tagIllustratedJesse's Journey Down a Rabbit Hole Ch. 13

Jesse's Journey Down a Rabbit Hole Ch. 13


I want to thank everyone for reading, voting and commenting on our story. I submitted the first six chapters, and Rebeccasm submitted chapter 6 through 12. I will be submitting chapters 12 through 18. We have both worked hard on this series and as such both deserve to share the postings. Hopefully you will visit both of us and enjoy the series.

As I mentioned in the previous chapters, this story is a collaborative effort between me and Rebeccsm. She has provided the art, and a lot of the plot, god I love how her mind works, and me for the text. Please let us know how you feel about our efforts. Comments and votes are welcome. It is the only way we will know if you like our work.

I would like to thank everyone who read the previous chapter and we hope that this chapter is even better. This story is about an empty nest mother that discovers her submissive side and decides to pursue her desires. But as you may well know that is a slippery slope and it is easy to get in over your head. It also contains non-consensual sex and forced exhibitionism. Please if this is not what you want move on. I want to thank Arilyn99 for her efforts in editing these chapters. All persons portrayed are figments of our imaginations and are over 18 years old.


When the six o'clock alarm rang, Julie was already awake and her body was still on edge. She cried in frustration but her hand drifted to the vibrator and slowly shoved it deep inside her body. Somehow Julie managed to get through the ten minutes. However, sleep was impossible so she got up and walked to the bathroom to take a shower. Praying that the cold spray would diminish her craving.

Julie didn't take any clothes with her, and hoped that she would run into someone naked to complete her orders. The last thing she wanted was for her Master to deny her relief because she didn't follow orders.

Julie stood in the shower letting the cold water cascade down her body. The flames deep inside her still raged on in spite of her freezing flesh. After the last few days, it didn't matter what she did, her body was still on fire and her needs were only amplified with every movement. Julie finally shut down the water and grabbed a towel to dry off. However, as soon as the soft terrycloth towel hit her nipples, her legs gave out as she dropped to her knees barely keeping from an orgasm.

Julie broke down and cried. Never in her life had she experience such desires and needs. She thought about putting on clothes but just thinking about dressing sent shocks up and down her spine. Finally giving up she slowly stood and walked out of the bathroom and down the hall. The cool air drying her naked body sending shivers of excitement and making each step even more difficult. She walked past her bedroom and headed down the stairs to the kitchen. Wearing anything was out of the question.

Marcus was the first to wake up. He looked at his naked wife still sleeping next to him. Her face crusted over with her son's essence. Marcus's body pulsed as he wished it was his face crusted with his son's sperm. He slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom to relieve himself and brush his teeth. He was naked and didn't think about getting dressed, his only thoughts were of his son and where he would get a cock to suck this morning.

Marcus left the bathroom and started for his room. As he passed Kevin's room, he stopped. A thought crossed his mind and he turned to quietly open his son's door. He peeked into the room and was rewarded with the sight of his naked son, lying on his bed, his magnificent cock lying on his stomach. Knowing that he would be punished, his craving and his orders won out over continuing to his own room. Marcus slipped into Kevin's room and tiptoed over to his bed. The closer he got the more his mouth watered. When he finally was beside the bed, he knew that he would not be able to resist the cock of his desires.

Marcus slipped into the bed as quietly as possible, not wanting to disturb his Master's sleep. He only wanted the cock and the ambrosia it produced. Marcus licked his lips and lowered his head. He opened his mouth and lightly licked up the shaft. When he got to the head and swirled his tongue around it, he felt it pulse. With each lick the cock of his dreams grew longer and harder. When it was almost erect, he opened his mouth and swallowed it whole. A groan escaped around his lips as Kevin's cock entered his throat. Marcus was in ecstasy as he slid his lips up and down the most perfect cock he had ever tasted.

Kevin was awake when his sissy daddy started to lick his cock. He pretended to be asleep as his dad lavished his mouth all over his now erect cock. When his daddy shoved his unit down his throat Kevin could no longer pretend to be asleep and grabbed his slave daddy's head, and proceeded to fuck his face. In only minutes, Kevin's cock exploded and sent stream after stream down Marcus's throat.

