tagIllustratedJesse's Journey Down a Rabbit Hole Ch. 17

Jesse's Journey Down a Rabbit Hole Ch. 17


I want to thank everyone for reading, voting and commenting on our story. I submitted the first six chapters, and Rebeccasm submitted chapter 6 through 12. I will be submitting chapters 12 through 18. We have both worked hard on this series and as such both deserve to share the postings. Hopefully you will visit both of us and enjoy the series.

As I mentioned in the previous chapters, this story is a collaborative effort between me and Rebeccsm. She has provided the art, and a lot of the plot, god I love how her mind works, and me for the text. Please let us know how you feel about our efforts. Comments and votes are welcome. It is the only way we will know if you like our work.

I would like to thank everyone who read the previous chapter and we hope that this chapter is even better. This story is about an empty nest mother that discovers her submissive side and decides to pursue her desires. But as you may well know that is a slippery slope and it is easy to get in over your head. It also contains non-consensual sex and forced exhibitionism. Please if this is not what you want move on. I want to thank Arilyn99 and Badassa for their efforts in editing these chapters. All persons portrayed are figments of our imaginations and are over 18 years old.


By the time Charles stepped into Julie's new room, Julie was barely conscious. Her head was hanging down from the ring around her neck. At first he thought she was dead. She didn't moved when he walked in. Charles knelt down beside her and moved her hair out of her face. She moaned and slowly looked up at her Master.

"Please Master I will be good. Please Master let me prove it." She begged barley above a whisper.

Charles smiled and unlocked the cage. He gently pulled the stiff slave out of the cage and helped her to straighten out.

"There, there my little slut, it gets easier. In a few days you will look forward to your new bed." Master Charles said and chuckled. He knew that by the time she wanted to climb back into the cage he had broken her spirit and would do anything he wanted.

Julie looked up at her Master and said, "Thank you Master, this slave will be good."

"Good now I've laid your new uniform out on the bathroom sink. Go clean up and do your business. You have 15 minutes to finish and get downstairs to the kitchen." He said as he released her wrists and ankles. Charles looked down at the naked slave lying at his feet. She wasn't moving and was looking around the room almost in a daze.

Charles nudged her with his toe. "GET UP SLAVE AND GET BUSY!" He shouted and watched as Julie clamored to her knees and crawled out of the room and down the hall. He figured her legs hadn't started to work yet but liked how her ass shimmied as she crawled.

Julie finally able to stand, stood in the bathroom staring at the mirror. 'God how did I end up here.' She thought as tears ran down her cheek. She looked across the room and saw the bucket sitting by the toilet. She thought about using the toilet for a second but walked over and grabbed the bucket.

"I can't believe he's making me use a bucket." She said quietly praying her Master didn't hear her. She slowly lowered her ass to the bucket and released her bladder, followed quickly by her bowels. Julie hated every second but it was better than sitting outside on a barrel. Julie glanced at the clock and noticed she only had ten minutes left before she had to be in the kitchen. Julie jumped into the shower and quickly washed her exhausted body.

With just a minute to spare, Julie slipped on the black, topless, vinyl mini-dress and headed down stairs, with her bucket. She hurried to dump the bucket in the barrel and rush back to her Master.

Master was already sitting at the table reading the paper. "About time slave, get busy and fix my breakfast. Eggs, bacon and toast, and don't burn it." He barked and smacked her ass.

Julie jumped and yipped but quickly went to work. Her mind still foggy but functioning. It took her a while to fix everything; she had trouble finding all she needed. But twenty minutes later, she brought her Master a plate of food. She didn't prepare herself anything, she was afraid he would punish her.

Charles finished his breakfast and walked to the cabinet under the sink. He pulled out a bag of Kibbles and Bits and poured some in a bowl and set it on the floor. Julie looked at him in shock. "Please Master no, I can't eat that. Master please." Julie pleaded.

"No problem slave, do without. You'll eat it when you get hungry enough, now clean up the kitchen and meet me in my den." He ordered and walked out of the room.

