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Jessica Ennis: Golden Girl


This story is of course my imagination, celebrating the terrific Jessica Ennis and her immense achievement. Everyone in this story is made up save for the heroine of the piece. So enjoy, don't take it seriously and please leave comments, I do appreciate them whether they are constructive or praise!


The vast stadium was eerily silent. It was hardly surprising considering there were only two people inside. The only noise to be heard was the rain lashing down and bouncing off the stadium track; it was a wet day even by British standards yet two people continued to stay.

A man was standing under an umbrella peering through the rain watching whilst Jessica Ennis, the British heptathlete, ran around the three hundred meter bend onto the home straight. Her muscular legs shook as they hit the surface before straining when they pushed off to the next bound. Though her chest heaved with each intake of breath, there was no sign of any discomfort on her face as she bent forward stretching for the finish line.

The man standing under the umbrella walked towards her as she lay on the floor gasping for breath and enjoying the fresh water cascading down on her face.

"Alright then Jess, that was better. Just remember to keep your eyes forward and focus on the track; the last thing we need is for you to be disqualified for going over your lines or being put off by the person next to you. So just keep yourself focused." The man dropped a bottle of water into Jessica's hand and smiled at her.

Tony had been Jessica's coach for a while now and the upcoming London Olympics were as important to him as they were to her. They were now days away from the opening ceremony and every day for the past two weeks they had been training daily at Crystal Palace athletics stadium. Tony had chosen this location partly because no one was there, so no press bothered her, but also so that she could get the feel for running inside a large stadium.

It had taken a while for Jess to get used to the grand setting and the way that the wind seemed to circle around the stadium often creating difficult running conditions, but after two weeks she was used to it and openly looked forward to her next training session. Gradually she got to her feet and joined her coach under the umbrella. Together they walked towards the tunnels leading to her dressing room. As she went to push open the door Tony stopped her.

"I totally forgot to tell you but Eric isn't going to be here, something about the rowing team, but they sent over one of their guys and he's supposed to be one of the best. Anyway, he'll be there for you after your shower. I'll meet you by the exit in an hour's time." Pecking her on the cheek, "You did well today..." he beamed before leaving.

Pushing open the door, Jessica stripped off and headed into the shower with her clothes littering the floor; her light brown skin glistened as the warm water bounced off her tight curves. Fifteen minutes later she was wrapped in her towel as she walked into the locker room where she would usually expect to see Eric and his six foot eight frame waiting by the massage table. Instead a much shorter, stockier man stood there and his warm smile immediately made her feel at ease as she extended her hand to introduce herself.

Graham took her hand in his and shook it firmly, "Hi my name's Graham and I'm going to be massaging you tonight, you lucky thing..." He grinned and directed her to the massage table.

"Well seeing as the only other person in the stadium gives a shit massage I guess you're my only option." She smiled as she walked past him, loosening her towel and lying onto the table.

Having been with the rowing team for around three years the change of environment was something that he was looking forward to. Besides, massaging Jessica Ennis was a definite perk. He had watched her do the last lap from the stands admiring her tight stomach flex and her tight trousers stick to her like a second skin; it got to the point that he couldn't stand it anymore and now was going to have his hands on her body.

"I suppose I better start on your legs then." As he moved to her feet, Jessica only murmured in response. Pouring some lotion on his hand, he took her left calf muscle in his hands and trailed from her feet to her knee pressing down slightly to feel for any knots she might have. He only pressed lightly but he could already feel the strength in his fingers as he found a groove. Massaging it, he felt it disappear before he moved onto the next leg.

The towel ended right above her knees leaving just enough room for Graham to work on her calves. Gently pushing her towel further up, Jess could only moan softly as he began to work on her quads. After five minutes he dared to venture higher and so his fingers were inches away from her mound, yet Jess made no complaint so he continued.

Jess could feel his large hand circle the top of her thigh as he massaged the knots from her muscles. Each time he moved to the middle of her mound, a little voice in her head was desperate for him to go just that little bit higher. There was something about just coming off a workout that made her really horny. It was easy to talk to Eric about it as he was gay and had absolutely no interest in her, but as Graham moved to her mound once more, her arousal grew.