Kevin couldn't help humiliating his daddy again and decided to pull his cock out of his mouth and coat his face once again. When Kevin finally finished spewing his seed, he roughly pushed Marcus aside and commanded, "You are such a cock slut, daddy. I think from now on I want you here each morning to start my day off."

Marcus was on his knees his hands behind his back. He nodded and his body pulsed as he would now be able to worship his son's cock everyday he was at home.

Kevin continued, "You are not allowed to clean your face. I want mommy and Julie to see you in all your sissy glory. Now go get dressed. Today I want you in your dress and heels. It's time to out you to the family."

Marcus groaned, one that wasn't a groan of humiliation but of desire. He loved the feel of his lingerie as the injections were doing exactly what they were designed to do.

Kevin laughed at his daddy and walked out of the room and downstairs to the kitchen. He smiled when he saw Julie, fixing breakfast totally naked. He stepped up behind her, reached his hands around and grabbed her perfect tits. Julie gasped and her knees buckled. Her body's craving only getting stronger with each touch.

"You know sis, I never figured you for a slut. I guess I was wrong since you're here naked." Kevin said twisting the verbal knife causing Julie to blush.

Kevin was only wearing a pair of bikini underpants and pushed his cock against Julie's ass. "Don't you dare cum you little slut, or I'll send you with your mother over to Mr. Ash's house." Julie moaned but managed to keep her body under control.

Marcus was next to walk into the kitchen. The reactions of his kids couldn't be any different. Kevin burst out laughing and teased his humiliated father. Julie gasped and almost cried when she saw him standing there in a dress, high heels, and makeup. If her dad was gay, there was no chance in hell that she could seduce him. The thought of not being able to follow her instructions only meant she would get no relief.

Kevin acted as if he hadn't ordered his submissive dad to dress as he did smiled and said. "Gee Dad, who would have thought you were a cross dresser? Why now?"

Marcus, who didn't know what to say, sputtered, "I didn't think anyone was up so I just slipped this on. I'm sorry if you're uncomfortable. I'll go change."

Kevin giggled and added, "That might be best, you never know who might see you." As he waved Marcus back upstairs to change.

Kevin watched Julie's expression and knew she was very desperate. She watched their dad leave, sat down in a chair and hung her head. Kevin reached around Julie's head and pulled it up to look at him. He leaned over and gave Julie a long passionate kiss. Julie melted in his arms and her pussy gushed. If only her orders were to seduce her brother.

"Slut, go upstairs and dress, one exhibitionist in the house is enough." Julie nodded and walked out of the room.

The rest of the morning was fairly normal. If you can call a family of slaves normal. Julie was moaning and groaning with each step. Marcus was dashing around the house cleaning and picking up. Kevin sat in the dining room like a king in his castle. It was just before eleven when Jesse made an appearance. Kevin saw her walking towards the kitchen.

"Where are you going slave?" Kevin demanded.

Jesse was startled; she hadn't seen Kevin sitting at the table. "I'm sorry Master I didn't see you. I'm going to the kitchen and getting ready to go next door." Jesse answered.

"I think you were hiding trying to avoid seeing the family. I think it's time you learned your place." Kevin said, stood and walked over to Jesse who was frozen to the floor. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to the living room and bent her over the couch. Jesse groaned when the first slap hit her nearly naked ass. Kevin hesitated for a few seconds between the first blow and the next. He was relishing the feeling of power, the feeling of invincibility, of being in total control over everyone in the house. He smiled and whispered to Master X, "God I love this!" Kevin raised his hand again and slapped Jesse's ass again. He loved the way her ass jiggled with each stroke. Kevin reined about fifty smacks on Jesse's ass before he stopped.

Jesse was crying almost hysterically and begging Kevin to have mercy. She knew that if her ass hurt this much now, Mr. Ass next door would only make it worse.

Kevin stopped the pounding, tossed a pink collar at her and headed to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. When Jesse walked by, he got an idea.

"Slave, give me your panties. I want the world to see my mother's red ass. Jesse didn't hesitate but slipped them off and handed them to her Master Son.

