tagGroup SexJessica Andre and Mac

Jessica Andre and Mac


It had been a great evening loads of support from the crowd as I performed my act. Once finished I got to my dressing room and was feeling really excited about the rest of the night. I was going to meet up with Holly at her club to meet Andre and Mac. I was bothered about it at first, but I would only go for it if I felt comfortable.

I had chosen a black Basque to wear and black heels. I placed them all in my hold all and continued to get myself ready, I slipped on a silky halter neck dress I pinned my hair up put my lipstick on, sprayed some scent threw those into the bag and I was ready to go.

I arrived at the club, Holly and me have pretty much free access in each of our clubs, everyone in each knows us well so there was never any trouble getting in. I went into the stage area, and saw Holly and the guys sitting at a table over the other side of the arena.

I got a drink, and walked over. "Hay lady" I said.

Holly got out of her chair and kissed me.

"Honey you made it come and sit." she replied.

She introduced me to Andre and Mac, my first thoughts? well Hot! Andre was the better of the two and Holly was right they were well built, but I always have trust in her, as she has with me.

We began chatting and having a laugh, and things were going good, I was enjoying the men's company and their flirty ways, Andre was hitting my lust buttons, I crossed my leg in his direction and as he looked at me and I gave him a look of want.

Holly was looking hot, wearing a black boob tube and black very short leather mini skirt with over the knee boots. She began to get my body tingling and my immediate thought was forget those two, I want you lady! I could not but keep looking over at Andre and he was turning me on big time.

I began thinking about him and Holly Hmm now a plan was building in my head, I lustfully began to think about those two together, and then me joining in, oh my this lot were driving me crazy!

We carried on talking for a good while, before long I wanted to get things going, I gave Holly a signal that it was time to move away from the table, she suggested we all head for her dressing room, so off we went. When we arrived there Andre and Mac sat down, and we went to the Bathroom.

"You ok with them Jessie?" Holly asked

"Oh yes indeed honey, and Andre? shit he is hot. So What are you going to get up to?" I asked.

"Oh don't worry about me Jessie I am going for well lets just say a meeting." Holly replied.

While I looked in the mirror Holly came up behind me and began to rub my tits. I turned my head and She gave me a deep kiss, our tongue's began to dance. I just could not help myself so turned around and took her tits in my hands and massaged them as I teased her tongue back into my mouth.

Holly responded and slowly lifted my dress up over my hips then my tits, she went down and kissed them. Her skirt was so short and I began to rub her pussy, finding her clit I teased her with my hand. She went harder on my nipples as I then took her with my fingers, she loved it.

"Jessie oh fuck are you warming up? oh fuck!" Holly murmured as she took my tits.

"I just want you so bad Holly honey" I replied.

"Fuck you must stop! oh shit! they will be waiting!" replied Holly. She then turned around and rested her butt against the sink.

"They can wait a couple of minutes." I answered.

I could not ignore her I went down and began to lick her, she was wet and wanted it. She lifted her right leg over my shoulder the heel digging into my back as I went into her harder she was so wet and tasted so good. "Fuck yes take me oh fuck yes mmmm so good honey" She whispered.

Holly kept quiet So not to cause a distraction to the guys, it was my night with them and Holly would not want to get in the way, besides she had plans of her own. I carried on down on her until she came, it had to be quick, we had other things to do. We finished our interruption Holly then adjusted herself, gave me a long kiss and left.

"OK" I said to myself "let's get this show on the road." I stepped out of the bathroom and looked at them both, "Ok guy's get yourselves ready, I will be out in a few minutes." I turned around and went back in the bathroom. I un tied my dress and slid it off, I stood naked in front of the mirror and took my tits on my hands I began to rub them. Then worked them down to my pussy.

I stepped backwards and leant against the wall. The feeling of my hand stroking my pussy was so good, I offered my tit to my mouth and licked my nipple as I began to take myself with my finger.

I began to imagine Andre was fucking me I took myself harder, trying so hard not to scream out "oh fuck me Andre" I whispered as my body slid down the wall. Now sitting on the floor I had to finish myself off, and that I did.

