tagBDSMJessica's Pony Tales

Jessica's Pony Tales

bySean Renaud©

Jessica was wearing still wearing her work clothing when she arrived at the ranch. Unlike most of the women who preferred to arrive dressed in comfortable casual clothing Jessica always came directly from work. A sharp knee length pencil skirt that matched her coat with the heavily padded shoulders that gave her almost masculine appearance. There was no way for her to disguise her nearly perfect form a male but she did what she could favoring a minimum amount of make up and pulling her hair away from her face in a tiny bun.

"Ma'am." One of the stable hands nodded respectfully to her as she strode past him in her heels. It was the last shred of respect she could expect for the weekend and she allowed herself to enjoy it offering him only the slightest nod to acknowledge him before walking to the stall and stripping out of her clothing with an almost ritualistic rhythm. Each article of her clothing was precisely removed, folded and tucked into the cubby.

Once she was nude the next step of her ritual was getting into the shower and making certain she was clean and shaved. Jessica knew that she was going to be both inspected thoroughly and punished for any minor mistakes she had made so she took an extra moment in the shower running her fingers over her body to make sure she had gotten every single patch of hair from her flesh. Once she was satisfied she walked to her stall for the final preparations.

She started by climbing into a pair of thigh high leather boots that laced all the way up the front. The heels here nearly eight inches high leaving her a heady distance from the ground but she was used to the heels after two years of training. Next came a bodice that was cut beneath her breasts but cinched down tight around her waist partially restricting her breathing but improving her posture at the same time. Then finally she pulled her reddish hair back into the only hair style acceptable at the ranch, a pony tail starting high on her head. She took a brief look at herself in the mirror then trotted out to the yard.

There were about a dozen other women of all ages walking around in the open air with her all of them dressed in variations of her outfit. Some of them were already gagged or bridled but most were still like her walking around in silence waiting for their owners to arrive and decide what the game of the day was going to be. The waiting was always one of the hardest parts for Jessica.

She didn't have to wait long before Mistress Karen walked to the side of the corral and called her over. "Come on girl." She crooned. Then she took hold of Jessica's hair and roughly led her out of the enclosure and into a smaller one. There she reached up and grabbed a bit and crammed it between Jessica's teeth fastening several straps around Jessica's head at the same time making it impossible to spit the rubber coated bar out without the use of her hands. The use of her hands was the next thing that was taken from her. They were tied to the handles of a small chariot. "Go." Karen tugged on the reigns trailing from Jessica's bit urging her forward.

Karen let Jessica take her time getting to track where several other Mistresses had taken the pony girls. Jessica wilted slightly as she looked around. As usual there was only one man on the field and he was a pony boy. For some reason Jessica had never found out for sure the men very rarely brought girls out to the track. She suspected that it had something to do with the methods they preferred to use to wear out their girls.

"Don't you dare disappoint me." Karen crooned leaning forward and caressing Jessica's rump with a leather crop. "If you do I'll make you pay for it." Jessica nodded her head quickly and pulled her chariot to the starting line. She quickly looked over the other girls that would be competing and almost let out a sight of relief. Most of them were new girls who weren't comfortable in their boots yet and even then none of them were in as good shape as Jessica was. The only real competition she expected was from the man and at least he was saddled with a larger rider than the slender Karen.

"On your marks!" Jessica dug her toe into the hard soil of the track. "Get ready." Jessica's thighs and calves tightened with energy waiting to explode out as soon as the next command was given. "Go!" It wasn't really running more like power walking or marching. Jessica was focused as much on the perfection of her form as she was on speed. High knees parallel to the waist, land heel first, back straight, head held high and proud eyes forward. The only indication she had of if she was ahead of behind was how many times Karen's crop struck her which were blissfully few at the start.

Jessica kept her focus on the only things that mattered at the moment. Posture, speed and bearing. If any of those things were missing she would be punished for it and it was better for her to lose gracefully than it was for her to win but lose her bearing. She let her eyes drift shut from time to time trusting Karen to guide her with the reigns around the tracks turns. There were words of encouragement mixed in with the sharp strikes of the crop across her buttocks. She was certain she'd have welts by the end of the race.

She opened her eyes and realized that she was winning close enough that she would have to turn her head to see anybody else. Jessica smiled slightly behind the bit and kept the pace despite the ache at the small of her back and the protests of her calves. Breathing just through her nose it was difficult to keep enough air in her lungs but she managed it somehow focusing on her perfect posture as much as she was focused on the goal a simple red line that marked the end of the race. Her body screamed in protest but she was the master of her body and it obeyed her orders to push forward stepping across the finish a few moments later.