She turned to go out the door, Kevin gave her already sore ass a couple more swats and waved to her as she walked out the door.

"You have a fine ass mommy. The red ass really makes your outfit today as well as the collar. I think your ass should always be red!" Kevin said and laughed.

Jesse walked out the door and headed across the small strip of grass between the two houses. Her ass on fire and her body flushed almost as red as her ass. The pink collar felt even tighter with each step. She hated she had to go over there. She couldn't stand their neighbor. He was fat, smelled, and was a letch. His very look sent shivers up her spine. Jesse wasn't aroused and probably wouldn't climax either. She knew he would have her doing the most disgusting things. The last time was mainly blowjobs except for his nephews. Mr. Ass mainly had her licking the floors and generally groveling at his feet. She finally made it to the door and noticed a note.


Come on in, I will either be in bed or the bathroom. Make sure you are naked.

It wasn't signed but it didn't matter, she was a slave. Jesse stepped inside the door and slipped off her remaining clothes. She took a deep breath and headed upstairs and to certain doom.

Robert Ash was waiting until he heard Jesse arrive downstairs. He wanted to completely humiliate his next door neighbor. He hated the way she always looked down her nose at him. He wanted her to know when he was finished with her that she was nothing. She was a piece of gum on the bottom of his shoe. All night long he dreamed of all the things he was going to do to her. He purposely didn't shower after yesterday's fun. He wanted to be especially ripe for her visit. When he heard her start up the stairs, Robert got up from the bed, and headed for the door. He timed it perfectly as just when he opened the door, Jesse was outside and naked just as ordered.

Robert Ash grabbed her arm and pulled her to the bathroom. "Perfect timing whore, I'm just about to clean up and you can help." He snickered when he saw her expression. He knew he smelled bad and he could see just how bad by looking at her.

Jesse almost gagged when Mr. Ass opened his bedroom door. The smell overwhelmed her senses and soured her stomach. She struggled not to retch the closer he was to her. When he pulled her to the bathroom, she breathed a sigh praying he was taking a shower. Once inside, he shut and locked the door. Jesse was now trapped in the small bathroom with no ventilation. She tried to breathe through her mouth but the smell tasted worse if possible.

Robert almost giggled he was so excited. He wanted her to think he was taking a shower but his plan was much more devious.

"Time to get to work slave, I need to piss. Get your skinny ass over here and hold my cock. You better not miss or I guarantee you will be sorry." He pulled her to the toilet, pushed her down to her knees and shoved her hand to his cock.

Jesse hated to touch the nasty smelling cock right in front of her. She wrapped her fingers around it and started to point it at the toilet. However, Robert had other ideas and let loose a stream spraying everywhere but the bowl. Jesse surprised at the sudden spray, tried to aim it at the bowl but it slipped out of her hand and sprayed all over her face and tits.


Jesse rushed to grab the spewing cock and aim it at the bowl. She finally managed to get it right just as he finished. Robert turned to the slave and grabbed a pair of hand cuffs off the counter. He pulled her arms behind her and cuffed them together. "Now clean my cock and make sure you get all the piss off my body."

Jesse was mortified at the thought of licking his nasty, piss covered cock. She wasn't sure if she could control her gagging. It was hard enough just being so close. When Robert saw her hesitate he smacked her across the cheek and again on the other cheek.

"Get busy whore." He spat.

Jesse took a breath and leaned forward and licked the nasty cock with her tongue. With each lick her stomach churned. When she was certain it was clean, she moved to his groin and then to his stomach.

Robert was watching the whore lick his body. He knew he was disgusting. He smiled and pushed her back and laughed. He turned and sat on the toilet and started to shit. Jesse still kneeling just to the side of the bowl couldn't stop the gags. With each grunt Jesse gagged even more. She was relieved she hadn't eaten before she arrived, otherwise Mr. Ass would have been covered in vomit. Jesse was hopeful the bathroom duties were well on the way to being over. She prayed a shower was next. Robert smiled at her. He knew she had no idea of his plans. He sat there for a good ten minutes finishing his business. He stood and walked to the sink.

