tagIllustratedJesse's Journey Down a Rabbit Hole Ch. 15

Jesse's Journey Down a Rabbit Hole Ch. 15


I want to thank everyone for reading, voting and commenting on our story. I submitted the first six chapters, and Rebeccasm submitted chapter 6 through 12. I will be submitting chapters 12 through 18. We have both worked hard on this series and as such both deserve to share the postings. Hopefully you will visit both of us and enjoy the series.

As I mentioned in the previous chapters, this story is a collaborative effort between me and Rebeccsm. She has provided the art, and a lot of the plot, god I love how her mind works, and me for the text. Please let us know how you feel about our efforts. Comments and votes are welcome. It is the only way we will know if you like our work.

I would like to thank everyone who read the previous chapter and we hope that this chapter is even better. This story is about an empty nest mother that discovers her submissive side and decides to pursue her desires. But as you may well know that is a slippery slope and it is easy to get in over your head. It also contains non-consensual sex and forced exhibitionism. Please if this is not what you want move on. I want to thank Arilyn99 and Badassa for their efforts in editing these chapters. All persons portrayed are figments of our imaginations and are over 18 years old.

After signing all the papers and forms Master Kevin handed her, he told her it was late and tomorrow would be a long one. He instructed her which room to sleep in told her he would wake her at six tomorrow.

Brenda was sound asleep when Master Kevin walked into the Master Bedroom. He lightly shook Brenda from her sleep. "Hey mommy slave, it's time to get up. Go take a shower and clean up. I will meet you down stairs in fifteen minutes." Kevin stated and walked out the door, stepping over Jesse and Marcus bound and sleeping on the floor.

Brenda practically jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom. She was happy for the first time in a longtime. Today she would start to extract her revenge on Marcus and Jesse. She wanted to impress Master Kevin and didn't want to be late. The hot water cascading over her body washed away any remnants of sleep as her mind was filled with ideas of what she wanted to do to the slaves.

Brenda walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a pink towel. Marcus and Jesse were awake now and waited to be released. Brenda nudged Marcus with her foot and smiled down at her new slave. "Well Sissy, your ass is mine now, isn't that exciting?"

Marcus cringed and stared at the floor not saying a word. This time it wasn't a nudge but a sharp kick to the stomach. "Answer me slave!"

"Yes Mistress I am very excited." Marcus answered. Actually it was the last thing in the world he wanted, but he knew not to anger her any further.

Brenda turned to Jesse and ordered, "Whore, I'm going to release you now. You have fifteen minutes to clean up and get downstairs. Master Kevin is going to school with you."

Jesse quickly jumped up as soon as she was released and ran to the bathroom. She quickly used the toilet and brushed her teeth. Jesse jumped in the shower and quickly washed her hair. She knew that her time was almost gone, grabbed a towel and started to fix her hair. If she was going to school, Master must want her to teach her classes. She had to be somewhat presentable. Exactly fifteen minutes later, Jesse walked into the kitchen. Sitting at the dining room table was Kevin and Brenda. They were talking quietly and stopped when Jesse entered.

Brenda looked at the clock on the wall and scolded, "You just made it slut. Just so you know in the future, when I say fifteen minutes I mean less. How much less is up to me, so don't be late."

"Yes Mistress, this slave understands." Jesse meekly answered. She went to an open corner and stood quietly, waiting to be told what to do. She watched as Kevin stood and tossed Jesse a bag. Jesse opened it and pulled out a short white skirt and a sleeveless backless top. At the bottom of the large bag was a pair of white high heel boots. She slipped it on and cringed at the thought of teaching in it. She was dressed like something between club wear and stripper wear. Jesse knew she had no choice but stood and waited for her Master to speak.

"Slave, I was told you have a school Mistress, is that correct?" Kevin demanded.

