Jessica Ennis: Golden Girl


"Well, do you know where he is?"

The man nodded his head sympathetically, "He's in the hospital; the idiot fell down some stairs. The doctors want to keep him for a while-something about a concussion-but he should be out tomorrow, maybe even tonight."

"I hope he's going to be alright." The concern was evident in her voice; not only was her lucky charm not there when she needed him, he was in hospital.

"Oh he'll be fine, he's done worse to himself." He smiled reassuringly, "Was he supposed to help you, then?"

"Um yeah, I had an appointment before I go into the stadium."

The man thought for a second before speaking, "Well I'm not really needed at the veledrome for a while so if you want I could help you. I mean I taught Graham pretty much everything he knows so I should be more than qualified."

Now it was Jessica's turn to pause; she had been so used to Graham expertly bringing her to climax that she wasn't sure a standard massage would do anything for her. Yet as she felt the anxieties of competing rose inside her, she decided that a massage would take her mind off what was to come at least for a little while.

"You know what? That sounds like a brilliant plan." She grinned up at him before turning away and leading him to her room. "I don't even know your name!"

"My name's Alex Cornwell, and though I'm younger than Graham, I've worked as a masseur for over eighteen years. My hair is a light brown, my eyes are hazelnut, I'm 6 foot four, eighty kilos, my star sign is Virgo and I'm a dragon in the Chinese New now you know a little about me," he kept the big grin on his face as Jess started to laugh.

"In that case, I'm Jessica Ennis and well, anyone who's been watching an advert for the past three months knows who I am! I need to be in the stadium at least an hour before my race so we need to get started now." She opened her door and walked inside, quickly followed by Alex.

"You do know that putting a time limit on a massage isn't really relaxing...I see you haven't got a spare massage table hanging around so we're going to have to use the bed. Get yourself ready then give me a shout." He smiled as he chucked a towel at her before turning his back to her. It was fifteen minutes later and Alex was in the middle of massaging Jessica's upper legs.

He had already done her upper body and she had never felt better yet she knew something was missing. Her upper legs were getting a workout when Jessica, conscious of the time, decided to speak. "Um...when Graham massaged me he did something to help my endorphins, you know anything about that?" She tried to sound vague, hoping that the broad question wouldn't attract too much attention.

"So that's why you've been doing so well!" He chuckled softly as Jessica let out an internal scream of joy.

"Yes! Yes! Oh my god it worked brilliantly for me. It's been unbelievable. I've never been more relaxed and clear minded before an event and it's all thanks to his massages." She spoke quickly, her relief evident that someone understood what she was talking about.

Letting out an exaggerated sigh Alex smiled, "Well if doing this will get you a gold medal then I had better do it, not just for you, but for the country!" He laughed then pulled the towel from her before pouring a lot more gel on her glistening backside.

Already Jess was looking forward to his probing. His massage was just as good as Graham's, and despite Alex's fingers not being as thick, they were definitely longer; so biting her bottom lip in anticipation, her mind ran wild with what he would do next.

In the time that Jess was dreaming Alex had placed another glob of gel on his finger then forced it into her pussy not stopping until it was buried inside. As the second knuckle slipped inside, she let out a satisfied groan urging him on. Thrusting in and out of her, his first finger was quickly joined by a second.

"Oh fuck yes," she muttered. Throughout the morning Jessica had been waiting for this release and with each passing hour her need had only intensified.

Clutching the bed sheets, she let out another moan; his fingers seemed to know exactly where to touch her and she could already feel her orgasm approaching. Her groan turned to a whimper as she felt him pull his fingers from her. She made to lift herself up from the bed when his hand quickly came down to keep her in place.

"You should be relaxing." He muttered as Jess did as instructed. Closing her eyes, she anticipated his next move.

With her imagination going haywire, Alex pulled down his pants freeing his thick erection. He and Graham had worked for months until they successfully managed to convince their female clients that getting fucked by them was for their own good. However, right now he wasn't in the mood for patience. Graham had laid the foundation and now he was going to get the reward.

