tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJessica Ann's Spring Break

Jessica Ann's Spring Break


It had been a couple of weeks since Jessica Ann's night at the fraternity. She had never told her roommate Anna anything at all about the night and as far as she knew only Scott, Jim and Betsy were aware of all that had gone on. She had started to write a journal and for the last few days had done her best to recall all of what had occurred that weekend. She was still amazed at how her going to an adult shop and buying a few videos had convinced Scott that she wanted to be used by a group of black men. Evidently she did because since that weekend she had been masturbating at least once a day, thinking about different moments of that weekend.

Once she felt she had captured most of the weekend's highlights, Jessica Ann began to speculate about other fetishes or desires she might enjoy. While she was certainly turned on when Scott delivered her to the black fraternity she felt that there must be similar scenarios that would get her turned on. She wrote out some of these and as soon as they were written she found one reason or another to eliminate them from any serious contention. Spring Break was next week and for the first time since she had left home for college, she was not going home for the week. She was going to be on her own. She thought of going to Florida or Texas but had not yet decided on a destination. She and Betsy were thinking of going to one of those places together.

Friday as Jessica Ann was leaving her last class before the break, she reached into her purse for her cell phone, intending to call Betsy and see if she had decided where the two might go. She fumbled through her purse as she ambled between buildings back to her dorm room. At some point along the way, Jessica Ann wasn't sure where. Someone had shoved a gag into her mouth and tied it then thrown a bag over her head and tossed her into what felt like the trunk of a car. Because the trunk was small she was unable to use her hands to get the bag off her head or the gag out of her mouth. She screamed as loud as she could knowing as her throat got sore that her muffled pleas for help would not be answered.

It wasn't long before the car stopped and the trunk was opened. With the extra room she quickly tried to remove the bag but her hands were quickly grabbed and roped together behind her back. She was then marched off and eventually brought into some sort of house. She was thrust into a chair and held down by her kidnapper. He yelled at her to calm down and be quiet. If she behaved he would remove the gag and the bag. He would untie her arms and put on a smaller blindfold for now but she would at least be able to breath better. She quieted and nodded her head as her assailant removed the bag first and then put a rubber blindfold over her eyes. He then removed the gag and finally untied her arms. Jessica Ann immediately started talking, begging to be let go, asking to not be hurt. He yelled again to be quiet and to listen.

"Jessica Ann, you have been taken and will not have a choice in what happens to you. If you are obedient and do what you are told then we will not send a DVd of your fraternity party to your parents and grandparents."

Jessica Ann heard the threat and knew she would do anything to keep that film from her family. They would not understand what she felt was her deviant desires. She nodded and said simply.


"Good, now you are to keep the blindfold on at all times. If you even try to take it off, or peek at any of us your family gets the film, are we clear?"

Jessica Ann knew she would have to obey these people. Did she understand? Hell yes she understood. She was so caught up in thinking about her situation the faces of her family if they ever saw the film that she forgot to answer her captor. It was a stinging sensation across her legs that brought her back.

"You will answer me, do you understand what I have told you. Or do I need to use the whip on you some more?"

"No, I mean yes, I understand and no please don't use the whip on me."

"Ok, Now stand and remove all of your clothes and do it quickly."

Jessica quickly and easily took off all of her clothes letting her jeans, panties, blouse and bra pile at her feet and waited for more instruction. She was then handed a garment.

"Jessica that is a top to a baby doll nightie please put it on."

She fumbled to find the front and back and slipped it over her head. It was made of a soft silky material and when it came in contact with her already excited nipples she allowed the pleasure to fill her brain.

She stood there naked not knowing if she was being watched by one man or by a group of men and women and she didn't care. She listened for her next command. Mentally she was prepared to do what she was told without hesitation so when she was taken by her hands and pushed over the back of the couch she did not resist. She felt someone push her legs apart and then felt a cool sensation in the crack of her ass. That was followed by something penetrating her asshole. Someone was lubricating her and planning to do something to her ass.

