Jessica's in Charge Ch. 01


“Ooohhh” she softly moaned and leaned forward slightly.

What the hell was she doing, she thought in an oddly detached manner. She was never vocal during sex, she had never moaned or cried out when she was with a guy, not once! Now here she was, all alone with a magazine looking at pictures of beautiful women while feeling her own tits and she was moaning out loud? What was going on? Was she loosing her mind? Another stroke of her nipple by her treasonous hand sent a second shock wave of pleasure through her trembling body and drove the question away. That shock of pleasure also overcame Jessica’s last bit of her conscious control over her body, her desire was now in complete control of her body.

Well if just a little touch made her moan…

She cupped her left breast with her free hand and twisted her nipple with her fingers. Tingling pleasure raced through her body with each tug of her stiff nipple. She had never felt so much pleasure before, not even from her pussy. She fell to her knees, sat back on her feet, dropped the magazine on the floor in front of her and grabbed her right nipple with her other hand. Lights exploded behind her eyes as she caressed herself.

“OOOOHHHH!” she moaned out loudly as a wave of the most intense pleasure she had ever felt erupted through her body. Her already soaking wet cunt convulsed with ecstasy as hot slippery girl cum dripped out of her cunt, soaking the floor under her with her juice. She moaned louder as another wave of the mind-bending pleasure washed through her. Her right hand, still seeming to have a mind of it’s own slid down her firm stomach and through the small tuft of red fur above her pussy. Jessica’s world exploded as she pushed two fingers deep into her own cunt. “AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!” she screamed as she came, a loud piercing cry that shocked her. Unable to control her fingers, she kept fucking herself, she came again and again, each more intense than the last. She could no longer hold herself up and fell forward, her firm breasts pressed into the cold tile floor, her fingers still buried deep in her cunt. She had never in her life felt such a total loss of control of her body. She writhed in total ecstasy on the floor of the bathroom, her body completely taken over by the feelings in her cunt, her mind completely taken over by visions of beautiful women. It was wonderful, she was heaven.

After a few more intense orgasms Jessica’s mind overloaded and she passed out, naked, on the bathroom floor with her fingers still in her pussy.

She awoke in the in the middle of the night with a start. Where was she? What was she doing here? Looking around she realized she was in her bathroom. What time was it? How long had she been lying here? She found her watch on the sink, two o’clock in the morning. Her eyes caught sight of the magazine she had been lying on and it was then that she remembered what she had done

God, what had she done? The first, most obvious answer came to her immediately, she had masturbated. She had played with her own tits and pussy till she had an orgasm, several of them. It was surprising to her that she had done it but she could accept the idea of masturbation, lots of girls did that, she never did before but it was a normal thing for girls to do. It was the second part of the answer that scared her. She had those orgasms while thinking, fantasizing, about women. Sex with women. Lesbian sex. Lesbian fantasies… Lesbians…

She shook off the thought, or at least she tried to. It had just been a moment of weakness combined with that shithead, frat boy the night before and that article.

Hmmm… the article. She picked up the magazine but it was a hopeless mess, soggy, rumpled and… “sniff”…and it smelled rather strongly of pussy. Her pussy, she thought with a little smile. She had never been turned on like that before. She had never realized her body could feel that way, give her so much pleasure. She let out a small sigh as her hand found her nipple and pinched it gently. A little moan escaped her lips.

“Stop it!” she said out loud. “What the hell am I doing!”

She threw the magazine in the trash and turned on the shower. When the water was warm she climbed in and washed away any reminders of the night before. While in the shower she tried to turn her mind to other things. School assignment she had to complete, things she had to do for the studio, anything besides last night. It would work for a few minutes but she couldn’t hold it for long. Her mind kept turning back to last night… to playing with herself… to lesbianism.

She turned off the water, dried off, wrapped a towel around herself and walked out into the bedroom. She was getting clothes out of a drawer, trying to keep her mind off of her growing desire when she happened to look over at Samantha’s desk. On the end of the desk was a picture, a picture of Samantha holding a huge gold trophy. It was a picture from a big swim meet last year that Samantha had come in first place. What riveted Jessica’s attention was that Samantha was in her bathing suit.

