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Jessica Is Away, Nick & Ashlee Play


Nick and Jessica had been married for over a year and were already having problems. The TV show didn't help at all. They had very little time alone and when they were alone they would find themselves arguing over things that had happened on the show. She thought he was embarrassed by her stupid blond moments while her father encouraged her to continue her antics. He told her that her silly behavior would be what made her a real star. Of course Jessica believed her daddy and she thought Nick would just have to learn to deal with it. She also figured that he was jealous of her more successful career. She was obviously the bigger money maker of the two and she was getting more famous by the day. What she didn't seem to understand was that Nick's only major problem with Jessica was in the bedroom. She'd been a virgin when they married and the first month after the wedding had been incredible. She couldn't get enough of him. Once she'd had sex there was no end to her desire. She'd sneak up on him in the shower and beg him to take her right there. It was his pleasure to make her happy. This didn't last very long though. Soon she was back to her prudish self and would only have sex in their bedroom and only in the missionary position. She refused to blow him or let him go down on her. She said it made her feel cheap and dirty. She wanted to be the good girl that her daddy thought she was. Nick was getting bored and wanted more but Jessica wouldn't budge.

One weekend when the cameras were gone Jessica was off shooting a movie leaving Nick behind and alone. He didn't mind, he had planned to watch some basketball and have a few beers. Just as he was settling in on the couch with a beer in hand the doorbell rang. He thought about not getting up because he really didn't want to be disturbed but he figured whoever it was had gotten paste the gate so he might as well see what they wanted. On the other side of the door stood Ashlee Simpson, Jessica's younger and more outspoken sister. She was holding a brown paper bag and smiling when Nick opened the door. He grinned at his sister-in-law and opened the door to let her in. "Did Jess send you to check up on me?"

"No but she did tell me you were here all alone so I thought I'd bring you something to eat. Chinese?" She held the bag up and walked past him into the massive home and over to the kitchen. Nick followed like a puppy. He'd always had a soft spot for Ashlee and he appreciated her being so thoughtful. She sat up on the counter and pulled the containers out of the bag. Ashlee tried her best to hide her attraction to Nick, she'd had to hide it for years. Whenever she and Nick were alone she had to use all of her will power not to tell him or let it slip somehow.

"Thanks Ash, if you hadn't stopped by I probably wouldn't have eaten anything." Nick playfully slapped her thigh as he stood next to her. Of course this sent shivers through the young girl. Unlike her sister, Ashlee wasn't saving herself for marriage. She'd had sex and she loved it. Her boyfriend Ryan Cabrera was a good fuck but compared to Nick, in her mind, Ryan was just a boy. Ashlee licked her lips and watched Nick get a beer for her from the refrigerator. He popped the top for her and handed the dewy bottle to her. They both drank simultaneously as she crossed and uncrossed her legs. Nick was watching, she noticed that but didn't really make much of it. She was wearing a short black skirt with green socks pulled up to her knees and black converse shoes. One of her missions in life was to separate herself from Jessica, she did this most recently by dying her hair black. it was in a mess ponytail now and Nick reached up to give it a tug as he smiled at her. He too had always been attracted to her but in that forbidden way. She was too young for him, so small and adorable, it gave him many fantasies to think about while he was fucking Jessica in that old missionary position. Something in his gut told him that Ashlee wasn't a prude. She seemed like a feisty girl and he knew that would make her great in bed.

As the night went on they finished the food and several beers. Ashlee pouted and batted her green eyes at Nick, "Carry me. I don't want to walk." She was just kidding but Nick laughed and scooped her up easily into his arms and spun her around.

"Where to princess Ashlee?" He looked at her with a new expression, one she'd never seen from him before. It was lusty. It was serious. She started to forget about her sister and just thought about what she wanted. She took a chance to see if it would pay off.

With enough liquid courage in her, she stared at him and said, "Upstairs. Show me where you fuck my sister." Nick looked shocked at her order but he felt a stirring in his body. It turned him on the way she'd said it so he headed up the stairs. He took her into the bedroom and tossed her down onto the bed. Slowly he lowered himself over her, careful not to lay on her, he held himself over her with his strong arms. Ashlee looked up at Nick, her brother-in-law and she ran her hands up his biceps. "Do I look like Jessica?" She continued running her fingers slowly up and down his arms.

"No, you're sexier. She's like ... plain vanilla. You're like cookie dough with sprinkles." He smirked at Ashlee and brought his face a bit closer to hers. Ashlee never felt sexier than Jess, Jessica had those amazing boobs. What guy wouldn't prefer those to the little mounds that Ashlee had to offer? She could feel Nick's hot breath on her face and the tingling between her legs increased. At the moment she wasn't sure how far this would go, how far either of them would allow it to go but it felt so good to flirt with him and have him flirting back. "Ashlee, I gotta be honest, you're turning me on. Is that weird for you?"