She was trying to remain alert as her ass was invaded by what felt like one finger followed by a second, a third and finally a fourth. The pressure in her asshole was intense and she let out a groan and felt her hips shake as those fingers began to twist inside her. She tried not to scream out loud fearing that her captors might punish her and forced herself to be quiet. She could not stop the groaning however, it was almost involuntary and it helped her to suppress the urge to scream. When she felt a fifth finger force it's way in she realize that someone had fisted her asshole and she could not stop the scream that came unbidden from her throat.

"Ah, our little slut does have limit to what she enjoys. It's a shame that her limit is less then out intent."

As Jessica Ann digested the man's comments she felt her impossibly stretched asshole stretch even further as something else was forcing it's way into her. Her screams grew in intensity and frequency as the additional object was forced in. When she felt vibrations in her ass she understood that they had forced a vibrator, along with a man's hand into her ass. The pain was immeasurable and she screamed with each motion of the hand or vibrator. She could not believe what was in her and barely noticed that her pussy was throbbing and dripping her fluids down her thighs. She felt some relief when the hand was slowly pulled from her only to be replaced with something just as thick. It must have been a butt plug rammed in adjacent to the ever vibrating dildo. Her screams were dying and her moans and groans gaining rhythm as she felt something pushing on her pussy. Still focused on her stretched and filled ass, Jessica Ann barely felt the cock invading her until it had bottom out. It stayed burried in her for a few moments before it started to saw in and out of her.

Jessica Ann was hot and ready she pushed her hips back at the cock ignoring the feelings in her ass and concentrating on the cock that was fucking her. When she realized that something was pushing against her lips she opened her mouth and another cock pushed it's way in. She was being fucked in her pussy and mouth while her ass was packed. The sensations were almost too much for her, too many at one time, it was close to an overload. The cock in her mouth had entered slowly but was now ramming her forcefully pushing deep into her throat making her gag. At the same time the cock in her cunt had begun to pound into her too. She was being fucked from both sides without mercy. That sensation was her last before she lost herself in orgasm. She had never experienced an orgasm so intense, so strong that she passed out.

"Hey, slut, wake up!"

Jessica Ann heard someone saying something but tried to ignore it and enjoy instead the sensations still rippling through her. She felt something warm spraying her face and mouth and when she inadvertently swallowed she tastes piss. Someone was pissing on her. She shook her head from side to side trying to avoid the stream of hot piss assaulting her when she realized a similar sensation on her backside. Shit she was being covered in piss. Just then a voice crashed through her thoughts.

"Come on Jessica Ann. Its' time to take you outside so you can pee."

She felt something tugging at her pulling on her neck and realized that there was something wrapped around her throat.

"You've been collared and leashed slut now be a good bitch and come outside."

Jessica Ann stood and was immediately yelled at.

"A good bitch walks on all fours. I want you to put your hands down and walk on your hands and feet."

As Jessica bent down to place her hands on the ground she realized that her asshole was till stuffed. She soon realized that in this position her ass was prominently displayed for all to see. She allowed her self to be guided by the leash and soon felt the cool grass on her hands as the exited this house. She was led to the right and felt her skin brush up against what had to be bushes and heard her handler say.

"Ok bitch you have a couple of minutes to relieve yourself before we feed you."

Jessica Ann squatted and peed. She was long past being embarrassed. Her ass was stuffed with at least a butt plug and maybe the dildo was still there, she'd been fucked hard in her pussy and mouth then pissed on before being led by her leash to pee. She needed the relief of peeing more then she felt abased by it. When she was done she was led back to the house and onto a tiled floor. Must be the kitchen she thought. When they stopped her, someone pushed her head down towards the floor and someone else was removing the item or items from her asshole. The relief was like an orgasm in itself.

"Bitch your food and beverage are in bowls on the floor. You are to stay on your hands and feet to eat. You will be allowed to eat for as long as it takes to fuck you in the ass. Once I cum you will be taken from your food until the next meal so don't hesitate."

