tagIllustratedJesse's Journey Down a Rabbit Hole Ch. 18

Jesse's Journey Down a Rabbit Hole Ch. 18


I want to thank everyone for reading, voting and commenting on our story. I submitted the first six chapters, and Rebeccasm submitted chapter 6 through 12. I will be submitting chapters 12 through 18. We have both worked hard on this series and as such both deserve to share the postings. Hopefully you will visit both of us and enjoy the series.

As I mentioned in the previous chapters, this story is a collaborative effort between me and Rebeccsm. She has provided the art, and a lot of the plot, god I love how her mind works, and me for the text. Please let us know how you feel about our efforts. Comments and votes are welcome. It is the only way we will know if you like our work.

I would like to thank everyone who read the previous chapter and we hope that this chapter is even better. This story is about an empty nest mother that discovers her submissive side and decides to pursue her desires. But as you may well know that is a slippery slope and it is easy to get in over your head. It also contains non-consensual sex and forced exhibitionism. Please if this is not what you want move on. I want to thank Arilyn99 and Badassa for their efforts in editing these chapters. All persons portrayed are figments of our imaginations and are over 18 years old.

Jesse made it out to her car keeping her head down. She heard the whispers, gasps and giggles, but ignored them, choosing to head straight to the faculty parking lot. Once outside the school, she looked up and there was Martin and Michael, leaning against her car. Jesse looked around to see if anyone was around. Even though she was sure everyone knew about her, she didn't need to be seen driving two male students away from the school.

"About time slut, we've been waiting for a while." Martin spat at the slave teacher.

"I'm sorry, the halls were packed. This slave left as soon as it could." Jesse answered her voice filled with submission.

Jesse unlocked her car and then saw the camera bags sitting next to her car. Both boys had opened the bags and pulled out a camera. Martin had a digital still camera, and Michael was using a video camera. Both had started to film almost immediately, documenting Jesse's walk of shame in her slut dress from the school toward her car. Once inside, Martin spoke first, "Okay teach, head to Dr. Williams office. You need to get your shots."

Michael added, "And pull your dress up. We want to see your cunt."

Jesse moaned as she adjusted her dress, remembering how aroused she was after the last time. With the nephews following her every step, the entire world would soon know how big a slut she really was. She quickly turned out of the parking lot and down the street. In minutes she pulled up to the Doctor's office and stepped out of the car. She was surprised when the boys stayed behind.

Jesse stopped and turned back to the boys. She had confused look on her face. Michael laughed and said, "Go ahead slave, we hate needles. We'll be right here when you finish. Kevin warned us it might be a while before you come back down, but don't push it. You have 90 minutes to get back here."

Jesse nodded and headed inside. The procedure was pretty much the same. She was restrained as the good doctor shot her full of drugs. Jesse's body reacted the same as last time, but with subtle differences. This time the intense arousal was the same but it didn't last nearly as long. However when the intensity eased, it didn't go away totally. Her body was still very sensitive to touch, and her arousal was high, but it wasn't the mind numbing full body craving to orgasm. Jesse could barely function.

Dr. Williams kept Jesse strapped and restrained for almost an hour. By that time she was able to control her body and function. When he walked into the treatment room to release her, he stopped and spoke.

"How are you feeling slave?"

Jesse opened her eyes, and looked up at him. She was just starting to come down from the initial rush. "I think I'm okay Doctor." She whispered. Her breaths were coming in short pants.

"Good you can talk, that's a good sign. You see the intense arousal you felt before is normal. This time it was shorter and that's good, your body is adjusting." He reached out and caressed her tits.

Jesse gasped at the touch and arched her back to push back into his hand.

"No, no, no, that's not allowed. It will be a few minutes before it passes." Dr. Williams explained as his hand drifted down her stomach. "You see the initial mind numbing arousal will decrease with each dose. However as you noticed after the first treatment you will be constantly aroused. The intense arousal shortens, but the residual arousal increases with each dose. By the fifth or sixth dose, you won't have those intense fits of arousal any more, but you will stay aroused longer and that will increase with each dose. So if you were horny after the last shots, you will be even hornier after these."

Jesse's body was calming down with each moment. By the time he finished explaining how the drugs would affect her she was able to comprehend what he was saying. She lay there listening to him as he released her arms and legs.

Dr. Williams helped her to her feet and pulled her to the middle of the room. He buzzed his nurse and soon they were taking measurement after measurement and logging them on to the computer. When they finished, the doctor printed out a report and handed it to Jesse.

"Take this to Master Kevin. I'm sure he will be please at your progress."

Jesse nodded and took the paper. "Now it's time for my tip. Drop down and suck my cock, slave." He commanded.

Jesse didn't resist, she wanted a cock in her mouth, and she had hoped he would fuck her and gives her some relief, but that didn't happen. She reached up, unfastened his pants and pulled out his cock. His cock was long, over seven inches and pretty thick. She kissed the end and licked the shaft. She knew he wanted her to draw this out, but she was afraid she would be late returning to the twins. As soon as she managed to moisten his cock, she opened wide and shoved it into her mouth. By the third stroke, she managed to shove it down her throat. She heard the doctor above her moan and doubled her effort. He stood no chance, the last few weeks of training made Jesse an expert cocksucker. Inside of five minutes he exploded down her throat.