Graham was now rock hard, his mind in the middle of imagining Jessica bouncing on his cock as he feasted on her tits. It was as he mentally bit down on her nipple that his finger slipped slightly and brushed against her pussy lips. Immediately Jess let out a sharp groan and thrust her hips back against his finger. Coming back to reality Graham froze, his finger lodged between her lips, he could feel her wetness but still neither of them said a word.

Deciding to take the initiative, Jess began to slowly move her hips forcing his finger to slide along her wet pussy lips. Seeing this, Graham added more pressure rubbing her slit as she started to groan. Noticing her legs spread wider and her hand clench into a fist, he pushed his finger inside her tight tunnel causing her to moan louder, desperate to relieve her pleasure. Shutting her eyes her whole body was focused on reaching her climax when she felt him flick her swollen clit. "Oh god!" her voice sounded strained as her orgasm took control.

With one last thrust he pulled out his finger and took the chance to feel her ass. As Jess continued to squirm on the table his hands gripped her ass enjoying the soft, yet muscular feel of each cheek. He couldn't imagine a more perfect ass.

"Oh that felt good," Jessica murmured as she let out a sigh of content.

Graham moved to her head and smiled at her. "Well I aim to please!" Wrapping the towel back around her, she got herself into a sitting position with Graham sitting next to her. "You know I usually massage before and after training, it's kind of like a pre warm up and post warm down. Well anyway, I do it for the rowing team, and you know, just look at how many medals they have got!"

Jessica looked at him with a glint in her large hazel eyes, "You mean to tell me that you give the men a happy ending?" She managed to finish the statement with a straight face but as Graham's face looked on in disbelief she burst out laughing.

"Very funny, but there is some science there too; an orgasm releases a lot of endorphins and as you know, if you're in a relaxed mood it makes all the difference. Oh, and before you come up with a wisecrack, remember I have the scientists on my side and if anyone knows about women and orgasms then its science geeks!"

They both laughed at that before Graham went about cleaning up his kit whilst Jessica got changed into a loose fitting tracksuit. As she came back into the main dressing room Graham couldn't help but imagine her naked again, his hands copping a feel of her luxurious ass. Noticing his gaze, Jessica stared back at him. "Didn't you get enough of an eyeful already?"

Shaking his head to look at her face, he grinned, "Sorry, I was a thousand miles away. And don't flatter yourself, I've massaged hundreds of beautiful woman before, so to me you're just another body."

Holding open the door for her they both made their way to the stadium entrance where Jessica's coach, Tony stood, tapping on his watch when he saw her approach. Running up to him, she hugged him tightly and apologised putting on a pitiful voice, "I'm so sorry, please forgive me, pretty please..." She kissed him on his cheek as he chuckled. Stepping back towards Graham she said, "I can see why the rowing team have him 'cause he's awesome. I'm meeting him here tomorrow morning just to see if it helps!" She hugged Graham before taking an umbrella and heading out to the car park.

Tony turned to look at Graham, "Well I don't know what you've done but this is the happiest I've seen her for a long time. And turning up early for a training session..." he shook his head in amazement, "...you must have magic fingers!" Following Jess to the car park, he left Graham alone with a silly grin on his face.

The next day the rain still hadn't stopped. It was nine in the morning and Graham was making his way to Jessica's dressing room with his bag of lotions and towels in one hand. Graham knocked on the door before entering. Letting the door close behind him he spotted Jessica sitting on a bench, her headphones on and eyes closed. Ignoring her he went about setting up his massage table, getting it ready before standing in front of Jessica until she finally noticed him.

"Wha...oh it's you, good. I really could use a massage before I go out into that shit weather." Dropping her headphones to the floor, she peeled off her clothes. Not wanting to seem too forward Graham turned his back and locked the door waiting for Jessica to let him know she was ready.

Keeping his eyes on the door he didn't have to stand around for to long until Jessica called out that she was ready. Putting some lotion on her legs and his hands, he proceeded to work on her feet and slowly move further up one leg before swapping to the other.

