an earsplitting scream, not of pain but of relief as her body consumed his cock and worked to satisfy her cravings. Up and down she pummeled her husband, not caring if he was enjoying the experience but only needing to quell the lust pouring out from every pore. It only lasted for a minute before Jesse's cunt clamped down on Marcus's cock like a vice as an orgasm like she had never experienced before exploded and consumed her body.

Marcus's cock felt like it was being torn from his body as Jesse's cunt squeezed out every inch and begged for more. Marcus screamed in pain at first but soon changed to screams of pleasure as her pussy forced him to join her with his own orgasm.

Jesse collapsed on Marcus as both were gasping for air. Her body covered with a sheen of sweat and cum squirting out around the cock that momentarily gave her relief.

They both lay there for a long time. Each was trying to recover and come to terms with what had just happened. Jesse was trying to comprehend why she was so out of control, and what had caused it. Her mind was divided between the anger at Marcus putting her in such a venerable position and the resulting orgasm that totally consumed her spirit. She was enraptured with the orgasm and craved another but deep inside her she knew that Marcus was dangerous and careless. He didn't know what he was doing and that scared her.

Marcus was also deep in thought. His wife that only a week ago was a conservative school teacher and now was a sex craved vixen the likes he had never seen before. He loved the change but something about her new found sexual desires bothered him. A tinge of doubt was stuck in the back of his head.

They both dozed off and slept like the dead. Their arms and legs entwined together. Each was having erotic dreams of what had happened and what might happen.

They awoke on the couch the next day, their naked bodies still entangled. They didn't talk about yesterday and Marcus never knew what had happened. Over breakfast, Jesse stopped and looked at her husband and said, "Thank you Master."

A few days later, Jesse was at school dropping off things when she received a text from Marcus instructing her to go to the restroom and send him a picture of her naked body in the stall.

Jesse was scared out of her wits as she walked down the hall towards the restroom. Even though school wasn't in session, there were several people wandering around. Marcus forbade her from using the faculty bathroom. She was forced to use the girl's restroom down the hall.

Her heart pounded all the way there. By the time she entered the bathroom, her blouse was already open and sliding down her arms. She looked to see if anyone else was using a stall and, when she found no one, she quickly stripped, stepped into a stall and took the picture.

Marcus waited for the picture to arrive. He loved commanding his wife. Every time he gave her something to do, Jesse would pounce on him when she got home and they fucked like crazy. They didn't make love, but had hard, nasty, pound-her-pussy fucking.

Just yesterday Marcus ordered Jesse to clean the house naked, wearing only her high heels.

The entire time she cleaned, he called her "slut" "whore" and "cock sucker". Finally, after teasing her all day, he had her take the garbage cans out to the street for pick-up. He loved the look on her face when he gave her the order and watched as her whole body flushed.

When she got back in the house, she attacked him again. They fucked right in the hall, just inside the open door.

Marcus and Jesse didn't know that their games hadn't gone un-noticed. Their neighbor, Mr Ash (or "Mr Ass" as Jesse liked to call him) was watching them. Mr. Ass always gave Jesse the creeps. He was a despicable man; old, mean, and dirty. Every time he looked at her it sent chills down her spine.

It turns out that she should be worried. Mr. Ass is a sex offender and he thinks Jesse is a perfect mark. He's been watching their house ever since he moved in about a year ago. Now his diligence was paying off big time.

Jesse couldn't be happier with Marcus. Their sex life has never been better, but she knew that Marcus isn't the person to fulfill her fantasies long term. She needs a real Dom, one that know what he is doing. Marcus is trying, but he has been careless.

Two times he has tried to fulfill her fantasies. The second time she was publicly humiliated and alone. She didn't feel safe when he called her and ordered her to do something and he wasn't around in case something went wrong. Jesse decided to talk to him about it.

When Marcus returned from work that evening, he looked around for his wife, but didn't see or hear her at first. He eventually found her sitting at the computer sending a message to someone. "Hey honey what are you doing?' He asked.

Jesse looked at him and blushed, "I was sending a message to the author of a couple of my favorite stories."

"Oh really, why?"

"I want to know how he gets his ideas for the stories." She answered while still typing.

"Are you considering writing a story?"

