tagIllustratedJesse's Journey Down a Rabbit Hole Ch. 07

Jesse's Journey Down a Rabbit Hole Ch. 07


As I mentioned in the previous chapters, this story is a collaborative effort between me and Rebeccsm. She has provided the art, and a lot of the plot, god I love how her mind works, and me for the text. Please let us know how you feel about our efforts. Comments and votes are welcome. It is the only way we will know if you like our work.

I would like to thank everyone who read the previous chapter and we hope that this chapter is even better. This story is about an empty nest mother that discovers her submissive side and decides to pursue her desires. But as you may well know that is a slippery slope and it is easy to get in over your head. It also contains non-consensual sex and forced exhibitionism. Please if this is not what you want move on. I want to thank Arilyn99 for her efforts in editing these chapters. All persons portrayed are figments of our imaginations and are over 18 years old.

Master X smiled as he made the call to Jason Miller, his photographer. He wanted an update on his progress. He was planning to move on Julie as soon as possible. He wanted her to be well on her way to slavery by the time she visited home next week. The phone only rang twice before Jason answered.

"Hello Master X, what can I do for you?"

"Are you ready? Julie just got the news she's going to need money. Are you prepared to move forward?" Master X inquired.

"Absolutely, we have a studio, and the invitations are ready to go out. All I need is your go ahead." Jason answered.

"Good, I'll let you know as soon as I gain control over her computer and phone. I'm expecting to get the notification any time now." Master X stated just as his computer dinged showing that Julie just loaded the attachment Jesse sent her.

"As a matter of fact, I just got word," He said as he pulled up Julie's computer and watched sitting on her bed talking on her cell"

Master X instantly got an erection thinking about having a mother and a daughter kneeling in front of him as slaves.

"Okay, I have what I need, go ahead and send the invitations. I'll make sure to keep you up to date. By the way, what is the name of the studio?"

"I named it 'Classic Clicks Photography Studio'." Jason answered.

"Excellent how many co-eds are you sending invitations?"

"I picked out 30 girls. I used the cheerleading and volleyball team. I'll make sure Julie knows about the other girls."

"Great, tell me when she shows up." Master X said and hung up the phone. He turned his attention to Julie who was still talking on the phone to one of her friends.

"Missy, you won't believe what just happened. Mom just called and told me I need to find a job!" Julie said. "I know, I guess something happened and I need to cover my expenses for next quarter. There is no way I can earn enough now. It's too late, and I won't earn enough working at a burger joint. I don't know what I'm going to do."

Julie listened for a minute before saying, "I'm fucked, god I hope I don't have to drop out."

Julie was listening to Missy as a tear ran down her cheek. Before she could say anything else, her computer dinged showing new mail. Without thinking she opened the mail and screamed.

"Missy, you won't believe what I just got? I've been invited to try out to be a model. There's a studio down the street that's looking for models. It says if I'm chosen it's $250.00 a shoot. I've got to go; I need to schedule an appointment." Julie hung up the call and filled out the response and attached a picture as required.

Jason was amazed at how fast he received a reply from Julie. Master X was amazing. He followed directions and set up the response to go out in two hours.

Julie was still very nervous, but was praying for a chance. The invitation said they would only take 30 appointments. She hoped she made it in time.

Julie decided to work on her homework and tried to not watch to see if she was accepted. Two hours later she received a response.


Thank you for your interest in modeling for our company. Most of our work is for local department stores, but some lingerie modeling will be required. If you are still interested we have tomorrow at 8:00 am available to meet. All meetings will be held at Panera Bread on Main Street. Please respond as soon as possible to confirm.

Jason Miller, Photographer

Julie quickly replied and could hardly contain her excitement. She immediately went to her closet to pick out something to wear.

Julie woke the next morning two hours early. She wanted to look perfect. She fixed her hair and makeup, slipped into a tight top that emphasized her large D cup tits and a tight short skirt. Panera Bread was only a couple of blocks away so she walked the short distance. When she arrived there were already two other girls ahead of her. Both were very pretty and she got very nervous. By the time it was her turn she was shaking and her voice was weak, but when Jason's face lit up when he saw her she started to relax. They talked for almost 20 minutes, nearly twice as long as the other girls. Julie was feeling pretty good when Jason asked, "Julie, I like you, but do you have any head shots or a portfolio I can take with me?"

Julie gasped and shook her head, "No, I haven't done any modeling before." Julie was afraid she was about to lose out.

"Oh, well I need something. I have an idea, do you have any time today? We can go to the studio and I can take some test shots and use those if you're interested?"

Julie jumped at the chance and practically screamed, "Yes I have time, when do you want me?"

"I have a few more interviews to do, how about you come to this address at 1:00 this afternoon, and don't worry about what to wear. I'm sure we have something that will fit." Jason said and handed Julie his card with the address.

"I'll be there, and thank you very much." Julie said and almost floated out the door. As soon as she was out of sight, Jason sent a text to Master X.