Karen brought Karen to a halt by pulling back on the reigns until the pony girl slowed her trot and then completely stopped. Karen quickly hopped down from the chariot and walked around to face Jessica lifting bring the crop up beneath her chin. "Good girl. You did very well. Good posture, you've been practicing haven't you?" Every word caused Jessica to swell with pride and kept her standing perfectly straight despite the exhaustion pouring over her. "Come on, time to you unharnessed." She light tapped the crop against Jessica's breasts and then walked back to the stable.

As soon as they were in the stable she removed the bit from Karen's mouth and affectionately scratched behind her ears. "You're a good girl you know?" Karen sat down on a bench and produced a bright red apple. "Down." Jessica obeyed sinking to her knees between Karen's spread legs.

Jessica loved it when she was fed. The complete surrender of such a basic function as eating never failed to send trembles up her spine. It was even better just after a chariot race when she was famished. "Careful, don't bite." Karen warned just barely keeping her fingers safe as Jessica ravenously went after the apple. A few moments later the apple was down to just a rind which was tossed into a bin for the real horses.

"Now it's time for you eat something else before you go back out with the other horses." Karen grabbed Jessica by her ponytail and forced her head down beneath her skirt and against her bared crotch. Jessica's lips and tongue immediately went to work with the exact same fervor she'd attacked the apple with. It wasn't her first time being Karen's pony and so her mistress didn't need to tell her what to do. Jessica was already familiar with Karen's twists and moans well enough to quickly hunt down her clit and hold it captive between her lips lashing it mercilessly with her tongue until Karen's juices flowed into her mouth and her legs relaxed. Jessica remained perfectly still, not even moving her head away from Karen's crotch until the woman dismissed her with a quick nod.

She hadn't realized it from the stalls but the sun was starting to set when she was released back into the coral where the other pony girls were beginning to gather. One by one they were dropped off or were allowed to escort themselves to the enclosure.

Jessica lazily walked around the small coral waiting for night to fall so the girls would all be taken back to the stables for the night. It didn't take long for the sun to settle and the men and women were separated and brought back to the stables. Each of the ponies were locked in a separate stall with a make shift bed for them but only a few would actually spend the night in the stables. That was only for those who favored the complete loss of control that a complete weekend at the resort provided.

Less than an hour had passed when Karen came walking through the stables. "There you are Jessica. Come on, I want to watch you breed." She opened the door and lead Jessica out of the stables. This was the part of the trip that Jessica spent the whole day looking forward to and she wasn't even guaranteed to be chosen. That was completely up to the Masters and Mistresses and what kind of mood they were in at the time.

It was a complete submission of her body and the idea of it made Jessica's stomach flutter. It wasn't just sex, just sex she could handle. Karen was actually talking about breeding her, all of the women signed waivers when they entered the program that they were not to be on birth control and that any child born of the breeding belonged to the facility. It was like the forms people sign for broken arms at bungee jumps, it was taken seriously but most people signed it without really thinking about it and in the seven years that she had visited the facility she'd never once heard of a woman getting pregnant. Still there was the chance that she was going to be studded today and for the next nine months would carry the child of the man chosen to fuck her tonight.

The breeding was also a public sex show. Jessica was brought into a building and set up on a stage on all fours. Then she put back into her bit and fastened head down near the front of the stages. She didn't even see the man enter the room she only heard the steady clips of his boots entering the room. He didn't speak to her; ponies didn't talk to each other. He just grabbed onto her hips and fucked her while the crowd watched. Some of the men were obviously playing with themselves through their pants and a few of the women were as well. That was what Jessica was able to watch, she was pinned facing the crowd while a man fucked her from behind.

While her body was reacting to the raw pleasure of a man inside her Jessica's mind was focused on trying to identify who it might be. He had rough calloused hands, which meant he was a real man. He worked with his hands. He was in excellent shape, even for a pony, she could feel the outline of his abs against her back while he fucked her. There was one more thing that stood out about the man she was being bred with. He had a deep voice, incredibly deep like gravel was grinding around his throat to produce his voice. He barely sounded like a human when he grunted and groaned.

Jessica screamed into her bit when she felt his hot cum explode and flood her womb. Just like every time she was bred Jessica was certain she'd felt it. That this was going to be the time that she became a mother. They left her bound like that for another hour and two more breedings with as far as she could tell the same man before she was finally returned to her stall to sleep for the night knowing the next day would be just like today. For the first time in nearly a month Jessica fell asleep with a smile on her lips.

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