tagIllustratedJesse's Journey Down a Rabbit Hole Ch. 19

Jesse's Journey Down a Rabbit Hole Ch. 19


Jesse and Marcus tried to sleep, it was difficult with the ball and chain still attached to their butt plugs. They would drift off to sleep but then wake with a shock whenever they moved. The balls were heavy and slippery, weighing almost twenty pounds. The stainless steel finish was polished with a thin coating of something very slippery, like Vaseline. When they tried to carry the heavy balls they would slip from their grasps and get shocked again. Jesse finally managed to find a way to keep the ball from moving. She needed to sleep because the day had been exhausting and tomorrow would be worse.

When Brenda walked into the bedroom at six the next morning both slaves were out cold. What was nice, the two slaves were back to back with the steel balls wedged between them. Brenda, as careful as possible moved the balls free from their bodies. She got the balls by their asses with a clear path to the slave's feet. Brenda then slipped out of the room for a few moments and returned with a coil of rope. She slipped past the sleeping slave's bodies and down to the balls again. This time she tied one end of the rope to the chains, connecting the two steel balls together with the rope. She uncoiled the rope and walked to the window. Sitting near the window was a large planter. Brenda guessed it must weigh almost fifty pounds. She tied the other end of the rope to the planter, opened the window and shoved the planter out the window.

Brenda stood back and watched as it took a second for the slack in the rope to disappear and pull the balls. Suddenly both slaves woke up in pain. The steel balls attached to their plugs were being pulled to the window.

Jesse and Marcus screamed as their asses exploded in pain. They both tried to move to stop the pain, but each time they moved closer to the balls, the planter, dangling outside the window, pulled the balls away. It didn't stop until the balls reached the wall. The planter wasn't heavy enough to pull them out the window, but it didn't matter.

Brenda laughed and called out, "Wake up slaves, it's a new day and it's time to get up. Now crawl across the floor and bring the planter back up. Oh and no using your hands, only use your ass to pull it back.

It was everything Jesse and Marcus could do to complete the task. Crawling across the floor, dragging the balls only caused more pain from the shocks. The more they pulled the greater the pain. Finally the planter was at the window sill and Brenda pulled it inside. The two slaves collapsed to the floor as their bodies tried to recover from the rude awakening.

Brenda loved torturing Marcus and his slut wife. She laughed as she walked out the door, calling behind her, "Time to get up slave, you have to get to school."

Jesse managed to untie her ball from the planter and head to the bathroom. It wasn't easy but she managed to shower and pee. She needed to shit but unless her Mistress released the plug with the remote, Jesse would have to wait. After drying off and fixing her hair, Jesse crawled down the stairs praying Brenda would release the ball and chain.

Jesse crawled up to Mistress Brenda and quietly asked to speak. Brenda nodded and Jesse quickly asked, "Please Mistress, will you please remove the ball so I can get dressed?"

Brenda smiled and knelt down behind Jesse and unlocked the ball from her plug. Jesse breathed a sigh of relief and thanked her Mistress. She was able to walk now and rushed back up the stairs to dress. Jesse's body was still very sore. Her nipples, and clit were on fire, and the welts from yesterday's punishments were still very tender. Jesse chose a very loose fitting top, and short skirt. Her pussy and tits were too sore to wear underwear. She wondered how her students would treat her today and if she could bargain with them to keep their mouths shut. Jesse desperately wanted to keep her job, it was the only thing keeping her sane.

Arriving at the school, Jesse walked into her room and sat at her desk. The plug was still buried in her ass but Jesse needed to sit in spite of the pain. She was very nervous about how her classes would go today. If she isn't able to bargain with them, she could be in jail before the day ends.

Jesse jumped when the bell rang to start her class. She stood nervously beside her desk as the students filled the room. When the bell rang to start the class, Jesse walked over to the door and shut it. She returned to the front and started to speak.

"Yesterday was not supposed to happen. Things got out of hand and I can't...." Jesse started to say but was interrupted.

