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Jessica Biel's Markup


Author's Note

Lo All - First story submitted @ Literotica. Feel free to send constructive criticism or reviews.

To supplement my usual income I occasionally write screenplays. Usually they get bought up and made into B type movies, with a budget under a million dollars, so the payoff to me isn't that great. But, like I said, it just supplements my usual income.

This time was slightly different. One of the larger production houses picked up the script and decided to make the movie. The budget was actually over a mill, so I got a nice payday on the initial script and rewrites. Since shotting was occuring where I lived I was actually invited to come see the filming whenever I wanted to. I didn't expect this to happen, due to my normal job.

A few days before filming was to begin I got a call from the producer. Apparently the lead actress wanted to change the script a bit. Her allocated time for comments had long passed so I began to argue it with the producer.

"Why are we letting this nobody make comments now?" I in fact didn't even know who had been cast in the lead role.

"Didn't you get the casting announcement?"

I leafed through the papers on my desk, trying to find the damn thing. He began again.

"I can hear you - let me guess you got it, but never read it. Forgot who I was working with." I had worked with the producer before. I'm usually not very attached to my scripts - heck, half the time the movie is straight to video or Skinemax distribution immediately. So I tend not to read everything, besides the offers and contracts, that come across my desk. He continued. . .

"Let me save you the trouble - the role of Laurie was cast to Jessica Biel. This one isn't going straight to video - we're scheduling the release to go against some heavy hitters in the Thanksgiving-Christmas season."

I, of course, was silent.

"What was my kickback on gross profits again??" I asked. He laughed and reminded me. I grinned silently.

I continued, "Nonetheless what's she want to change?"

"Just some of her lines, but for the most part you've got final say on any changes."

"Alright. Have her send over a markup. I'll meet with her next week so we can go over all the changes."

"Sounds fair."

I spoke with the producer a few days later. I'd be taking the entire week off work in case there was a need for heavy rewrites. After finding out what kind of money they were expecting this to bring in I decided it was worth it. Jessica sent over her markup and it was mostly harmless stuff, but spending some one-on-one time with this hot actress was something I wasn't willing to passup.

The scheduled time came for her to arrive. I had setup the upstairs of my townhouse for work - full pot of coffee, minifridge stocked with everything from water to jolt to scotch, fire going, computers up and running on a mini-network, stereo stocked with good hard rock. I was in jeans and t-shirt underneath a sweatshirt.

The doorbell rang and I went to downstairs to get the door. For some reason I expected her to be wearing what we're all used to seeing her in - tight top of some sort, showing off her great tits, heck maybe the bikini from that movie she was in a few years back.

I was slightly disappointed as all I could see was a heavy overcoat, stocking cap, scarf, and sunglasses. It was winter afterall and snowing quite heavily. Strange that a bikini wasn't appropriate. Not to mention that she probably had to walk around with some disguise most of the time to avoid a mob.

She began, "Are you John?"

"Oh, ya, sorry - didn't recognize you." I moved aside and ushered her in. "Let me take your coat and stuff." She started with her sunglasses and scarf. Instantly she began to look better. She let her hair out from underneath her cap. A few loose strands began to float from the static buildup. I grinned while trying not to stare. She perked up immediately, gave me a wide smile, giggled slightly, and asked, "What?"

"Nothing - just the static." I moved my hand over her head touching those delicate strands. She could feel the motion and laughed. She was in the process of removing her coat, and I was still trying to control myself. What was underneath the coat was much better than the coat - A thick half zip down black Old Navy sweatshirt and black sweat pants.

Needless to say I was duly excited. I started hanging up her stuff and continued, "Why don't you head upstairs."

"Well we're moving quickly aren't we." Needless to say I was flustered. Even if it was a joke, which it must've been, she was laying down a nice foundation for anything else that may happen, even if it was just a nice down-shirt glimpse at her delectable tits.

"Ha ha. Very cute. My office is upstairs - also the heat is off down here, so we'll be much more comfortable up there." Had to laugh off the comment - otherwise I would've appeared entirely too nervous and she would've already won the 'I'm a celeb' contest.