Jessica was more vocal this time, groaning and sighing clearly enjoying his fingers running up and down her toned legs. When he moved towards her mound she let out a long moan; though his massage was good, she was desperate for some relief. Spreading her legs a little wider, pushing her towel to move higher, she allowed him more access clearly signalling her intentions to him.

Licking his dry lips, Graham quickly went to work pushing two fingers between her pussy lips. Once again she was wet; and soon she started to grind against his hand moaning as she did. Grasping the edge of the table, she felt his slick digit penetrate her and bury itself inside before pulling out again. His other hand pulled her towel off, leaving her naked on the table.

Jessica was quick to reach her climax once more; everything else was forgotten as his fingers began to work inside her, "Please I'm so close..." she whimpered at him "...make me cum." His cock was now rock hard and straining to be let free but he wasn't going risk it; so deciding to take out his frustration on her, he moved his other hand to the valley of her ass, his thumb teasing her asshole before he pushed hard driving his thumb inside. Her head shot up, her mouth open wide as she let out a shocked gasp but it didn't stop Graham. Seeing her light brown ass violated by his thumb was a fantasy and to see it come true spurred his fingers to pick up speed as they thrust in her slick pussy. Dropping her head to the table, Jessica let out a long moan, "Oh fuck yes." The words were split with gaps and shudders as she climaxed.

Pulling his fingers from her he licked them clean, savouring the taste before cleaning his hands in the sink as Jessica continued to gasp and moan on the table. Returning to her side Graham couldn't stop looking at how her ass protruded from her body inviting him in for a closer look. Giving it a light slap, he watched the flesh shudder slightly. Enjoying the view, he found that he was unable to stop himself from slapping the other cheek. He got in a dozen slaps before Jessica came back to her senses and rolled onto her side facing him, "Why can't you leave my ass alone?"

"When your ass looks like it does I'm afraid its sacrilege to leave it alone!" He grinned as he picked up a towel and handed it to her, "Did you like the more intense massage then?"

"I've never had anything like it before," she paused and closed her eyes, a grin creeping on her face as she continued, "but I felt so full...it felt good." Looking up at the clock she swore loudly, picking up her clothes, she hurried to get them on. Just as she was about to leave the room she turned back, "You had better be here when I finish!" With that she left, leaving Graham with another painful erection.

Taking several deep breaths and splashing some water on his face, he left the room and walked to the local café where he ordered a full English breakfast. Two hours later and he was back at the track watching Jessica train as the hours slowly ticked past. Despite the heavy rain she seemed to smile a lot more; and from her coach's enthusiastic voice and clapping, she seemed to be having a good training session.

Finally she finished. Looking up at him, she pointed in the direction of the dressing room before talking to her coach. Graham quickly moved back to the room where his table stood prepared for Jessica's massage.

Minutes later she charged into the room with a big grin on her face, "That was my best session in months!" She went to throw her hands around him but stopped realising how sweaty she must be, "Sorry I'm pretty sweaty, just stay there. I'll be back out soon..."

As he heard the shower running, he paced up and down, his imagination running wild with the possibilities of what he and Jess could get up to. He was in the middle of his favourite daydream when a slight noise from the showers attracted his attention. Swiftly turning around, he was greeted by a wondrous sight. Walking towards him was Jessica wearing nothing but a grin on her face. "I'm ready for you now!"

Graham tried to speak but only a gurgle came out causing Jessica to laugh. He stared as she slowly got onto the table making sure that his eyes were fixed on her every move. Settling down, she tightened her ass before relaxing it causing it to jiggle, an invitation that he wasn't going to pass up. Giving her legs a five second massage each, he moved to her ass and soon had two fingers moving inside her tight pussy and his thumb lodged up her ass.

Jessica had been looking forward to this since she stepped out onto the track earlier that day, the anticipation had already caused her to become wet and his magical fingers were spurring her closer to her climax. "More, more..., oh god, I need more!" She spoke through clenched teeth as her hands gripped tightly at the table. Smirking, Graham pulled his thumb from her ass and slapped each cheek hard leaving a bright red hand print before taking his index finger and driving it all the way into her tight anal passage.