Julie looked down at the bowl of dog food. She was very hungry but she refused to stoop so low as to eat dog food. She would rather starve. Julie made quick work of the dishes and walked into the den. Her Master was sitting in his chair with a large metal brace on the table beside him.

"Kneel down in front of me slave," Master Charles barked. He was enjoying commanding his newest slave. Julie knelt down almost between her Master's legs. Charles grabbed the brace and proceeded to cuff her ankles and wrists behind her, leaving her helpless and on her knees before him.

Julie could do nothing but kneel on the floor, her master ignoring her and reading a book. Every ten or fifteen minutes or so he would grab her neck and shove her face down to his cock. Never long enough to cum, but enough to let her know he was in charge. They sat like that for almost an hour before someone knocked at the front door.

Julie couldn't move but waited for her Master to return to the living room. He was followed by another man carrying a box. The man walked up to Julie and grabbed her chin, pulling her face up to look at her features.

"Wow she is a spitting image of her mother." The man said and slid his hands down to her tits and squeezed them. "Nice, very nice, they will be even better once we finish with them."

Julie gasped and tried to move away from the man's hands, but bound as she was it was a futile effort. The man turned to look at Charles and said, "Have you told her yet?" Charles shook his head and smiled. "Oh, well may I?"

"No, absolutely not, I will tell her in good time. Now did you bring what I asked?" Charles stated.

"Yes I did, and I want to thank you for your latest formulas. They work great, and the side effects are a plus." Everything you need is in the box. Remember the chemist said that it will be awhile before he can finish another batch. I have enough for my needs but if you need more it could be a while before we get another delivery." The man said.

Charles turned to Julie and smiled an evil smile. "Where are my manners, slut, this is Dr. Williams. He is your mother's new doctor. I wanted him to be involved in your care. Say hello to Dr. Williams." Master Charles demanded.

Julie looked up at the doctor and quietly whispered, "Hello Dr. Williams. What happened to our regular doctor?"

"I am a specialist and that is what your mother needs right now. But don't worry we will take very good care of both of you." Dr. Williams answered his cock starting to expand as he remembered how good her mother was at sucking cocks.

The two men talked for almost an hour while Julie knelt in between them. Finally Charles asked the doctor, "Thanks for making the trip over here, can my slave do anything to make it worth your while?"

"Absolutely, I would love those lovely lips around my cock." Dr. Williams answered quickly opening his pants and pulling out his rock hard cock.

"Excellent, Slave crawl over and please our guest." Master Charles said as he half dragged her over between the doctor's legs.

Julie was in no position to resist and leaned forward and slowly licked the large purple head. 'At least it is clean,' Julie thought. She opened her mouth wide and slowly pushed it deeper in her mouth. Julie didn't have the experience her mother has but what she lacked in skill she made up for with enthusiasm. Soon the doctor was moaning and shoving his cock deeper and deeper down the submissive co-ed's throat.

Julie must have sucked the doctor's cock for over 15 minutes. Every time she thought he was close, he would hold her head still until he managed to bring his orgasm under control. By the time he was ready to cum, Julie was taking his cock down her throat with each stroke and her drool was covering her tits.

Finally the doctor held her head down with her nose buried in his pubic hair, he shot his load down her throat. Julie felt his cock pulse over and over knowing his seed was draining down to her stomach. Almost immediately it started to deflate but she didn't want to disobey and kept her mouth sealed around the flaccid cock. Doctor Williams shoved her off his sensitive cock and sat back enjoying the moment as the last few pulses of his orgasm flowed through his body.

"You have a winner here Charles. I can't wait till you get her trained." He said and stood to leave.

As the good doctor turned to the door, he reached down and patted Julie on her head. That simple act was more demeaning than sucking his cock. He was treating her like a pet dog.

Julie was trying to maintain her composure, her life was upside down. In just a couple weeks, she had gone from happy co-ed with a loving family, to a slave of a perverted professor and a family of slaves. She had nothing, no clothes, no money, and for the moment, no family she could depend on. It was up to her to survive.