"I got her, she will be at the studio this afternoon."

Master X smiled as his plan was coming together. He picked up his phone and called Maurice.

Julie couldn't wait for 1:00. She arrived at 12:30 and waited across the street so it didn't seem like she was too anxious. At ten till she couldn't wait anymore and walked into the studio. She was impressed with the equipment and the pictures on the wall. Jason came out from a curtain covered door and smiled at the nervous young woman.

"Julie, you're right on time, come sit down and let's take care of some paperwork." He led Julie to a table in the corner and started to hand her form after form. Julie started to read each form, but after the third or fourth form she just took Jason's word on what she was signing. When the last form was finished Jason had everything he needed. Julie had signed a contract to work for Classic Clicks and gave away all her rights to any pictures, videos, and would allow nude and seminude shots.

Jason smiled and showed Julie the back room with several outfits ready for her to change into. Julie watched as he left the room and quickly changed into the first outfit. It was a very short dress that showed her cleavage and her long legs. It was a little riskier than she normally wore but not outrageous. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She looked good as she tried several poses hoping she didn't look to amateurish.

She walked out into the studio where Jason was ready and waiting. Soon he was taking picture after picture and Julie started to relaxed and enjoy posing.

Each of the next two outfits were increasingly sexier. The second dress was vinyl and highlighted her tits. The last one was a very sexy bikini.

By the time they finished Julie was totally relaxed, giggling, and having a blast. Jason kept complimenting Julie over and over, stroking her ego. Julie was soaking up all the praise and Jason offered her a glass of wine to celebrate the shoot. For the next hour, the two of them finished the bottle of wine and started another. When Julie started to go change out of the bikini Jason decided to bait the trap.

"Julie, I know after talking to you that you need money to finish college. Now, you are in the running for the standard shoot for $250.00 a day, but we also do some other shoots here that are a little more erotic. Usually leather bikinis and sexy lingerie and such, but the pay is $1000.00 a day. I know you would be perfect." Jason watched Julie closely. He could see her eyes light up at the $1000.00. He knew she was pretty drunk and decided now was the time to close the deal.

"As a matter of fact, the model that was supposed to be here now got sick and I need someone right now. If you're interested, you could walk out of here with $1000.00!" Jason said and pulled out a stack of $100 bills out of his pocket and put them on the table.

Julie gasped and tried to think about how much she would need. A thousand dollars would go a long way to cover her expenses. She would only need to do a couple more regular shoots to cover all of her expenses for the next quarter.

Jason watched as Julie was biting her lips and could see her mind thinking about what to do. He smiled and pulled out another wad of cash and counted out $500 more. "Just this once, because I need to get this job done, I make it $1,500.00, but we do the shoot right now. Take it, or leave and wait to see if you make the cut."

Julie's eyes got big and she knew that she couldn't make that kind of money anywhere else, so she shook her head yes.

"Great, let's get started." Jason grabbed her hand and pulled her to the back room again. He pulled out a box and handed her a leather bikini. It actually covered more than the one she was wearing. The top covered her tits and fastened below her breasts. There was a leather collar that locked around her neck. The bottoms had garters that attached to the thigh high wedge boots that laced up her legs. Julie giggled at it but didn't shy away. Jason walked out of the room, and Julie dressed. Soon she walked out to the studio and Jason whistled at her.

"You look fabulous Julie, you were made for this."

Julie blushed, but soon relaxed as Jason started to take pictures. The more he took, the more she relaxed and soon was having fun showing her body in the fetish wear. Jason kept taking picture and pumping wine into the naïve young woman.

The next bikini showed a lot more, but Julie was now pretty drunk and changed into it. When she finally figured out how to put it on her nerves hit big time. The top was okay, it was black leather that covered her tits completely. It was covered with a silver chain lattice that draped from her neck and over the bikini top. It was the bottom that bothered her. It was nothing more than a set of chains similar to the necklace that went between her legs and covered nothing. She slowly walked into the studio with her hands covering her pussy.

"Jason, I can't wear this. It shows everything." Julie pleaded.

"No problem Julie, no one will see. You just keep your legs closed and climb up on this stool. I guarantee no one will be able to see you private parts."

Julie slowly walked over to the stool and waited for Jason to turn around before she climbed on top. She knelt down and kept her legs tightly closed. When Jason turned around he almost snickered as he knew he had her hooked.

Jason started to take picture after picture and Julie again relaxed and started to enjoy herself.

Soon he had her sitting on the stool still taking picture after picture. Jason finally stopped and walked up to the sexy nearly naked Julie and pulled out two pairs of restraints. When he knelt down in front of her she started to bulk, but Jason was prepared.

"Don't worry there is only the two of us and it's just a couple of pictures." Julie didn't look convinced, but soon he had her hands and ankles tightly locked together. He backed off and started to take more pictures. Julie calmed down and tried to smile.

