tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJessica's Change Management Ch. 01

Jessica's Change Management Ch. 01



This story is based on a female reader's fantasy and more hardcore than erotic writing. It's about dominance, submission, sexual humiliation and rough sex. Always keep in mind it's a fantasy. I'm not a native English speaker. So I hope you may forgive some wrong use of punctuation etc.


I let out a deep sigh when I finally reclined on a sun lounger in my backyard. It was Friday afternoon, and so far the week had been extremely stressful. Today was my first chance to relax. It was a warm, sunny summer day that was perfectly suited for chilling out. And that was exactly my intent for the day.

Maybe, I should introduce myself first. My name is Jessica Addams. I'm 32 years old and work for a consulting firm. It's a rather small local branch of a global firm with a CEO and two departments. I'm the head of the management department and mostly involved with change management projects.

In a nutshell, it's an extremely busy job. It's time-consuming and stressful. But on the other hand, it's a powerful position in a male-dominated business. I'm the superior to ten employees. Not too bad for a 32 year old girl, right? However, the success comes at great expense.

A month ago, my boyfriend Nate unceremoniously dumped me after a four year relationship. It was a pretty nasty breakup. Obviously, he felt like he didn't get enough attention in between my projects.

And what did he do about it? He didn't discuss it with me at all! Instead, he started an affair with a younger woman. It took him several months of cheating to finally work up the courage to tell me that he had fallen for another girl. And that was the end of our relationship.

So that's it! Four years down the drain just like that. I hadn't even seen it coming. I guess I was too busy busting my ass on projects. Out of a sudden, I was packing my bags, looking for a new home, and saying goodbye to my old life. And all that while working long hours on the latest project.

So here I am, a newly fledged single in a new house, and finally, I've got some spare time at hands. Basking in the sun with a cold cocktail at my side, I had some time to reflect on the breakup with Nate. The first few weeks, I had been more than furious about it all. I had been so angry and upset about the way it had gone down! All I had wanted was to slap some sense into that cheating bastard of an ex boyfriend.

But instead, I had vented my anger in a different way. For the first time in years, I hadn't spent the weekends working. Instead, I had met some old girlfriends. We had dressed up and hit the clubs. It had been fun turning a blind eye to my worries and simply letting go. Somehow, this free-spirited mood had activated my naughty side. And each weekend, I had gone home with a different guy.

It made me feel more alive than ever. Hot sex with no serious consequences and no strings attached. Just some guilt-free fun - nothing more, nothing less. That was all I wanted at the moment. And the sex was awesome -- not tender love-making but raw passionate fucking.

I felt like I had a lot of catching up to do. To be honest, my sex life with Nate had been nothing to write home about. It had been far from adventurous. Quite the contrary, it had been routine. But that was over and done. Now was the time to live out my fantasies!

It wasn't just the sex I enjoyed on those nights out. Most of all, I relished the teasing and the feeling of being the center of attention. Gosh! Feeling everybody's eyes on me gets my motor running like nothing else. I guess I've got a bit of an exhibitionistic side there.

During the relationship with Nate, I had totally forgotten how much of a party girl I had been back in college. I had either been too busy with work or in a serious relationship ever since. But I'm single now, and at the moment, it was the perfect distraction from the stress in my life and especially the stress at work.

Nowadays, I'm not a college girl anymore, but I don't have to hide myself. I've been told that I'm a hot little firecracker with my beaming smile, long wavy chestnut hair, and sparkling blue eyes. The rest of my body isn't too bad either. Personally, I think I'm tight in all the right places and soft and round in all the others. I'm only 5'4" tall with a petite frame. That makes my 36c bust and curvy bubble butt even more impressive. All told, I can still compete with any college girl on a given day.

My reflection on my bygone relationship with Nate was interrupted by a knock on the garden gate. I wasn't expecting anybody, but I was grateful to get snapped out of my depressing thoughts. Swinging the gate open, I was confronted by a young Latino who was barely 20 years old. He smiled brightly when he greeted me.

Just then, I realized that I was standing in front of him clad in nothing but my bikini. I hadn't thought about my outfit as I wasn't expecting anybody. It was a tiny red string bikini with golden trim that I only wore for tanning sessions, as the scarce fabric merely covered the bare necessities. It seemed a bit inappropriate to greet a stranger in such a flimsy outfit. But hey, this was my backyard after all!

