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Jessi at the Jacuzzi


Hi, I'm Jessi, and this really happened to me. Normally I'm a kind of shy person but after reading a lot of erotic stories online my natural shyness is starting to be overcome by my horniness! I can't believe this happened, but it did and now I often wish even more had happened, still I hope you all find reading about it exciting. Between what happened, and reading more stories, I now have so many fantasies about what else could have happened, and what else I imagine might happen that I'm thinking I might write down some of those fantasies as well and post them here. Meanwhile, this is what happened to me, let me know if you like it!

I guess I should start by telling you what I look like. I'm 25, 5'6" (taller in heels!) with long silky brown hair and green eyes. Everyone tells me I have great legs, although until recently I didn't wear very short skirts. And I know this next part is what all you guys really want to hear. I've got big tits. Really big. They're 38DD and I'm proud of how firm they are. I also work out regularly so I'm pretty toned as well, really in the best shape I've probably ever been in. I usually don't show off what I have except at the gym since I wear work out clothes there and I'm not blind, I notice the guys checking me out when I do my workout, when they think I'm not looking.

My husband and I went on vacation recently. As I said, I don't usually dress to show off but with all the time I've spent at the gym lately, and after reading lots of erotic stories online, I wanted to let loose a little on vacation. So I bought some sexier clothes, shorter skirts and tighter tops than I'd usually wear anywhere but around the house. However I waited until we got there to get a new swimsuit. I really wanted a bikini but my husband has never been too keen on the idea. I do know how to talk him into things and I can get my way when I really want to, so I figured that once we were there I'd be able to sweet talk him into it, and I did. So right after we got there I bought this little black bikini that is really a bit too small for someone with a figure like mine. When I tried it on for him at the store I tried on a larger size but the one I actually bought was smaller. It turns out it was more than just a little bit too small! LOL

One of the first nights we were at the pool, I wore my new bikini and my tits were practically popping out the top. My husband's eyes were practically popping out his head as well and he made a comment about how he didn't remember that bikini showing off so much of me, but by then it was too late! I have to say again how this isn't really the way I usually am and for me to go out in public, even to a pool; with something that showed off my body like that was a big step for me.

Anyway, they have a few pools and a number of hot tubs and Jacuzzis scattered around which are semi private but not totally. It was evening and we were hanging around the pool and we had some drinks and I was feeling really good for sure and I was feeling really sexy in my new bikini. Hopefully you can imagine what I looked like in it. We had also been to the pool earlier in the day and I worked on my tan and I definitely noticed guys checking me out but since I was with hubby even though I got some smiles that's all that happened of course.

But that night it was semi-crowded and, as I said, we had some drinks and it was really nice and I was feeling really good. I probably had more to drink than I should have. Actually I admit I definitely did have more to drink than I should have!

Hubby decided he wanted to go back to the room and rest for a bit but I wasn't ready yet. So I told him I'd join him in a little while and while he headed to the room I went over to one of the Jacuzzis and I definitely got some looks as I walked by in that bikini. By then the crowd had thinned out quite a bit. Anyway I was sitting in one of the Jacuzzis, my eyes closed, and just loving it when I heard some voices and when I opened my eyes there were two guys slipping into the Jacuzzi across from me. They looked to be a few years younger than me and they were in good shape. They smiled at me and said hi and I said hi back and sipped my drink and they sat down and started talking about what they were going to do that night, going to some clubs and looking for girls. You know the kind of things guys talk about! LOL They noticed me listening and seemed kind of embarrassed but I just smiled at them and had some more of my drink. I was feeling no pain at that point for sure!

One of them said they were sorry to be talking about that kind of stuff with such a pretty girl right there!!! I blushed and giggled and I said thank you. Well one thing led to another and we chatted a bit and they were really nice and one of them offered to get me another drink and I said sure while the other moved closer and we continued to chat it up.

