tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJessica Is Away, Nick & Ashlee Play Ch. 02

Jessica Is Away, Nick & Ashlee Play Ch. 02


The anger inside of Ashlee was swelling. She was angry about so many things. The attention that Jessica got, the fact that she had Nick and took him for granted. She knew that Jess was their parent's favorite; how beautiful her sister was and most recently the fact that Jessica wasn't appreciating what she had in her husband. Ashlee started to feel the anger turning to aggression as she stared at her sister and held onto Nick who had not yet said anything to his wife as she stood there witnessing the adulterous act. He was going soft and eventually his dick slipped from her pussy. Ashlee could see that he had no idea what to do or say to his wife at the moment. His mouth just hung open and he didn't move. Jessica took a few steps closer and rested her hands on the back of one of the white couches in the living room. Her bags had long been dropped in the huge foyer. "What is... why?" She couldn't talk either as the tears continued and she hoped she was having a nightmare. Ashlee was the only one who still had a voice so she decided to take control of the situation. She was going to take a huge risk but had faith that it was going to pay off. Her sister was a dirty girl under it all- she just knew it.

Ashlee pushed Nick back onto the couch with her feet and then propped them up on the coffee table. She was still full of Nick's cum and didn't want to lose any. Her mind was becoming warped and she needed that cum to stay right where it was. She looked at Jessica with an expression never seen by the older sister before. "Jessica, do you understand what just happened? What's been happening all weekend? I have been fucking Nick, your husband, because you aren't able to keep him satisfied. He's told me what a bitch you are about sex and it's no wonder he needed my pussy to feel like a man again. You don't even suck his dick!" Jessica was shocked to hear Ashlee speak to her this way and hurt to hear what had been going on. She looked at Nick for an answer but he was covering his face trying to wish the situation away. "Suck his cock Jess, prove that I'm wrong. Come show me right fucking now." Ashlee knew that she had control over Jessica right now, almost like a puppet master, she could pull the strings and make her big sister do anything. Jessica's mind was so boggled she would allow Ashlee to control her.

Jessica slowly walked around the room and over toward them. She followed Ashlee's hand motion that directed her to get on her knees. This put her between the couch and coffee table; her baby sister's pussy just inches from her face but she turned her head and pushed her mouth over Nick's cock. It tasted very different from the handful of previous times she'd agreed to go down on him. Nick looked at Ashlee and exchanged a smirk and then put his hand on Jessica's head pushing her to take more of his now hardening cock. She gagged a bit and Ashlee sighed. "Get him hard for me bitch, I want him again." She was just saying things to anger her sister at this point. It didn't take long before Nick's penis was rock hard again and Jessica pulled her mouth off. She wiped her eyes and used her hand to pump his dick.

Ashlee smiled, satisfied with the erection that Jess had helped produce. "Hey sis, I know you just saw what happened but do you really understand? Right now my cunt is full of your husband's cum. His sperm. We could be making a baby right now. If you don't want that to happen you better do something about it." Ashlee was propped up on her elbows and she was looking at her sister with intensity.

"W-what do you want me to do? How can I stop that?" Jessica looked scared but oddly enough Ashlee thought she could see a bit or arousal in her eyes.

"Suck it out big sis. What else?" She pointed to her pussy and nodded.

Nick was getting more turned on by the second as he watched the sisters and saw Jessica bending to Ashlee's will. He put a strong hand on the back of Jessica's head and whispered, "Its okay Jess, and it would make me really happy to see you do it. She tastes so sweet." He stroked his fingers through her hair and listened to her give in with a soft sigh. He took that as his cue to guide her mouth right to Ashlee's opening.

Neither of the girls had ever done anything with another woman and had never entertained thoughts of fucking the other but at this point Ashlee was lost in the power that she held over her sister and she was focused on humiliating Jessica and keeping Nick interested in her while at the same time seeing how far they could all push the limit. Her sister was beautiful so it wasn't hard to allow herself to be turned on by the thought of the gorgeous pop star eating her out. The moment that she felt her sister's soft, wet tongue peek out and swipe across her clit Ashlee shivered. The taboo nature of it made it that much more exciting. Jessica's tongue quickly slid deep into Ashlee's snatch trying to gather Nick's cum into her own mouth.