"Shut up slave!" Susan shouted. "We are in charge! And you will do as you are told. Now do we understand each other?"

Jesse cringed at the words but knew she had no other choice. "Yes I understand, but please this can't leave this room. If I'm fired or worse arrested you would lose your slave." Jesse pleaded.

"Well I guess as long as you obey then we will keep your secret. So let's see if you can obey, Strip." Susan ordered.

Jesse moaned but reached down and pulled her top over her head and handed it to Susan. She was now topless and the chill in the room caused her nipples to harden. She looked out at her students and saw the lustful looks, sighed and pushed her skirt down her legs and was now naked in class again.

Susan stood looking at the naked, nervous teacher and smiled. She wondered how far she could push her slave teacher before she would break. What Susan didn't know was Jesse was already trained and her conditioning so embedded that Jesse would do anything a dominate person commanded her to do.

"Damn she got some changes since yesterday," Shouted Jamal, "Look at them rings in her titties!"

"Hey look she even got her clit pierced and she has a bell on it too!" Tom said

Jesse cringed as she heard each and every comment. Her body flushed in humiliation.

"I wonder if she's wet." Susan asked, "Tom why don't you check?" She smiled as Tom almost fell flat on his face getting down to play with Ms. Grabas' pussy. In the meantime Jamal was up and playing with her nipple rings. Jesse grimaced, her nipples still sore.

Susan pointed at the floor and ordered, "Get down on all fours slave. It's where you belong."

"Please be gentle, it's only been a day." Jesse asked. "I can't have sex because of the new additions, and the plug in my ass can't be removed without the remote."

"Well what the fuck good are you anyways? You can't fuck, but I guess we can play with your skanky ass."

Susan glared at Jesse; she wanted to have the class pull a train on her today. She hated Ms. Grabas after she got her kicked off the cheer squad earlier this year. Getting revenge was all Susan could think of.

"So you say we can't remove the plug without a remote? Well I got to see this, bend over the desk slut." Susan said as she grabbed her arm and spun her around, facing the desk. Jesse moaned knowing what was going to happen when they pulled on the plug. Susan pushed Jesse down and slid her hand down Jesse's back. She had Jamal push Jesse's legs apart exposing the plug buried deep in her ass.

Jamal started to laugh as Susan started to pull the anal plug from Jesse's ass. Jesse started to tremble and cried out. "Please don't pull on it. It expands inside me and shocks me. Please don't I'm begging you."

Susan's face showed her surprise. Ms. Grabas was a slut slave and now she was her slave too. "Well who couldn't want such a treat? I have to try this." She reached out and pulled on the plug. Jesse let out a wail and her knees almost buckled.

The entire class stepped back. No one ever expected what they saw. Susan quickly pushed the plug back into place and stepped back. She watched as Jesse struggled to regain her composure. Those few seconds gave Susan time to figure out how she could humiliate her teacher.

Jesse leaned against the desk trying to remain upright. The shocks got progressively worse the more the plug was pulled on. Susan almost pulled it out and now Jesse's entire pelvis area was tingling. It felt like a thousand pins pricking her skin. She turned to face her student Mistress and was shocked to see everyone's mouth open. Jesse didn't understand until Susan ordered her down on her hands and knees. She looked down and realized she must have pissed herself. There was a small puddle of piss between her legs.

Susan smiled and said." Crawl around and let everyone meet their new slave teacher. Now tell me what you are not allowed to do again?"

"I am not allowed to fuck or suck cocks because of the piercings, and I can't remove the plug as you can see. I was also ordered to tell anyone using me that no more markings. I have something special coming up and I can't be marked." Jesse answered.

"Well who says we have to do as you say slave? What will happen if we break your rules?" Susan demanded.