What ended up happening is that at one point he put his hand on my knee and I can't believe it but I didn't do anything to stop him and next thing I know we're kissing and I start to get lost in it as his hand moves up my thigh then I hear a sound and I panic thinking maybe it was my husband looking for me, but it was just the other guy who kind of whoots at us and slides in on the other side of me, giving me and the other guy our drinks. I'm way flustered now having been caught necking with his buddy and I take a big sip of my drink and point out my wedding ring and tell them that I think I better get going. But they say no worries and come on just hang out a little longer and the drinks have for sure gotten to me so I settle back in thinking its pretty private where we are anyway and that I won't let anything else happen.

We're talking and they're both close to me and the hand is back and damn if we're not kissing again and I feel the other guy's hand on my other knee and next thing I know I'm taking turns kissing them and they're really starting to feel me up now. Thinking back on it I now can't believe I even let it get that far but I had a lot to drink at that point and it all felt so good!

The whole time they're kissing me and feeling me up they're telling me how pretty I am and how hot and sexy I am and next thing I know they've got my top off and I've got 2 guys sucking on my tits and their hands are squeezing my big titties and I'm blushing and flustered and just so caught up in it and lost in it and at the same time in my mind I know this is wrong and I better go before I really get carried away. So I start to get up again and tell them my husband will probably be looking for me any minute but they pull me down, but they do it nicely, not anything rough. They're being playful and they're really hot guys and I gulp the rest of my drink down and next thing I know one guy is kissing me again and the other one is now rubbing my pussy and my hands are in their laps and then I'm rubbing their cocks through their swimsuits and it is so hot that I cum right then from his rubbing me and his fingers slipping in and out of my pussy and I can't resist and I grab their cocks and squeeze them and they're big and hard. I mean they're pretty well hung for sure, maybe not huge but a lot bigger than my husband.

I'm being felt up on my tits and my pussy and then they're both pulling their swim suits off and I'm stroking their big cocks now under the water as they keep playing with me and I cum again! They're trying to pull me up to my feet but I'm really worried about getting caught and I tell them I'll give them both a hand job but that's all I can do and they'll have to settle for that and they seem disappointed and they keep talking about wanting more but I'm holding their cocks in each hand and really stroking them and they feel so big and hard and I can tell they both have to be pretty close because they're groaning and telling me how good it feels and one of them wants me to suck him but I tell him no as I continue to stroke him and his friend at the same time.

So the other guy says he wants to cum on my tits! OMG!!! I have to admit that's one of my biggest fantasies, so I smile and giggle (I really do giggle!) and I tell him I'd really love that. He says let's go over there and points to the shower area, that's where you rinse off after the Jacuzzi and before going back into the pool area and its like a wall and a shower thing behind it and we all kind of rush over there and their cocks are swinging and my tits are bouncing up and down and we get there and they push me to my knees and both of them are standing in front of me and stroking their cocks so at this point I just can't resist and I lean in and suck each of their cocks, licking the heads and sucking on one guy's big cock and then the other guy and they're telling me how great it feels and how sexy I am and how they bet I'd be a really hot fuck!!! For my part I'm feeling really naughty and sexy and a bit slutty to be honest, I mean I'm on my knees in front of two strangers who are both ready to cum all over me! If that's not slutty, I don't know what is.

I couldn't believe I was doing this. Jerking them off in the heat of the moment was one thing, but sucking their cocks was on another level altogether. I couldn't stop myself though, and it felt so good! They tasted so good! How could I have resisted, on my knees in front of them like that, their cocks right there just inches from my face? I could smell their sex, and I was so wet and so hot and so turned on that it seemed perfectly natural to just lean in and lick them, taste them, suck them. OMG, it was so naughty of me and so wicked and the fact it was so wrong, but so felt so RIGHT, made me even more aroused!

I really got into it at that point and licked their big cocks from head to base and back, all the time my hands fondling their balls and then stroking their shafts as I licked the precum from the tips of their cock heads, then sucking them one at a time into my mouth and taking the entire head of their cocks between my lips and letting my tongue circle their cock heads as I sucked on them. Then I took turns with each cock, seeing how deep I could take them, but they were both pretty big and thick so I could only handle a few inches but they didn't seem to mind at all and I could tell by their moans of pleasure and, when I looked up at them while sucking on their cocks, the big smiles on their faces and the lust in their eyes told me everything I needed to know. They obviously loved it, and so did I! That made me want to please them even more so I really let myself go and sucked them hard and as deep as I could and jerked on the shafts and did everything I could think of to please them.

