tagIllustratedJesse's Journey Down a Rabbit Hole Ch. 12

Jesse's Journey Down a Rabbit Hole Ch. 12


As I mentioned in the previous chapters, this story is a collaborative effort between me and Rebeccsm. She has provided the art, and a lot of the plot, god I love how her mind works, and me for the text. Please let us know how you feel about our efforts. Comments and votes are welcome. It is the only way we will know if you like our work.

I would like to thank everyone who read the previous chapter and we hope that this chapter is even better. This story is about an empty nest mother that discovers her submissive side and decides to pursue her desires. But as you may well know that is a slippery slope and it is easy to get in over your head. It also contains non-consensual sex and forced exhibitionism. Please if this is not what you want move on. I want to thank Arilyn99 for her efforts in editing these chapters. All persons portrayed are figments of our imaginations and are over 18 years old.


Marcus got out of his car. He knew he needed to suck a cock every twelve hours, but even if those weren't his instructions, he knew he would still be heading to Master John's house. Not wanting to be seen, he slipped through the backyards until he got to Master John's back door. Marcus no longer thought of John as anything else but his Master. The conditioning that Marcus was undergoing was having an effect, so now his cock only got hard when he was around dominating men. Naked women really had little effect on him which was most apparent each night when he and Jesse went to bed. When they first started this adventure, Marcus could hardly wait for his wife to come home from exposing her body or being humiliated and their sex was almost animalistic. That no longer happened. Marcus and Jesse had both changed and now they both desired the same thing: a dominant male to control their lives.

Marcus knocked lightly on the back door. He knew that Gladys was home and he really didn't want to see her dressed as he was. When he saw Master John walked up to the door, Marcus couldn't help but smile and his cock started to pulse with excitement.

John saw Marcus standing outside his door. The smile on his face and his dress gave away how excited the wimpy husband was. John looked behind him looking to see if his wife was nearby. Not seeing her he quickly opened the door and snarled at the horny slave cowering in front of him.

"What do you want sissy boy?" He barked

"Please Master John, I need to suck a cock. Master X instructed me to suck a cock every twelve hours. My kids are home and you haven't been around. Please Master John give me your wonderful cock." Marcus pleaded.

John almost laughed at the begging slave, but he knew he needed to get Marcus out of sight before his wife saw him. If she caught him fucking around with anyone, let alone with another man his life would be over. Gladys would take everything and he would be left out on the street. In spite of the potential danger, John loved Marcus sucking his cock. John mused about which of the two slaves sucked cock better.

John opened the storm door and pulled Marcus inside. "Go in the garage and take off your clothes. I want you on your knees when I come in. You better not disappoint me slave."

Marcus smiled and said, "Yes Master John, I won't fail you." He scampered to the garage as he pulled off his top. Marcus was so excited when Master John directed him to the garage. He was so horny and he wanted nothing more than to have his Master's cock deep in his throat. He wondered if they would have time to fuck his ass. By the time John walked in the garage, Marcus was naked and on his knees as ordered. His body was flushed with excitement and his cock was hard as a rock.

John walked over to the slave, dropped his pants and shoved his cock deep in Marcus's mouth. John let out a massive moan, pulled back and shoved even harder down his slave's throat.

When Master John shoved his cock down his throat Marcus's cock erupted sending copious amounts of his seed all over the floor.

John loved every second of Marcus's efforts on his member. The sensations were quickly driving him to an orgasm. Just as his cock exploded down his slave's throat the garage door opened and in walked Gladys. John pulled back and his cock painted Marcus's face with cum as his legs almost buckled.

Gladys was ready when she noticed Marcus sneak into their yard. She saw how he was dressed and knew the rumors were correct. John was having an affair except she had thought it was with Jesse not Marcus. She grabbed her phone and had the camera app pulled up when she opened the door. Sure enough, Marcus was on his knees, John's cock buried deep in his mouth. John was standing in front of him with his pants around his ankles. The shot was perfect; her cheating husband was caught red-handed in a homosexual affair. The next shots caught John erupting all over his lover's face.