I followed her up the staircase, admiring the view the entire time. My office took up a large chunk of the 2nd floor and gave us great 180 degree view of the city's east side. I showed her where the refreshments were, pulled out her marked up copy of the script, and we got settled in.

I added some bourbon to my coffee to let the creative juices flow. She made herself a screwdriver - very light on the vodka (damn), and we settled in. She stretched out on one side of the L-shaped sofa, I sat on the other part, laptop out and ready to work.

We started working going over the script to make sure everything flowed, going back as individual lines were changed. After about an hour the film's producer called to make sure everything was going alright.

"So how's it going with our star?"

"I'm fine."

"Ha Ha. Seriously. Has she thrown a star sized fit at all?"


"Really. She must like you. Do you need me to come over to play mediator?"


"Ok, well if you need anything let me know."

"Sounds good. Later."

She began before the phone was back on the recharger - "Let me guess - Ashford? He wanted to know if I was behaving."


"He's so antsy - Are you hungry?" I looked at my watch and realized it was 2 o'clock and that I'd been drinking Irish coffees for a few hours now. Some food wouldn't be a bad idea.

"Sure. There's a few good places around here, or we can order in." We both turned to the window and saw the snow coming down even heavier than before. We looked back at each other and I pointed to a drawer, "Menus are in there."

I went to check the snow accumulation on the walkway, and the liquid refreshment supply. The drinks were starting to get low, but we'd be good for most of the rest of the day - not the mention my reserves downstairs. The vodka supply was amazingly low. Apparently Jessie had been increasing her vodka to OJ ratio. No wonder she had been so giddly lately.

"Which place is better - 60th Street Diner, or 61st Street Sandwiches?"

I grinned - "Look at the phone numbers - they're the same place. Better exposure with different names." She looked at the menus again and laughed quite out loud. Obviously the vodka was having an effect on her.

We placed the order and decided to take a break - the food would be in quite quickly. It was starting to get quite warm in the house, so I decided to remove my sweatshirt. We started to chit chat about the movie and other related events.

She began talking about another movie role she was considering taking. It was good money and a good role with excellent writing.

"Then what's the problem?"

"There's a topless scene that is really integral to the movie. I'm not sure if I'm prepared to go topless on the big screen." At this point it was all I could do to remain calm

"Well can't the scene be shot to avoid you being topless? Or a body double used?" I asked.

"No not really." I looked at her quizzically and she continued, "I can't really talk about it but let's just say I have to be topless for a good amount of time."

"Well all of your fans have seen the Gear magazine shoot from a few years back. But you weren't REALLY topless there. What's your concern?"

"I don't want to drop my top too early in my career."

"Are they still propagating the myth that everyone will lose interest in you if they see your tits? That may be true if your only following is the 12-25 year old boy crowd that gets a boner just at the sight of cleavage. But if you've got serious roles it won't make a difference." I continued on listing a number of well established actresses that had shown limited skin and had better careers after the fact ending my list with Halle Berry.

"Hmm, I guess there is something to it. But just walking around topless for that long in front of strangers would be weird."

"Hmm, I suppose it would . . " at that point the doorbell rang, "must be the food. I'll go down and get it."

After retrieving the food and getting an extra bottle of vodka I was on my way back up the stairs when I saw Jessie standing flapping the bottom of her sweatshirt. It had been getting a bit warm but not too bad. The vodka must've been having an effect. By the time I made it back up the stairs she had sat back down on the sofa and had unzipped her top entirely (don't forget it was only a half zip top). Needless to say I had a nice eyeful of pearly white skin and a great view of her cleavage.

She noticed me looking and grinned. "Sorry about that, I got a bit warm."

"No problem. I've got some stuff you can change into if you'd like something cooler than your sweatshirt."

"Maybe I'll slip into something more comfortable after lunch." she responded with a wink.

We ate lunch with just some light chit-chat about our various careers, what we'd rather be doing, and general friendly topics. We even discussed our various ex's. After lunch we decided to get back to work.

"So where did you say you had some clothing I could change into?" Jessie was obviously quite warm.

