Jessica Goes Wild


"Well, I don't know Honey, you seem to have made a bad bet, and now you have to follow through on something that you never thought you would have to. That could come out as rape in a courtroom, so I think you better got play somewhere else."

"NO! Please let me get fucked here now. I need to get fucked. I want to have all of those cocks in me. I want to suck them and swallow their cum. I want them to fuck my pussy and ass. I want to get fucked now. Please? I will not tell anyone what happens here tonight. I just don't want my husband to find out. He can't know what I am doing here tonight. That is why I didn't sound too convincing. Honest. I am just afraid my husband will find out."

"Oh, you want to get all of these men to fuck you but you don't want your husband to find out. You are a real slut aren't you? You want all of these strangers, black, white, red and yellow to fuck you in all of your holes, just don't let hubby find out? Don't you think he would notice you being stretched out and sore from all of the fucking you are about to receive?"

At that line of questioning the crowd really let loose. They knew they were going to get to fuck her and they were barely able to control themselves. She blushed red and looked down at the table of those black guys. They were smiling and clapping at her.

The DJ then announced that it was party time. As she stepped down off the stage a couple of men grabbed her and laid her out on a bench that had obviously been prepared for her gangbang. It was padded and shaped like a 'Y'. This shape allowed support for her legs in a spread wide position, and her head was very accessible also.

She lay down on the bench and the lines started to form up. Soon she was sucking one cock and another was in her tight pussy, ramming away. Her moans and grunts were muffled, but I could see she was getting into it almost right away.

I had moved in close so that I could hear the Black men talking about her.

"Man, she is going to be the hit of the party tonight. Nobody will ever forget her after tonight. There must be twenty men lined up already. She is going to pay off on the bet real well."

"Yeah, I can't believe how hot she got in the hotel room earlier. I don't think she had ever had anal sex, but after a few minutes of your cock, she was moaning and wanting more of it. She just begged for it after a while too. What a first class slut. Man when her husband finds out he is going to dump her like yesterday's news."

"Man, can you just see her old man when she gets home? Her pussy is going to be stretched out so big you will be able to park a cement truck in it. Her ass is going to be like the Holland Tunnel too. What is that poor slob going to feel like knowing that she has been so well fucked?"

"The important thing is that she won't be able to do anything but what we want her to. She is our whore from now on. Whenever we are in her town she is going to get gang fucked. I will see to that. She cost me a bundle last year, and now I am going to make up for it."

No I knew why she was doing this. I could tell earlier, by the inflection in her voice, that she was under some kind of extreme pressure to perform tonight. Evidently these men had something on her and had used that to force her to fuck them earlier, and now be their gangbang whore as a back payment.

My heart hadn't slowed down yet. I knew she was near her breaking point. How, do you ask? I knew because this slut being fucked in front of me was none other than my wife, Jessica.

Her last call must have been from a local hotel. How could this have happened? What did these men have on her to cause her to let herself be gangbanged by all of these men in this club?

I watched as a man moved up between her legs and pulled them up and back. This caused her butt to roll up and her asshole came into view. I could see that it was open a bit, about the size of a quarter. Evidently these men at the table behind me had used her ass quite a bit before coming to the club.

The man between her legs pushed his cock right up her asshole and started to saw back and forth. Jess had cum all over her face and now several men had fucked her mouth. Their cocks were going deep into her mouth, until their bodies would block them from going any further. Some of the cocks she had sucked on were quite long, one looked to have been over a foot long.

My knees were getting weak and I felt like I was going to pass out. I stepped back and went back to our table to sit down. I then noticed that there were three other girls being gangbanged also. This was keeping the crowd from becoming unruly. A well planned, thought out gangbang party place for sure.

I sat there for most of the night. Around three in the morning the last man finished with Jess and left. She just lay on the bench spread out and almost asleep. The DJ came up and stood by her. I saw him lean over and his hand went to her very tired looking gaping open pussy. He stroked her for a bit as he talked to her in a low voice.