Jessica crossed the room and slowly picked up the picture. She had seen the picture a hundred times but never really looked at it. She had never before really seen what a beautiful girl Samantha was. Her shoulder length jet-black hair, her dark eyes, her tight body, her small firm breasts. Jessica realized she could see Samantha’s hard nipples poking through the sheer bathing suit. She let out a soft moan as her hand found her own nipple again.

How could she be feeling like this about Samantha? She was her best friend, she was her roommate. She couldn’t believe she was standing at Samantha’s desk playing with herself, but it felt so good, so right. She pulled a little harder on her nipple. Samantha’s desk… Samantha’s room…

She turned her head slightly and looked over at Samantha’s dresser. With her heart thumping in her chest, Jessica slowly opened the top drawer. She looked in at Samantha’s little panties and bras. Mostly white but with a few colors mixed in. Jessica pulled out a pair of white lace panties and ran them over her cheek. So soft, just like Samantha’s skin would be she imagined. Picking up a bright red bra that was so sheer it was see-through, she looked at the small cups. Not too much smaller than her own she decided. I wonder what it looked like on, she thought. Only one way to find out. Hunting through the drawer she saw only one pair of red panties. Quickly pulling them out she went over to the full length mirror and put the bra on. Actually it was pretty tight and her larger breasts pushed out the top a little. Her very hard nipples pushed out through the gauzy material. She gently pinched one and enjoyed the spark of pleasure it gave her.

Next she started to put on the panties. When she stepped into them she realized that it was a thong, a very, very skimpy thong. A little skinny strip of red lace in the front, spaghetti strings over the hips and a single string down the back.

Jessica was surprised, she had never pictured her friend wearing something as slutty as this. But then, she had never imagined herself masturbating while trying on her friends underwear. What a pervert she was turning into. The thought made her smile, yes, she was a pervert. And she loved it.

She pulled the panties up and looked at herself in the mirror. She twisted around to look at her ass, she liked what she saw. The back string disappeared between her ass cheeks and the only thing that could be seen was the two strings curving up over her full hips. She turned back, the lace in front didn’t even cover the little patch of red hair over her pussy. She wondered how Samantha, with her black hair could wear them. Maybe she completely shaved her pussy was the thought that sprung into her mind. She let out a moan as she turned to look in the mirror, the image of Samantha’s hairless pussy dancing in her mind. She focused on the image in the mirror… wow, she looked like a real slut. This must be how a stripper dressed, she thought, or maybe a prostitute. A prostitute, a hooker, a whore. She was dressed like a whore. She was wearing Samantha’s underwear and it made her look like a whore. So, Samantha liked to dress like a whore.

“Is that why you have this slutty little outfit Samantha? Are you a little whore?” Jessica said aloud.

She laid back on Samantha’s unmade bed. Samantha hardly ever made her bed. She started to stroke her pussy through the skimpy panties.

“Would you like to be my little whore, Samantha? Would you like to fuck me?” she asked the picture of Samantha. She ran her fingers over her slit through the thin lace, she rolled her head to the side a sighed. A whiff of something caught her attention. She smelled the pillow and realized it was Samantha’s perfume. She inhaled deeply savoring the smell, and imagined the girl who left it there. Imagined her friends beautiful face, her small tits, hairless cunt. With a flash of insight Jessica hopped off the bed and ripped off the covers. She pushed her face into the middle of the mattress and inhaled deeply. She let out a soft moan as she recognized the smell, pussy. Samantha’s pussy. Similar to her own smell but not quite the same. With a louder moan Jessica’s hand finally pushed the panties aside and her fingers found her cunt. Rubbing her clit with one hand while her other pulled on her nipple through the thin bra. She pushed her face into the mattress, breathing in Samantha’s smell, the smell of her best friend’s cunt, left there while she slept. Maybe it wasn’t just the smell of her pussy from sleeping, maybe Samantha had played with herself. Jessica imagined Samantha lying in her bed late at night with all the lights off. One hand would be playing with her hairless slit, the other playing with her tits. Quietly stroking herself while biting her lip so she wouldn’t make any noise and wake her roommate only a few feet away. She would push a finger into herself, then another, rocking her hips, grinding her pussy against her hand, fucking herself, harder, faster until with one final desperate surge Samantha would cum.