"What the fuck you faggot? You're fucking Marcus? I can't believe you're a queer." Gladys screamed and walked back in the house.

John's cock shriveled down to nothing as soon as Gladys walked into the garage. He picked up his pants and scurried after his wife. He knew that the next few minutes would determine the rest of his life. As John walked through the door into his house, he called back over his shoulder. "Get out of here slave and don't come back until you are called." John walked in the door and slammed it shut.

Marcus was still on his knees, his orgasm was still pulsing through his body and Master John's cum still on his face and in his mouth. Marcus swished the ambrosia around his mouth, savoring his Master's flavor before he swallowed. He knew that he couldn't leave his seed on the floor, dropped his head and licked up his cum.

Five minutes later, after he had dressed, he walked out the door and headed back to his car. He had to wait until Master X told him he could return home. Marcus was sitting in the driver's seat waiting for permission to return when he saw Jesse walk outside and start her warmups. A few minutes later Jesse started her run down the street. Marcus knew that she wouldn't be back for almost a half an hour. Soon he saw his daughter Julie as she pulled into their driveway. He watched as she got out of her car and grabbed her bag out of the back. Marcus was shocked as her ass was clearly on display. He should have been mad, or maybe a little excited, at the sight of his beautiful daughter's ass on display. However, Marcus's thoughts were on where he was going to get his next cock.

Jesse came downstairs after dressing in her new exercise clothes. Her first outfit was barely acceptable for running outside, but the new one was worse. It was so tiny and every movement caused her tits or ass to poke out. Master John had removed the lining and the more she sweat the more transparent the outfit became. She stood in the family room as she had been trained. Her hands grabbing her elbows behind her back, her legs spread wide and her head down. Kevin walked up to her, reached out and touched her chin. "What are you going to do mommy?" He asked sarcastically.

"I have to go out to exercise and complete my run, Kevin." She answered quietly.

"You run in that every night?" Kevin asked with Master X's prompting.

"Yes Kevin, I do." Jesse answered again.

Master X, who wanted to humiliate Jesse even more, spoke into Kevin's ear. Kevin smiled at what Master X said and parroted his words.

"So, Dad is out and you come home naked and covered in cum. Your John follows you home and confirms your date for tomorrow, and now you're going out and showing off your body to the neighbors. Are you advertising for more business, you whore?"

Jesse cringed but couldn't answer. The words were stuck in her throat. Master X's instructions were clear and she knew he was watching and listening. If she didn't agree with Kevin, who knows what he would have them do. If she agreed with what he said, she would always be a whore to her son. Neither option was appealing.

Jesse nodded her head as a tear ran down her cheek. Kevin saw the tear and pushed even harder.

"Tears, mommy? Are you crying because you were caught? You are nothing more than a whore and I own your ass now. Go, do your run and from now on you do what you're told. Tomorrow I'm taking you out and by the time we get back you will be mine to do with as I wish."

Jesse said, "Yes Kevin," and started to head for the door, when her head snapped to the side. Pain shot out and clouded her brain as the blow came from out of the blue.

"It's Master now, slut. You lost the right to call me by my name. Now get out of here and advertise your services to the neighborhood."

Jesse grabbed her cheek but rushed out the door saying, "Yes Master."

Julie walked in the front door and was greeted with the sight of Kevin sitting on the couch with Christy between his legs sucking his cock. She was topless and her skirt was around her waist.

Julie gasped and shouted, "Kevin! What the fuck? Go to your room and do that. What if mom or dad came in?"

Kevin smiled a smile Julie hadn't ever seen before. "Julie, it's nice to see you too. You look great, I love your ass sticking out, are you advertising? You remember Christy don't you? She missed me and I couldn't refuse a blow job when she offered. Would you care to join?"

Julie stood in the hall with her mouth open. She tried to speak but nothing came out. Instead of screaming at her younger brother to stop and go upstairs, the only thing going through her mind was dropping to her knees and joining Christy between her brother's legs.

A few seconds later Jason spoke in Julie's ear. "Smile slave, we wouldn't want Kevin's girlfriend to be embarrassed would we? Now go over and rub her ass, and make sure you caress her cunt too."

