tagGroup SexJesse's Story: A Woman's View Ch. 03

Jesse's Story: A Woman's View Ch. 03


This is Jesse's story; these will be her words, her thoughts, her emotions. My sole purpose is to present her story to the reader in a readable manner, in an accurate manner, with no editing by me. She made me promise to do this, as she asked, and I promised. I always keep my promises to Jess.

Her Story

The next few months provided Greg, Ray, and I, a few sweet, sexual encounters. Greg was a good lover, a gentle lover, and the three of us had great chemistry. Ray would jokingly refer to me, in private, as a 'full moon swinger' because it was usually once a month, around the full moon, that I'd let him know that I fancied another encounter. I don't know why, it just worked out that way for some reason. Don't get me wrong, we did things together besides have sex, the three of us. We'd go to ball games, or fishing, or clubbing, and sometimes, we'd end the day, or night, with the three of us in bed, a delicious way to end an outing.

One Friday afternoon, arriving home from work, I walked into the house and called out to Ray that I was home. He said he'd be right down after his phone call. Ray worked in his home office on most Fridays, a treat for him considering how much he traveled. I climbed the stairs to his office and heard him hang up his phone, a quizzical look of his face, as I leaned over to kiss him.

He told me he had just talked with a friend that he hadn't talked to in a couple of years, and that we had been invited out for drinks, tomorrow evening, if I'd like. Geoff was a single that Ray and Ree had met at a social, one evening, thrown by the swingers' club they belonged to. Ray said that he thought they had hit it off fairly well, but for whatever reason, they never hooked up with him. Ree clearly wanted to get Geoff into bed she had told Ray, but after that evening, she seemed disinterested in any further attempts at a threesome with him. Stranger still, he ran into Geoff at a Blues festival, found that they shared a love for that genre, and became friendly, then friends eventually, until he moved due to a job transfer. Geoff never hinted or alluded to a romp with Ree, either, Ray said. Ray finally chalked it up to 'oil and water', and never tried to pursue it again with Geoff, or Ree.

Ray also said that Geoff's mood seemed to lighten a bit when Ray brought him up to speed about the divorce and our marriage, almost, Ray said, like he was relieved that "Ree and I were no longer together."

Interesting, I thought, I wonder what the story is behind that.

I told Ray that I'd love to meet Geoff, so Ray called Geoff back and accepted his invitation for the following evening.

I was looking forward to a fun evening downtown.


Ray spotted Geoff across the room at a table, waiting for us, at the same time that Geoff spotted us. Introductions were made, and Geoff held out my chair for me to sit, not something you see a lot of anymore, I was impressed. In fact, the thing I remember most about that first evening is that, in every way, Geoff was very much a gentleman. Soft spoken, polite, and it was hard not to feel like I had known him for years, he made me feel so comfortable around him. I liked him immediately, and felt very relaxed in his company.

The trio started playing at nine, playing a nice mix of soft rock, ballads, and standards from America's golden age of music, in my opinion, the forties. I love the standards from that era. Ray asked me to dance first, something we both loved to do, and as we made small talk while dancing, I told him that I really liked Geoff, outlining the reasons I've already mentioned. Ray agreed that Geoff was the consummate gentleman, a rare find. Don't get me wrong, Ray was also very much the gentleman around women, but it's mostly a lost art. I felt lucky to be with two such men that evening.

Ray and I danced a few times before Geoff asked if he could have a twirl with me, which I accepted without hesitation. We chit-chatted, getting to know each other as we moved around the floor, each passing moment making me even more comfortable with him and his company. Taking a shot in the dark, I asked him point-blank why he never had a 'thing' with Ray and Ree. I will never forget the darkness that came over his face as he debated answering me or not.

But he did; stating that it probably doesn't matter anymore since Ray and Ree were divorced, but he would never want to hurt Ray's feelings, so he kept his reasons to himself, making up excuses the first couple of times that Ray had talked to him about a possible threesome with Ree. Ray and I had already established, with Geoff, that I knew everything of his past activities with Ree, and Geoff was comfortable with that. So he told me his reason.

Geoff said that he knew that Ree wanted to 'bed him', she made that perfectly clear when they had met at the social, and, initially, he said, he was open to getting into the sack with Ree and Ray. Geoff and a former fiancé had flirted with the lifestyle; at her request, he said, but when that relationship ended, Geoff said that he had met some people that he enjoyed being with, sexually, so he stayed in the lifestyle as a single, and was very picky about his partners. He said he liked the threesome aspect of being with a couple, of sharing such a personal moment with loving couples.

Interesting outlook for a single, I thought as we danced and talked.

He went on to say that when Ray had run off to the restroom, Ree made it crystal clear to Geoff that she wanted to go to bed with him and, if he was interested, she'd like to meet him alone sometime, when Ray was out of town. My measure of respect for Geoff soared through the roof when he next said, "I like being with couples, as their third 'plaything', I really do, but what she was suggesting was just plain cheating, and I don't go for that, I won't be a party to that."

I pulled away, looking at him in a different way now after he said that, a new measure of appreciation for his 'personal standards', and telling him that I thought him to be a man of principle, I kissed his cheek, and fell back into his arms as the song ended.