The muscular hunk didn't seem to mind it either. I instantly sensed his longing look down my cleavage and took it as a nice affirmation that I still got what it takes to make a hot, young jock check me out.

"Good evening Miss Addams, my name's Danny Rodriguez. I used to be the pool boy for the Smiths."

"Hi Danny." I greeted him back although I was a bit confused about his sudden appearance.

"Oh, no one calls me Danny, Miss. Everybody says D-Rod." He replied with a bright smile. "I was wondering, now that the Smiths have moved out, if you might need a pool boy, too."

I observed the jock's handsome face and muscled arms while he spoke. I hadn't thought about pool cleaning or yard work before. But I definitely wasn't into gardening. So what the heck! As long as the pool boy looked as handsome as this well-built jock, I wasn't about to complain.

"Yeah sure, that would be great." I told him. "You can start when?"

"Right now if it's OK with you, Miss Addams!" The young Latino replied, pointing at the equipment he had stashed in the trunk of his truck.

"Fine with me!" I nodded my agreement.

Maybe, it was the cocktail. Maybe, it was the memories of the past nights out with my girlfriends. But I felt a rush of adrenaline surging through my body at the thought of watching this ripped muscular hunk doing his work in my backyard. So I lay back on my sun lounger and treated myself to another cocktail while the jock fetched his equipment.

For the next half hour, D-Rod tended the pool while I enjoyed the sun and tried to read a book. I didn't get much reading done, though. Instead, I caught myself surreptitiously peeping over the edge of the book and observing the muscular hunk. It looked like hard work, and his tight shirt was getting drenched in sweat. Gosh, he really was a good looking young man. And I was more than ready for my next sex adventure.

I guess my observation wasn't as surreptitiously as I thought. After a while, the pool boy pulled his shirt off and continued working topless. I caught a glimpse on the tattoos covering his muscled upper arms. It only made him look manlier. He seemed to stretch and pull every sinew while cleaning the pool. Several times, he caught me glancing at his ripped abs and returned my looks with a knowing smile. Of course, I feigned ignorance.

Still, I continued my teasing. It was getting me all hot and bothered. All my worries were forgotten. I was simply enjoying the moment. Unconsciously, I started rubbing my legs together and felt my crotch getting damp.

With every passing minute, I got more adventurous. I put the book away and grabbed the cocktail. In the most seductive way I could muster, I closed my lips around the straw and started sucking on it. Over and over, my soft red lips slid up and down the plastic straw.

I knew I had the pool boy's full attention. So I feigned a little mishap and let the straw slip out of the cocktail glass. It slid down my breasts to my tight tummy. Taking my time to pick it back up, I let the plastic straw slide through my deep cleavage in a most sexy way.

If Nate could see me like that, he would burst with envy! He had never gotten me so worked up. I was in a complete teasing mood by now. Somehow, it was a challenge for me as a grown woman to entice such a young, attractive hunk. The sheer thought of seducing a boy barely out of high school made my whole body tingle with anticipation.

When the young Latino finished his work at the pool, I felt like I was stewing in my juices. He was about to take his gardening tools back to his truck. It was now or never!

As if struck by lightning, I jumped off the sun lounger and hurried into the kitchen. When the pool boy returned to the backyard to pick up the remaining tools, I was waiting for him with a glass of water.

"You did such a great job, D-Rod!" I gushed. "And you were so quick about it. You must be exhausted!"

"I brought you some refreshment. Why don't you have a drink with me?" I invited him to stay a bit longer.

Handing him the glass of water, I stepped close to him. My tits almost touched his bare, muscular chest, and my nipples clearly poked through the flimsy material of my red bikini top. I thought I had clearly telegraphed my intention. Still, the young Latino didn't react the way I had expected. He was either too dumb to be true or stringing me along.

Anyways, the excitement was killing me. I was gone way too far by now. I had to get the guy. I couldn't bother with subtle hints any longer. My eagerness to go a step further was quite a surprise - even for myself.

I knew that my neighbors weren't at home. There was no one around who could incidentally spy on me and see whatever might happen in my backyard. I definitely didn't want my neighbors to find out about my naughty adventures! So this was a onetime chance. I had to take it!

"Phew!" I exclaimed while fanning myself in an exaggerated manner. "It's so hot! I feel like my skin is burning."