Now one of them is saying he's going to cum and he starts spurting all over me and not long after the other guy is cumming too, both of them are cumming on me at the same time and they're both shooting on my face and my tits now as I kneel in front of them and I reach up and start to play with their cum, rubbing it all over my big tits and then I reach up and stroke their cocks some more as they tell me how incredible I look with their cum all over me! You can imagine how naughty I felt at that point. I really must have looked pretty slutty like that, on my knees with their cum all over me as I sucked them into my mouth once more just to make sure I got every last drop.

At this point I begin to come to my senses and I'm starting to freak out as I realize the situation I'm in, so I get the shower on fast and I clean up and get my bikini back in place and I start to leave but they each want a kiss first so I kiss them and they both want me to give their cocks a kiss too and I giggle but get on my knees and suck their now semi hard cocks in my mouth and then I really have to go but I thank them for a nice time and tell them I wish I could stay and they say maybe we'll see you later but of course I didn't go back that night after returning to my room since there was really no way I could explain to hubby why I'd be going out again later without him.

As it is when I got back to our room I must have looked pretty disheveled and flustered because hubby asked if I was OK. And I mumbled I was fine and quickly got in the shower and gave myself another orgasm, fingering myself in the shower and going crazy thinking about what just happened, about what I just actually did! And afterwards I was all over hubby and got him to fuck me good! My horniness and need for cock must have been contagious because hubby got as hard as he's ever been and it felt so good to finally have a cock in my pussy after everything that had happened.

I guess the way I was acting, the obvious need I had for his cock had to be a turn on for him. I really did attack him when I came out of the shower. I was completely naked and I practically ran over to the bed, I could feel my big tits bouncing on my chest and from the look in my husband's eyes I can tell he liked the view! He was naked in bed and his cock was getting hard as I practically leaped on top of him. I straddled him and pressed my tits to his face then slid down his body slowly making sure my tits rubbed against him the whole way down. When I got to his cock I dove down on it sucking it really deep. He's not as big as the two cocks I just had so I was able to take him a lot deeper into my mouth than I ever had before. I wonder what he would have thought if he knew his was actually the third cock of the night to be buried in my throat!

I only sucked him for a short while because I really needed to feel him in my pussy, I was dripping wet. I let his cock slip out of my mouth and slowly slid back up his body, making sure to linger for a while with his cock between my tits, kind of just rubbing them up and down on him, then I slid back up his chest and kissed him deeply and he wrapped his arms around me and it felt so good! I really do love him; I just wish we had sex more often. I told him I wanted to ride his big cock. Yes, I said "big" to him, I was feeling really naughty and I wanted to give him a thrill, really make him hot for me. We don't usually do it this way, with me on top, so this in itself was exciting!

I reached down and grabbed the shaft of his cock and lifted myself up and slowly slid down on it and it felt so amazing, so good, as I took him all the way into my pussy. I slowly slid up and down his hard cock as we kissed then I pushed myself up, my hands on his chest, and started to ride him hard, I couldn't wait any longer, I needed it so much. My tits were really shaking and bouncing as I rode him and from the look in his eyes I could tell that was really exciting for him and he reached up and started squeezing them and playing with my nipples and it felt so good so I leaned down as I continued to ride his cock and buried his face between my tits, the same tits that not long ago were drenched in cum, and not even my husband's cum, or even just one other guy's cum, but two big loads! He squeezed my tits around his face as we made love. Well, to be honest, it was more like fucking than making love! Which was just what I needed right then.

He started moaning and I knew he wasn't going to last long; he never does last as long as I wish he would! He knew it too and he grabbed my hips and said "STOP" and pushed me off of him and onto my back and crawled between my legs and started licking me!!! This is something he doesn't do nearly as often as I would like, something he used to do a lot more when we first got married. I guess he wanted to please me as much as I was pleasing him. It felt so good and since I was already on edge and near to exploding from everything that had happened it didn't take long at all before I started to cum. I can't remember when he licked me that well or when I had ever cum so hard from having my pussy licked. It was amazing. I can't even describe how good it felt.

