Jesse's Journey Down a Rabbit Hole


Jesse sat there in shock. Her mind was spinning, clouding her thoughts. Her body was on the edge of an orgasm, and she was exposing her pussy to everyone in the bar. She couldn't even look up. She kept her head lowered wishing Marcus would return soon.

Jesse sat in the corner, her eyes focusing on the bar for a few minutes until she worked up the courage to look around. She relaxed when she notice the bar wasn't as scary as she originally thought.

The bar was basically a cross between a biker bar and a sports bar. The crowd was mixed, but mostly men. The ages ranged between early twenties and late fifties. There were a few leather clad bikers who hung out in the back near the pool tables. The rest of the bar was mostly blue-collar upper middle class.

To calm her nerves, Jesse ordered a drink. She was surprised when a guy walked up to her and paid for her drink.

"Hey sexy, in the mood or something?" he asked.

Jesse's voice caught in her throat. She couldn't speak, so she simply nodded. She couldn't handle it anymore and closed her legs.

"Well you certainly are advertising. What gives bitch?" the guy asked.

"I-I-I'm waiting for someone." She sputtered.

"I'm someone, how about taking a walk with me?"

Marcus walked up before she could answer. "Hey sweetheart, having fun?" He motioned to the man. "Who's your friend?"

"I don't know, he just showed up," She answered.

Marcus turned to the man and said, "I'm Marcus, and this is my slut, Jesse. What's your name?"

The man looked the two of them up and down. It was easy to tell he was sizing up what was going on between them. His face softened and he answered, "I'm Justin, nice to meet you."

"So Justin, you like my wife? Fine looking, wouldn't you say?"

Justin cocked his head and looked at Jesse, then looked at Marcus and smiled, "Yes that's one fine piece on ass. You are a lucky man."

Marcus smiled and looked at Jesse, "Honey, why are your legs closed? I told you not to close those legs. Now I'm going to have to punish you."

Jesse's eyes flew open, shocked by what her husband had just said. She blushed down to her tits. She opened her legs and nodded her head.

"That's right, you're due a punishment. Say Justin, what do you think should be her punishment?"

"I think if she's going to show off her pussy, she should do it. Make her take her panties off."

"I like it! You heard the man, take off your panties and give them to him."

Jesse nodded and started to go to the restroom, but Marcus stopped her. "No way, slut, take them off here." Jesse's mouth flew open and she started to refuse, but one look from Marcus and Jesse gave in. She slid off her chair and pulled her skirt up. Jesse slid her thumbs under the waistband of her panties and slid them down her legs. She then reached down, picked them up and handed them to Justin.

Justin smiled, took the panties and slid his hand up her leg. She flinched and moved to stop him but noticed Marcus shaking his head. Jesse dropped her hands and gave Justin free rein to fondle her body.

Sensing Marcus' approval Justin took full advantage of the situation. He reached up and grabbed one of Jesse's tits with one hand and stroked her slit with his other. He watched the bitch start to moan and grind her crotch against his hand. Her eyes closed and her mouth fell open.

Justin slid two fingers inside of her steaming cunt and used his thumb to strum her clit. Jesse's eyes opened as she suddenly remembered that she was at a bar being masturbated by a stranger. She tried to grab his wrists but Marcus held her hands behind her back, leaving her helpless against Justin's advances.

Jesse was having an out-of-body experience. She screamed as her cunt exploded over Justin's hand, her juices squirting out and splashing on the floor. On and on the orgasm flowed through her body. When Justin pulled his hand away, he brought it to her mouth and slid his fingers past her lips.

Jesse closed her mouth around his fingers and sucked them clean. Afterwards, she opened her eyes and looked around the bar. Everyone was standing and had watched her being finger fucked to the point of orgasm. The entire bar broke out in applause and whistles.

Jesse sat there in shock, not even noticing that her skirt was still up around her waist or that her legs were spread wide displaying her dripping cunt. Jesse's top was pulled up to her neck, exposing her tits. She looked over at Marcus. He smiled and gave her a passionate kiss, making sure she knew he loved her. When he pulled away, Marcus turned to the crowd and announced, "Thank you, thank you, but the show's over." He bowed then turned back and started to dress his wife.

Everyone turned and went back to their tables, acting like this was a common occurrence. Soon Marcus had Jesse dressed and pulled her off the chair. "Thanks for your help Justin, but I'm taking her home now."

"Hey any time! Here's my card. If you ever need assistance again, please call. I'd love to tap that." Justin said and extended his hand. Marcus shook his hand and led Jesse out to their car.

It was a quiet ride home for the couple. Marcus wasn't sure how tonight was going to turn out. His idea of exposing his wife got a little out of hand very quickly. He was afraid he had pushed her too far too fast. He decided to wait until she spoke first.

Jesse stared out the window until they started down their street. She turned to Marcus, gave him smile and said, "God I love you! That was fantastic! My body is still tingling! Thank you!" She turned back and looked out the window again.

Marcus smiled and pulled into their driveway. His mind was going ninety miles an hour planning their next adventure.

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by kensimoore03/29/18


Another great series, I love how you think. You imagination is exciting!

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