As I watched, his hand slipped up and into her. He had on a tee shirt, and I watched as his bare arm went back and forth, fucking her with his hand. Her hips started to move and soon she was moaning. I couldn't understand how she could even be aware of what was happening to her.

He fisted her pussy for a while, and then after she came pretty hard, he pulled out. He looked over at me, shrugged his shoulders and walked away. I got up and stumbled over to where my wife was laying. I had tears running down my face, I don't remember even starting to cry. I looked down at her used abused body and wept.

I had my eyes closed, and after a bit I opened them. I had heard something she had said something. I looked down at her and saw her looking up at me with the most fearful look. Her tears burst out and she started to cry. She couldn't talk, probably because of all of the cum she had swallowed, and the cocks that had been in her throat.

I just turned and walked away. I went to my hotel room and fell asleep on my bed, fully dressed. I woke up hours later and felt like shit. I hoped that it had been a nightmare, but after getting up and showering I knew that it hadn't been.

I packed my things and went in to see Jim before I left. He was pretty hung over. His only comment was that the slut last night had worn out a lot of men. Her husband was some kind of lucky bastard. I just got the gear from the classes and left.

I got home on Sunday and just sat around. My life was shot to hell. My wife had been the star of a gangbang. MY WIFE. I had a slut for a wife and hadn't even known. All I could remember was those men taking her again and again. Her holes wide open, gaping. Her pussy lips had been red and swollen, distended out like wings.

Her body had been covered in cum, her mouth and lips were red. I had seen blood on the floor by the bench, under her ass. Her tits had bruises and red marks all over them. My mind on fire, I just didn't know what to do.

I wanted to die. I wanted to kill her. I wanted to kill those men for doing this to her. I wanted to run away and never see her again. I just didn't know what to do. I knew that we were done as a couple for sure. There was no way I could ever forgive or forget that night.

I had trusted her with everything and she had dumped me like old trash to be gangbanged. How long had she been fucking around on me? Had she always been doing this? How could I have not known or suspected? The fucking bitch! I was getting mad now. She had broken our marriage vows. My trust in her was ruined, on the floor with my heart.

I heard her come in the house. I just sat where I was and said or did nothing. She came in and walked up to me. She knelt down in front of me and looked up into my eyes.

"I am so sorry Tony. I never meant to hurt you like I have. I love you Tony, and I don't want to lose you. Please understand that I had to do this, I had no choice."

"You had no choice? Had to do this? You slut! You WHORE! Don't' even talk to me about this. There is absolutely no excuse you could come up with that would explain anything I saw that night. You performed for all of those men then begged to get gangbanged by them. You didn't want me to find out, you said as much. How long have you been fucking around on me? Months? Years? Our whole marriage? You...You...YOU CUNT! Get away from me WHORE."

My outburst caused her to cry. I didn't care one bit. I got up and went to our bedroom. I grabbed her stuff and threw it out on the couch. I then went around the house and gathered up all of her things piling them near the front door. Jess just stayed on her knees, crying near where I had been sitting.

After I had gathered up all of her things and told her to get her stuff and get out. She looked at me and tears ran down her face. My heart was torn, but I stubbornly stood there and pointed to the door.

She got up and started to pack her things out to her car. I didn't help her at all. I wanted to strangle her. I knew that if I stuck around I would probably do something really stupid, so I just left the house and went for a drive. When I got back she was gone. Her stuff was gone. The love of my life was gone.

I didn't go into work for three days. I sat around the house and looked at the holes in my life. I could see where her pictures had hung, the outlines of faded glory days gone by. The empty holes where her things had sat and filled the house with love and kindness. The places where the treacherous bitch had so quietly made me sure she loved me and was a faithful caring wife.

I went in to work and my boss knew something was up. I wouldn't tell him anything at all. I just did my job and went on with my miserable life. After work I would go to the bar and drink for a few hours then go home and sit in the dark and be numb.