"My body could use some cooling!" I purred, raising my eyebrows in a most seductive way.

I felt so naughty - a grown woman standing inches away from this young, muscular jock and explicitly hitting on him. But I also felt so good, so alive!

After my last remark, a knowing glint lit up in the pool boy's eyes. He fully understood my intentions! He didn't move an inch, though. He saw me stirring with excitement. He saw me tip-toeing from nervousness. Fuck! He was playing with me! And it only turned me on the more. I felt like my pussy was about to boil over.

"I can help ya wit the coolin', Miss Addams." He finally said with a cool demeanor, clasping his arms in front of his chest. "Da question is what can ya offer in return, yo!"

His answer struck me out of nowhere. How was he talking like? Suddenly, he was speaking with some crude accent talking like some kind of ghetto gangster. Besides that, his demeanor had totally changed as well. The nice, young guy was totally gone. Instead, the pool boy planted himself in front of me coming over as an intimidating macho who wouldn't take no for an answer.

I hadn't expected anything like that. He wanted me to offer something to him? He had some audacity! I mean he was the one hitting it lucky, right? He was the one getting the chance to fuck a hot, full-grown woman! Who the fuck was he to make any kinds of demands?

"Uuuhhh!" I squealed in astonishment before I had a chance to reply.

The pool boy proved that his dominant demeanor wasn't a fluke. He made good use of his drink. He tipped the glass and spilled the water all over my chest! He wetted my tits and drenched the tiny red bikini top.

"Show me what cha got ta offer, Miss Tease!" He exclaimed with a firm voice.

The young Latino was taking control of the situation. He was clearly the dominant type of guy. It was something totally new for me. Usually, I was the one giving orders. I was the exec leading my staff members. But right here, right now, this young macho thug was about to turn the tables and give the orders.

I was having second thoughts. But I didn't really know how to back off. I mean I wasn't completely innocent. After all, I had been the one basically throwing myself at him. I had explicitly offered my body to him, and now, here he was taking it without tolerating any objections.

I was about to protest. We were still in my backyard! My house, my rules, right? But something kept me from rebelling. Something drew me to this dominant, thuggish macho. Something I couldn't quite grasp.

"Get it on, Miss Tease!" He pressed impatiently.

He was giving me a naughty nickname! And it caused my pussy to throb! That was it! I was so aroused I was beyond the point of no return. I was so needy that I couldn't even fathom the thought of being rejected. Much to my own disbelief, I was more than willing to go along and let this young jock take the lead. In a strange way, his dominant, aggressive macho behavior was a turn-on!

Here I was, the fine, respected business lady taking orders from a young thug. It was a total role reversal! It even added a bit of danger! As if me fucking the pool boy in my own backyard wasn't naughty enough, right? But I can't describe how much it intensified my excitement. Why not try something new? Why not take it a step further? That was the main goal of my sex adventures, wasn't it? Gosh, I was so up for this!

While my mind was occupied processing this unexpected development, my body reacted on its own. Getting called 'Miss Tease' and being treated like an easy slut had hit a nerve with me. It made my pussy tingle like hell. My hips began swaying from side to side, dancing to an imaginary beat. I ran my fingers along the golden trim of the red bikini top. Then I grabbed the flimsy triangle cups and pulled them to the sides. I stood in front of a 20 year old pool boy with my boobs exposed!

I couldn't help it. I gave my best to dance as sexily as possible for the young Latino. I gyrated my hips, shook my ass, and jiggled my tits for the guy's viewing pleasure. Meanwhile, the pool boy wasn't passive at all. He refilled the glass with pool water and splashed a second load all over my exposed boobs.

"Uuuhhh!" I shrieked when the cool liquid hit my sensitive tit flesh.

The cold water made me shiver at first. But I was so hot it felt like the liquid was instantly vaporizing on my burning skin. The drops of water fizzed on my large, firm breasts and slowly dripped off. I could see the sight of my drenched, glistening fleshglobes making D-Rod's mouth water. To further increase the appeal, I cupped my tits from the sides and pressed them together. Rubbing the two soft globes against each other, I massaged the cold water into my tit flesh.

"Uuuooohhh!" I shrieked again when the pool boy treated my boobs to a third cold shower as a reward for my efforts.