After the doctor left, Master Charles had Julie cleaning the house, only letting her take breaks to suck his cock. Finally he looked at the time and smiled, "It's time for some fun slave, follow me." Charles ordered. Julie had long ago given up escaping, and followed behind her master staring at the floor.

Charles led the slut co-ed down the stairs to the basement. At the bottom of the stairs were two doors. He opened the door on the right and pulled Julie into the darkened room. Julie stood just inside the door as her Master turned on the light, shut the door and locked it. She looked around the room which was basically empty. The brick walls were unfinished, only various rings hanging from the red bricks. At the far end was a large cabinet with a padlock. Charles walked over to it and pulled out a set of keys. He unlocked the doors, and pulled out four leather cuffs with short chains attached to them. Charles closed the cabinet and walked over to the trembling Julie.

"Don't worry my pretty slave, this won't hurt at all and you might even enjoy it."

Julie knew she wasn't supposed to speak but she needed to know, "Please Master, what are you going to do to me?"

Her Master ignored her comment working at attaching the cuffs to her wrists and ankles. Soon Julie was attached to the rings on the brick wall her body strung up spread eagle. Julie was openly crying now, she was afraid of what her Master was going to do to her. She watched him walk over to the box the doctor had delivered and opened it.

Charles didn't want her to have any idea of what was going to happen and kept his body between her and what he was doing. He quickly prepared four syringes, each with different chemicals. Each was designed to do different things to her body. Normally they would slowly change and enhance her body over months, but Charles knew he only had a couple months to finish her enhancements. She would be undergoing these treatments each day. By the end of four weeks her body should be approaching what he envisioned.

When Master turned towards her Julie gasped. He was carrying a large syringe and his face had an evil smile. As he walked towards her she screamed, "Please don't do this, I don't want it, please whatever it is I don't want it in my body." Julie pleaded.

Charles giggled at the beautiful slave's pleadings, "How do you know you don't want this? You might like it." He said. Julie now panicking asked him again, "What are you doing to me? Please tell me."

Charles stopped for a few seconds, he was debating with himself as to if he wanted her to know what he was going to do, but decided not and proceeded to grab her left tit and shoved the needle into the end of her nipple and pushed the plunger.

At first Julie didn't feel anything, but after a few seconds her tit started to get warm as the chemicals started to spread filling her entire breast. Before she could do anything, her master pulled out another syringe and did the same to her other breast. Julie was panting as the feeling of the chemicals spread to her chest and down to her stomach. Her tits felt like they were swelling, growing, and her nipples shot out further than she had ever seen them before. When Master grabbed each tit her body almost erupted in an orgasm that seemed to come up from nowhere. Her eyes grew wide when she watched him go to the table and grab two more syringes. Julie's mind was confused as she had never felt so aroused before in her life. Just the momentary touch of her tits lit a fire in her that was now consuming her entire body. Julie's eyes were closed as wave after wave of sexual arousal was exploding through each and every nerve, when she felt a prick in her cunt lip. This time the chemicals shot straight to her core and exploded. Julie mind was consumed with the sensations and didn't even notice that last shot in her other cunt lip, but felt the results. Now she was trembling but not from the cold, her entire body was experiencing something unlike anything she had ever experienced before. She needed relief and needed it now. She opened her mouth and out shot words she never expected to ever say to the perverted professor and now her Master.


Charles Butler just smiled. He figured there would be some side effects, but nothing like this. The drugs would make her tits grow with each injection. The injection by her core would expand her hips and give her an infinitely fuckable ass and puffy cunt lips. The professor expected the added sensitivity, but full on body consuming arousal was an unexpected plus. He watched Julie, her eyes wide and her mouth open. Her breaths were coming in short pants and her pussy juice was leaking down her legs. Charles wanted to see how she would react and slid his hand up her thigh. He smiled as a moan escaped her mouth from somewhere deep inside her body. The closer his hand got to her cunt the louder her moans. Just as his fingers arrived near her lips, he pulled them back and watched as she screamed and pushed her hips out to find his fingers again.