"Well if you go downstairs and under the staircase the door there leads to my bedroom. The dresser on the right has t-shirts, turtlenecks, and so forth. The closet has some oxford style shirts."

"I'll be right back." She spun and was on her way. While she was gone I poured myself two shots, and poured her two also. The food had taken my buzz off and I wanted to get it back. As I was putting down the bottle I heard her on the staircase.

"You're right, it's freezing down there." She was still wearing the sweatshirt.

"Too cold to make it to the bedroom?" I grinned at her

"Nope, I made it, just didn't want to freeze my tits off making my way back here. What you up to?" She asked indicating the shot glasses.

"Oh, just wanted to get my buzz back. Wanna join me?"

"Sure." We took our shots and went back to working. While I was gathering up the work materials she sat down and peeled off her sweatshirt. When I sat back down and looked over I almost dropped my laptop and everything else I was holding. Of all the possible tops she could have found in my bedroom she found the emerald green basketball style tank top with the big arm holes. As I remember it had been tucked pretty far back in my dresser, she must've gone hunting for something skimpy.

At this point she was confirming that she wasn't wearing a bra and frankly didn't need one. Her C or D cup breasts perched perfectly on her frame. Obviously natural they had a perfect amount of jiggle and over the course of the day I was sure I'd get a great shot of her rack at some point.

She began, "I tend to get warm when I drink so I figured I'd get ahead of the game."

"Good plan" was all I could gather up the energy to say.

"I'm actually going to go change into some shorts. These jeans are getting a bit warm" and restricting I thought to myself. She just nodded and went back to her script markup.

I hopped downstairs, changed quickly, decided to ditch the underwear and returned quickly.

When I returned she had moved over on the sofa and made a place for me to sit next to her. She patted the area and I complied. We continued work on the script at a dizzying pace. We had lost all tact and anytime there was a disagreement easily fought it out like old friends and laughed about the entire discussion when we made a decision.

About half an hour later Jessie got up to refill her screwdriver. As she was getting up the tank slid to one side and her left tit fell out of the top. Thankfully the shirt got stuck and so stayed like that for a moment.

She was on her way back to the couch when I noticed her fixated on my shorts. "Going commando I see."

I blushed a bit. "Yup, your point?"

"Nothing, I do like the point though." she quipped as she sat back down and gave my unit a slight squeeze.

"Hey hey, taking some liberties don't ya think?"

"Probably, but you've been getting me pretty buzzed so I can take some liberties, just like you can."

"I can?" I grinned at her.

"Sure you can. It is hard to find non-celebrity friends without trying to figure out their motivation and then worrying about what's going on but I trust you, or at least I do when I'm boozed up."

Rather than jumping at the opportunity then and there I decided to ease back a bit. "Oh good. Then we should probably get back to work." I could see her disappointment. She was obviously attention seeking at this point and even if she didn't want to fuck she certainly wanted the attention.

We continued working on the script. We figured we'd reach the halfway point by the end of the day and would have another day or two to finish everything up and meet with the producer to make sure all of the changes were acceptable.

We continued heavily flirting, but just as ‘friends.' I didn't want her to realize she was being pursued, otherwise the game would be over and hard to get would just be me hard at home later that night. She continued trying to tease me by moving around quite a bit to get her tits to fall out of her top, tying the bottom of her top to showoff her great midriff and emphasize her tits and occasionally glancing at my crotch. At one point she was curled up against me while we were working and she began working her hand down my pant leg.

By the time her hand reached my dick she was also lightly kissing the side of my neck, occasionally biting. I had somehow still been working but decided that it was time to tease back. I put down the laptop, turned to face her and slipped my hands in each of the armholes of her shirt, taking one of her glorious tits in each hand.

I found her mouth and began kissing her before she could pull away. Her hand began pumping my cock furiously. I broke our kiss and pulled her on top of me so that she'd be straddling me as I sat on the sofa. I pushed the coffee table out of the way with my foot. Her hand stopped pumping my dick as I moved her. She pulled back in to continue our kiss. I evaded her for long enough to pull the tank top off her head.