Jesse walked out of the clinic at exactly 90 minutes. The boys were still leaning up against her car. As she got closer they stepped up to her and grabbed her. Martin had her tits, squeezing them roughly, and Michael her ass, pushing her dress deep in the passage between her cheeks. Jesse moaned as their hands setting her on fire.

The two boys kept it up until Jesse was about to collapse. Martin laughed and walked away.

"Come on slut, you have another appointment and we don't want to be late." Martin taunted and got in the car. Michael followed suite and Jesse was left panting on the street, her body on fire and her mind ready to do anything to orgasm.

Jesse got in the car and the three were on the way to the tattoo parlor where she was tattooed a day or so earlier. This time, instead of Jesse going alone, the boys told her to wait until they were ready before she got out of the car.

As soon as she opened the door, both boys had their cameras trained on the slut walking into the parlor.

Jesse's mind was confused, her body was on fire and two of her students were controlling her every move. She slowly walked into the tattoo parlor thinking that her body was going to me marked again. After visiting the doctor to modify her appearance and now she was about to be tattooed again, part of her was hating every second, but another was excited to see what was in store for her.

Michael quickly walked through the door first. He wanted to video her coming in of her own free will. He loved the look on her face. Her expression flashed between fears, to arousal, to humiliation in just seconds. However she never hesitated. Jesse walked into the waiting area and stood in the middle of the room. She stood there for a second when Ben, the shop owner walked out from behind a curtain.

"God I love my job," he exclaimed. "I've been looking forward to this appointment all day. Now strip slave, we have a lot of work to do."

Jesse's mind took a second to process the command, but quickly dropped her dress on the floor. She stood naked to the world just inside the door of the shop. She looked at her student masters, her eyes pleading with them to stop.

It was Ben who took charge and barked out orders. "Slave on your knees and follow me. You with the video camera, head down the hall and video her crawling from the front."

Michael nodded and walked ahead of them. "My name is Michael, that's my brother Martin." He said.

"Good, Martin get pictures of her ass as she crawls down the hall." Ben added.

Martin smiled and knelt down till he was level with her ass and snapped several pictures.

"Okay, we are going downstairs to a special room where we won't be heard. Make sure you get pictures as she starts down the stairs."

About halfway down the hall was a set of stairs leading to the basement. Michael was already down the stairs with his camera trained on Jesse's naked crawling body. At the top of the stairs Ben called out "Stop right there slave."

Jesse froze in place. Her hands on the second step below her and her knees still on the top step. Her bright red ass flashing like a traffic light. Michael knelt behind her and snapped the picture.

Jesse's body flushed with embarrassment all the way to her toes. Her mind confused at the arousal pulsing through her entire being. She held her position while Martin walked past her and joined Michael down below. She waited until Ben knelt down behind her his hand caressing her sore ass and said. "You are one horny slut. I can tell you're loving every second of this. Now crawl down the stairs and make sure you show how much you love it."

Jesse groaned but looked up at the boys capturing her humiliation for prosperity.

As Jesse crawled down the stairs she looked around her. The basement wasn't finished, with the paint peeling off the cinder block walls, it looked more like a dungeon. The floor was dirty and damp. She could smell the musty odor and feel the grime beneath her hand and knees. Ben directed her around the corner to a dimly lit room with a strange metal contraption mounted next to the wall. She stopped when Ben told her to sit on the little round plate near the ground. Jesse sat up and looked at what was going to happen. She started to back away when Ben shouted. "You can do this two ways, one voluntary and with no pain, or we can put you on it and it will hurt. It's up to you."

Jesse's body was still hurting from Brenda's pounding this morning and knew she couldn't take being punished again, crawled over and sat on the stool. In seconds her legs were chained to the spreader bar and her hands were secured behind her back.

Jesse was now helpless, her marked tits proudly displayed and her dripping cunt exposed for all to see. She looked over to the two boys moving around making sure they took pictures from every angle, documenting her debasement.

Jess watched as Ben left the room for a few moments, only to return pushing a cart with several items on it. Jesse looked over at the cart and realized it wasn't a tattoo she was getting but body jewelry. She wanted to struggle and make this difficult. Her mind willing her body to struggle, but her body was beyond control and she sat there passively waiting for Ben to pierce her and strengthen her submission. From now on she would be bound with or without chains.

Jesse watched as Michael videoed the cart while waiting for Ben to start.

Ben knelt down in front of Jesse and smiled, "Let's start at the top and work down shall we?" He grabbed a strange ring with two metal clips on the ends. He slipped it around her head and fastened the clips to each side of her mouth. Her mouth was forced open spreading her cheeks wide. Jesse sat there with an obscene smile as Ben instructed her to stick out her tongue. She could have resisted, but when he grabbed a pair of pliers she changed her mind and extended her tongue.

