tagMind ControlJessica's in Charge Ch. 01

Jessica's in Charge Ch. 01


This is a work of fiction and all the characters and events are fictional. If you are under the age of 18 or are in an area that prohibits erotic fiction then leave now. This story depicts lesbian sex and mind control, if that’s not your thing then leave now. You’ve been warned…

“Hi, Jess. Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you’re here, seems like you’re always here” Jasmine said with a light laugh as she walked into the studio control booth.

Yes, Jessica thought, it seemed like she was always here. It wasn’t that she didn’t do anything else, she just liked working here in the schools TV studio. She felt very comfortable and secure here. She was the editor and director of the schools weekly in-house news program, after all. Producing the show every week took up a lot of her time.

The time she didn’t spend in the studio was mostly spent reading or practicing for sports. She was a straight “A” student but she hardly even worked at it. Most of the girls who didn’t know her thought she was a nerd who spent all her time with her nose in a book. In reality she was just smart… very, very smart. Genius would actually be closer to the mark. She hardly spent any time studying, she just absorbed information like a sponge. It gave her time for other things.

She was a varsity member of the Cross Country team, Winter Track and Spring Track. Practicing every day and going to track meets took up a lot of her time but she liked running. She had tried soccer and basketball but didn’t really enjoy them. She wasn’t all that coordinated and had a hard time with those sports. What really drew her to running was the individual competition. She liked putting herself up against other girls, seeing how she stacked up on an even playing field. She was in control when she was running, whatever move she made, however she paced herself, how hard she pushed herself, it was all up to her. That was the real problem she had with soccer and basketball, she admitted to herself. In team sports she was always doing what someone else wanted. The coach or the captain was always telling her how to play the game, where to run to and who to pass to. Jessica didn’t like being told what to do. She wanted to do things her way.

That’s probably why she liked the TV Studio so much. This was her domain, she was in charge here. The weekly news show was her baby. Two years ago she had talked the Principle into allowing her access to the new and completely unused school TV studio to produce a school news show. The studio had been donated to the school by a former student who had gone on the become an anchor on a national new show and was now so wealthy that she had to find ways to loose her money and she wanted to “Give back to the community.” Jessica had recruited the cast and crew from the student body and had she had made it work.

The school was an exclusive, private all-girls boarding school in rural Massachusetts. It’s student body made up of girls from upper class families from around New England. The large majority of the students were spoiled little rich girls who wanted nothing to do with anything that resembled work. All they wanted to do was hang out and spend money. Spoiled little princesses, Jessica thought with disgust.

Her family was as well off as most of the others but Jessica didn’t think about it much. Well, what was left of her family, she thought. Her father had several affairs over the years and had finally left for good about two years ago. Leaving Jessica, her older sister and her mother alone. Her mother spent 95% of her time on the road, which is why Jessica and her sister lived in a boarding school. Her father leaving wasn’t a problem financially, her mother was a successful corporate attorney, she actually made most of the money in the family. It was just hard accepting that her father just walked out and left them. It didn’t so much make her sad as it did make her angry. She was put in a situation that made her feel helpless and it had terrified her. It was this single event more than any other that changed Jessica’s life. She had needed an escape, a haven, and she found it in the TV studio.

Recruiting the crew hadn’t been that easy. It actually had been the hardest part of setting up the show. Most of the girls in the school wanted nothing to do with producing a TV show. She did however get a few girls who were interested. Several were so incompetent with anything electronic or mechanical that Jessica wouldn’t have let them use an electric can opener, never mind a TV camera or tape editor that cost more than a small car. Those girls would have to write scripts or something like that.

A lot of girls had wanted to be the on-air talent when they first heard of the show but the number of applications dropped to almost nothing when they found out some research and writing went into the job. That was too much like work for them.

She did get a few good workers. Of them, Molly and Jasmine, who were also best friends and roommates, were her two favorites.