"Yes Master, when Master X had me go to school almost naked, Janice Wilson caught me. Ever since then, she has made my life miserable at school. I have to report to her office each morning by six o'clock. I have to strip as soon as I get to school. I'm to get to her office get down on my knees and wait until she calls me. Usually she has me eat her then she tells me what I have to do during the day." Jesse answered.

Well you have about fifteen minutes to get to school so we better leave. Jesse didn't know what was going to happen, but after Master John, Mr. Ash, Janice and now Master Kevin it really didn't matter. She was well programmed to obey.

The drive to school was only about ten minutes. Kevin told Jesse to head in and obey all of Janice's instructions. "I'll see you later slave and don't mention me to Ms. Wilson."

Jesse nodded and got out of the car. She walked to the door and stripped. Jesse looked around to see if anyone was around, then put her clothes in a bag and walked into the school.

Kevin waited for a minute before he pulled out his cell and made a call. He smiled as Master X is giving him exactly what he always wanted, a harem of beautiful women slaves.

Walking down the school hallway naked always scared and aroused Jesse. The first few times she almost orgasmed just walking, now it just stoked the fire that seemed to always be burning deep inside her. She got to Mistress Janice's office and put her clothes next to the door and dropped to her knees, then knocked. It was two minutes before six. She waited there on her knees until she heard "Enter" and crawled through the door.

Janice was standing in front of her desk. It was a long weekend and she was looking forward to humiliating her slave Jesse. Today she was going to have her eat her to a few orgasms, and then have her crawl to her room naked. Janice loved to wait until just before school started before she would bring her clothes to her. She watched as Jesse crawled into Janice's office. 'There's something different. She's more submissive than ever. I wonder what happened over the weekend. I want to know. I wonder what it will take to make her tell me.'

Jesse crawled up to Janice and knelt down and kissed her feet. She waited with her lips on her shoes for Janice to tell her what she wanted. Janice was ecstatic at having her biggest pain in her ass as her personal slave. She wanted to use the slave in the worst way, but first she needed to get out some frustrations.

"Stand up and lay down on my desk slave. I need some relief." Jesse didn't hesitate and quickly bent over her Mistress's desk. Janice grabbed a short plastic ruler and started to spank Jesse's ass. She must have smacked it over 30 times before she pushed Jesse back down to the floor.

Janice reached behind her and unfastened her skirt and slipped it off her legs. She hadn't worn panties today because she was so horny she wanted to be open and available to take advantage of her slave's wonderful tongue as much as possible and panties would just get in the way.

"Get busy slave, I've been waiting for this all weekend. We're going to have to fix that problem. I think we need to have you visit me when school isn't in session." Janice spoke and pulled Jesse's face to her core.

Kevin waited in the car talking with Master X when a car pulled up next to him. Christy Wilson got out of the car. She was wearing a white tube dress that barely covered her tits and ended up at her ass and a pair of white high heeled boots identical to Jesse's. She was very nervous. Being at her mother's school and dressed like a slut had her trembling. But she couldn't refuse her Master. He could ruin her with just a call. But it wasn't the blackmail any longer. Christy was hooked on being a slave to Kevin. She stopped by the driver's door and dropped to her knees.

Kevin didn't even look at the kneeling slave outside his door. He and Master X were finalizing their plans. When Kevin finally hung up the phone, he opened the door and stepped out. "Strip slave!" was his command.

Christy quickly stripped and handed Kevin her clothes and boots. She was now naked in the school parking lot right next to her mother's car. A shiver ran up and down her spine. Christy knew that after today her life would never be the same again.

Kevin had her stand and shackled her ankles together. He then cuffed her hands behind her and pulled her for the door. Christy followed behind him, each step causing her body to tingle with excitement. The closer they got to her mother's office the more Christy's body shook. When Kevin stopped just outside the main office, he turned to Christy and said, "Okay slave, I'm going to visit your mother for a few minutes. When I tell you I want you to crawl into her office. You are not allowed to say a word unless I tell you otherwise. You will crawl to the middle of the room and keep you head bowed. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master I understand." Christy answered in barely a whisper.