Suddenly I realised where I was, I got up quickly and composed myself I changed into my Basque and put on my heel's, adjusted my boob's lipstick on and scent, I was ready. I was feeling so horny after that, and also after my quickie with Holly I needed to get off big time with those two.

I walked out to find them both sitting in chairs fully naked, and I could see Holly was not joking when she mentioned their build they were big.

"So how would you like to do this?" I asked.

"Hay come over here Jessie," Andre replied.

I strolled over to him, leant over him with my hands on the back of the chair and kissed him, fuck he kissed good, I gave him my tongue and he accepted. I felt his hands go up and down my sides and onto my ass and he began to stroke it.

His hands were so strong. He moved his hands back up my sides and onto my tits, I offered them to his mouth and he rubbed and kissed them, then dropped my Basque off them. My nipples in his mouth as he pushed my tits together I wanted him.

I wanted to taste him badly so I worked my way down, kissing his chest down to his belly and

I was at his cock, very impressive. I knelt down and without delay I took him hard in my mouth.

"Andre you taste good" I said as I came off him.

My hands on his legs I began to quicken, his cock felt so good I wanted to fuck him till he came in my mouth, but I resisted as I wanted him in me. I carried on taking every inch of him, fuck he was so hard as my lips sucked on his tip. He grabbed hold of my head and forced me down onto him I wanted to suck every bit of cum out of him, I came off him and kissed all round his balls.

All of a sudden I felt Mac standing beside me offering me his cock, I came off Andre and took Mac. I wanked Andre as I sucked on Mac, Andre felt like steel, I really needed him in me, Mac felt just as good and I got to say I was loving this already, I faced Andre again and wrapped my tits around his cock and continued on Mac.

Andre then stood up and I had them both either side of my mouth, I pulled them closer and took them with my lips, then taking one cock after the other. Mac began to pump my mouth, he was quite rough but I was loving it! I came off him and took Andre again, my lips sliding up and down him.

"Fuck Jess oh fuck yes!" He moaned in delight.

"Come on Andre fuck my tits again" I demanded.

He sat back down, and began to fuck my tits again slowly at first, then speeded up as I pushed them harder against him, with me now kneeling Mac walked behind me and went on his knees, I went up on my heels and he began to rub my pussy from behind fuck it felt good, I dropped my head back and Mac took my tongue onto his. There I was getting tit fucked and finger fucked.

I came off Andre and went on all fours and took Andre back in my mouth I then felt Mac's cock rubbing against my ass he lowered it down onto my pussy and took me. He began to thrust in and out of me and I went with him, moving backwards and forwards, getting fucked and sucking Andre.

"Oh fuck yes Mac" I said coming off Andre for a second. I went back onto Andre, Mac felt so big doing me from behind his hands on my hips as he pounded me. All of a sudden Macs hands were just under my tits and he lifted me up right bent my leg up and held onto it. and began pumping me upwards I dropped my head back and threw my left arm around the back of his neck he threw his tongue into my mouth and I gave mine back.

Andre came over and stood in front of me and began to kiss my tits his tongue on my nipples.

His mouth drove me crazy and I began to ride Mac's cock. I suddenly wanted them both in me, fuck I had no idea where that came from!

"Mac do my ass." I pleaded. He came out of me and managed to insert himself into me. I felt tight with my ass wrapped around his cock.

"Oh fuck Yes Mac oh fuck yes" I screamed out.

"Andre fuck me now I want you" I panted at him.

He wet his hand and rubbed my pussy, it was wet enough "just get it in there" I thought. Andre then with a bit of adjustment took me with his cock he began thrusting into me fuck, I can't explain the feeling it was just so, so good.

I was gone, all my worries were stupid, I was loving this, Mac fucking me from the back, Andre fucking me from the front oh fuck yes. To get a better penetration I hooked my legs up around Andre's waist he drew closer to me taking my tits again with his mouth. that was much better, Mac got into me much better and deeper, they both pumped away I could feel every thrust both ways.

"Oh fuck yes harder come on harder!" I yelled, I put my arms back around Mac's neck, Andre supporting me by the legs, Andre felt so good,

I never imagined I would be getting it like this!