Smearing some lotion onto his shaft, he grinned as he carefully got into position on top of her body. Jess was minutes away from her climax and he was cruelly withdrawing it from her. Wiggling in frustration, she was just about to beg him to give her what she desperately needed when she felt something invade her pussy. She couldn't immediately understand what it was but it felt far too good to question.

Above her, Alex clenched his teeth as he felt her tunnel tightly squeeze the head of his prick. Hearing her groan, he took this as a sign to continue and carried on ramming his cock into her. Placing his hands on either side of her back, he pulled his shaft out slightly before dropping down hard, submerging his cock inside her.

The sound of their flesh hitting hadn't faded from the room when Jessica's head was up, "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"This...this is what you asked me to do. You know, for the relaxation..." It was the only thing that he could think of, yet he didn't move. He watched her open her mouth to respond but then she closed it and Alex knew he had won, "If you thought my fingers were good then you haven't felt anything yet!"

Using his hands, he pushed himself up enjoying the feel of her clutching pussy trying, but failing, to hold him inside her. Her cunt was soaking the sheets as he thrust back into her.

It had been so long since Jessica had been fucked and it felt so good. Moving up onto his knees, he took hold of her hips and lifted her up until she was kneeling in front of him. He watched as she turned her head to face him, a look of need and lust in her eyes. His mouth curled into a grin as he forced his cock home, enjoying the sound of air being driven from Jessica's lungs as he did.

"Harder..." her voice came out strained as Alex started to slam into her, using his grip on her hips to allow him to go faster. He watched her ass constantly jiggle as she continued to urge him on, meeting his thrusts with her own. Her pussy felt so full and soon her climax was rushing back to its peak. Dropping her head, her hand moved to her clit and rubbed it furiously as the other pulled at the sheets, "I'm so close..." she grunted.

Alex only growled in response, he was close to exploding and her tight pussy was getting to be too much for him. "God I'm so close..." sinking his cock inside, he threw back his head and howled loudly in pleasure as he peaked. The first shot of spunk set off her own climax; her fingers were pinching and pulling at her swollen clit as she slumped onto the bed grunting uncontrollably, trying to regain her breath. Several more loads of cum flooded her pussy, he jerked with each shot, Jessica murmuring contentedly beneath him.

She felt him roll off and lay beside her on the bed. She paused for another minute before turning onto her back and looking across at Alex, grinning as she did. "Good, I nearly forgot how good sex felt!"

Returning her grin, Alex stretched out on the bed and nonchalantly played with her nipple, "You know I never understood this belief that not having sex would make you perform any better cause there's no science that backs it up!"

Flicking his hand from her breast, she laughed, "And your fucking massage technique is scientifically proven!" Not lingering for his response she got to her feet and headed to the shower.

"Hey endorphins are not to be laughed at. Now you need to go and win a medal 'cause I sure as hell I didn't fuck you for my own benefit!" shouted Alex before resting his head on the pillow replaying the whole event in his head as he relaxed.


In two separate parts of London, Jess was on the top step of the podium in the middle of the Olympic stadium having her gold medal draped around her neck meanwhile Graham was being released from hospital, complete with a bandaged head and a dazed expression. Eventually Graham made his way to the Olympic Park athlete's accommodation.

While he walked through the park, he stopped as he spotted one of the big screens showing a replay of Jessica's heptathlon victory. The sense of pride that filled Graham was indescribable. Clenching his fists he whooped in delight attracting plenty of stares but he really didn't care.

Picking up speed, he made his way to Jessica's apartment and knocked hard; the door swung open and he was greeted with a party scene. Numerous athletes were alongside Jessica's family celebrating wildly with the alcohol flowing and music pounding. Graham decided against trying to explain who he was and just pushed inside.

Despite how small the apartment was, it took him five minutes to find Jessica; but when he did, she threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly. "This man won me the gold medal!" she almost cried to her surprised looking family when she eventually released him.

Graham spent the next twenty minutes shaking hands, getting hugs and constant questions on what he did and hearing how grateful they all were. He was only saved when two apologetic looking officials asked the party goers to leave so the other athletes could get some sleep. Despite the loud groaning, the house soon became empty with only close family and Graham left.