Jesse was shocked that the disgusting man who lived next door, didn't have the decency to wipe his ass and now she knew why he smelt so bad. Robert leaned against the sink and started to brush his teeth. When Jesse didn't move, he turned and spat, "Get your tongue busy whore and clean my ass. You're not done."

Jesse gasped, but knew she had no choice. She leaned in and pushed her lips into his cheeks. Robert had her continue to lick his ass until he finished brushing his teeth. Jesse no longer had any resistance left in her. Her training and everything that she had been through removed any self-esteem, and left only a slave, a slave that served any dominant male or female without question.

Robert loved to torture his next door slave. Actually he loved to torture any woman. He believed that women were only good to serve his needs. He reached back and pushed Jesse away and turned to the shower. Jesse for the moment was relieved. If she had to deal with this disgusting human being, giving him a shower was probably the most pleasant.

Jesse smelled almost as bad as the hated Mr. Ass, and was almost anxious to get into the shower with him. At least then his pungent piss would be washed off. Jesse followed him to the shower as he turned it on, but when she started to get in with him he roughly shoved her to the ground.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing whore. I don't want your skanky ass in my shower. Go over and clean up the toilet, and make sure you lick up all the piss off the floor. When I get out I want there to be no sign of any piss in or around the toilet." Robert Ash said and smiled at her reaction. He waited till she slowly crawled over and started to lick the rim of the bowl. He smacked her ass a couple of times before he went and took his shower.

Jesse started at the rim of the bowl. It was tough with her hands bound behind her. With no other way to support herself, she had to sit on the floor and spread her legs. It was worse because the floor was covered in piss and covered her even more than before. Jesse tried to hurry and complete the job before the dominant neighbor finished his shower, but there was just too much to lick up. When he pulled the curtain aside and stepped out of the shower, Jesse was barely done with the bowl. He snarled at her, grabbed her collar and pulled her out of the bathroom and down the hall. He finally stopped when they arrived in his basement. To Jesse's surprise there were several men standing around.

Robert shoved her down on an ottoman and tied her legs to the bottom. He then fastened a leash to her collar and tied it to the other side of it. Now she was helpless, her hands still bound behind her back and her legs and neck tied to the ottoman.

"Okay boys, you have two hours to have some fun. You can fuck any hole you want as many times you want, just don't leave any permanent marks on her. Sorry she smells but the bitch can't aim. Leave me a few minutes because I want her to finish her job in the bathroom." Robert Ash said and walked back upstairs. He looked back over his shoulder and the six men were already surrounding the helpless whore.

Kevin was still sitting in the kitchen when Marcus finished his cleaning. He knew already that his slave daddy was primed and ready to suck his cock. Kevin knew of Marcus's orders to suck a cock every twelve hours. It was already six hours since he sucked Kevin's cock this morning, and he knew that if he wasn't already thinking about it, he soon would be.

Master X spoke into Kevin's ear, he told him that Julie was coming down in a minute or so, and she was going to try to seduce her dad again. He told Kevin to go out and disappear for a while and let her try.

Kevin smiled and walked towards the back door. "Daddy, for the rest of the day you are not allowed to play with your wimpy cock. As a matter of fact, you better keep your cock inside your pants. If I learn of you exposing your cock for any reason, you will never wear a piece of men's clothing again, EVER!" Kevin opened the back door and walked out. He glanced back at the door and saw Julie walk into the kitchen. Even Kevin moaned when he saw her. She was a figure of beauty and almost naked.

It was only seconds after Julie walked into the kitchen, that she saw her dad standing there looking at the back door. She didn't see anyone else and knew that this was her opportunity to complete her orders. Upstairs, Jason ordered her to change into one of the bathing suits he had photographed her, the week before. It really wasn't anything more than a couple scraps of cloth attached to some long strings. She felt more naked wearing it then if she was naked. Julie knew she should be disgusted at the thought of fucking her dad or her brother for that matter. However since her nightmare began she no longer had any control, not her body anyway, and now it seemed like her mind was following close behind. The only thing going through her mind was how bad she wanted to cum. When she saw her dad standing in the kitchen she smiled, "Hey Daddy, can you help me? I'm going to sunbathe and I don't want to burn. Would you put some sunscreen on me?"

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