Julie dropped her bags and smiled as instructed. She slowly walked over and knelt beside Christy. Her shaking hand slowly drifted up and touched the firm buttocks right in front of her. Christy moaned at the touch but didn't stop sucking. Julie's entire body started to pulse; the constant teasing during the trip home had her in such a state she was about to orgasm just touching a woman's ass.

Kevin looked on in amazement at his sister kneeling down beside his slave, and not just kneeling but joining in and was stroking Christy's ass. Kevin started to speak when Master X spoke in his ear.

"Kevin slave, I told you to be in charge while you're at home. You have no idea of how much power you have. Don't worry about what your sister says or does. You are the Master and I expect you to be in command."

Kevin listened to his Master comments and it hit him. His entire family was under Master X's control. It was like a lightbulb went off. Several thoughts ran through his head in rapid succession. 'We're all trapped. They're trapped not me! Master X has given me control? Why? They don't know about each other! God this is hot, how do I handle this?'

Master X watched Kevin closely. He was waiting for him to recognize what was happening. When a smile started to replace his confused expression, Master X knew.

Kevin pushed the girls away and told them to go fix him something to drink. As soon as the girls left the room, Master X spoke, "Have it figured out yet, my junior master?"

"Yes Master, I have it now. So are you giving me total control? Or are there limits?" Kevin asked.

Master X thought about his next answer. He knew Kevin was a younger version of himself several years ago. This is a crucial moment; he had only been working with Kevin for a couple of weeks. If Kevin didn't buy in then the entire slavery operation could fail, but if he reacted as Master X speculated then the two of them would make a powerful team.

"Kevin, you are correct, your mother and father are my slaves. So is your sister, as are you. However, I see something special in you. Now I'm giving you a choice, but there is no going back after you make your decision. You can be a slave along with your family and do my bidding. If you refuse a command, I take everything you and your parents have and leave them, and probably you, in jail." Master X paused for effect.

"Or you can join me and become my apprentice. I will teach you everything you could ever want to know about being a Master. The price you pay is that your first slaves are your family. I own them but we will use them to train you. As a special incentive, I will give you two slaves of your own. However, I need a decision now. Because when the girls get back I will assume you are my slave."

Kevin was trying to digest everything that had happened in the last two minutes. He just found out his family are slaves to some mysterious Master. His mother was a whore and his dad looked gay. Now he had to make a life changing decision: stay with his family or enslave them forever. Kevin stared out across the room. His eyes open but not seeing. His mind churning with all the information. Then it hit him, he had been in training since high school. This was just a natural progression. Knowing he wasn't going to spend the rest of his life as some cock sucking slave the choice was easy.

"Thank you master for the opportunity to learn from you. Please sir, take me." Kevin said loud and clear.

"As I expected young master, tonight is your first test. Your sister will be busy but if you desire she will be available later if you want. However, I want to see how you deal with your whore mother, so tonight and tomorrow I want you to break her. To crush her spirt and make her totally submit to you. She doesn't know about you and I, so she will only think she has another Master that she must submit to."

"Marcus will be returning in a few minutes, try to give Julie and her daddy a few minutes alone."

Kevin almost laughed out loud but quickly got control and answered, "Yes Master."

When the girls returned Julie carried a beer in a glass and Christy had a bowl of chips. Kevin grabbed the beer and shoved his cock back in his pants. He stood and grabbed Christy by the arm and headed upstairs. As he passed Julie standing there with a dazed look, He reached out and stroked her soaking slit. "Looks like someone is happy to be home?" Kevin said and snickered.

Julie could only gasp. Her body was on fire. It seemed liked everything was only stoking those flames. When Kevin started to caress her cunt, her knees almost buckled. She leaned in to Kevin's arm and held on. She heard him speak but didn't hear what he said. Her concentration was of the impending orgasm that was rapidly building once again.

Julie's body was right on the verge of exploding when Kevin removed his hand and sniffed his fingers. Julie groaned in frustration. She moaned and started to pull him back when she heard him say.