Jessica never called or tried to contact me. I got the divorce papers in the office, delivered by a courier. His look was one of sympathy, but his manner was one of strictly business. I signed for them and read them over. She had filed for divorce due to 'irreconcilable differences'. Her fault not mine. The bitch.

After a few months I finally got myself together and started to plan. I decided to sell the house, and move to the west coast. Get away as far as I could from the painful reminders of my late past. I was not happy with my job so I turned in my notice. My boss was upset, since I had been one of the best people working for him. He tried to talk me out of quitting, but as soon as he saw my mind was made up he gave me a letter of recommendation. A nice surprise to me.

I moved to the west coast and bought a small house on the beach in Oregon. I spent a few months just living there and not doing anything but thinking. I eventually went and found a job and back in the groove the pain and sorrow went away. I was not as happy as I had been before that fateful night, but I was getting back to that point.

One day I met a nice girl. I asked her out and we started to date. I found out that I wasn't serious about her, and soon after that discovery, we broke up. It was a mutually understood thing. There was no 'fire' in our relationship.

That was the way it became. I would meet a girl, we would date for a while, and then I would break up. No fire, no passion. Great sex, no future though. I drifted like this for two years. One day my job required me to go back to where I had lived before with Jessica. I didn't think anything at all; I just went and made the appointment. After getting back into my old town I met a few old friends and we had a little party.

At the party they talked about other friends and coworkers. At one point Jessica's name came up.

"Jessica is still in town. She is working for the same outfit. Doesn't look too good though. I think she was really broken up over your divorce Tony."

"Don't care Ted, I just don't give a damn. I hope she rots in hell for what she did to me. She is just a slut. A huge fucking whore."

"Why don't you tell me how you really feel Tony?"

"Very funny Ted. I don't want to talk about my ex-whore-wife."

"She talks about you. She always said that she is the reason she and you broke up. She has said it time and again. She knows that she blew it big time. Did you know that she was tricked and forced into doing whatever it is that caused you two to break up?"

"Don't know, don't care. Drop the subject Ted, or I will just leave. You have been a good friend; don't blow it over a two-bit whore who couldn't keep her legs closed for a bunch of men. Just drop the subject. NOW."

"OK, OK, I just thought that you would want to know that she hasn't dated or anything since you two broke up. She really feels bad about what happened and I think she is slowly dying because of it Tony. She is really looking poorly."

"Yeah Ted, used up whores do look poorly. All the fucking and sucking they do instead of loving their husbands and being faithful is what causes that shit. I could care less about that slut. She ruined my love and my life for one night of fun. She can go straight to hell as far as I care. I'm leaving. Goodbye Ted, been nice talking to you, until right now."

I went back to my hotel room and packed my things. The nerve of that bastard. To try and make me feel something for that bitch. She had ruined our marriage, not me. I had been the faithful one. I had loved her unconditionally. She had fucked around and fucked up things. NOT ME. Damnit. Now I was upset again. I had been over her and Ted had drummed up old pains.

I went to bed that night and tossed and turned for hours. In the morning I looked like shit. I called and rescheduled my appointment for the next day and went for a walk. I ended up in a park where Jess and I used to meet for lunch sometimes. I wandered around and finally sat down near the table where we had ate at several times.

As I sat there I remembered better times. I remembered how she had looked and loved. How she had always known my moods and been able to change a bad one in a matter of seconds. She had known me better than I knew myself. Why, Why had she done this to us? Excitement? A need for danger? Had I been too boring? What?

I sat there thinking and then noticed a lady walking up the walk. Her head was in a scarf and she looked very thin. Her legs, the parts that weren't covered by her dress, were just skin and bone. I didn't recognize her at first, and then it came to me. Jessica, it was Jessica. As I watched, she went over to 'our' table and sat down.

I moved in a little bit closer. I could hear her talking to herself. She was not aware that I was standing nearby.

"I miss you Tony. I wish I could have taken that night away. I really do. I have only ever loved you and now you are gone."