As he was about to leave a sharp yell turned his head. "Cramp! Oh God, I've got fucking cramp." Jessica was hopping around the floor clutching her leg. Immediately Graham grabbed her and helped her into her bedroom. When he reached her bed and placed her down on it, Jess turned her head and yelled out to her worried family, "Its ok everyone I'll be fine. I'll see you all tomorrow for some lunch."

Muttering amongst each other the family left, leaving Graham to lock the door after them. As he turned around he was greeted by a sight he had longed to see; Jessica was standing there naked, her toned body causing Graham's cock to harden.

"I really did mean that; you won the gold medal for me." She lifted her gold medal up and kissed it, looking at him as she did.

Taking a step towards her he took the medal in his hand, "Please, all I did was use my magic fingers. You were the one who did all the hard work. I'm really sorry I wasn't here for you this morning but at least you did fine without me!"

"Without your fingers I would have been a nervous wreck; so seeing as I can't give you a gold medal..." she took hold of Graham's arms and pulled him into the bedroom pushing him onto the bed, "...I'll give you my ass!" She giggled as she fell on top of him.

"I can't do it...I don't deserve it. I..." he stuttered as he responded to her kiss.

"Oh come on...I know how much you like my ass, and well, you can just think of it as payment for all your past and future massages. Besides, if I want you to fuck my ass you will fuck my ass!" She kissed him the entire time she spoke, her hands working at his loose trousers, pulling out his erect cock and stroking it slowly. Getting out of his grip she wiggled down until her mouth was over his cock, taking it in her mouth, she sucked hungrily at it.

Graham let out a staggered groan, "I'm only employed to keep the athletes happy so if this is what you want I'm not...Jesus Christ!" His voice broke as Jessica managed to swallow his entire cock. He could feel her tongue swirling around the base and her soft hand playing with his swollen balls sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout his body. Holding onto the back of her head Graham pulled out his cock before slamming back in; hearing her gag he looked down worried, but the lust in her eyes told him all he needed to know.

Again he pulled out before ramming himself back inside, with her golden brown hair wrapped around his hands, he began to thrust in and out of her mouth. He had gone a whole day without cumming and though he tried to fight it, her wicked hazel eyes spurred him over the edge.

"Fucking hell...." He gasped as his cock escaped her mouth causing his spunk to cover her face. Quickly, Jess took the tip back in letting his cum collect inside her mouth. Graham's jerks faded as he fell back onto the bed gasping for air whilst Jess took a nearby towel and wiped the cream from her face.

Joining him on the bed she made a blatant show of swallowing, then slowly licking her lips, she giggled, "Luckily, I'm not competing for a while so I can swallow as much cum as I want." Graham could only snort in response making Jess laugh more, "Well, seeing as you're having a lie down you can put your talented tongue to use!"

Ever since his hands first touched her she had been putty in his hands but now she had the power and she was enjoying it. Rolling onto him she wiggled up to his face and presented her shaved pussy to him. Extending his tongue, he lapped at her thick pussy lips taking them into his mouth sucking hard before alternating.

It didn't take long for Jess to leak juices which Graham eagerly lapped up. Attacking her centre, he drove his tongue inside her, using his teeth to grind against her engorged clit as she moaned loudly above him. Her knees slammed shut over his ears holding him there, grinding down on his face rubbing her soaking mound all over his open mouth.

"Jesus..." she managed to utter her orgasm washing over her. Clenching his hair, she let out little mews of pleasure as she tried to lift his head needing his tongue deeper inside her.

Graham coated his finger in her pussy juices and carefully manoeuvred them to her ass finding her tight hole. Pausing for a second, he then pushed gently against her hole until his finger was finally allowed inside.

Jess was too tied up in her orgasm to fully realise what he was doing but as he wiggled his finger she let out a groan, "Push it all in..." her voice was a whisper as her hands left his head and tugged at the bed sheets. Following her command Graham forced the rest of the finger inside her enjoying the tight muscles gripping it as he did.