But this time, it was rather a moan than a scream. Continuing to squeeze and rub my tits, my groans got louder.

"Release dem juggs, Miss!" He told me in his crude ghetto slang. "Shake dat water off! Make dem titties bounce!"

I had completely given myself to the moment by now, so I didn't hesitate for a second. This was shaping up to be an unforgettable adventure, and I was out to enjoy it to the fullest. This macho thug still called me 'Miss' when he was clearly the one dominating me. This stark contrast gave the whole situation such a lewd, raunchy feel. I hadn't known this about me, but it made my pussy melt.

I took my hands off my ample boobs. They proudly stuck out from my chest. Then I started moving my shoulders in circling motions. Going slow at first, I continuously accelerated the speed.

My big, round tits began bobbing from side to side. At first, they swayed around gently like a pendulum. But the faster my shoulders moved, the wilder they began to swing. Finally, they bounced around unrestrictedly in all directions. The water sprayed to all sides, some of it even splattering in my face.

I felt the full weight and strong pull of my breast meat making my skin tingle. I saw the pool boy almost drooling at the mesmerizing sight, and the tingling turned into an irresistible prickling. I had never felt so horny before.

When I had shaken the water off my bouncing titties, the pool boy grabbed my hips and turned me around. His strong grip didn't allow any resistance. But I was butter in his hands anyways.

"Time to present dat killer ass, Miss Tease!" D-Rod exclaimed.

The way he called my butt a 'killer ass' made me smile with pride. So I didn't hesitate and grabbed my red string bottom at the sides. The bikini bottom was so drenched in my pussy juices that it tightly stuck to my snatch. Swaying my hips, I pulled the tiny piece of fabric down just underneath my round butt cheeks. This way, the material pushed my ass cheeks upwards making them look even curvier.

"Fuuuck! Dat's sum nice 'n shiny, big, wet butt, yo!" The young Latino remarked when he poured a healthy dose of pool water over my ass.

I felt the cold liquid running down my butt cheeks in thin trails. I knew what he expected without him requesting it. So I began moving my ass in circles. Once again, I started slow and continuously picked up speed. Eventually, I was vigorously shaking my ass, making the water spray in all directions.

I felt like one of the sluts in those hip hop videos that provided nothing but pure eye candy. This was only increased by D-Rod's macho demeanor and ghetto slang. I felt so far removed from my powerful executive self. But all the stress and worries that came with the job were just as far away. I felt incredibly free and alive. Nothing else mattered than quenching my sexual thirst.

With a look over my shoulder, I saw that D-Rod's tongue was almost dangling out of his mouth from lust. Somehow, I felt the need to further increase the lascivious sight of my bouncing ass. So I changed pace. I stopped circling my hips and bent slightly forward. Then I started flexing my ass muscles making my buttocks jump up and down.

"Yeah! Bounce dat butt like a lowrider!" The pool boy commented.

The water had long sprayed off my ass. Instead, my buttocks were shining with sweat by now. The amount of sweat was only rivaled by the pussy juice flowing out of my snatch. My whole body glistened alluringly in the sunlight. I felt so naughty, I felt so dirty, dancing in my own backyard and putting on a slutty show for this young thug. But I also felt sexier than ever.


I felt a spank to each bouncing buttock. It was rather a passionate tap than a slap but it stopped my butt shaking for good. The taps made my skin prickle compellingly. The magnetic tingle shot straight to my pussy and exploded in a pleasurable jolt.

"What a spankable killer ass!" The pool boy commented his slaps.

Somehow his remark made the taps shine in a completely new light. I enjoyed the way this dirty macho praised my body. Somehow, I felt like I had earned those slaps and worked hard to get them! I had no clue why this presuming, ruthless behavior turned me on so much. But I wasn't in the mood to waste any thought on it. I was in the mood to get a royal fucking.

"Look at dat! Guess ya lil slut show caught sumbody's eye. Looks like ya got sum nu fan." D-Rod exclaimed, pointing to my neighbors' house.

I stopped in confusion. What the fuck was he talking about? My backyard was separated from my neighbors' property by a hedge that was head-high. It wasn't possible to peek into my backyard from their porch. And besides, they were away on vacation anyways.

Following his finger with my eyes, I saw him pointing at a window on the first floor. And my eyes grew wide in shock. There was a plumber leaning out of an open window watching us!

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