The thought of her sister becoming pregnant by her husband was killing Jessica. She knew she had no choice but to stop it by actually removing the sperm from Ashlee so she obeyed her sister's sick and twisted orders. Her tongue searched as deeply as she could and she felt like she'd taken most of it but Nick wasn't so sure. He took hold of Jessica's hand and led a finger up to Ashlee's dripping slit then pushed it inside. Ashlee whimpered and Jessica gasped in surprise at herself for allowing it. She crooked her finger and withdrew it pulling a bit of the milky white goo with her. Nick and Ashlee were both turned on and enjoying this whole experience and it really didn't take too long before even Jessica was letting little moans escape. Nick began rubbing her tits through the material of her t-shirt as she sucked on Ashlee's clit. She liked the reaction from her sister when she did this even though it wasn't part of the task of gathering Nick's cum.

Jessica's tongue was so gentle but as she got more comfortable and into it Ashlee could feel it stiffen up and Jess started to play with her clit more. With her now stiff tongue, Jess fucked Ashlee's pussy. Plunging her tongue in and out at a quick rhythm; every moan sent vibrations through Ashlee's pussy. This continued until Ashlee reached another orgasm; the first ever caused by her own sister. It had been incredible. Her body didn't care that they were sisters, it just wanted to feel good and soon she was even aching to make Jess feel as good.

When Ashlee came, Jessica was surprised and unsure what to do at first but she just kept licking and sucking and found herself getting turned on by it. Her tongue was working harder now to get every drop of the juices that leaked from her sister's pussy.

Nick pulled Jessica up from her knees and set her on the edge of the couch; he attacked her mouth with fierce kisses. They shared Ashlee's juices and Nick worked on getting Jessica undressed. Once her shirt was off he had her stand up so that he could remove her skirt. Ashlee sat up and looked at her sister while Nick removed her bra and panties. Jess stood there naked now; Nick and Ashlee each latched on to one of her breasts and began sucking her nipples. Ashlee took long deliberate strokes, enjoying a woman for the first time while Nick's tongue was flicking the nipple hard and fast. Jessica was moaning and holding both of their heads against her chest.

Realizing that the game of teasing Jessica was turning all of them on, Nick pulled his mouth away and stood up. He bent down and scooped Ashlee up into his arms and kissed her with a passion that made Jessica pull them apart. Nick smirked and said, "I think we should move this upstairs. Come on Jess, I think you'll be experiencing things you've never imagined." He winked at his wife and took off up the stairs holding Ashlee and kissing her along the way. This served to remind Jessica that she had no power or control over the situation. Once he reached the bedroom he and Jess shared he tossed Ashlee onto the bed and spread her legs. Quickly he sunk to his knees and went straight for sucking her pussy lips. She was squirming and giggling when Jessica arrived behind them.

Ashlee saw a few more tears form in her sister's eyes so she motioned for Jess to join her. "Come lay next to me. He'll take turns." Jessica wiped her eyes and laid on the bed right next to Ashlee. She was completely giving up control at this point and letting her husband and her little sister show her things she'd never thought of before. Ashlee's hand moved to rest on Jessica's breast trying to make her feel included and more at ease just at Nick switched his attention to Jessica. He forcefully parted her legs and pulled her feet up to rest on the bed and then drove his tongue into her hot cunt. Ashlee turned onto her side and replaced her fingers on Jess's nipple with her lips. She used her tongue to flick the hardening nub rapidly. Nick gave Ashlee ass a little swat and she took that as a cue. She got up on her knees and moved her body over Jessica's; she hovered at first letting her own little nipples graze her sister's. She moved her body slowly and gently before settling down on top of Jess with her legs spread out on either side of her. Nick was standing up now and massaging Jess's pussy with two fingers; his other hand stroked his hard cock. Ashlee pressed her lips to Jessica's and swiftly inserted her tongue. She swirled her tongue around Jess's trying to get her to engage and play back. Finally Jessica gave in and closed her eyes, her tongue searched her sister's mouth and they kissed with an intense passion.