Jasmine was the Anchor Girl of the weekly news show. She was one of the few, the very few, that wasn’t scarred off by a little work. Jessica knew she wanted to hire Jasmine just one minute into her interview. Calm and relaxed but very witty and quick on her verbal feet she had been a natural. Her strong voice and calm demeanor made her seem confident and comfortable in front of the camera, like she had been doing it for years.

One of very few black girls in the school, Jasmine was very tall and elegant six feet. She had beautiful skin the color of milk chocolate, dark brown eyes and curly black hair. Her body would best be described as curvaceous. Her breasts were large and her waist was very slim with a flat, tight belly. Below that she had wide shapely hips an ass that only black girls seem to be able to get, firm and round. Her legs were long and firm and ended with surprisingly small feet.

Molly was as different from Jasmine as day and night.

Molly was always talking, always moving, a bundle of energy, like lightning in a skirt. Sometimes Jessica, along with everybody else, wished she would shut up once in a while, and Molly knew it. Her favorite saying was “If I’m talking to much just tell me to shut up and I’ll think about it.” She never did. But she was smart and funny and just fun to have around. She was also good with electronics and a mechanical wiz. If it was broken, Molly could probably fix it. She loved working the cameras in the studio and lugging around the portable cameras to sporting events, plays and concerts. Molly had a knack for camera handling, she just always seemed to know where she should be looking and what the best angle was, she was a natural at it. She was the first really good worker that Jessica had signed on, and it had actually been Molly who convinced Jasmine to join up.

Short at just five feet tall and physically fit from volleyball, Molly was very beautiful, with shoulder length brownish blond hair, hazel eyes and smooth well tanned skin. The fact that she had a massive set of full breasts was also hard to miss, especially because they looked so out of proportion on her small frame. Many of the girls were jealous of Molly’s huge tits, some girls even spread rumors that she had implants. She didn’t, and the rumors irked Molly a little bit. Implants, HA! Hers were the real thing. She loved to show off her ample cleavage whenever she could by wearing tight low cut tops with no bra. At least when she wasn’t wearing her school uniform. The school uniforms, plaid skirts, white blouses and white nylons, did very little to flatter the figure, but even the plain uniform blouse and plaid skirt couldn’t hide Molly’s figure. Nothing could hide those tit’s.

The uniform certainly didn’t help her own body out much, Jessica thought with a sigh. It just makes me look even more plain than I already am.

Jessica was actually much to hard on herself. She had pretty, if not quite beautiful face, a slender body of about average height at five foot six inches, and she was very tight from years of daily running. She had firm C cup breasts that while not large, were well formed. She also had a shapely ass that swayed provocatively when she walked. Her eyes were a flashing green and her full head of long red hair was always done in a single long, thick braid. Her thick red hair was secretly envied by many of the girls in school. She wore small rimless glasses that gave her an air of sophistication. But when seen beside many of the other beautiful girls in the school she always seemed a little bit nerdy. It wasn’t really her looks that made her nerdy, it was mostly the way she acted. She tried not to, she tried to blend in, be one of the girls, but it never quite worked. Her high intelligence, unusual common sense and general distain for the shopping and gossiping that most of the girls loved always kept her a step or two away from most of the in-crowd.

But she wasn’t a loner either. She had several friends and a few close friends. She had become good friends with many of the girls on the crew of the news show. She also had a few other friends on the running teams. Mostly, Jessica spent time with these girls at school events, at track meets and during lunch but she didn’t usually hang around with them after school. Of all the friends she had Molly, Jasmine and Samantha were her closest friends.

Samantha was her best friend as well as her roommate. She was a lovely girl of Chinese descent. Although her family was originally from China, Samantha had been born in the USA and so had both of her parents. She had no accent at all and could hardly even speak Chinese, just a few phrases her grandmother taught her. She was short at just a hair under five feet with a slender, graceful body. Her black slanted eyes and jet black hair made her seem exotic and mysterious. Her small breasts and shapely ass were perfectly displayed in the swimsuits she seemed to spend half her life in. She was the star member of the swim team and spent all the time she could in the pool. What time she didn’t spend in the pool she had her nose in buried in a book. Samantha was also a straight “A” student but unlike Jessica, she had to work hard at it. All of the time that she spent studying had also given Samantha the image of being a nerd and put her in the same group as Jessica, which is how they became friends.

