tagIncest/TabooJessica's Secret Diary

Jessica's Secret Diary


As we came through the front door into Aunt Jessica's house, carrying suitcases and bags packed with presents she welcomed each of us in turn with a hug and a kiss on the mouth.

"Sammy, Tim, it's so good to see you," she greeted my parents. "And Jack, you're so tall!" The last was addressed to me, and I guess I had grown. It had been almost three years since I'd seen my aunt. For my first fifteen years she had lived almost next door, then her husband's work had taken them a thousand miles south to Florida.

Uncle Mike had died two years ago in a car accident. Mom and Dad had come down for the funeral, but I had been in the middle of exams and couldn't join them.

My Mom and Jessica were identical twins – and I mean identical. Born within a minute of each other, they had started life as a single egg which had split and developed into two individuals. Growing up it had been difficult for me to tell them apart, and I was sure at times they even pretended to be each other just to confuse people.

Abigail is my cousin, and there might be something in the saying that twins do everything alike because Abi and I had been born within days of each other, although in our case we didn't look at all alike. I hadn't seen Abi in three years either, and would have to wait a little longer because she was still flying in from the other side of the country where she had gone to college.

Dad, Mom and I had driven down over two days and later today I was going to drive Dad to the airport so he could catch a plane back home. The company he worked for were in the middle of a long take-over bid for one of their rivals, and Dad had barely managed to find the time to bring us down. He was leaving the car for us to use and flying straight back.

Mom and I would stay for two weeks with my aunt and cousin, soak up some Florida sun and chill out around the backyard pool. Spring in New England had been cold and snow still lay on the ground when we locked up our house and drove south. Here the temperature was in the high seventies and Jessie wore shorts and a sleeveless tee shirt.

Finally, I could tell her and Mom apart! Mom was pale, and Jessie had a golden tan on her arms, her legs and the band of flat stomach exposed between her top and shorts. She looked good - but she had always looked good to me, particularly as I grew through my teenage years and the hormones kicked in. Despite being identical to Mom, some of the thoughts I had about my Aunt I had never had about Mom – or rather I had never allowed myself to have.

Dad hauled Mom's suitcase upstairs and I dropped my small bag in the living room. There were only three bedrooms in the house, and I would be sleeping on the sofa bed downstairs, a new experience but I had been assured it was very comfortable, and been promised everyone would try and be quiet if they rose early.

After a flurry of unpacking, catching up and more hugs Aunt Jessica made lunch and we all sat around the table outside. An awning shaded us, but beyond that the backyard pool glittered in the bright sunshine.

"Aunt Jessica, can I go for a swim after lunch?" I asked, aware of the sweat stains darkening my shirt. We had dressed for a cooler climate when we got up this morning, and I couldn't wait to get into the water.

"Of course, just let your food go down first. And I think you're old enough to call me Jessica now. It makes me feel old when you call me Aunt," she laughed.

Old, I thought? Hardly. They had both married young and gotten pregnant almost immediately. My aunt's birthday was obviously shared with my Mom's and I knew they were thirty-eight years old, but could have passed for ten years younger.

"I'll try," I said, "But It's not going to be easy to break the habit."

"Just remember we need to leave by three," Dad said.

"And you're picking Abi up when you drop your Dad off," Jessica said, "She's getting in 20 minutes after Tim's flight leaves."

After lunch Mom and Aunt Jessica cleared up, Dad flopped on the sofa and watched a ball game and I changed into my trunks and slid into the clear water of the pool. Once I had cooled off I started pulling laps. The pool was not huge, but had been designed with swimming in mind and was long and narrow with a good fifteen metre length, making serious laps possible.

Mom and Aunt Jessica came out and lay on sun loungers. They had both changed into bikinis and as I rotated my head to draw breath I could see them lying side by side. Apart from my aunt's tan, they could have been photocopies of the same person.

They were both just over five-seven, with slim figures, full breasts and narrow hips. I knew that my Mom regularly performed yoga and pilates as part of her exercise routine. Aunt Jessica had put on a little weight since I had last seen her – not much, maybe eight pounds – but it also made it easier to tell them apart. They both had good figures, but where Mom's boobs were 34b my Aunt's now seemed to be a full 34c cup.

Mom's bikini was white and much smaller than any I could remember seeing her in before, but then she rarely had a chance to wear one when we were home. Aunt Jessica's was equally if not more revealing but was red. Mom had her arms by her sides but my Aunt had hers raised with her wrists resting on the top of the lounger. The position lifted her larger breasts and pulled at the bikini top so that their lower paler curves were visible. Her nipples were prominent and formed two distinct peaks inside the thin material. Beneath her breasts her stomach was flat with just a hint of muscle beneath. She had a long vertical navel that dipped in, just like Mom's, and then below that her stomach stretched taut and flat to a definite mound cupped into her bikini pants.

Almost at the same time they both rolled over onto their stomachs and I finished my lap and rested, arms out across the edge of the pool, legs floating in the water. Aunt Jessica's extra weight showed on her ass as well, making it plumper; still firm and high, but fuller and with more curve.