"Good now follow me." He said and eased the office door open a crack. He reached in and slapped a piece of tape over the motion sensor that turned on the lights. He didn't want Janice to know he was there just yet. They slipped down the hall towards Janice Wilson's office. Once outside the door, Kevin leaned in and listened and waited. He could hear Janice spitting out obscenities and calling Jesse every vile name she could think of. He waited until he knew she was on the verge of an orgasm and walked in.

Janice was just on the cusp of a major orgasm when the door to her office burst open and Kevin Grabas walked in. Janice's orgasm disappeared in an instant. She was caught with Kevin's mother naked between her legs and munching on her cunt. She tried to get control of the situation and pushed Jesse away. She stepped closer to Kevin and sputtered. "K-K-Kevin, what are you doing here? I'm mean it's not what it looks like. She was..."


Janice shut up as Kevin's outburst took her by surprise.

"Now I know what you have been doing to my slave and I'm not happy. Now I want you to understand exactly what is going to happen. You are now my slave. You will do anything and everything I demand. You will do it without hesitation and with enthusiasm and beg for more."

Janice heard what Kevin was saying but there was no way she was going to submit to him. Her face turned red and she started to scream, when Kevin motioned towards the open door. Janice stood and watched as her daughter; Christy crawled on her knees, naked into her office. Janice's face gave away her emotions. First anger, then surprise, then shock, and finally fear at what was happening. Janice looked at Christy and saw the cuffs and shackles, her body trembled as every nerve in her body was tingling and overloading her brain.

"Now unless you do exactly what I want, I will have no choice but to take it out on dear Christy! Or, you can strip right now and ask me nicely to be your Master." Kevin said and watched as Janice's resistance melted like ice on a hot stove. He waited and watched as Janice slowly surrendered and started to remove her jacket and blouse. Soon she was standing in front of Kevin, naked and trying to cover her lady bits with her hands.

She lowered her head and quietly spoke, "Please Kevin take me as a slave, let me serve you. All I ask is you release my daughter."

Kevin laughed at Janice's plea. "No such luck slut, however if you're good, maybe I'll be nice to her. And just maybe I won't whore her out on the street. Now get down on your knees beside your slave daughter." Kevin said and pointed at the floor.

Janice's mind was overloaded and no other solution was clear, she slowly dropped to her knees beside her daughter Christy.

Kevin smiled an evil smile and looked down at the mother and daughter kneeling in front of him. He quickly forced their legs apart and had Janice lock her hands behind her back. He pulled up a chair and sat down.

"Now here is what is going to happen today slave. Jesse and Christy are going with me. You will teach Jesse's classes today. I will supply the clothes you will wear. At lunch you will go to this address and ask for Ben. You will allow him to do what he wants to you. Once he is done, you will come back to school and finish your day. Do you understand slave?"

"Yes Sir I understand, but please leave my daughter out of this. You have me and I'll do anything you want." Janice pleaded again.

Kevin laughed and walked up to the naked kneeling Vice Principal. "You slut! You don't have a choice and you know it. If you don't do exactly as I command, then it's off to jail. What I do or have Christy do is not in your control. That is unless ...."

"Unless what?" Janice begged.

"Unless you are very good and do everything I say with a smile. If you can stay out of trouble then dear Christy will have no problems. However, if you break a rule, refuse to do what you're told, hesitate, or otherwise piss me off then it's Christy that will be punished. Is that clear to you?" Kevin barked.

"Yes Sir I understand." Janice answered as she blinked away a tear. Kevin knew she was vulnerable and wanted to grind her down even more.