As much as I was enjoying myself, I wanted their cocks in my mouth again, I moved off them, and knelt down in front of them, I took them one at a time going on them deeply. I kept this up for a few minutes, and stopped and took Andre by the hand, and led him to Holly's bed.

I laid Andre down and gave him a 69, Mac came over and knelt on the bed next to my face. I turned my head took him again in my mouth as Andre licked and fucked me with his mouth. Mac began pumping his cock in my mouth as I wanked at Andre's cock, I then took Andre again in my mouth, then back to Mac I sat up and moved down on Andre, "Come on do my ass Andre its your turn."

I lowered myself onto him, and he began to pump away straight away, I leant back on my hands and Mac took me in my pussy I began to cum I did not know what name to scream out as they fucked me.

"Awww fuck yes oh yes fuck me oh fuck yes, yes! harder Andre harder! Oh yes, mmm fuck yes" I screamed and came on Mac as he pounded into me.

We changed position, Mac laid down and I went on top, sucking on Andre as I rode Mac up and down,

Andre though began to cum I kept him in my mouth as he released himself in me. My mouth tightened around him so he could not escape.

He pulled out and went to the chair and watched me as I rode Mac. I began to cum again, rubbing my tits I began to undo the front of my Basque, and parted it away from my tits slowly, teasing Andre as he watched. I leant back as Mac pumped into me I began to feel him cumin, I quickened the pace as I wanted to cum with him.

"Pump me Mac Make me cum again ooh that's the way yes let me feel you cum oh yes oh yes fuck yes keep fucking me fuck you feel so fucking good"

I came onto Mac as he came in me. I collapsed on the bed next to him and Andre came over and laid on the other side of me. I stroked each of them, and felt Andre getting hard again so I went down on him making the most of what he had left.

We laid together for a while, just touching each other and kissing. Before long they were both getting hard again I wanted more, I turned on my side and Andre moulded himself against my back and began to finger me from behind.

Mac positioned himself and I began to take his cock in my mouth. Andre quickened with his fingers, fuck I wanted his cock, I reached round and removed his hand and told him to fuck me.

Andre pushed his cock into me and began to pump me slowly, I took Mac into the back of my mouth and he began to thrust me. I moved my mouth up and down on him teasing him. I rubbed my tits as I had them both again, Andre then took hold of me and rolled onto his back with me on my back on top, he began to fuck me hard and cupped my tits.

"Oh Andre yes fuck me good, oh fuck yes!" I wanted him hard. "Yes that's the way oh fuck

Oh yes mmm oh fuck yes! awwww harder fuck me harder Andre yes oh fuck yes oh so good"

Mac began to wank himself over my tits I stopped him and sucked him getting him harder my thick lips sucking on his end. He pulled out and continued to do himself over my tits until he shot his load over them, I took him in my mouth.

Meantime Andre was pumping away, I sat myself up and took him reverse cowgirl Mac was in the chair watching as I cupped my tits. I was loving this.

"Oh fuck oh fuck yes oh I wanna cum on you Andre oh fuck yes make me cum again Awww yes oh yes"

"Fuck Jess i'm cumin oh fuck I'm cumin." Andre panted out as he pumped into me faster.

"yes cum Andre cum fucking cum in me, oh yes fuck I can feel you yes harder fuck me harder yes oh fuck Andre yes oh so fucking good oh fuck yes"

I began to feel him tense as he pumped into me and exploded in my pussy. "Oh fuck yes so fucking good oh fuck." I came again and slowed my pace.

Still sitting on him, Mac came over and kissed me and took my tits one last time with his mouth. He walked off and went off for a shower, I came off Andre and laid next to him my leg bent up on his.

"So Andre honey did you enjoy that?" I asked.

"Oh fuck yes Jessie, that was good." he replied.

"So if I said to you I want to see you on your own at some point would you like to arrange something?" I asked, I wanted him badly.

"Sure thing Jessie I will leave my number with you and we will meet up." He replied.

"Cool and how about you me and Holly?" was My next question to him.

"Fuck yes even better, I must say Jessie I never knew you were like this." He replied.

"Well Andre I know what I like, and I know what I want." I replied, and yes I wanted it bad.

So I had my threesome and loved every moment of it. I wonder how Holly got on in her meeting?

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