Their noses were touching when he spoke and she slipped her tongue out to wet her lips before she answered. "What's weird I guess is that I'm turned on too. I know we're family. You're married to my sister, you love her. But my body doesn't seem to care about any of that. I just want you." Her eyes were sincere and he could see it. He finally lowered his body to touch hers at the same moment his lips met hers. Ashlee slid her arms around his neck and parted her lips, hoping he wouldn't stop. Nick's tongue invaded her warm mouth and danced with her own as both of them moaned, releasing the sexual tension that had been building up between them.

The kiss lasted a long time, she didn't want it to end because she feared he would realize she was just a shadow of her big sister and he would pull away from her. Moments later Nick did stop the kiss and he stood up looking down at her. But instead of walking away, he pulled his shirt off over his head then reached down to slide his hands under the sides of her shirt. Slowly he pushed it up over her head and tossed it onto a chair nearby with his. Ashlee wasn't wearing a bra, there wasn't much need most days, and this brought a smirk to Nick's face. He knew that she was a bit insecure about her chest in comparison to her sisters. He got on his knees and pulled her by her hips toward the edge of the bed. "Ash, you're beautiful. I want you." That was all she needed to hear. She sat up and fed her breast to him. Nick's lips circled her nipple first and then opened wider to playfully bite the fleshy mouth she offered to him. She quietly moaned and ran her fingers down his muscular back and then up into his hair, holding him at her tit. His heavy hand covered the other tit and massaged the entire mound easily. She let her head roll back just before her body and she laid back on the bed. Her thumbs hooked in the waistband of her skirt and she pushed it off of her body. Nick laughed when he saw the GI Joe underwear she was wearing. Ashlee was a bit of a tomboy and that was just right for her. "It's almost a shame to take these off little girl, but I think I want what is underneath." Ashlee squirmed a little as he pulled her panties off, this was more than she ever thought she could have had with Nick.

She was starting to get over the shock of it all and letting herself really enjoy it. Fuck Jessica, if she was doing her job as his wife he wouldn't even be looking at Ashlee, right?

Ashlee spread her legs and let her hand wander down over her flat stomach down to her bare pussy. "You said it, I'm a little girl Nick. I don't think you'll fit that big cock of yours inside my tight pussy." She knew the words were something Jess would never say and that had to be a turn on to Nick. It was. he quickly took his pants off and boxers too. Ashlee just stared at hard cock he presented to her. "Fuck. I need you Nick." She was pleading.

He leaned down gave one quick lick to her slit, flicking his smooth tongue across her clit several times. "You've got me little girl." He stood up and stroked his dick a few times while lining it up with her. She held her knees and kept her legs apart for him as he slowly, almost teasingly eased just the head inside her. She felt very different from Jessica. Ashlee was more of a dancer, that had been how her career had started, this meant she had great muscle tone and her pussy stayed tight as a vice. He groaned and pushed a few more inches into her hot pussy. "Shit girl, you're so fucking tight. I don't know if I can last." She lifted her hips to pull him in more until he was completely buried inside of her.

"Oh my God! Nick. It's too big." She gritted her teeth and shut her eyes as her hands moved to the bedspread and grabbed fistfuls of material while she adjusted to his size. Not only was Nick's cock long, it was thick, very thick. It hurt because he was bigger than anyone she'd fucked before but it also felt so damn good. After a few still moments she looked at him and smiled, "Fuck me. I want you to fuck me like you've never fucked my sister."

Nick started to move at a quick pace, taking her challenge and thinking of all the things that Jess never let him do with her. He held onto her leg, putting just one over her shoulder and pounding in and out of her pussy. She was grunting and screaming "Yes!" with each thrust. He let go of her leg and leaned down to pull her up into his arms before turning them over so that he was laying on the bed and she was riding him. "Your prude of a sister won't even get on top." Nick reached up one hand to grab her breast while the other rested on her hip as she increased the speed. Ashlee wanted to do anything for Nick that Jessica wouldn't do, she would do it and she would make him crave it when she wasn't around.

She pulled him up to her so that she was bouncing on his lap and put her hand behind his head to move him to her chest again. "Suck on my baby titties Nick, oh fuck yes." His tongue was roughly flicking her left nipple as she continued to fuck his dick. She could feel her cunt tightening around his cock, unwilling to let go of him. Her orgasm was quick to come on with little warning but felt like it lasted forever. Her stomach knotted up and she felt her whole body stiffen as the walls of her pussy contracted and squeezed his cock tightly. She fell back onto the bed and Nick got on his knees to continue fucking her while her body was thrashing beneath him. They could both feel that he was about to cum and for the first time she got a little nervous. They hadn't used a condom and he was her brother-in-law! She was panting as her orgasm was ending and she wiggled away from him, taking the decision out of his hand and sliding between his legs. "Cum on me baby, I bet Jess never lets you cum on her precious tits." She pushed her breasts together and presented them to him.