She didn't even know I was there. She was just sitting there talking to herself. I listened as she went on and on about that night and how she had been maneuvered into breaking her marriage vows. How they had then used her as a fuck toy, then as a gangbang queen.

She almost sounded deranged as she sat there talking and I noticed that people would veer away as they neared the table only to go back on the path after getting around her. She had been doing this for some time evidently, and people were avoiding her like the plague.

She was still talking and I heard her start over. I just listened to her, trying to find out why, why she had done what she had done. I was in for a big shock.

"I knew that he was trouble. I had even told you, Tony. We met and he had me out to dinner. He told me that the others would be there. When I got there he was alone. He said they were running late. I sat down and we ordered. I should have seen that I was set up right there."

She mumbled a bit then started again. I had heard enough to know that something had happened at this meeting, and it was the night before 'that' night.

"I knew he was setting me up for something. I didn't realize that he had drugged my drink until it was too late. I felt so free and horny. He would suggest something and I would do it, like I had no mind of my own. When we left we went to a motel, where he got me undressed and fucked me. I sucked him and he came in my mouth. He even took me anally. What I didn't know was that he had filmed the whole thing. When I saw it the next morning I was sickened. I knew that if you found out Tony, I was dead meat."

So, she hadn't been lying. It had been the first time and he had drugged her into sex, and then filmed it to blackmail her. The fucking bastard. I should have cut his nuts off or something. I now almost wished that I had tried to find out more before cutting loose from Jess like I had.

"Then the next night he had 'friends' over and I had to perform for them. They had me three at a time for three hours and by the time they were done I was so hot to fuck I would have done a horse if he had asked me to. I then went and showed my love, my one best friend in life how much of a whore he had married. I still can't believe that I fucked all of those men. I can't believe how stretched out my ass and pussy were afterwards. God what I would give to be able to go back and stop the from happening."

As I listened to my ex-wife talk to herself I realized that my heart was beating rapidly. I was sweating and my hands were shaking like crazy. I was feeling so weird. I got up and walked up behind Jess.

"If only you were here Tony, so that I could explain this all to you. I never had cheated before, and I had been drugged and blackmailed into doing what I did. I know why you left me. It must have looked like I was really enjoying the whole gangbang. I was so fucked up I could hardly walk, let alone dance. If I had known you were there I would have run away and hoped that I could explain everything to you before you had found out. Instead you saw my acting like a whore for all of those men. If only you were here so that I could try to explain now."

"I am here Jessica. I am ready to listen to you."

She didn't look around. She sat there and was very still.

"I'm right behind you Jess. You can tell me now. I will listen to what you have to say. I won't make any promises, but I will listen to you now. I wished that I had listened to you years ago."

She stood up and slowly turned around. Her eyes were brimming with tears. She looked at me then quickly sat down. Her legs had failed her; I thought she was going to pass out.

"Is it really you Tony? I can't believe that you are standing there. Oh GOD, if you only knew how much I have prayed for this moment. Now I can't even think straight. I had a whole speech in my mind to tell you. I wanted you to know how everything happened. I have really missed you Tony. So much that I think I have been a little 'off'."

"Jessica, I should have let you try to explain things a long, long time ago. I should have known that you wouldn't willingly have done those things without being drugged or something. I was too upset and angry to listen to you then. I am more able to listen now though, so if you want, go ahead the tell me what you need to."

"Oh Tony, you must have heard me talking to myself. You should know then that I was drugged and taken advantage of. He filmed it all and then the next night he made me perform for his friends. Afterwards they drugged me again and took me to the club where you saw me get gangbanged. I know that it looked like I was begging for it, but it was the drugs that caused me to do that. I couldn't even think straight. My pussy was burning up, needing to get fucked and I couldn't help myself. His drug was very good at gaining compliance. I had to please him and his friends the way I did. I had no choice, no will, just a big horny pussy wanting to get fucked. I am so sorry. So terribly sorry Tony. I hurt you so deeply and in such a hideous way. I can't even bring myself to ask you to forgive me I acted so horridly."

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