I lay in the water for a long time, gazing at my aunt and mother. I felt relaxed and a little exited, and could feel myself growing partially hard inside my trunks. Watching them like this, my eyes lidded, I could almost forget they were blood relations and study them as the works of art they both were.

I let my eyes wander over the dips and clefts of their bodies, the slim backs tapering into narrow waists, the dip of their spine and then the swell of buttocks that eased into long thighs. In a partial daze I allowed my eyes to wander up their legs to the point where thigh, buttock and stomach met. They lay with legs slightly parted, and I could see the cleft where the cheeks of their asses dipped, and there lay just the hint of another cleft where the pussy lips lay tight against the material of their bikinis.

I was jerked suddenly from my study as Mom pushed herself up and turned over, pulling her top down where it had ridden up to show the underside of her breasts. She sat with a leg either side of the lounger and said, "You'd better get changed and take your Dad to the airport, Jack"

"Okay," I said. "A couple more laps first, then I'll get ready." I pushed off before she could object. I needed a little time to let my cock deflate before I got out.

I did four hard laps, and hoping that was enough, pulled myself out and grabbed a towel and held it to my stomach so the drape hid any bulge. I could feel my heart beating fast, and also something that might be guilt. What the hell had I just been doing, eyeing up both my aunt and my Mom like that? Was I really that weird?

"Do you need anything picking up, Aunt Jessica" I asked as I went to the patio windows.

"Jessie," she mumbled into her pillow, "Only my daughter."

I laughed, "I think I'll remember that."

Dad was quiet on the way to the airport and I guessed he was worrying about work. I walked with him to the departure lounge where hugged me to him and said, "Take care of those girls of ours, Jack."

"I will Dad," I replied.

"If I can get away, I'll come back down, but I can't promise anything."

"I hope it all goes okay for you, Dad." I knew this takeover was important to the company, and important to Dad. If it all went through, he would be managing the new section on his own, and that meant a big promotion.

"Tell your Mom I'll call her tonight," he said, gave me another hug and disappeared into the check-in queue.

I found a Starbucks and got a large coffee and sat waiting for Abi. The arrivals board said her flight was on time, so I watched the people come and go. I always enjoy airports, the mix of people, the bored business travellers, the nervous fliers putting off boarding to the last moment, the flux of arrivals as people come in from all over the country, all over the world, dressed for wherever they had left from that morning.

The arrivals board changed to show that Abi's flight had landed, and I walked across to the gate and looked for her. She was one of the first off, as always. Abi hated being last for anything.

It had been almost three years since I had seen her. She had been fifteen then and one of the most beautiful teenagers I knew. In the years since she had blossomed into a stunning young woman. She had the same dark hair as her mother, but had inherited tight curls from her Dad. Last time her hair had been long and wild, but she now had been cut it short so it just covered her ears, but the curls were still there.

Abi was taller than her mother by an inch, with the same slim body but now as she had developed I thought her breasts we probably a bit fuller. I watched her as she walked through, looking around but not seeing me yet. She had grown up into a beautiful young woman since I had last seen her, and she was enough to take anyone's breath away.

I had always had a thing for Abi, even if we were first cousins. Growing up near each other we had been close all our lives, sharing good times and bad. As we entered our teenage years the relationship had changed. We had become more self-conscious. No more bath time together anymore. No more wrestling in the back yard. We were both aware of how our bodies were changing.

Then, when we reached fifteen we started to talk again, about other boys and girls. Being so close when we were younger it felt easier to talk about the things we couldn't tell our parents.

I recalled Abi asking me one day how far she should let her first boyfriend go. I had tried to give her impartial advice despite my own raging hormones. I asked her what girls liked from a boy, the best way to talk to them. Between us we grew and shared most things. Our conversations gradually became more explicit, as if we were granting permission to each other to say anything we wanted.

Abi gave me a detailed description of the first time she gave her boyfriend a hand job, and I told her I hadn't had one but lived in hope. After she left I had to rush upstairs to my bedroom and relieve myself with my hand.

I fantasised about Abi, although I don't know whether she knew that or not. I liked to tell myself it was innocent and I had no intention of ever acting out my fantasies.

I realised I had gone off into my own thoughts for the second time that day when I heard Abi call my name. She ran across the concourse to me, dropped her bag skidding on the floor and grabbed me in a giant hug. She planted a big kiss on my mouth, then stepped back, her hands still on my shoulders.

"God Jack, you've turned out so buff!" she cried.

I laughed, "You're no slouch in the buff department either, Abi. It's really good to see you."

She pulled me in and kissed me again, "You too, Jack, you too."

We walked back out to find the car. "How's college?" I asked.

"Good," Abi said. "Hard, but fun. And you?"

"Great," I said.

We found the car and made our way out to the freeway and back into town.

"And your love life?" Abi grinned. "You get yourself laid yet, Jack?"

I blushed, then grinned, "A couple of times, yeah," I said. "And you? Silly question, I guess. You could get laid every day if you wanted."

She punched me hard on the arm, "Jack Evanton! That's no way to speak to a lady."