“Oh, Samantha! Samantha I…I…AAAAHHHH!” Jessica’s cries became unintelligible as she came. She buried her face in the mattress to muffle her wild screams as the wonderful release exploded through her body. Her two fingers worked furiously deep inside her hot pussy. She yanked the bra down and desperately squeezed her own tit, pulling on her sensitive nipple. Another orgasm exploded through her body and she rolled off the bed onto the floor, landing on her back.

“Oh yeah! Fuck me Samantha! Lick my hot cunt you tight little slut!” she cried as she rode her hand and imagined Samantha’s beautiful face between her legs. “Yeah baby, suck my clit! Eat my pussy!” She yelled to the empty room as she looked over at her friend’s picture on the desk, the dark eyes, her beautiful face, and the small breasts of her tight little body. Jessica came again in an intense surge that shocked and thrilled her, electricity coursed through her as she thrashed on the floor. Throughout the last orgasm Jessica never took her eyes off Samantha’s picture. Her eyes locked onto Samantha’s. She kept staring at the picture as she drifted back to reality. As she slid her fingers out of her cunt she thought “She’s so beautiful, I have to have her, I will have her!” With that final thought Jessica, now completely spent, crawled into Samantha’s bed and fell asleep the smell of perfume and pussy filling her mind.

The next few months for Jessica were not easy. Her days were filled with classrooms full of beautiful girls whom she longed for but was too afraid to approach. She had heard rumors that there were a few girls who were lesbians or at least bisexuals but she couldn’t be sure. She was afraid to approach someone only to find out she had been wrong. News like that would spread like wildfire, “Did you hear, Jessica’s a lezbo!” “Jessica? Who’s that?” “You know! The nerdy redhead.” “Oh her, figures that she’s a dyke.” She could hear it all now. The teasing would last till graduation. And what if her mother found out? Would she care? Probably not but you never could tell.

Jessica decided she couldn’t risk it and kept her longings to herself. Not that it was easy, far from it. Since that first weekend her longing to be with girls only increased. After a very short time she found that she had no interest in men whatsoever. They just didn’t do anything for her anymore. The attraction was gone, never to return. It had probably never really been there at all, she realized one night. That was why it never felt right, never felt natural to be with a guy. She had just done what she thought she was supposed to do, what everyone expected her to do. But it hadn’t been what she wanted, not really.

This changeover had surprised her when she realized it. She had gone from never even considering lesbianism, actually thinking it was a little disgusting, to being convinced that she was a lesbian in just a few days. Could she really change that fast? Become a lesbian overnight? She guessed she wasn’t really a lesbian yet because she had never had sex with another woman. But she certainly felt like one.

She felt the deep need for lesbian sex every day in school. Seeing all the girls in their matching uniforms. Watching them walk down the hallways, the sway of their hips flipping the plaid skirts from side to side, the gentle bounce of their breasts filled her with desire.

After school, the locker room was Jessica’s own little piece of heaven and hell packed into one room. Seeing all the trim, athletic girls changing was almost more than she could bear. Some of the girls used the private changing stalls but most just changed out in the open. Watching them change into their little running shorts and jogbras was the most exquisite torture. Her vision was filled with long shapely legs, flat stomachs, tight little bottoms and firm breasts. There were many days when she had to run during practice with wet panties because of her arousal from what she saw in the locker room.

After practice she would run back to her to room, rush inside and lean against the door, slip her hand into her panties and finger her clit furiously till she came. She came so quickly and easily now that she could play with herself whenever she had a few minutes alone. A quick orgasm like that usually quenched her need, at least for a little while.

That was the other change that had taken place inside her. Her sex drive had gone completely out of control. It was so out of control that it actually scarred her. This couldn’t be normal, she thought. She was horny almost all the time and thought about sex almost constantly. She masturbated several time every day and always wanted more. Also her climaxes were much more intense and lasted much longer now than they ever had before, and it was so easy to have them. She guessed it was because she was aroused so much of the time now. As soon as she touched her breasts or pussy warm waves of pleasure would wash through her. It only took a minute or two of fondling for her to have and orgasm. She didn’t even have to touch her pussy most of the time, just pulling on her nipples could make her cum.