Jessica Ann lowered her head and found the bowl with her food. She pushed her face in as she felt a cock invade her stretched ass. Fortunately for her the cock was much smaller then what had been in her ass that it felt good. She collected a mouthful of food and lifted her head to chew. She quickly realized that someone had pissed in her food and maybe coated it with cum too. She was hungry and did not allow this to stop her and she gobbled the piss and cum flavored meal. When she went to her 'beverage' bowl she was not surprised to find it was mostly piss too. She wondered what more they could do to debase her as she felt the cock in her ass ejaculate and fill her with hot cum. She was then pulled away from her dinner and once in the carpeted room her ass was stuffed with the large butt plug followed by another object most likely the dildo. This time they did not turn on the vibrator until both items were completely in her. Then they put the vibrator on a higher setting. Still on her hands and feet she again felt a cock poking at her pussy and another at her mouth.

This time they both rammed into her at the same time and then fucked her hard. She knew that before she was allowed to leave here that her lips would be bruised and sore and her pussy and ass would sore too. She could not move as both cocks pounded into her at the same time as an added treat the guys fucking her from behind was twisting the butt plug as he fucked her. Once again the sensations were extreme and Jessica Ann began to orgasm and didn't stop. The guys didn't stop either, as one released his cum another took his place. She had cock after cock in her now sore pussy and the same for her bruised and swollen lips.

At some time the cocks stopped and she had a moment's relief. That did not last as her head was once again pushed down and pushed up against a woman's pussy. Jessica Ann was to satisfy women too this week it seems. She languidly stuck her tongue out to rim the strange pussy and heard then felt the whip as it lashed into her ass. She screamed into the cunt at her mouth but knew to keep licking and sucking. She was whipped as she licked and soon the pain of the whip had become pleasurable and Jessica Ann came and while she enjoyed her orgasm she licked and sucked the pussy at her mouth with gusto, feeling the woman's release and the onset of orgasm as her tongue dove deep into her hot cunt.

The whip stopped and the cunt at her mouth disappeared and Jessica was led what felt like a cage. She was secured in the cage and told to rest, that tomorrow would be a full day now that she was somewhat trained. Before leaving her a set of nipple clamps were secured to her and a chain attached to them was clipped to the cage itself. If Jessica Ann moved too much in any direction she would pull the chain and a sharp pain would course through her tits. It was not a restful night as Jessica Ann could not stay still and her tits were in agony all night.

It was going to be a long week, but with two items in her ass and clamps torturing her extended nipples all Jessica Ann could think about was what would they do next.

She was taken from her cage early the next morning and led outside again. She was a willful bitch and hurried to the spot where she could pee. She was then led inside again to the tiled floor and her head pushed down to a bowl on the floor. The urine smell assaulted her nose as she put her mouth into a bowl of cold cereal. Instead of milk it was full of corn flakes and cum. Evidently the urine odor was in her 'beverage bowl'. The cum was cold and slimy but Jessica Ann was hungry and ate as fast as she could. Once again her ass had been emptied and someone was now fucking her. She learned that she could only eat until the cock came in side her so she ignored the slimy taste and gobbled her corn flakes. She then lapped up as much piss as she could before she felt cum saturating her ass. As she was dragged away from her breakfast she felt cum pouring from her overstretched asshole and covering her thighs. She felt dirty, full of cum and piss. Her hair was stiff with dried cum and it too was stinking of pee.

She passed this second day being fucked often, cocks always in her pussy and ass and every meal she ate someone would fuck her ass. She was often taken outside to piss and be pissed on. Sometime she was pissed on by a woman or women but mostly by the guys. On day she was told to sit on the floor, with her ass still full that was a sensation she never felt before. While sitting there the guys had a contest to see who could cum first and cum the longest and who could ejaculate the most cum. Of course she was the target and by the end of that afternoon her body was covered in dried cum. She did not know nor did she care who won the contest, she only cared that she could not stand the smell of herself and desperately wanted as shower.

