Jessica walked down the moonlit alleyway with a hunched, weak sway to her walk. She counted down the moment of when the vampyre behind her touched upon the ground; three, two, and one, behind her Jessica heard the light tap of a shoe against the asphalt road. She smirked with her pouty mouth, so predictable.

She felt a gust of cold wind and she huddled down making herself appear small and delicate. The taps increased, she could felt the dark aura of vampyre close around her.

"Come with me, come away," words whispered over the wind seeming to come from the air all around Jessica. She stopped suddenly and the vampyre appeared on her left, Jessica looked at him. He was tall and willowy with silver-blonde hair in a long graceful braid. Wisps were framing his handsome face and Jessica wanted to reach out and see if he was real. He looked to be made out of pure silver moonlight. Her violet eyes opened wide. This was her first vampyre hunt to prove if she was a true slayer… or not. And she… she… wanted to be devoured by the first vampyre she meets.

The vampyre slowly held out his hand, Jessica could see the light blue veins underneath his skin. It looked fragile. She grasped his hand and let him lead her to the unknown.

The unknown happened to be his home in city of Citrell; it was underground which meant only one thing. She was with a vampyre from the big leagues; he was a member of the royal Macabre Court. Any slayer that entered into the dark, underground lair was never seen again.

Jessica bit her lip. She wanted to prove she was a true slayer so she slightly pulled back and away from the vampyre but she quickly realized that this thing was not letting her go. She tried to get away from him by sharply pulling on the hand holding hers. He tightened his grip painfully, bared his fangs back at her, and led her deeper into the entrance of the Court.

However, Jessica knew that they had to go through the Gate. The fabled Gate that her guides always spoke of in hushed tones. One said it was ten feet tall and another said it was made of pure onyx. But, both had agreed upon one fact. It was a transporter to the entire Court. But, it was heavily guarded. The first said true Slayers set off alarms. The second said it would kill a slayer. Now, Jessica could see a dim light at the end whatever type of tunnel she was in.

"We are almost there, Jessica," his words still sounded like the wind. Jessica's ears picked up the slight annoyance when her spoke her name. It seems he had wanted her to vocalize the information and not tell her that he already knew who she was.

"What is your name?" Jessica whispered almost not speaking aloud. She knew without a doubt that the vampyre would hear her with his superb hearing.


Jessica wasn't surprised by the fact that it was an uncommon name. Most vampyres within the secretive Macabre Court hierarchy were older… thousands of years older.

I'm in deep shit. Jessica thought as she reached the bend before the faint light would become full.

Adrian led the Slayer to first glimpse of the Gate. This was his favorite part watching the reaction the humans and new vampyres have as they set their eyes upon the great onyx Gate for the first time.

Adrian could picture it in his mind's eye.

And around the bend, Adrian smiled and turned his head slightly watching the Slayer's reaction.

Jessica's mouth became slack as she rounded that last turn. It became a long entrance hall. The walls opened up before her. Sconces made of intricate gold and silver holding twelve large crimson candles lit the room brightly. But, the main focus of the room was the Gate. She started from the top and worked her way down staring at the magnificent archway. It was carved of a pure black onyx that seemed to glow from within. On either side there were two dragons also carved into the stone. Inside the Gate was a crimson tinted looking glass.

Adrian pulled Jessica forward. He allowed her to look at the Gate long enough.

"A mirror?" Jessica mumbled under her breath having a momentary lapse in remembering Adrian's hearing.

"Yes, a looking glass. However, it has been enchanted with the blood of many, as you can see the color," Adrian smirked at Jessica it marred his handsome features and made him look more like the demon he really was.

"What are you going to do with me?" Jessica flicked her violet eyes up into Adrian's and wished she had not. His eyes captured her and engulfed her into their depths. She watched his eyes change from a crystal blue to a deadly black. He pulled her arm and caused her to crash into his body and to Jessica it felt like hitting a wall. Adrian's other hand came hard across her ass and Jessica screamed as he bit into her neck…

…To Be Continued…

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