"Just a few weeks ago I would have said the same thing. My Master said that as long as you abide by the rules, you will get lots of opportunities to play with me. If you don't each and every one of you just might be kneeling beside me." Jesse said staring right at Susan. At that moment Jesse realized that what she said was true. She no longer doubted Master X and Master Kevin's capabilities. She looked directly into Susan's eyes and saw a brief moment of fear, or was it arousal, Jesse couldn't be certain. However, she knew she was going to tell her Master of a potential target.

The entire room was silent; everyone was watching the exchange between Susan and the naked Ms. Grabas. Susan was the first to react. "Well I can think of lots of things we can do to have fun. Tom grab her coffee mug and bring it over beside her desk. Crawl up to the front of the room slut." Susan barked and once again she was in charge.

Jesse crawled to where Susan pointed and waited. Susan walked over and grabbed the mug from Tom. She looked down at the slut teacher and instructed, "Slut, stick this mug between your tits. Seeing as you can't suck cocks there's no reason you can't jerk guys off. I want you to jerk off any guy that stands in front of you. You are to catch his spunk in the cup. That's all, oh and you have to lick up any that you spill. Your rules are no blow jobs, but it doesn't say anything about drinking cum!"

The entire class erupted as all twelve guys jumped up to get in line. Jesse could only stare in shock. 'God how far have I fallen, I never wanted this to happen. I...I...I'm a slave..." went through Jesse's mind as she grabbed the first cock in front of her.

It didn't take long before the first boy shot his load. Even though he came quickly, he came a lot. It took three shots before Jesse could direct it into the cup. She moaned knowing this was going to be messy.

Jesse jerked cock after cock. By the time she finished she was getting pretty good at hitting the cup. Out of the last three guys she only missed one shot. Just as the last guy was shooting his load, he suddenly jerked back taking Jesse's arms with him. The cup already slippery with all their essence between her tits slid down her chest and onto the floor. The class gasped and then shouted, "LICK IT UP, LICK IT UP, LICK IT UP!" That's when Susan took charge again, "Quiet, quiet down now, we don't want anyone from outside breaking up our party." Susan spoke commanding her classmate's attention.

"You heard them slave. Get down there and clean up your mess. I want it all down that slut throat." Susan stared at Jesse and watched as she knelt down and started to pick up the mug.

"No hands slut, put them behind your back." She ordered. Jesse nodded and leaned over to clean her mess.

Jesse tried to close her eyes and pretend she was somewhere else, but Susan was watching closely.

"Open those eyes slave. I want you looking at your students while you lick up the boy's spunk."

Jesse was beyond humiliated, but what was worse she was so aroused she was about to orgasm. She knew a part of this was the side effects of the drugs she was given, but not all of it. Deep down, she craved every second. She knew she could be caught at any moment. She could be thrown in jail, and her picture would be all over the country in minutes. But when that thought crossed her mind her body exploded in a massive orgasm. Her fluids flowed down her legs, her ass clutching the plug, as her muscles clinched. Jesse didn't hear it but the class gave a collective gasp as their teacher dropped her head into the puddle of cum while her body shook with pleasure.

It was almost ten minutes before Jesse regained control and finished licking up the mess. She looked up at her Mistress and waited.

Susan smiled and announced, "Slave, you orgasmed without permission. I'm afraid I'm going to have to punish you. On your knees, arms out and palms up." Susan barked.

Jesse scrambled into position and tried to speak, "Please—Mistress—no—marks."

"No worries slut. I'm only going to spank your hands and the bottom of your feet. No one will know but you!" Susan gleefully said and brought down a ruler right on Jesse's raised palms.

Jesse gasped but said, "One thank you Mistress, and may I have another."

Susan giggled, she didn't expect to hear that, but quickly struck again, and again with Jesse counting each time. By the time Susan got to twenty, Jesse's hands were red and swollen. Susan told her to roll over and stick her feet up. Jesse was crying but didn't hesitate. Susan pulled off Jesse heels and brought the ruler down on her right foot.