They days went on. She was chained each night in the cage and either her nipples or her clit or both were clamped and attached to the cage. She learned to be still but she did not avoid the pain, as she could not completely stop moving. By morning she was so happy to get out that she almost ran outside to pee and when presented with her piss or cum filled food she no longer hesitated. She needed to beat the cock pounding her ass if she wanted to finish he meals and she worked to eat fast enough to do so. Her ass was stuffed with at least two objects when it wasn't being fucked and she realized that each day whatever was used was always wider and bigger then the day before.

Towards the end of the week she was often taken in the ass by two cocks at the same time. Her ass no longer hurt and in fact it felt empty when they unplugged her. Those moments where short however as they always were shoving something in. The day they shoved two large hands in her ass and fucked her with them she came as hard as she had all week. Although she had lost track of time, days and nights were running together as they started to clamp her nipples and clit during the day too. Jessica Ann was realizing that she was always just a touch away from orgasm having been used so continually all week. On what was to be her last day before being released one of the men said.

"Well you have done well Jessica. Today we have invited some friends in for a party and you will be offered as a toy to all. But before we can let them in you need to clean the bathroom."

He led her by the leash into another tiled area and placed in front of the toilet. He pushed her head down into the bowl and said.

"You are to lick this bowl clean Jessica Ann. I want to see it shine and I want to see all the piss stains off the seat too. Now get to work."

Jessica Ann no longer had any inhibitions and dipped her head into the bowl and did her best to lick it clean. Because she was still blindfolded she had no idea how successful she was but when they came back for her they told her.

"Good job, bitch."

Then they led her back to the main room and from then on she was fucked and double teamed for a long time. In the back of her mind she heard others coming and going and music playing while cocks continued to plow into her cunt and mouth. Towards the end of the evening they led her outside and put her in what was a child's plastic pool and she was told to lie down inside of it. She curled her self around the edges of the pool to fit. It wasn't long before she was being saturated with piss. For what seemed forever she was left there and someone was always pissing on her. She felt the level of piss begin to rise and cover the bottom half of her body. Her hair and half of her face were beneath the surface of the piss filled pool.

As the night grew quiet and she felt that the part was over and the guests had left she was pulled again by her leash and taken into the house. She was led to the kitchen and she knew they were going to feed her. She felt the plugs being removed form her ass and being replaced with a cock and she lowered her head to search for her food. He nose quickly found the piss soaked food and she gobbled it up. The cock was still plowing into her ass when she finished the food and found her beverage. Evidently while she was being pissed on most of the guys had jerked off into another bowl and her beverage was a cold slimy mixture of cum and piss. She finished before the cock spewed cum in her as was pleased with herself.

It was then time to be caged and clamped and she spent her last night in the cage tossing and turning doing her best to inflict as much torture on her clit and nipples as she could. She had decided that she could sleep later and she wanted to see if she could cum by inflicting pain on herself She was rewarded over and over again that night with orgasm after orgasm as she continued to pull the chains the held the clamps on her nipples and clit.

In the morning she was unclamped and her blindfold was replaced with the bag, She was unleashed but left collared and they put her into the trunk of the car and taken away. The car soon stopped and she was dumped on some cool morning grass and the car took off. Jessica Ann untied the bag on her head and took it off. After a week of not seeing her eyes were sensitive to the early morning light but she soon realized she had been left in the college square a few blocks from her dorm. Naked and stinking of piss, covered from head to toe in dried cum she made her way back to her dorm. So tired and sore she never noticed the package that had been affixed to her dollar until she reached her bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror.

She was amazed at how she looked. Her hair was stiff and sticking in many directions and her skin was white with cum. Her lips were swollen and bruised and her nipples were red and swollen. She noticed the packaged and removed the collar and opened the package. Inside was a DVD and she smiled knowing that she had another film to enjoy.

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