"No I know you are trying, but you don't really know what you're doing. Twice you have included a stranger and that's dangerous for me. I have to be able to trust you. We need more information, or I could get hurt, or even worse lose my job. So I'm writing to see if he has someone we can talk to and get more information. " She said and looked up at him.

Marcus looked down at his nearly naked wife and smiled, "I tried sweetheart. But I know nothing about this. I was just trying to please you. Let me know if he responds." He turned and walked out of the office.

Jesse hit the send button and was surprised to get a response in just a couple of minutes. She opened the message and read:

Dear HotLips,

I'm happy you like my stories and contacted me. I hope you will read my new series I'm about to release. You asked in your message about finding someone to dominate you. What are you looking for? Are you looking for an on-line Dom that plays with you when you want? Or something more real time? I am not a Dominante. However I do know one who helps me with my stories. I must warn you, that he is not interested in role playing. If that is what you want, he is not the person for you. He might know someone to fill that need if it is just role play. However, if you want a Dom for a real-time D/s relationship, he is probably the best in the area.

If you want to proceed, please attach a picture and I will forward it to him along with your email. If he is interested, he will contact you.


Jesse read the message over and over. She wasn't sure exactly what she wanted, but she knew that Marcus, in spite of his best efforts, wasn't the man for the job. She attached a topless picture of her in the bathroom stall in the bathroom and pushed send.

Jesse walked downstairs and told Marcus what she had done. He said, "I hope it works out, because you never know what might happen. He could be a serial killer for all you know." Marcus looked into Jesse's eyes and for the first time in a long time saw a passionate fire burning behind them. He wondered if it might consume her if she wasn't careful.

Jesse relaxed when she heard Marcus give his approval and sat on his lap. "Don't worry honey, you will always be my true Master." She kissed him deeply. "What do you say we go to the bar and have some fun?"

"That's the first good idea I've heard today. Why don't you go up and put on some sexy undies and the yellow tennis outfit, the one with the birds on it. That looks great on you."

"Marcus, I can't wear that without the shorts that go with them. I'll be showing my panties all night."

"I know and I can't wait until you play pool and show everyone your ass." he laughed.

Jesse blushed, but jumped up and ran upstairs to change. Marcus also changed out of his work suit into a shirt and jeans. Soon they were on the way to their favorite sports bar.

As usual, the ber was crowded and they had to wait to find a seat. Once settled Marcus and Jesse ordered drinks and dinner . They looked around the bar as they waited. A couple hanging out by the pool tables caught Marcus' attention. They were about the same age as him and Jesse. Marcus realized that hehad seen them around the neighborhood before and he thought they might have had kids around the same age as theirs.

The man stood at around 5'10. His wife is just a bit taller than him, but that was because of her 5" heels. She had long black hair with red streaks. She was Asian and wearing a short plaid skirt that barely covered her ass, complete with a lace tie top that draped over her shoulders. Her face was thin and her almond shaped eyes were enticing.

Marcus nudged Jesse and said, "Hey you want to play some pool? I think I'd like to see you and that woman over there play." Marcus knew that Jesse was a very good pool player and often beat the men she played..

Jess turned to see who he was talking about. She smiled and said, "I'll bet you do! Hell, every shot will make one of our asses stick out!"

"I'm thinking about making it a little more interesting. I know you know how to play. And from the looks of it, so does she. But she's not nearly as good as you are. How about you make a bet with her?" Marcus suggested.

"What kind of bet?" Jesse answered, intrigued.

"Well so far they've won the last few games. We'll put up some quarters and when it's time to play, we make a bet. I'll goad her husband into betting clothes. It'll be a game of strip pool. The loser of each game has to take off one piece of clothing. You lose the first game, maybe even the second game, until she gets over confident, and then we'll push the bet to the point when the loser has to take off everything. Doesn't that sound interesting?" Marcus said looking closely at his wife. He watched her reactions as he described what he wanted. Her face flushed and her nipples harden and started to poke out through her shear bra and tight top. He knew right then that she would agree.

Marcus smiled and walked to the pool table. He put down enough quarters for a couple of games. He smiled at the couple and walked back to their table. It didn't take long before the couple finished the game. The pretty woman and her husband had won again.

When their quarters were up, Marcus walked up to the man and said. "I'm Marcus, and this is my wife Jesse. I've seen you around before."

"Hi, I'm John and this is Jan. Yeah I've seen you too. I think our kids went to the same school." He answered.

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