Her words were true, Jess wouldn't let him cum on her, ever. Sometimes she even made him use a towel. Here was this gorgeous little sexpot Ashlee begging him to cover her in his cum. He loved it. He started jerking off over her tits and in seconds the creamy white cum was shooting from the tip of his cock onto her rock hard nipples and even across her belly. They both moaned seeing it cover her. After the last shot Nick quickly reached for a towel that he kept near the bed to clean her up but when he looked at her, Ashlee was licking the creamy goo from her fingers. He smiled at her but went ahead and cleaned up the rest that she hadn't gotten. "You're a bad girl, Ash, a bad bad girl and I love it." He grabbed her hand and pulled her up, tossed her over his shoulder and smacked her ass. "Let's take this into the shower." The two laughed and continued their night of decadence in the shower.

By the end of the night Ashlee had lost count of the number of times she'd gotten off. She fell asleep in Nick's arms, naked and completely satisfied.

The next morning Ashlee woke up feeling Nick's morning wood poking into her ass. She smiled to herself and slid under the covers. She would wake him up with a good morning blow job. She started slowly licking his shaft and swirling her tongue around the head of his cock. That's all it took to wake him up. He put a and on her head from above the sheets and encouraged her to go deeper. She took as much as she could then started to bob up and down trying to take a bit more each time. It was too big to deepthroat, at least for her but Nick didn't seem to mind. he was gasping and growling with every movement. He felt it was only fair to warn her when he felt his climax approaching, "Ash... I'm gonna cum baby." She just went even faster. This was an indication to him that she was willing to let him cum in her mouth. Jessica had done this only once and she'd quickly spit it out claiming it was gross and bad for her voice. As his dick was buried in the back of her throat Nick started to cum. His cock jerked and she took spurt after spurt down her throat. "Mmmm" She loved it. She wanted more of her brother-in-law.

After they cleaned up they went downstairs for breakfast and couldn't keep their hands off each other. Nick dribbled syrup over Ashlee's nipples and then licked it off. He had her lay on the counter while he squirted whipped cream on her pussy and quickly cleaned it up with his lips and tongue. He carried her into the living room and sat on the couch with her straddling his lap. They were both still naked very turned on. Ashlee lowered herself carefully onto Nick's cock until she was taking him entirely. With his forceful hands on her hips she was riding him like a pro in no time. Every thrust felt like he was reaching a new level inside of her. She was so horny for him that it made her nipples ache. Nick tweaked one with his fingers and bit the other between his teeth. She cried out for more, more of his attention, more of him.

Nick was lost in a world of lust for his baby sister-in-law; she was becoming an expert at working his body. She could make him cum like nobody else. Ashlee could see the door from the angle she was sitting and she was almost pleased when she saw her sister standing there staring in disbelief as her husband fucked her baby sister. Jess hadn't made a sound. She just stood there gawking at them. Nick had no idea and Ashlee had only just now noticed her. She looked from Jessica to Nick and then kissed him, her tongue pushing into his mouth and twirling around his. She pulled out of the kiss and bit her lip. "Fuck me Nick, fuck your little Ashlee. God, you feel so fucking good inside me." The weekend spent with Nick had changed how Ashlee felt about her sister. She aw her now as a cold cock tease who couldn't keep her man satisfied. It made her mad and that fueled her desire to have Jessica see what was happening in her house.

Nick thrust up into Ashlee particularly hard and it made her whimper and cling to him, "Oh fuck yes, harder Nick, fuck your little sister girl, baby." He grabbed her breasts and kneaded them in his big hands as Jessica let tears roll down her face in silence. He was about to cum and Ashlee looked right at Jessica as she spoke. "Cum inside me Nick, give me everything."

"Shit Ash! I've wanted to do that all weekend." He picked her up and laid her on the table right in front of them without disconnecting and fucked her harder than before. She was groaning and grasping the sides of the table to avoid him fucking her right off the thing! Finally it happened. He felt the familiar twitch and then he shot his hot load deep into his sister-in-law. She was cumming too, her pussy so tight around him that it milked every drop of cum he could produce.

They were both exhausted and spent as Ashlee pulled him to her for a deep, passionate kiss. When they parted she smiled and turned her head, "Hey sis. Welcome home."

Nick's face froze as he saw Jessica standing there looking more pissed and hurt than he'd ever seen her look. His cock was still deep inside Ashlee's cum filled pussy but it quickly started to shrink as his wife stared at him from a few feet away. Ashlee couldn't stop smiling.

In the next chapter- What will Jessica's reaction be?

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