tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJessica's Change Management Ch. 13

Jessica's Change Management Ch. 13


---Week 4 - Monday---

It was Monday morning and I had never been so happy to start a new week ever. I was definitely in high spirits after the success of a birthday bash. Saturday had been the longest, most exhausting party I had ever attended. Nonetheless, it had been worth it.

To make up for the effort, I took the longest wellness session ever on Sunday. After all, I more than deserved getting spoiled and pampered. Matt's 'booze 'n bitches party' had been extreme in any kind of way, especially considering all the drinking and dancing and fucking I had gone through.

Damn! What a memorable day it had been. I had never been so aroused and so excited ever. It had been so much fun blocking out my sorrows and enjoying the moment.

In hindsight, though, the way I had acted all bubbly and touchy-feely left me aghast. All the time, I had babbled and giggled like a silly bimbo, which filled me with consternation. I had never acted like that before. Still, it had felt completely natural.

To sum it all up, the party had been degrading but fun. The action had been nasty but exciting. I had acted super silly but felt really frisky.

Anyways, D-Rod and I had a major cause for celebration. Our plan had worked. Okay, fine. There had been some roadblocks on the way, but in the end, we had succeeded. Actually, my man had brought two strippers to the party to secretly film some compromising action without getting me involved. However, the frat boys had banned all smartphones and cameras from the party. That had been a real obstacle.

Thus, D-Rod had needed to devise an alternate plan on his feet. So the strippers had distracted the frat boys and spent all the booze. On the following beer run, my man had managed to provoke Matt into publicly getting naughty with that blond stripper Heidy. Too bad, the clerk had been a 'LGZ' friend and called the cops. So in the end, the cops had arrested Matt for indecent exposure and broken up the 'booze 'n bitches party'.

Of course, that incident hadn't escaped notice, especially not after D-Rod had uploaded the video from the mini market's security cam to some social media sites. The internet was already brimming with the news. Word was that the college administration was shutting down the fraternity and suspending the frat boys. That would be the end of Matt's internship.

All Sunday long, I hadn't heard a thing from D-Rod, but I had figured that he was busy with his 'LGZ' homies. Whatever! I didn't let that dampen my mood in any way. I needed to relax and gather my strength anyhow.

On Monday morning, I was so happy I even hummed along with the cheesy pop songs playing on the radio. Before leaving the house to get to work, it took quite some time for me to choose the right outfit. After all, I wanted to please D-Rod and look extra pretty for him because he had derived such a successful plan.

I thus put on a white pencil dress that ended just above my knees. It featured a golden zip neckline that ended underneath my rack and a broad, high-waisted, gold metallic belt. Slightly opening the zip neckline, the clunky golden zipper rested between my boobies, showing off some major cleavage without revealing too much skin. The shiny belt and zipper combo made sure to highlight my big bust. All in all, it looked sexy but elegant.

Keeping up the white and gold color scheme, I paired the dress with shiny white heels that had 5.5" high golden stiletto heels and a 1" high platform that was framed above and below by golden edges. As stockings, I wore sheer nude thigh-highs with lace tops.

As jewelry, I put on my new pearl trinkets that sparkled just as white as my dress. On each wrist, I wore a white, triple-strand pearl wristlet in addition to my ruler and dice bracelets. Around my neck, I put a matching white pearl necklace that I wrapped around my throat thrice. On my ears, I wore dangling pearl earrings featuring three white pearls hanging on individual golden chains.

Arriving at the office, I found neither D-Rod nor Matt in the interns' office. I figured my man had to run some errand for a consultant. Anyways, I didn't have much time to dwell on it, because I had a team meeting at 9pm.

My subordinates didn't seem to listen to my briefing much. Instead, they seemed more focused on my white pencil dress with golden accessories. I couldn't really be mad at them, though, could I? After all, I had picked the outfit to look sexy and turn male heads, right?

When the meeting was over, I ran into Miss Keelan on my way to my office. As I still hadn't seen D-Rod, I took her aside and asked about the intern situation.

"Oh Miss Addams, haven't you heard? Everybody's talking 'bout it already." The young assistant gushed. "There was a scandal on campus involving Matt's fraternity, you know. He's been suspended from college so his internship was terminated. I mean, we have to mind our reputation, right?"