Nick heard Jessica moaning into the kiss and he smiled. This was clearly the hottest thing he'd ever been a part of. His fingers slipped easily inside Jessica just once before he placed his cock there instead and thrust into his wife with a hard force. She was surprised and she squealed but Ashlee pressed her mouth down harder so that Jessica wouldn't break the kiss. Nick fucked Jessica hard for several minutes but he couldn't help staring at Ashlee's open pussy right there on top of Jessica's; she was waiting for him to enter her too. The girls clits rubbed against the other making them both moan. With one long thrust Nick grunted and then pulled out of Jess and quickly thrust into Ashlee's pussy. She was so hot and tight and she knew how to work her muscles to clench his cock and make it more enjoyable for both of them. Ashlee was groaning into Jessica's mouth and squirming, pressing their bodies closer together as Nick fucked her at the fast pace that she loved. Then Nick pulled out of Ash and pushed into Jessica and started alternating one thrust into each of them and it was driving all three of them mad. He had to pull out or he would have come too soon, so he did pull out and he flopped down on the bed on his back. Ashlee got up off of her sister and stood between her legs staring at Jess. She squatted down and sucked Jessica's clit into her mouth, sucking hard and pushing two fingers into her sister's cunt. With a smirk she pulled away and slid up on top of Nick. She kissed his chest and then his mouth; she was kissing him in a very intimate way that bothered Jessica. Jess turned over and gave Ashlee a shove. "Stop it. It's too personal." Jess was trying to be authoritative but she was not the one in control. Ashlee turned her head and looked at her with a smile and then turned back to Nick and slid her tongue into his mouth. Nick began devouring Ashlee's mouth almost just to spite his wife. Ashlee's body was moving in rhythm with Nick's; his hard-on was pressing against the folds of her pussy and she could have easily moved over him and taken him inside of her. Instead she slid her whole body upward and settled her pussy over his mouth. His tongue darted out to greet the dripping cunt hovering over it and Nick could hear Jessica's sighs of frustration. Ashlee turned her head to look at Jess and motioned for her to sit on Nick's cock. Nick had told Ashlee already that Jessica didn't like any position but missionary so she knew it would be a challenge for her sis.

Jessica crawled up until Nick's cock was between her legs and she slowly settled over it; her pussy walls expanding bit by bit to take his thick cock. Finally she came to rest against his thighs once he was completely buried inside of her. She began to move slowly at first but working up into a quicker pace. This time she was determined to have him come inside of her and not her bratty kid sister. She looked up at Ashlee who was thrashing about now in the throes of her orgasm. Ashlee was cursing and grinding over Nick's mouth- Jessica was stunned that this was something her husband enjoyed. She had never ridden his face before. She was too inhibited but now she wondered if that would all change. Was this a one-time thing or could she really open up and enjoy things more sexually. Ashlee rolled off of Nick and kissed him hard on the mouth. She could taste her own juices still on his tongue. "Mmm. What do you think Nick? Are you gonna come inside Jess?"

At the mention of her name, Jessica could feel Nick's cock jerk inside her and she tried to create that reaction herself by squeezing her walls around him but he only seemed to be responding to Ashlee. Nick grunted and thrust hard up into Jess causing more noise from her, he tightened his fingers around her hips. "Her pussy doesn't work me like yours does." He knew he was angering Jessica with this statement but he didn't care. He reached for Ashlee and moved her body over his until her ass was backed right up against Jessica, both girls sitting on his body was such a turn on. The in-laws were kissing and moaning while Jess did all the work in trying to make Nick come in time to match with reaching her own climax. She saw Ashlee's ass and pussy spread out before her and wondered if she should be bold and do something that maybe her sister would do and would maybe excite Nick. Still bouncing on his dick, she put her hands on Ashlee's ass and spanked her lightly a couple of times. No reaction, Ashlee just remained bent over kissing Nick. Jess was mad now. She licked her two fingers and then pushed them into Ashlee's cunt with no warning. Ashlee whimpered into Nick's mouth and Nick's cock jumped. Jessica felt pleased with herself and felt her orgasm approaching. She pumped her fingers harder with a grin on her face.

Ashlee quickly sat up on Nick's stomach and rubbed her pussy over his bare skin, causing Jessica's fingers to slide out. She could hear that the other two were approaching climax so she turned herself around, her cunt still wet and rubbing right up against Jessica's now. She fastened her lips over Jess's nipple and began to suck harder than before, so hard that Jessica was wincing as she bounced on Nick. Finally Nick began to come; he shot his load deep into Jessica's pussy and she slowed down just as she started to climax as well. Her pussy was convulsing as she felt the ripples of her orgasm on top of his milky cum filling her pussy. Ashlee held Jessica's nipple between her teeth and gently pulled it until Jessica pulled Ashlee's head away from her breast and led her sister's mouth to her own for a long kiss.

The three of them collapsed onto the bed, exhausted and all wondering if it would ever happen again. As they fell asleep though, Ashlee felt Nick's eyes on her and she looked at him over Jessica who was in the middle. He mouthed to her that he wasn't finished with her yet. And with a wink he closed his eyes and the three of them drifted off to sleep.

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