Once more he attentively licked her pussy willing her to relax some more as his finger stayed lodged inside her ass. Moving off him she turned around and opened her bedside table pulling out a bottle of Vaseline, "a runner's best friend," she muttered. Then flicking it open, she took a glob on her fingers and smeared it on his cock from tip to base before placing another glob on her ass.

Graham watched lustfully as she proceeded to ram one, then two fingers in her ass. A look of pain was replaced with a look of content pleasure. He hadn't even touched his cock yet it was painfully erect in expectation of what was to come next. Straddling his body Jessica took his shaft in her soft hands and placed it at her entrance, "Oh God, it feels so big in my hand."

Unable to say anything, Graham brushed the hair from her eyes as she sat down forcing the head of his cock past her ass. "Fuck!" the word escaped from both Jess's and Graham's gritted teeth. Spreading more Vaseline around the joining of her ass and his cock, Graham moved his hands to her hips holding her in place letting Jess get used to the invasion.

Slowly her ass took his shaft in, inch by inch; her eyes were clenched shut as she let out small grunts, her ass getting used to the large intrusion. As Jess struggled to adjust, Graham took hold of her hips to gently drive his cock further inside. Not for the first time he was eternally thankful that she had given him a blow job earlier as her tight warm ass squeezing his painfully erect cock. Taking another deep breath she finally managed to get her muscles to relax a bit more allowing his cock to fully sink inside her snug ass. Gasping slightly, she used her hips to grind on top of him; her clit rubbing against him caused her grimace to fade.

"Jesus your cock feels big..." Jessica was looking down at him, a feeble grin on her face, "I'm gonna need a massage after this workout!"

Graham wrapped his hands around the back of head and pulled her to him, kissing her lips as her ass started to relax more. With their tongues entwined he took a tighter grip of her hips and lifted her letting his cock drop from her until just his head was left inside. Holding still for a second before firmly pushing his cock back in. Amid Jessica's grasps and grunts Graham continued to slowly thrust in and out of her ass.

"Faster...faster..." Jess gasped, repeating the word louder with each gasp.

"Thank you God!" he muttered as his hips slammed up causing her pert breasts to shudder, the two of them groaning in unison. Quickly, he got into a rhythm fucking her harder and harder as she began to moan louder. Her ass felt like a furnace around his shaft that sent bolts of pleasure through him only intensifying when she flexed her muscles.

Dropping her hands onto his chest she pushed up her ass before dropping down, groaning loudly each time his cock filled her ass. "Oh it's starting to feel good," she gasped, his hands moving from her hips and lightly smacking her ass.

The sound of their flesh slapping against one another was sending Graham closer to his peak. Knocking her hands from his chest he pulled her in for an embrace, kissing her passionately as he rolled her over and began to fuck her harder.

With his balls slapping her upturned ass Graham peppered her face and neck with kisses whilst she gasped for air. "Fuck I'm cumming..." he growled as the first load invaded her ass. His thrusts were now harder and faster, causing Jess to whimper yet he didn't stop, another spurt of cum quickly followed the first with several more close behind.

Though his cock was still jerking, he pulled out and moved down to her dripping pussy attacking it with passion. Her cunt was dripping as Graham took her clit between his teeth and bit down lightly setting off her orgasm.

Curling his hair in her fist she forced him deeper, as for the second time that night she climaxed thanks to his tongue. Grinding her hips on his face she finally came down from her peak. Gasping for breath she rolled off, leaving him with a stupid grin on his face.

Graham spent the next two hours with her wrapped in his arms. He would have loved to fall asleep in her bed alongside her, but not wanting to risk gossip he got to his feet and left her snoring softly. Finding a bottle of beer he poured it over his clothes and staggered into the athlete's village waiting for the booze ambulance to collect him.

Jessica was taking a well earned break for the next couple of months leaving Graham alone with his fond memories of her and her ass. The next time he saw Jess was during the victory parade. She was on the top deck of an open top bus waving at the crowds when she spotted him. Smiling at him, she blew him a kiss causing several of the people around Graham to look at him. "Oh it's alright I know her personally...I even fucked her ass!" he said softly. The people looked at him as if he was crazy but as she blew another kiss to him, their expression turned to amazement.

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