Okay, that sounded good to me. It was exactly what D-Rod and I had intended when we had devised the plan. Matt was gone for good. But what about my man?

To my dismay, I didn't get the chance to ask Miss Keelan about D-Rod because Mr. Lambert, a member of Ortega's team, passed by and told me that my rival executive had an important issue to discuss. We didn't have a meeting scheduled so it must have been something important.

As annoyed as confused, I walked into his office. My rival executive was sitting in his leather chair with a smug grin on his face. Gosh! That grin alone upset me so much I wanted to slap it off his face.

Our offices couldn't be any more different. My office room was furnished functionally without any luxury equipment. Ortega's office, by contrast, was the total opposite. It was lavishly furnished with a big wooden desk, brown leather chair, and big flatscreen TV on one side and two brown leather sofas and coffee table on the other side.

"Hello Miss Addams." He greeted me. "I gather you heard about our intern issue? A tragedy, isn't it?"

Well, I wouldn't really call the things that had happened a tragedy. After all, Matt had more than deserved it. You reap what you sow, right? Ortega, however, didn't sound sincere about it, either.

"We're a prestigious consulting firm after all. We must protect our reputation by all means." The smug exec continued. "That's why we can't risk another scandal. So imagine my indignation when I received these photos."

With that, he pushed a button on his remote control to switch on the flatscreen that hung on his office wall...

...and my eyes went wide.

On the flatscreen, pictures from the birthday bash started running in a loop. They showed D-Rod sitting on the porch with Flaco. The two Latinos could clearly be seen rolling a spliff and smoking weed. This must have happened when the frat boys were busy watching the birthday bitches getting cake swirlies from Matt. Damn! This was bad.

"As you see, another of our interns committed a faux pas. Just when our company can't afford another scandal." Ortega remarked. "That's why I decided to keep these photos under wraps for now."

"I sent Daniel on a business trip with Mr. Clark for the week to remove him from the limelight. As long as he follows my lead, I won't convey these photos to his college administration." My rival explained his thinly veiled threat. "It would be too sad if I were forced to do so. Getting suspended from the Football team would certainly end his young career, I'm afraid."

Oh shit! What had D-Rod done? Why had he been so careless? Why had he been so stupid? And who the hell had shot these photos? Who was trying to checkmate my man? Matt was gone. It couldn't be him.

I had to defend D-Rod. I had to question the authenticity of these photos! Before I had a chance to do so, however, Ortega flicked a switch on his remote control and the pictures on the flatscreen changed. Another series of photos started running in a loop...

...and the world stopped spinning for me.

I stumbled backwards as if I had been slapped in the face. Actually, I literally felt gobsmacked with my cheeks burning with heat. My legs turned to jelly and I almost sank to the ground. Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck!

On the flatscreen, the pictures of my backyard romp ran in a loop. The goddamn photos that had started it all. How the fuck had Ortega gotten his hands on them?

What was going on??? What the hell was happening???

This day had started as the best workday ever, and now it was turning into my worst nightmare ever. Ortega knew about me having sex with an intern! Nothing could be worse. Nothing could be more harmful to my career.

"From your reaction, I gather you know the origin of these photos." Ortega concluded. "They're authentic then."

"You know what that means, I believe. These photos are evidence of you having an affair with one of our interns." He pierced my heart with his words. "That's a serious violation of our company rules."

"This should be disconcerting enough. However, it's not the end of it, I'm afraid. I've been told you're having sex at the workplace during work hours." He continued spelling out my demise. "On top of that, rumor has it you seduced not only Daniel but all our interns. I have to say, Miss Addams, I'm appalled."

My head was spinning. This had to be a nightmare! Any second, I was about to wake up and everything would be forgotten. Any second, any second...

...I didn't wake up. It wasn't a dream although I was so paralyzed as if I was asleep. Had I heard correctly? He had been told?!? Who was telling these things? Who had handed these photos to Ortega?

"You realize this is easily enough evidence for three disciplinary warnings. Three warnings suffice for a dismissal without notice." He stated. "So tell me, Miss Addams, why shouldn't I hand these documents over to O'Bannon?"

Oh my god! Ortega finally cut to the chase. How could I defend myself? What could I say to persuade him of my innocence?

"I never had... I mean, I tried not to... I mean... I dunno." I stammered like I was out of my senses.