Both Jessica and Samantha were quiet and a little shy when out of the pool or studio. They had sat at a table together in biology class of their Junior year. Throughout that year they had become close friends and spent much of their free time together. When it came time for rooming assignments for senior year they requested and been given a room together.

Both girls had enjoyed many of the same things including reading and exercising. They went to each others sporting meets to cheer each other on and would congratulate or console afterwards. They also both enjoyed being outdoors, hiking or biking. On weekends in the spring and fall they had taken rides up into New Hampshire to go hiking in the mountains or to Maine to ride bikes along the coast. When back at school they would spend hours talking in their room about classes, people or current events. Just about anything that came up they could talk to each other about.

Well, almost anything. Jessica was to shy about sex or even boyfriends to discuss it much with anyone, even her best friend. And Samantha was completely closed mouthed about it. Jessica had actually never seen Samantha with a boyfriend or even heard if she had one before. When she approached the subject of boyfriends one night, Sam turned a little red and said that “No, I’ve never really had a boyfriend.” This surprised Jessica a little because Samantha was so beautiful, it seemed odd that she had not even one real boyfriend so far. But Jessica didn’t want to embarrass her friend so she let the topic drop. Jessica hadn’t ever been really comfortable talking about it sex either. She was never all that comfortable with the topic of sex. It was just one more thing that set the nerd apart from the cool girls.

But even though Jessica was thought of as a nerd she had her share of boyfriends over the years and was no certainly longer a virgin. But her all of her encounters with men always left her wanting for something more, but she never knew quite what. She never really felt comfortable when she was alone with a guy. They always made her a little nervous. It never felt natural to her. Also all the men she had been with were always to rough and in such a hurry. The just wanted to climb on top, shoot their load and say “Thanks! See ya’ later babe!” as they left. They just didn’t know or didn’t care what she wanted, what she needed.

It was the evening after one of these disappointing encounters about one month into her senior year that Jessica’s life changed completely. Samantha had gone home for the weekend and Jessica was spending the quiet Saturday night, soaking in the bathtub reading an article in a woman’s magazine about sexuality and how men and women were after different things in life and especially in the bedroom. The article explained how many men were only after a girl who was beautiful and good in bed. Once they had her for a while it was time to move on to another. They just wanted her while it was all new and exciting and once it became familiar it wasn’t that fun any more. They didn’t want any emotional ties, just someone to hang out with and have fun with. A real relationship was too much like work. It went of to explain that many women were becoming increasingly frustrated with the men that they dated. The men’s lack of compassion, caring and basically everything else that women want.

Well, maybe you shouldn’t try to find your boyfriends at a nightclub or a bar, was the thought that Jessica had upon reading this. That was probably where most of the women that this kind of magazine catered to would meet guys. But Jessica did admit that it was very close to her own feelings about men in general, certainly about that jerk last night.

According to the magazine, as Jessica continued to read, many more women were exploring lesbianism to find fulfillment, both emotional and physical. In other women they had found the compassion, caring and tenderness they desired. It went on to give first hand accounts of several women who were in the same place Jessica found herself in, fed up with all men and looking for something else. Jessica hadn’t realized she was looking for something else, but maybe she was. Was she?

As she went back to reading the next quote from a woman who had just come out sent a little shiver up her spine, “Only another woman truly knows what a woman wants and can truly pleasure another woman.” The next paragraph started describing some woman’s first lesbian encounters, the tenderness, the gentle caressing, the slow, unhurried kisses and strokes. Then they went on to described the incredible climaxes as their lovers drove them to new heights of pleasure they had never before reached, never even dreamed of. Many of the women described having multiple orgasms, something Jessica had never experienced.