"Look at you, you really are a slut! You're practically begging your own brother to get you off. Who knew?"

Julie blushed and dropped her head. The humiliation of Kevin's words hit her hard. What was worse was that the words didn't stop her desires but only added to her frustrations. She watched as Kevin took Christy upstairs to fuck her brains out and Julie knew she couldn't go.

Julie turned and stepped into the living room. Her body on a razor's edge. Thinking that she might have a minute to get off, she headed for the couch, when the front door opened and in walked Marcus. Julie gasped as it wasn't her father standing in the hall but a cock. Not only that but she was ordered to seduce him and now was as good a time as ever.

Julie screamed, "DADDY!" As she rushed to him and gave him a big hug. She made sure she pushed her braless tits into his chest and nuzzled his neck. "I missed you Daddy!"

Marcus was confused, his daughter was practically attacking him. He could feel her large tits pressed tightly into his chest. When she nuzzled his neck, his thought went to Jesse. She loved to do that and it always got him going. Julie was just like her mother, but Marcus's mind was on his son. He gently pushed her away and tried to slide away.

Julie figured he would resist, but her body needed relief and she wanted to fuck. She struck a pose against the stair rail and pouted. "You aren't trying to leave me are you Daddy?" She made sure she stuck out her barely covered ass and gave him her little girl face that always got her way.

Marcus looked at his daughter and could see the lust in her eyes. He looked down her body and he knew that only weeks ago he would be very aroused and might even give in to her charms. But that all changed since Master X and Master John took over his life. His mind drifted off thinking if it was only Kevin that was offering.

Julie saw Marcus's hesitation and took immediate advantage. She grabbed him, spun him around and planted a passionate kiss on her surprised father. Not letting him recover, Julie pushed forward, trapping him against the stair and pushing her body against his. She moaned as her tongue slid past his lips and deep into his mouth. She kissed him for several long seconds before she pulled back a second and gasped. "Think of what that tongue could do to your cock Daddy?"

She pushed her lips to his and leaned further into his body, when the front door opened and in walked Jesse.

All three of them gasped, as Julie and Marcus almost fell down from the intrusion. Marcus took advantage to escape his daughter's grasp and rush out of the room. Julie couldn't move, her mind was frozen and her body was anchored in place. Jesse stared at her daughter but remembered her instructions and walked up and gave her shocked daughter a hug. "Welcome home honey. When did you get in?" Jesse said trying to maintain her composure. Her mind in total shock at what she saw.

Julie stood there like a statue looking at her mother standing in front of her almost naked. Her sweat soaked body and her semi-transparent running attire. Before Julie could say something Jason spoke in her ear.

"Wake up slut, I want you to take charge of your mother. Ask her why the fuck she's dressed like a whore? And say it like I said." He demanded.

Julie looked at her mother and cleared her throat, "Mother, why the fuck are you dressed like a whore?"

Jesse hadn't expected that and was having trouble thinking of an answer that would be believable. "I wear this every day when I exercise, it gives me motivation."

Jason again told Julie what to say.

"It looks like your advertising to me. How much do you charge mommy?" Julie said as instructed.

Jesse gasped, her instructions were clear. She had to do whatever either child asked, requested, or told her to do. She also had to tell the truth no matter what. Jesse looked around the room and directly at a camera. She knew that Master X was watching and listening. That left her no other choice.

"I charge $30 for a blow job, $50 a fuck, $75 for anal, and $125 for all three," Jesse said quietly as her spirit was crushed. First, it was Kevin that caught her coming home from Mr. Ash's house naked and covered in cum. Now, Julie knew of her second job. A tear ran down her cheek as defeat filled her being.

Julie was shocked and dashed up the stairs. Her only thoughts were to get away. She rushed down the hall just as Kevin stepped out of his room. His semi-hard cock was glistening with Christy's fluids. He smiled when all Julie could look at was his swaying cock.

"Hey slut, go find everyone and have them meet me in the kitchen. I want to have a family meeting. Julie nodded and asked, "may I use the bathroom first Kevin?" Julie asked.

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