The view that awaited me was amazing. Despite having seen her tits many times in magazines, on TV and anywhere else I could they were even more spectacular than ever imagined from these shots. She arched her back slightly and looked towards me with a cat like stare. Her perfectly shaped tits had the ideal teardrop curve, and her nipple and areolae could not have been better proportioned to the rest of her rack.

I quickly removed my own t-shirt and leaned into her taking her left tit into my mouth and gently sucking and nibbling on her nipple. She gasped with joy before she slumped forward and dug her nails into my back while trying to catch her breath. I moved to her right tit and teased it with my tongue. Gently flicking the nipple with my wet tongue, blowing cool air on it and watching it harden. She began to squeal wanting to feel my lips wrapped around it.

I moved my hand to play with the other tit as I finally gave in and worked her right tit with my mouth and tongue. She purred in delight. She slid her hips farther down to my hips and locked lips with me again. My hard-on was uncontrollable at this point. I broke the kiss and began nibbling at her neck.

"You know," I began between nibbles "my cock is going to have to take some liberties with your mouth."

"Thank goddness!" she squealed as she began kissing her way down my chest, rubbing her tits against my body as she went. When she got to the floor she tugged at my shorts, which I helped her with until they were around my ankles and flung to the other side of the room. Without any hesitation she grasped my dick in her soft delicate hands, gave my cock a single lick and engulfed my swollen head in her mouth. Within moments she had taken half of it into her mouth and was working on getting more in every second.

My hands found my way to her breasts and began rubbing them while she was sucking me off. She was beyond good at doing this and soon had me teetering on the edge of cumming. She intentionally left me there, stopping to suck my cock at just the right time, working me too slowly at others, and too fast some other times. Watching her head bob up and down on my shaft like a piston was a major turnon, not to mention the handfuls of tit I had were beyond belief.

She could tell I was holding out since I was enjoying this too much.

Between bobs, she pulled her hair back, and looked up at me all while still keeping my cock in her mouth (I was impressed). As she pulled back she began speaking through my cock, and muttered, "Please let me taste you."

"Don't worry, I'll be sure to give you a nice big load" Within seconds of seeing her sweet mouth with my cock lodged in it and her pleading to taste my cum, my cock began to pulse, Jessie sensed it and wrapped her lips firmly around my cock. I pumped into her mouth a few more times, made eye contact and said, "Ready." She nodded in delight and seconds later was met with two enormous spurts of cum. She pulled back just keeping her lips wrapped around the head of my cock as she swallowed rabidly and I continued to fill her mouth with spunk. When I was drained she spit shined my cock and got me nice and hard again. She grinned up at me through her pearly whites.

Needless to say I was beyond thrilled. However, I wanted to make sure I kept her here. I helped her to her feet, and began kissing her tits again, working my way down her stomach, and pulling off her pants as I got down there. She was so wet the sweat pants were showing signs of it. Underneath her sweats she was wearing a small little pink thong that barely covered her front and did nothing but show off her nice ass.

I laid her back down on the sofa, slid her thong out of the way and dove right into her muff. My tongue was buried as deeply as it would go and was exploring Ms. Biel's innermost depths. She gasped at the surprise and began lightly moaning. I withdrew my tongue and began flicking it against her clit. Alternating between wrapping my lips around her clit, flicking it, and biting it Jessie was on the edge in no time. Her moaning had gotten considerably louder. I kept her near orgasm, getting a real thrill out of her moaning.

I looked at her over her muff and asked, "Am I going to have to gag you to keep you quiet?" I quickly returned to my previous job.

"That sounds great, but we'll do that tomorrow. Ohh, Keep going. Yeah. For now why don't you just give me your cock. I loved the way your cum tasted."

There was no chance of me passing up this opportunity. We quickly reorganized, me on bottom, Jessie climbed on top of me, sliding her great tits along my body and presenting me with her sweet twat. She pulled my cock towards her and wrapped her lips around it enough to hold it in place. I immediately began working on her pussy again. Once I had my mouth buried in her sufficiently I reached down and began playing with her tits again. I raised my knees and caught her head between knees making sure she wouldn't move. Instinctively I began bucking my cock into her mouth.

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