Ben loved how compliant Jesse was, wondering if the obvious thrashing she received earlier had anything to do with it. He grabbed the end of her tongue with the pliers, holding it in place and brought up his piercing tool and quickly clamped it down. Jesse's eyes grew wide as saucers and a moan escaped her mouth as the pain flashed out from her mouth and straight to her pussy. Ben quickly inserted the stud and locked it into place. He sat back and admired his handy work. Martin quickly took a close up of Jesse's newest addition.

Ben waited for a few moments while Martin and Michael documented her tongue stud before starting on Jesse's nipples. He grabbed an alcohol swab and cleaned her nipple, all the while teasing it to hardness. When it was standing proudly from her firm globes, he grabbed his clamp, attaching it to her nipple and pulled out hard. This time he didn't use a tool but a needle to pierce it. He knew that this would hurt even more. Jesse started to struggle as the needle penetrated her nipple and pushed through to the other side. She was panting as the pain steadily increased until she couldn't take it any longer and screamed. Ben loved the sound of a slave screaming and twisted the needle a little more. When the needle pushed through, Ben quickly grabbed a ring and inserted it through the freshly made hole. Tears were running down her cheeks as he locked the ring in place.

"That won't come out without some effort." Ben announced as he twisted his newest addition. He then turned his attention to her other nipple. Soon it was pierced with the needle and Martin pushed Ben aside and started taking pictures of the pierced slave.

Ben let Martin take a few more picture before pushing him aside. "Move out of the way I have other appointments and we need to finish." Martin stepped aside as Ben sat down in front of Jesse again, putting the other ring in her nipple.

"Well I guess we're done here, let's go lower shall we?" Ben stated and slid his hand down Jesse's stomach to her crotch. He slid his finger across her lips and heard her gasp. Jesse wanted to run and hide but her body still flushed with the drugs, welcomed his touch. In seconds her clit jumped out from behind the hood begging to be touched. And touch it Ben did. Jesse was leaking, moaning and groaning, she wanted him to continue but afraid of what he was going to do. She closed her eyes and waited for the pain she knew was coming.

Ben kept rubbing the bundle of nerves until it was hard as a pebble, he grabbed the end with his pliers and pulled it out from under the hood. Jesse's eyes flew open as an ear splitting scream shot out of her mouth. She wanted to move but her restraints left her little room to move. Ben grabbed the needle and pushed it into her clit as Jesse screamed even louder. He always loved how women screamed when he did this, but he knew in a few weeks she would love her new addition. He replaced the needle with another ring and again locked it in place. Ben waited for a few minutes letting Jesse recover from the latest piercing. When she slowed her sobbing, ben held up a bell with a ring attached.

"Look what I have for you slave. This is going on your new clit ring. It will let everyone know when the slut slave teacher has arrived."

Jesse could only moan as Ben went to work to permanently attach the bell to her clit. She wanted to escape to somewhere else. She wanted to submit to a master that would protect her and fulfill her desires to be a submissive. However she never wanted to end up a slut slave. She felt like she was falling down a deep hole and her normal life was quickly disappearing behind her. Her mind was no longer thinking of escaping and going back. Now all she could think of was to survive.

Ben stepped back and let the boys have some time to take their pictures. He only had one more thing to do and they would done.

Ben waited until the boys stepped away before he released Jesse from her restraints. He helped her to her feet and showed her the last of his implements he was to install in and on the slave.

"I know you're going to love this," He said and held out his hand. Jesse looked down at it and thought that looks harmless. Kevin smiled as he knew she had no idea of what he was holding.

"So slave do you have any idea of what this is?" Ben asked the recently decorated slave.

Jesse shook her head and answered, "No sir I don't. What does it do and where does it go?"

Ben chuckled and said, "This is the newest in anal technology. We shove this up your slutty ass and push a remote. It expands to lock in place. You won't be able to remove it without the remote. If you try to remove it without first using the remote, the more you pull on it the more it expands inside your ass. Doesn't that sound like fun?" He asked the nervous slave.

Jesse shook her head. The last thing she wanted was her ass locked up. However Ben had already turned her around and pushed on her back until she was bent double. He spit on the pear plug and shoved it into Jesse's ass.

Ben leaned back and admired his work. The plug and bell were clearly visible surrounded by the red welts from Brenda. He heard Jesse moan when he ran his hands over her ass. He knew she was in pain but decided to show her how her new plug works. He pushed the remote and heard a buzz.

Jesse was bending at the waist her red ass completely exposed to Ben. She felt him push the plug up her rectum and breathed a sigh of relief as it slid in easily. She exhaled and started to relax when she felt a buzz and the plug started to expand. At first it wasn't bad but in seconds she was filled to capacity. She was now panting hoping it didn't expand any further when it stopped buzzing. She relaxed again when Ben reached up and pulled on the plug.

Jesse gasped as the pain was instantaneous as the plug rapidly expanded. She reached behind her as the plug kept expanding as long as it was pulled.

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