Gawd! I couldn't come up with a good reason to excuse my activities. How was I supposed to do that anyways? There wasn't a single reasonable argument. Damnit!

"That's not what I wanna hear, Missy." Ortega shook his head.

Oh gosh! He was calling me 'Missy' like the interns used to do! It instantly made me feel meek and subdued. The word acted like a trigger. In combination with my ineptitude to explain my offensive behavior, it totally gave me a sense of timidity.

What was going on with me? I should have made a fuss. I should have screamed bloody murder. I couldn't bring myself to protest, though. My submissiveness was getting triggered and it totally threw me off my chops.

"But... what... I mean, what do you want me to say?" I was getting exasperated, simply babbling at the top of my head.

"I want you to tell the truth, Missy. Tell me you weren't as smart as you thought you were." Ortega remarked. "Tell me you weren't smart enough to run a department without handing out sexual favors."

Oh wow! Those words stung. None of it was true. My department had been more successful and pulled in more sales than his team had ever managed to do. However, that didn't matter anymore. All that counted was the horrible project pitch and my recent workplace deviance. It cast a major slur on my work, and it was totally my fault.

I had gotten carried away, living out my submissive side. I had become careless, blindly following the interns' excesses. I had become obsessed with my pleasure, neglecting my work. Gosh! You could definitely say that it was my fault. However, I would never admit it. At least, not to my loathed rival. Fair enough. I still had to respond in some way.

"I... I guess I... wasn't..." I sniffed while searching for the right words to get out of this predicament. "I wasn't as smart as you thought I was."

There it was. I had said it. Okay. It wasn't exactly what Ortega had wanted to hear but as much as I was willing to concede. As soon as I had uttered the words, I brazed myself for the inevitable backlash.

The Latino snob looked at me, his eyes narrowing to tight slits. He eyed me suspiciously but didn't say a word. Then, suddenly, a grin flashed over his face and he shrugged.

"I have to say, you definitely made stupid mistakes, Missy." Ortega remarked, somehow letting me off the hook.

"You know what baffles me more than your scandalous behavior, Miss Addams?" He changed the topic. "Did you honestly expect to get away with it?"

"It's stupid, of course, but also careless and impudent." My rival elaborated. "The obvious question, hence, is why, isn't it?"

"Tell me, did you intentionally try to do harm to me, O'Bannon, and this company? You know, since you were too dim-witted to become the next CEO?" He asked out of thin air. "Come on, my dear. Admit it!"

Woah! What the fuck?!? Suddenly, the state of shock fell off me. These accusations were too much. I would never do anything to deliberately damage the consulting firm or harm my mentor O'Bannon! These allegations were clearly inappropriate and sent me into motion. I didn't act rationally but completely on impulse. With a burst of fury raging through me, I stormed around the big wooden desk and slapped the swellhead in the face.

One slap... two slaps...

I was so enraged that I wouldn't stop, pounding my fists against his chest. Ortega, however, didn't react incensed. Actually, he didn't react at all. Instead, he chuckled and made a dapper wave of the hand.

"Ooowww!" I yelped when I suddenly felt a harsh yank on my chestnut-golden tresses.

Out of the blue, my head was pulled back. For a moment, I was so surprised that I stumbled back a few feet as if Ortega had slapped me away like a fly although he hadn't even lifted a finger. Twisting my head, I tried to detect who was standing behind me.

The unknown person, however, kept my hair in a tight grip so I didn't stand a chance to turn. Instead, I was forced to look directly at my archrival. He waited a few moments, not saying a word, only smiling with a snide grin. At first, his shit-eating smirk totally increased my annoyance, but eventually I calmed down.

"Hello, Missy Bitchface. Nice to see you again." The unknown person finally whispered into my ear...

...and the blood froze in my veins. It wasn't someone unknown at all.

"Hello Justin." Ortega finally raised his voice, addressing the intern. "I can't express enough praise for you."

"You see, Miss Addams," The smug exec explained. "Justin was the one who brought your transgressions to me."

Oh my god! Now, it made click. He must have known that my man had pictures of our backyard romp. Probably, D-Rod had shown them to the other interns for bragging rights. What an idiotic mistake!

Justin must have been the guy who had shot the photo of D-Rod and Flaco smoking dope. It was the perfect blackmail material! By showing them to Ortega, he had put my man in a catch-22. D-Rod couldn't risk getting suspended from his Football team so he had been forced to hand over the photos of the backyard romp.