"Ahh Fuck!" Her voice went up another octave as her head shot up, her ass humping the table trying to ram his finger from her ass, but as he worked on her clit, she soon found herself moaning uncontrollably. Twisting his fingers inside her, he bent over to kiss her neck as she finally reached her orgasm. "Oh Christ!" she let out a series of grunts as she jerked around on the table thrusting her ass up to Graham's thrusting fingers.

Slowly he pulled his fingers from her, tasting her juices as he did; the bitter taste was made sweeter by knowing it was Jessica that produced it. Once more his cock was rock hard, desperate for release, but he had to make do with caressing her plentiful rear, playfully spanking her until she finally came back to life.

Eventually she turned over onto her back and looked up at him, giggling as she did, "You must have been blessed to have such magical hands, and they're all mine!"

Graham smiled back at her, his fingers traced up her leg stopping at her pussy to pinch her clit lightly before continuing up towards her pert breasts. Rolling her nipple between his fingers, he bent over to kiss her full lips, "Best job ever!"

Jess grinned at him letting him continue to play with her nipples as she kissed him back before moving from the table and onto her feet. Wrapping her arms around him, she hugged him tight. Despite his best efforts, she couldn't help but feel his cock press into her, "Oh you poor thing, let me help you with that!"

Without waiting for his response she reached for his tracksuit bottoms and pulled them down, freeing his cock. Her soft hands grasped his shaft as she dropped to her knees. Looking up at him she licked her lips then opened and took his cock inside. As she sucked his head Graham immediately tensed and let out a guttural moan. Taking hold of her hair in his hands, he flooded her mouth with his spunk.

Keeping her mouth on his cock she let his cum pool inside until he stopped shooting. Letting out a whimper he buckled and crumbled to the floor gasping for breath.

Spitting his spunk onto the floor she looked at Graham, laughing as she saw the dazed look on his face. "I'll see you tomorrow morning." She slapped him on the head before jumping to her feet. Quickly, she changed and left the dressing room with Graham still on the floor.

The next couple days flew past for Graham; each day he came to the stadium and brought Jessica to climax. Initially with his fingers, though he soon graduated to using his tongue. Then she went to complete her training before returning to the dressing room where, once more, Graham used his tongue until she was a quivering wreck on his table and in exchange she would use her mouth to relieve his own pressure.

Each time he had her squirming on the table it took considerable mental strength not to pounce on her and thrust his painfully erect cock inside her. But each time, he managed to restrain himself knowing he would only be ruining a good thing by a second of rashness.

Soon the opening ceremony came and went and Jessica's heptathlon gold medal bid started. With Graham there in the morning and evening, Jessica was feeling good and hitting her personal bests in nearly all events. It was the last day of her competition with the eight hundred meter race as the final event she needed to win to ensure she was champion and the nerves were starting to get to her.

Pacing around her room in the athlete's village, she was killing time waiting for Graham to turn up for his daily session with her. The time was slowly ticking and she knew with each passing minute she was that much closer to getting on the track. Her anxiety increased tenfold. Without her 'lucky charm' Jess knew she would fail, crash, and burn on the greatest stage of them all.

Leaving her room she started to search through the gaggle of people looking for anyone who looked like a masseur and preferably in a team GB outfit too. It was at that point she saw the unmistakable sight of the British cycling team, their freakishly muscular yet shaved legs giving them away. Making her way over she asked one of the females where the nearest masseur was; in response, she was pointed in the direction of a cheery looking man. Walking up to him, she tapped him on the shoulder, "Excuse me are you the masseur for the cycling team?"

"Um...yeah...yes I am; can I help you?" He beamed at her making her smile in return.

"I was wondering whether you know Graham from the rowing squad. He's been helping me recently but I can't find him."

"Know him?! Jesus, I sure do. I taught him everything he knows and now he's taking all the credit." He laughed, failing to see Jessica's eyes widen in delight as he spoke.

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