Jessica found she was breathing heavy and her nipples were stiff as she put down the magazine. What was wrong with her, she thought. Was she really getting turned on by talk of girl/girl sex? She wasn’t a lesbian. She had just fucked a guy last night, he was a junior from a nearby college. She had just been screwed by a Frat Boy, she couldn’t like girls, could she? Last night she had been turned on, she had sweated, she had an orgasm. Wasn’t that what sex was… a guy, a girl, a little sweat, a few grunts, a little pleasure and it was done. That’s all sex was, right? What if it wasn’t? What if there was more to it? How much more could there be?

As Jessica climbed out of the tub and got ready for bed the same thoughts kept running through her mind… How much more could there be? Sex was sex, right? Right. But maybe…

It that respect, Jessica was a bit of a prude. She never had even seen a dirty magazine, or a porno movie. Even though she had sex several times she actually knew very little about it. All of her boyfriends had either been to inexperienced to show her how good it could be or were just jerks like the frat boy who had wanted a quick fuck. She had never even had good sex, never mind really great sex.

That night, alone in her room, Jessica had wonderful and frightening dreams of being pleasured by beautiful women. Beautiful soft lips sucking her nipples, beautiful pink tongues licking her clit, beautiful slender fingers slipping into her wet pussy…

Jessica had awoken that night with a sudden jerk. She felt the warm afterglow washing through her body and the slight twitching in her pussy that followed an orgasm. Had she actually cum in her sleep while dreaming of other women? She pulled up her nightgown, and felt her naked pussy, she never wore panties to bed. She was completely soaked. The entire back of her nightgown under her was wet where her juices had flowed out of her cunt and down her ass. She had never been so wet before. Her whole bed smelled of hot wet pussy. Actually the whole room did, good thing Samantha had gone home she thought to herself. What had happened? Had she cum dreaming of sex with a woman? Many women actually. many beautiful women. Jessica realized she was stroking her cunt and made herself stop. She wasn’t going to finger fuck herself while fantasizing about another woman. This is disgusting, she thought, what a pervert I am.

She quickly got up grabbed a dry nightgown and went into the bathroom to freshen up. She stripped off her damp nightgown and as she was reaching for the clean one she saw the magazine on the side of the tub where she had left it. She paused with her hand on the clean nightgown, studying the cover of the magazine. The woman on the cover was beautiful, very beautiful, with long blond hair, blue eyes and flawless skin. The slinky evening dress she wore did nothing to hide her ample breasts. Jessica found herself staring at the woman’s full breasts, imagining what her nipples looked like, wondering what it would feel like to suck on the woman’s nipples. The thought shocked her. Did she actually think that? Yes, she had. And she had liked it.

She flipped opened the magazine and found she was looking at an advertisement for a web site that sold sex toys and kinky lingerie. A picture at the top showed slutty looking woman with a wickedly sexy nightie on. The woman’s back was turned to the camera and the see-thru nightie showed a slender thong pulled in between cheeks of her tight, round ass. Her head was thrown back and her mouth was open with a look of feigned delight on her face. Jessica felt a warm glow spreading through her as she looked at it. A little scared she quickly turned the page only to see an ad for a breast enhancing cream. “Guaranteed to make your breasts two cup sizes larger in a month!” The picture showed a woman who already had very large, full breasts rubbing the cream onto herself. Jessica looked at the full breasts and the woman’s hands and thought, “I wish I was rubbing that cream on her.”

What the hell was wrong with her! Her whole body was shaking, her breath was coming in quick pants. She had never been so turned on in her whole life. She felt a desperate need, a longing deep in her chest. Her pussy was on fire, she was so wet she felt a drop of her juice running down the inside of her leg. What in the world was happening to her? She was afraid if she even moved she would cum on the spot, without even touching herself.

As she stood there, her mind churning with confusing thoughts, her hands seemed to take on a life of their own. Without her consciously wanting to, a hand slowly ran up her naked body and over her breast. What was she doing? Was she really going to play with herself? She had never done it before, it seemed so perverted and dirty. Then her fingers touched her nipple and she felt a shock of pleasure.

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