Susan continued to pound Jesse's hands and feet until her arms hurt and she no longer had any strength. Finally she looked down at the submissive teacher and ordered her to put her heels back on and stand in the corner with her hands behind her head. "You have been a naughty teacher. You are a slut and a slave. Now stand and wait for the end of the period."

Jesse struggled to stand, her feet very sore from the beating and her heels only making it worse. When the bell rang to end class, Susan called out from across the room. "Have a great day Miss Grabas. I know you made our day. Jesse could hear her laugh as she walked out the door.

Jesse ran to the other side of the room, desperately searching for her clothes. The next class would be starting in just a minute. Yesterday this class wasn't too bad but if they arrived and she was naked already, she knew she stood no chance.

Fortunately, her clothes were together on the back of a chair and Jesse threw them on just as the first student walked in the door. Jesse tried to look normal but her body was still shaking. She walked to her desk and grabbed some tissues and wiped her face. She didn't have time to go to the restroom, her minimal clean up would have to do.

Jesse was surprised that the rest of the day went okay. There were a couple of times she had to answer some very personal questions, and one class had her teach naked. But overall it wasn't too bad. By the end of the day Jesse was thinking it was a good day.

When Jesse arrived at home, she stripped and left her clothes by the door. She dropped to her knees and crawled to the family room. There was Mistress Brenda and Janice. Mistress Brenda was sitting on the couch and Janice's face was buried in Brenda's pussy. Jesse stopped just inside the door and waited for instructions.

"I'm glad you're home slut, we have something for both of you two to do. First I have your outfits on the bed upstairs. Both of you get dressed then you're to go to the store down the street from your school. You are each to purchase a box of condoms and report back here. I will then explain what you will be doing. Now get dressed and get busy." Brenda commanded.

Janice got up and Jesse followed as they headed for the bed room to get dressed. Jesse's dress was black and tight, it barely covered her ass. With a scoop neck that extended almost to the bottom of her breast in the middle and had slits every inch or so up each side and down the back. Her nipples were either showing between the slits on the side or pushed to the center. The stripes on her body from her whipping were easily viewable.

Janice's dress, if you could call it that was nothing more than a piece of cream colored cloth with a large narrow diamond cut out of the middle. Janice slipped it over her head and tried to cover her body. The points of the diamond extended down the front to below her navel in the front, and almost to her ass in the back. The sides were held together with a single button on each side. Any sudden movement and her entire body would be exposed. With the slut heels strapped to their feet it completed their slut look.

The two slaves walked out to Jesse's car and pulled out of the driveway. Both were deep in thought. Jesse was already conditioned and was almost enjoying this task. This was nothing, being a prostitute and fucking man after man was much worse. Besides most of her students already knew she was a slave.

Janice on the other hand was new to this. It was only a day or so ago, and so far most of the things she had to do were in private. Now, going into a store, practically next door to the school was mortifying. She went into that same store almost daily. Janice knew almost everyone who worked there. Most of them had been or still are students in the school. The dress she was wearing almost made her feel more naked than not wearing it. Plus she was with her rival, and both looked like whores. To make it worse they had to buy a box of condoms. A tear ran down her cheek. Janice looked at Jesse and suddenly felt a little sorry for her. She didn't know what was happening to her when she caught Jesse in school showing her tits. Janice almost wished she hadn't taken advantage of her. If she would have ignored it, she wouldn't be riding beside her on the way to ruining her own life.

When Jesse pulled into the parking lot, she turned to Janice and said, "Look, I'm sorry you got drug into this. I made a mistake and I've fucked up my life and my family's life. I never expected this to happen." Tears ran down her cheeks as she spoke.

Janice looked at her rival and realized that Jesse meant every word. She smiled and slid her hand to her cheek and wiped a tear off. "I'm sorry too; I should have just had you fired. You would have been sold to some sheik somewhere and out of my hair." Janice spat.

Jesse stared at Janice and pushed her hand away. "Well fuck you too slut." She returned and got out of the car. Neither woman spoke as Jesse followed Janice into the store.

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