As we made our way back to the table, another song started that was one of my personal favorites, and I dragged Geoff back onto the floor to dance.

We moved smoothly around the floor, his movements being very easy to follow. We said little during this dance, our bodies a bit closer than before, but feeling very good to me. A couple of times, I felt his manhood rising and stirring as he held me close, and liking the feeling; I leaned against his 'problem' purposefully, the heat feeling good against my lower body, through my dress. No longer able to tastefully ignore his throbbing hard-on, he pulled away as the song ended, and started to apologize for it. I stopped him with a finger on the lips and told him, honestly, that he needn't worry that I was offended. In fact, I told him, I was flattered by it and with that, we rejoined Ray and had a last round of drinks before leaving.

We parted company in the parking lot, and I gave Geoff a sweet goodnight kiss as we hugged in parting, he and Ray shaking hands and talking about a dinner at Geoff's sometime, since he loved to cook.

During the drive home, Ray asked, and I answered truthfully, that I liked Geoff, thought him to be a class act. Ray looked at me funny when I said that but didn't pursue it. I'm glad, because there would be no need to add another black mark to Ree's already damaged image. It would serve no purpose.

Geoff called the next day, while Ray was golfing, to thank us for a very nice evening with 'friends', that he enjoyed meeting me and that he was very glad that Ray and I found each other. I thanked him, returning the compliment; and when he asked if Ray and I would like to come to dinner and a swim, the following weekend at his place, I accepted without talking to Ray, knowing he'd be good with it.

He was.


Ray liked my 'sexy' underwear, well panties really, because I still wasn't wearing a bra, and as we got ready for our evening at Geoff's, he commented on my choice of panties that evening.

The truth is that I had been thinking of our get-together with Geoff from the moment I accepted his kind invitation, looking forward to it, feeling tingles 'down there' when I thought about it, and I thought about it a lot that week.

I made an off-hand comment, as I slipped on a flattering skirt and blouse, about liking to 'look good for my men', smiling at Ray with a mischievous grin. He recognized that look and smiling back at me, asked if I had anything else planned for the evening. "No," I told him, but laughing as I said it, I added, "But Ray, you know how I can get sometimes when all that testosterone is raging around me."

He said that he did know and that if I felt like having the evening evolve into a romp with Geoff, he wouldn't be opposed to it.

Kissing him when he walked up to me, softly caressing my breast, I told him, honestly, that I wouldn't mind either but that 'we'll just let nature take its course and see what happens."


Geoff made me feel very welcomed in his home, and Ray too, of course; his dinner was simple but tasty; a smothered beef dish complete with some very good wine. We helped him clean up and put the dishes in the dishwasher, and giving the kitchen an approving nod, Geoff asked if we were ready for a swim.

Shit, I thought, I forgot about the swimming and neither of us brought suits, so I told Geoff of my forgetfulness, apologizing. But, I quickly added, I wouldn't be opposed to skinny-dipping if his neighbors wouldn't call the cops. He laughed and said that as secluded as his pool was, there was no danger of that, and if we were up for it, he'd have no problem swimming in the buff, that he did it a lot, at nights. So it was settled, we'd go swimming.

Another shared interest the guys had was smoke. Geoff had rolled some joints for the evening, knowing that Ray liked to smoke but not sure about me. I told him I'd indulge a 'wee bit' but that I didn't want to zombie out by toking too much. As the guys fired up their first doobie, I started taking my clothes off, Geoff's face a bit shocked that I wasn't uncomfortable with my nakedness. Ray noticed it too, and looking at me with a question mark on his expression, I simply told Ray, "You can share, baby, Geoff's a friend," walking towards his small pool out the back patio door, telling them both that I'd see them in the water, and reaching the edge, I dove in and began doing laps.

I was doing a cool-down lap, on my back, when the guys joined me, naked as the day they were born. I remember that when I saw them, standing there, that the old familiar warm rush in my crotch returned.

It's good to be the 'Queen Bee', I thought to myself as I, not so discreetly, admired their cocks before they joined me in the water. It was that moment, I later told Ray, that I'd made up my mind that I would get my two guys into bed with me that night.

We swam, we played in the water, splashing each other, and taking a break, we dried our hands on towels Geoff had brought outside with him, and sitting naked on his pool chairs, we shared more wine and passed Geoff's weed between us. His wasn't quite as strong as Ray's usually is but very tasty, which allowed me to consume a bit more than I would have, normally.

"So, did you 'out' me to Geoff," I remember asking Ray as I took the offered doob from Geoff.

"Yeah, I did, I felt he should know where our heads were concerning swinging, and I told him that you hadn't had that many encounters but you did enjoy the few you've had," I remember Ray answered.

Geoff was blushing throughout our exchange and I reached over and put a hand on his arm, telling him that he needn't feel embarrassed, that I certainly didn't. I went on to tell him of just how I felt about doing threesomes; that I felt, with the right people, it could be a wonderful, beautiful experience, that I didn't regret the few that I've had, and that I really liked being the center of attention with two men.