Charles loved every second of her misery. Every time she started to calm down, he would touch her again driving her back up till she was begging him to take her. Each time he left her hanging, she was a little closer to insanity. Finally he walked away and out of the room.

Julie watched her Master leave the room. Her body was out of control. Twice her bladder had released and just the release of piss gave her a mini orgasm. She begged him to stay and touch her but when the door closed she screamed a scream of exasperation as her body needed release.

Charles walked across the hall to the other door. He walked in and there was a lot of activity inside the large room. Charles Butler had a video studio built in his basement. Inside were a large green screen, cameras, props, and all manner of bondage equipment. He walked over to the director and asked when he would be finished with the current shoot.

"We just got started so it will be about two hours before we're ready for your new star." The director said.

"Great, she's in no shape to be filmed right now. Hopefully by then she will be." Charles answered and left the room.

Charles walked up stairs and waited for about an hour before he returned to release Julie from the wall. When he walked in she was hanging by her wrists, a puddle was between her legs on the floor. He walked up to her and stroked her cheek. A slight moan escaped her mouth and she pushed her cheek against his hand. He smiled as she cooed from his touch. Seeing as she had at least regained control over her body, he released her cuffs and led her upstairs to his office.

Julie was only semi-conscious when her Master arrived and touched her cheek. His touch was magical but nothing like before. She wanted him to touch her more but when he took his hand away it wasn't the end of the world like before. When he finished releasing her arms and legs, Julie followed her Master like a lost puppy. She no longer could resist him and would do anything he wanted. Her world centered on her Master.

When they arrived in his office, Master Charles commanded her to stand in front of his desk. "Hands behind your head and spread your legs slave."

Julie did as ordered, standing on her toes hoping that if she was obedient he would fuck her. She stood not moving waiting for him to speak.

"I'm guessing you are wondering what is going on and what I am doing to you. Well as beautiful as you are, you aren't perfect. I am making you perfect. The injections you just received are just the first of many you will receive over the next few weeks. You will notice your body changing with each treatment. Your tits will be much larger. You are a nice "C" cup now but by the time I am done you will be at least a double 'D'. Your hips are too slim for my liking and are not in style now. Everyone wants bigger asses on their women. You can thank Kim Kardashian for that. I will be adding additional injections that will reduce any fat around your waist. When we are done your waist will be around 21 inches. You will have a figure that every porn star will envy with some nice puffy cunt lips."

Julie just stood and stared in shock at hearing what was in store for her. She tried to understand everything he was saying, but with each second her body was taking over her mind again. She needed to cum so bad his words just passed through her head without comprehension.

Charles almost laughed at the desperate slave. He could see her body tremble and the lust in her face.

"Now the next question I'm sure on your mind is why. Well for the next few months. You will be staring in a new series of porn movies, documenting your change from naïve co-ed paying for her college education to full blown porn star and slave to your own body." Charles said and watched for a reaction.

Julie's mouth flew open as his words reached her brain. The look of panic filled her face and her legs almost collapsed. Charles stood and walked to his slave. He knew that she was right on the brink of a breakdown, when he caressed her tits. Julie's eyes closed as her body reacted to his touch. In seconds all thoughts of what was to become of her vanished as her body again exploded with arousal.

Charles took advantage of his slave's stupor and tossed her a black slut dress and spike heels. "Put these on and follow me slut."

Julie grabbed the dress and pulled it over her head. Just the touch of the tight dress on her nipples almost caused her body to erupt. She slipped on the heels and followed her master panting like a bitch in heat, praying he was taking her to get fucked.

Charles led the overly excited slave back down stairs, only this time it was to the left not the right. As soon as they entered, Julie swooned at the men standing off to the side. When her Master pulled her to the set she realized that this wasn't a normal porn shoot, but a bondage shoot. Her mind was trying to gain control over her body. She was frightened at the apparatus sitting in front of her and started to back away.

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