"Here's your dress slut that is all you wear for the rest of the day. If I were you I'd get to class early if you want to minimize your exposure." Kevin snickered and tossed Janice a red and black spaghetti strapped dress. Janice quickly pulled it over her head and tried to cover her body. The bottom of the dress didn't cover her ass or pussy. Janice was starting to panic when Christy help extend the straps and drop the dress down and barely cover her ass and pussy. However, now almost all of her tits were exposed. With minimal movement her nipples were poking out of the top. But at least she was covered enough to get to the classroom. If she stayed in the room all day she should be able to make it through the day. The students were going to be very happy though.

Kevin stood and motioned for Jesse and Christy to follow him and walked out the door, taking all of Janice's clothes. She had no choice but to rush to Jesse's classroom. Seconds later, Janice was running down the hall her tits bouncing out of her dress.

Janice opened the classroom door and quickly walked in and slammed it shut. She was barely hanging on. The morning started out so good. It went to shit as soon as that slut's son Kevin walked in. But it was when Christy followed, naked and shackled that sealed her fate. Now she was about to teach junior and senior students almost naked. She sat at the desk and cried. Janice didn't think about the time when the bell went off for first period. She jumped up and tried to straighten her face. There was no turning back now.

Janice tried to maintain some semblance of authority but the dress made that almost impossible. . She tried to teach but she felt naked in the dress and with each whistle, whisper, or giggle, ripped a piece of her self-esteem away and with it any chance of discipline.

Kevin walked down the hallway on the way to the parking lot. Trailing behind him were Jesse and Christy, still naked. Christy hobbling as fast as she could with her ankles still shackled.

Jesse knew Master Kevin was planning something when he rode with her to school. But when he walked into Janice's office and totally dominated her almost made her proud. Her Master was saving her. She almost crawled over and kissed his shoes when she saw the fear in her eyes. Jesse was on her knees off to the side when Kevin called in Janice's daughter. Everything after that was a blur. Jesse almost smiled, she was a slave, but her Master was protecting her.

Kevin walked up to the trunk of the car and pulled out two bags and two shoe boxes. "Here slaves put these on," and handed them to the two naked women. He pulled out the key to the shackles and tossed it to Jesse. "Turn her loose and get dressed." He opened the door and got in the car. Jesse helped Christy out of the shackles and both got dressed. In minutes they pulled out of the parking lot and down the street. Because it was still early, Kevin pulled into a diner and treated his slaves to breakfast.

About an hour later, the three walked down the street. Kevin leading the way with Christy and Jesse following close behind. They walked about a block when he led them into a piercing and tattoo parlor and walked in.

Both Christy and Jesse gasped when the first thing that caught their eyes was Brenda sitting in a chair getting a tattoo. She was wearing a sheer dress, thong and heels. Her body was on display, but it didn't look like she cared. She glanced at the door and gave a smirk at the two slaves. Kevin smiled when he saw Brenda getting her tattoo. He knew she had no idea of what it meant.

Jesse followed her Master closely. Since he rescued her from Janice's clutches she no longer saw him as her son, or step son but only as her master. Her pussy gushed every time she thought about how he took charge and totally dominated Janice. When Ben finished with Brenda, Jesse rushed up and took her place. She wanted her Master's mark and would show it proudly.

Brenda walked up to Master Kevin and stood beside him. She watched as Ben started to tattoo Jesse's arm. Kevin turned to her and asked, "Let me see your mark of ownership."

Brenda extended her arm and showed her mark.

Kevin smiled and said, "It looks good on you, how does it feel to be owned?"

Brenda didn't like the word owned and scowled, "How do you think it feels. I'm only doing this to get back at that fucking sissy slut of a man. Once he is sold I'm out of here." She spat.

Kevin smiled and walked over to see what else was available in the store. Brenda and Kevin waited until Ben finished with the two slaves. Jesse looked happy and satisfied while Christy looked frightened. It really didn't matter, all three of the slaves were now in too deep to get out and Kevin knew as soon as he explained what the tattoo meant the reality of their situation would become real.

When Christy was finished, Kevin told the three slaves to kneel, down in front of him and show their new marks.

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