"Like you and Ray," I added, looking at the both of them when I said it.

It was what I felt, what I feel, and as I'm so fond of saying about many things, it is what it is.

Not taking his eyes off of me, he smiled a sweet smile, a friendly smile and said to the both of us that he'd be honored should we ever want him to join us, that Ray and I was what was 'right' about the lifestyle.

None of us spoke for a while, savoring the stoning that was taking place and, I suppose, running over the exchange that had just taken place between us. I felt a fire burning intensely in the pit of my stomach, a rush of desire that sent chills of delight through my body. I stood and dried myself as they watched me, silent, but their eyes doing all the talking. I asked them both to stand up, and without protest, they did just that and starting with Ray, I dried them both off, taking my time with each as I dried their genitals, taking the time to fondle each carefully, enjoying the feel of their shafts as they came to life in my hand. I kissed each when I had finished drying them, kissed them deeply, sending my message loud and clear.

Taking both by a hand, I asked Geoff to lead the way; he didn't ask where, he didn't need to, he knew.

Thinking about that little thrill I had felt, our first time with Greg when I realized Ray had watched me, I kissed Geoff passionately when we entered his bedroom, saw Ray's smile at seeing me with Geoff. Leaning over I kissed Ray just as passionately, stroking Geoff's cock as I did so, feeling it grow rigid as a steel beam in my hand.

I knelt before Geoff, taking him into my mouth, his fingers running lovingly through my hair as I slowly took him deeper into my mouth. My other hand was stroking Ray, his thickness feeling as wonderful as ever, my palm feeling his blood pulse through the throbbing veins. I didn't want either of them to cum yet, not quite yet, so I let Geoff's hardness slip from my mouth, savoring it's taste as it did so and standing, I moved onto Geoff's bed, holding my hands out to both of them as I did so.

They devoured me with their kisses and touches, turning my body into mush. Once again, I surrendered completely to whatever they were doing to me, to whatever they wanted to do with me. Geoff kissed a trail from my lips to my clit, making delicious swirls with his tongue along the way. Ray and I kissed deeply, passionately, one of my hands around his head, my other hand caressing and stroking Geoff's head, as he made love to my clit and pussy with his mouth and tongue.

Raising his head from between my legs, Geoff moved into position to enter me and I so wanted him to enter me. As Ray leaned away, his hand stoking the side of my face, I pulled Geoff close to me, embracing me as his thrusts began, slowly, sweetly. Geoff wasn't quite as long as Ray was, but every bit as thick and he filled me, stretched me in that delicious way.

As our movements became the same, complimenting each other's thrusts, I turned my head to the side and saw the most loving expression on Ray's face. I held his eyes with mine while Geoff and I made love, as Geoff's cock sucked my orgasm from its hidey-place straight to the surface, straining to burst free. In that moment, as Ray and I held our gaze, as my orgasm broke free, it was if Ray was inside of me, not Geoff. It was magical, it was wonderful, so damned wonderful, a thrill unlike anything in my life.

Geoff's climax was happening, now, and I held him tight to my body, hugging him, letting his spasms travel to my own body, which brought on another, smaller, climax for me.

Spent, Geoff slowly rolled over onto his side, next to me, giving me sweet kisses which I returned. Then, moving away from Geoff, I leaned over and took Ray into my mouth, swallowing all of him in one movement. Slowly, I moved him up and down in my mouth, feeling the tip of his cock-head against the back of my throat, a feeling that I love. I took my time, wanting to prolong his pleasure for as long as I could, stopping at times, to let his climax back off a bit before I started again.

Feeling Geoff's shaft against my ass as it regained life, I moved one my legs up, an invitation to Geoff to fuck me again, from the rear, as I sucked on Ray. He reached around to take a breast into his hand when he entered me; his fingers sensually pinched my nipple, making it even harder than it was already. As Geoff increased his pumping, I sucked Ray harder as well, wanting him to cum into my mouth. He did, his jism tasting salty, with a bit of tartness, a taste that was good for me. Geoff reached his orgasm, driving deep into me as I was finishing taking all of Ray's orgasm from his dick with my tongue. My climax came as Geoff was finishing his thrusts of joy into me, a small one but, to be sure, a satisfying one.

Standing at the door, saying goodnight, I held Geoff tight to my body as we shared a long, sensual kiss. Breaking apart, I asked if he'd like to do this again, sometime. He said anytime we desired his company, he'd be there, he would gladly be there.

Ray and I made long, sweet love to one another when we got home. I told him that, from my point of view, this was one of the most sensuous evenings of my life. He agreed, and also agreed that he'd welcome Geoff into bed with us, anytime I wanted.

Geoff was to remain a part of our lives for a long time, even after we stopped swinging and a dear friend to this day. Another job transfer took him away from the city, but we still mange to see each other about once a year, the three of us, for dinner and walks down memory lane.


It was at this point that I realized that I had become very comfortable with our threesome activities, and gladly embraced that realization. It was also, at this point, that I made the decision to further explore this, to see just how much more of me there was, that I didn't know.

I didn't regret that realization then, and I don't regret it, now.

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