He licked me to a couple of screaming orgasms before rising above me and pushing his cock into my pussy again and starting to fuck me once more. He had regained some composure and managed to last a few more minutes before finally cumming inside of me and collapsing on top of me as he whispered "I love you."

I still fantasize about what happened that night. I could never actually plan anything like what happened at the Jacuzzi with those two guys, but the fact that it just kind of happened has me sort of wishing something like that could just kind of happen again sometime! I know it's not right, but its how I feel.

That was pretty naughty of me, wasn't it? Having two guys shoot off on my face and tits with me wearing my wedding ring. I got a facial from two strangers while wearing my wedding ring! I have to say that when I looked at my hands wrapped around those big cocks, and I saw my wedding ring right there against the shaft of one of them that was just wild. My mind was going in dozens of directions at once. Seeing my ring there made me wonder what the hell I was doing but then at the same time it was so amazingly hot, you know? I just let myself go and got lost in it all.

After that I also really did get into the teasing thing even more the rest of vacation. I played it up as much as I thought I could get away with, LOL. I do think I looked pretty sexy in that bikini. Hubby was a bit reluctant at first to let me get it, as I said, but hey he's a guy too! LOL and I could tell he wanted to see me in it; he just didn't want anyone else to see me in it! Good thing he doesn't know a couple of guys also saw me out of it! LOL!!! I also have to tell you that when I got excited, especially if the bikini top was wet and because it was really too small for my size, that my nipples poked against the material and stuck out of that thing like crazy!

I continued fantasizing about what it would be like to have both of those guys fucking me when I jumped hubby later that night, and the next night and the next. I have fantasized about so many different things happening with them and with other guys I saw there. I kept thinking about how I could meet up with them both again and get fucked by both of them at the same time. Part of me wanted that to happen and part of me thought it would be going too far, you know? I definitely had too much to drink that night or what happened wouldn't have gotten as far as it did. Even so, well, BLUSH, I wanted more!!! Every day I fantasized about it, about being with both of them or maybe having some other guys coming on to me and fucking me really good for a really long time, licking me and letting me suck their cocks too.

I guess I should finish the story and to tell you about the rest of my vacation, even though it's a bit anticlimactic. The next day we went back to the pool and they were there, the two guys who just the night before had shot their cum all over me. I saw them ahead of us as hubby and I looked for a place to sit. Both of them were there along with a couple of their buddies too and a couple of girls as well. They saw me coming and I semi freaked hoping they'd be smart enough not to say anything with my husband right there! But they were good about it, sort of. They saw me coming and while they didn't say anything they were looking at me with these stupid smiles on their face. One of them leaned over to one of his friends and said something and then all of them are looking right at me as we walked by them. I glanced back and they were looking and talking to their friends and I know they were telling them EVERYTHING! OMG!!! Hubby grabbed my hand and speeded us up a bit but since he was looking forward I gave the boys a little extra shake of my ass and looked over my shoulder and puckered my lips and blew them a little kiss. LOL

When we got to our lounge chairs hubby started in about how rude some people can be and then told me that he didn't really think I should dress so provocatively. It didn't get past him that those guys were checking me out big time, good thing he couldn't hear what they were saying. But I calmed him down and told him that girls gets used to guys acting like, well, GUYS! And I asked him if he and his friends didn't used to do the same thing, look at pretty girls and act stupid. He admitted that he did but that it was different when the pretty girl that was being ogled was his wife. I told him he should be proud that guys found me attractive enough to look at me like that but that he was the only one who got to have me. He puffed up his chest a bit at that LOL. I told you I can usually get my way and I didn't hear any more talk about wearing something more conservative. Little does he know that he isn't exactly the only one who got to have me and that the night before I was on my knees in front of two of the same guys he was complaining about jerking on them and sucking their cocks and begging for them to shoot their cum all over my tits!!!

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