My man had swept Matt out of the way, and at the same time he had gotten checkmated by Justin. Two strikes at one party. But why? Justin had been in on the action. He had gotten a piece of me. I couldn't figure out his reasons.

"Indeed, Justin told me plenty of interesting things about you, Miss Addams..." Ortega continued. "...or is it Miss Ho-Worker? I'm getting confused with all your names, I'm afraid."

Oh my fucking god! My rival knew about my slutty nicknames! This was getting worse and worse.

"It looks like you're quite the unethical employee, my dear, causing damage to our company's reputation for quite some time." The smug exec concluded. "I hand over these documents and you get fired on the spot."

"From everything Justin told me, however, I gather you have some usable skills, Missy." My cocky rival surprisingly stated. "I could use an office bimbo tending to my needs."

Wait! What? He wanted what?!? A stupid office bimbo? Seriously? I mean, I was his fellow executive. We had the same status at the consulting firm.

Getting called a bimbo made my temper flare again. I had acted like a ditzy tart during the birthday bash, and in retrospective, it felt totally embarrassing. I wouldn't act so silly ever again.

"I don't wanna see you fired, Missy. I have a heart after all." Ortega surprised me next. "That's why I'm offering you a deal. It's the only chance you'll get, I'm afraid."

"You see, with the recession and that debacle of a project pitch, our company's in quite the bad position." My loathed rival explained. "That's why O'Bannon's at headquarters giving a full report. He'll stay there to oversee the company's restructuring."

"For the time being, I'm left in charge here to implement the changes." He elaborated. "As long as headquarters decides about the next steps, I'm the acting CEO overseeing both departments."

Um... both departments? That couldn't be. I mean, I was head of the change management department after all. What was he talking about?

"You can work for me, my dear." The smug exec suggested before I could inquire.

"But... I already work here..." I sniffed.

"See, how dumb you are, Missy?" Ortega returned to his favorite topic. "You become my personal assistant, of course."

Seriously? Really seriously?!? What a shock!

Ortega wanted me to become his assistant doing all those menial tasks? This was way beneath my qualifications. I had a master's degree after all. I wasn't a simple-minded secretary but a highly-educated executive! What insolence!

"I assume the news about your unethical work behavior would spread in the consulting community. Bad news travel fast is what they say, isn't it? You'll never get a job as consultant again, let alone a position as business executive, I'm afraid." My archrival reminded me when he saw the reluctance written all over my face.

"If you play along, however, you could get a nice settlement, my dear, and leave for greener pastures when the restructuring's over." He suggested.

Holy shit! Ortega was right. I hadn't seen it that way yet. What a dilemma! No matter how you looked at it, I didn't stand a chance. I was at Ortega's mercy. He was calling all the shots.

My career couldn't be over! Not like that! I had worked too hard. I had endured too much at the hands of the interns. I couldn't let it slip away now. My efforts couldn't count for nothing. I had to grasp at any straws I could get.

"I have to say, though, I'm not convinced you can be a good office bimbo, Miss Addams." Ortega remarked. "All I see is a haughty, faux-intellectual bitch. We may need to assess your job fit first."

Please, what? My job fit? Not only did he deny my skills as business executive, he was also questioning my qualifications as office bimbo? Seriously? What a cheek! Ortega's presumption stoked my temper. It sent me in a fit of pique. I couldn't restrain myself. Even though Justin was standing behind me, I rushed towards my loathed rival.

I didn't manage to reach the smug exec, though, because Justin was too quick to react. Grabbing my chestnut-golden tresses, he stopped me in my tracks. Stepping close to me, he grasped my cheeks and squeezed them. Owie! The slimeball squeezed so hard that it forced my mouth open. I couldn't even scream or protest because my lips were pressed into the shape of an '8'. Ouch!

With my body constrained, Ortega slowly got up from his leather chair and stepped in front of me. His demeanor was so complacent that it totally irked me. As if he finally deemed me worthy enough for him to lift a finger. Ugh!

"So we got a little, rebellious brat at our hands, do we?" He said, sounding kinda bored. "Dumb 'n bratty. What a plain old combination."

"Are you a cheeky brat or a stupid bimbo?" The Latino snob asked next.

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