Jessica had heard the term “Nymphomaniac” but never really thought it was real. Addicted to sex? Come on people, get a grip, she had said to herself the first time she had heard of it.. Now she thought that maybe it is real. Maybe someone really could be a sex addict. She might actually be a nymphomaniac. She sure felt addicted to sex. She couldn’t go more than a few hours without pleasuring herself. Was she a sex addict? A nymphomaniac? A lesbian nymphomaniac? Maybe… probably.

Jessica’s nights were not much easier than her days, actually they were worse. Almost every night she would see Samantha. Sitting in the same room with her every night was pure torture. She longed to kiss her soft lips, run her fingers through her silky hair and feel her firm body. Samantha would wear sweatpants and a tee shirt to bed most of the time, those nights were easier to bare, but occasionally she would ware one of her light nightgowns. It was those nights that Jessica found it difficult to control herself.

The light nighties did nothing to hide the form under them. Samantha’s small hard nipples were clearly visible through the thin material. Jessica so desperately wanted to suck on them. Those nights she found it difficult not quietly sneak over to Samantha’s bed, pull down her nightgown while she slept and try sucking on her nipples. She tried to imagine what Samantha’s reaction would be, would she scream, hit her, hate her. The newly awakened, perverted part of Jessica’s mind hoped that Samantha would like it. She was too afraid to actually try it but just the thought of it made her feel wonderfully perverted. She smiled to herself as she thought of what a slut, what a nymphomaniac, she was turning into.

But even though she was a nymphomaniac she was still too shy and scared to approach any other girls. To approach someone like that would be to bear her feeling, to open her self to rejection, to scorn, even hatred. To bear her feelings like that was too dangerous to Jessica. There had to be another way.

That other way came to her about three weeks ago. She had been researching for a psychology paper that she was writing and came across and article on hypnosis. It was an article about deep hypnotic conditioning. Taking control of a persons mind, changing the way they thought, actually changing the persons personality.

Could such a thing be done? Could a person be changed completely? How could such a thing be done? What if it could be done? It could give her what she desired most, lesbian sex… lesbian lust…lesbian love?

Over the next three weeks Jessica became a fanatic on the subject. She collected every article book and paper that she could on hypnosis. She searched the internet for hours at night for information and traded e-mails with certified hypnotists. She put all of her considerable energy and her more than considerable intelligence into her project.

None of her friends knew what she was doing, she was very secretive the whole time, telling everyone it was just a school project. Most of the time had been spent in her room and the library but the last few days had been spent in the studio putting the finishing touches on her project.

“Earth to Jessica! Anybody home in there?” Jasmine loudly called out across the studio, “You awake or what?”

“Oh, sorry. I was just day dreaming I guess. I was working on my project ‘till like, 4 in the morning and it’s been a long day. Guess I’m a little out of it.”

Jasmine lifted one perfectly groomed eyebrow, “Aaahhh, the mysterious project again, is it. Girl, what the hell is this project anyway? Are we ever going to find out?”

Jessica thought quickly, it was pretty much done. She still had to test it. Maybe she should let Jasmine try it, just to see how she reacted, to see if it even would work.

“Come over her and sit down, I’ll show you.” Jessica pulled out the chair next to her at the control board and Jasmine sat down. “Watch the center monitor.”

“Watch the monitor?” Jasmine asked a little incredulously. “All this secrecy and it’s just some stupid video presentation. You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“It’s not a video presentation. It’s a relaxation video.”

“A relaxation video, you mean like pictures of waterfalls, clouds and other stupid shit like that! You’ve got to be kidding me. Girl, you should have just bought a tape at the mall and saved yourself two weeks worth of work” Jasmine said with a huff.

“It’s a new kind of relaxation video” Jessica said patiently. “Just sit back, relax and watch.”

As Jasmine sighed resignedly and sat back in the chair as Jessica hit play. “It uses geometric images, soothing sounds and verbal commands to help the viewer enter into a calming, meditative state” Jessica explained as she turned down the lights and the video started playing. “Just relax and watch, you’ll see.”

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