After a few minutes Jason walked up to Julie and opened the wrist cuffs. He pulled her hand behind her and fastened them again. Now Julie was helpless, but Jason kept pouring on the compliments and Julie was trying to maintain her composure. Unknown to her, Maurice had entered the studio through the back door. Before Julie knew he was there, he walked up behind her and pulled off her bikini top. Julie was now only wearing only chains and cuffs. Julie was in full panic mode. She was naked and cuffed in front of Jason and the largest black man she had ever seen.

"Let me go, I didn't agree to this. I'm not going to do this now, let me go!" She demanded. Both Jason and Maurice laughed as Jason captured picture after picture of the scared co-ed.

Julie now realized she was in trouble and started to scream. Jason didn't hesitate and walked behind the helpless Julie. He waited for her to scream again and shoved a ball gag into her mouth.

Julie was totally out of her element. She was drunk, naked, bound, and gagged. She could only watch as Jason took picture after picture of her; helpless.

The only thing she could do was keep her legs together to maintain some semblance of modesty. Julie was scared and trying to maintain control, when she looked at the large black man off to the side of the room. He was taking his clothes off and in spite of her fear her body reacted to the black Adonis walking towards her. Her mind was screaming at the thought of being raped and her body was trembling with excitement and arousal. The closer he got to her the more intense feelings she felt. He pulled Julie off the stool and down on her knees. He was now standing behind her with his massive cock right by her ear and all the while Jason was taking more and more pictures documenting her submission to the black Adonis.

Jason looked down at his camera and smiled. He knew exactly what picture to send Master X. As Maurice played with Julie, Jason sent the last picture to his computer. Soon it was on its way to Master X.

Master X heard his computer ding. He opened the mail and the only thing there was....

Master X looked at the picture and smiled. It was so easy. Jesse and her family would be the 15th family that had fallen into his lap. Most were hardly worth his time. But there is always a market for slave families. Even the fat and ugly ones brought in good money. Looking at Jesse and her daughter Julie, he knew they would fetch a great price. Even Marcus was prime meat. Master X wondered about their son. If good looks ran in the family it could be the mother lode.

The next few days were a blur to Jesse. Each day Master John had her dress right on the edge of appropriate for school. Her ass was plugged and either a wireless vibrator or Ben Wa balls filled her honey hole. He only gave her panties so he could make her take them off in class. Each drive home she stripped off her skirt and masturbated all the way there.

Master John loved to keep her on the edge and hadn't let her orgasm since Monday. Today was even worse because Thursdays were the History Department's staff meetings. Jesse hated these staff meetings. Usually they turned into a bitch session and Janice Wilson was always there. Just before the meeting Janice had pulled Jesse aside just to exert her hold over Jesse.

"Well slut, I see you must be playing more games. You look like a slut. I love the high heels and the locks really complete the look." Janice whispered as she pushed Jesse into a storage room. Jesse gasped but didn't resist.

"Yes, Janice," Jesse mumbled, "What do you want?"

"I just want you to know that I'm the boss and you will treat me as such. You will do exactly as I tell you and agree with anything I say. If I get any hesitation or a negative answer it will get a lot worse for you. Am I clear?" Janice spat.

"Yes Janice, I understand."

"It's Ms. Wilson in public and Mistress in private unless I tell you differently."

"Yes Mistress." Jesse whispered as her submissive training came to life.

"Good, now I want your bra and panties right now."

"I'm sorry Mistress but I'm not wearing any panties." Jesse said while maneuvering to take off her bra.

"You are such a slut. I'll bet you're getting off on this. While you're at it pop open a couple of buttons too."

The meeting was sheer agony for Jesse. The three other member of the department included Mr. Johnson, a 60-year-old letch, who was grossly overweight. His oily skin and beady eyes always gave Jesse the creeps. The other two were two mid fifty spinsters. Jesse always thought they were lesbians. All three of them made Jesse's life at school miserable.

The meeting started off slow, but soon heated up when Janice had Jesse serve everyone coffee. From then on Jesse was kept busy jumping up and down doing menial tasks.

Towards the end, Janice had Jesse sweep the floor and take out the trash. When the rest of the staff left, Janice smiled at Jesse as she was on her knees, under the desk picking up pens as Janice threw them around the room.

"You should be happy slut; I could be having you do this naked!" Jesse glared at her nemesis but said nothing. Her knees were killing her crawling around on the industrial carpet. Finally, Janice grew tired of playing fetch with her new pet, patted her on her head and said, "Good girl, you are very obedient."

It was all Jesse could do to not knock her block off but she bit her tongue when she noticed Janice start to scowl. In spite of her anger, she knew not to push it. Jesse could very easily ruin her career.

Marcus's week was hardly any better. Master John and Master X kept him busy. Monday he went to a salon and had a full body wax. Of course they had him wear his panties and stockings. Only he wasn't allowed to wear pants to cover them up. They had him wear a white crop top, and short shorts. On his feet he wore baby heels. The girls at the store loved it and constantly ridiculed him.

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