We both laughed out loud.

"Well, the last time we had one of our chats, Abi, I distinctly recall you saying you wanted to get laid as soon as you were eighteen."

"You would remember that."

"Well?" I asked

"Well what?" She grinned.

"You're eighteen now, Abi... still waiting?"

"I think I'll keep some secrets," she replied. She sighed deeply, kicked off her pumps and put her feet up on the dash. "It is just so good to see you again, Jack. I've really missed you."

"Missed you too, Abi."

She turned in the seat to look at me, "Really? With all that pussy you must have on campus?"

I grinned, "That's just pussy, Abi. You're my... " I trailed off. Friend wasn't the right word. Cousin was not it at all. "...my confidante," I concluded.

She reached across and squeezed my arm, "Thanks Jack, that's so sweet. That's just how I think about you as well." She leaned her head against my shoulder.

I smiled at her and she sank into a comfortable silence while I tried not to think about how my cock was growing down inside the leg of my pants. Christ, I thought, I'm going to have to find somewhere private to take care of myself when we get back. Sleeping in the living room was fine, but it meant there was no place I could go that would not make it obvious why I wanted privacy. I guessed I could wait until tonight if I had to, but it was going to be uncomfortable.

Our mothers had showered and dressed when we got back, and Aunt Jessica was preparing supper. The day was starting to fade into a deep glow on the horizon and insects were starting to build to a night time chorus.

"I thought we'd all be too tired to do anything tonight, "Mom said, "So we'll just have a light supper and an early night."

That sounded fine to me.

"How long till we eat?" Abi asked.

"An hour, maybe a little longer," Aunt Jessica replied.

"I'm going for a dip then," Abi said. "Come on Jack."

"But-" I started to say.

"No buts, Jack. Get your trunks on and let's race!" She darted upstairs to change, and I took my still damp trunks into the downstairs bathroom. They were cold as I pulled them on, and although my cock had gone down it was still felt heavy and I gave it a couple of strokes and then breathed deeply. Not yet. I could wait until they were all in bed. I tucked myself into my trunks and tried to re-arrange everything so it was not too obvious.

Abi was already standing on the end of the pool.

"Twenty laps, Jack," she said. "Loser pays a forfeit." It was an old game we used to play. Over the years I had lost more than I had won, and Abi had made me eat worms when we were eight, steal a comic when we were eleven, show her my cock when we were twelve, and ask Mary Simpson out when we were fourteen. The last had actually worked out pretty well, and Mary had let me feel inside her bra and outside her panties. Good times, I recalled.

Abi's bikini was black to match her hair. What was it with these women, I thought, that they hardly had enough bathing suit material for one woman, let alone the three of them. I stood beside her and bent over into a dive, partly to get ready, but mainly to hide my stiffening cock.

"Three, two..." Abi said, and dived in on two. I followed, pulling hard to catch her up. I drew level after four laps, then slightly ahead. At twelve laps I was up by a length, but then at eighteen she had drawn alongside me again.

Abi had always been a good swimmer, and in the past would have beaten me ten times out of ten. In the last year I had joined the college swimming team, and my performance had improved. I started to breathe on every turn of my head and lengthened my stroke, pulling ahead by a fraction.

At turn nineteen I could just see her face alongside mine, and pulled harder again, my lungs burning now as I raced for the end of the pool. I reached out and touched. I heard Abi laugh in my ear, and then felt the long wet length of her slippery body hug tight to my back. "I win," she said in my ear.

"I don't think so," I said, squirming around, trying to duck her under the water.

She wriggled like an eel and slipped out of my grasp. I grabbed again, one hand wrapping around her slim waist, and pulled her back. My other hand flailed and suddenly found itself full of her left breast. I jerked back and let go, "Sorry Abi," I gasped.

She grinned, "Accident, I know," she said, then looked over my shoulder. "Who won, Mom?"

I turned. Aunt Jessica and Mom were standing watching us, arms over each others shoulders, grinning madly. They looked at each other. "Who do you think?" Mom said.

"I wouldn't like to call it," her sister replied.

"Draw," Mom said.

"Aw no, not fair," Abi shouted, "I beat him, I did!"

"I really can't say for sure," Aunt Jessica said, "so the fairest result is a draw."

Abi put her arms round my shoulder and pulled me close to her, whispered in my ear, "Shit, I don't get my forfeit now." Then she pushed me down so my head went under water. She held my shoulders down with her hands, trying to keep me under. She might be fast but she definitely wasn't as strong as me, and I surged up, grabbing her round the thighs and lifting her up over my head. For a brief moment my face was pressed tight in against her bikini bottoms and I could feel the mound of her pussy against my cheek then she was sailing backwards to land two yards away on her back.

"Take it easy, you two, "Mom said, "We don't want anyone drowning before supper." She and my Aunt turned and went back inside, still arm in arm.

"You'll pay for that," Abi hissed in mock anger.

"Later then," I said, "I'm going to shower." I pulled myself out and towelled my hair dry, deliberately standing on the edge of the pool so that the bulge in my trunks was visible. I stayed there for a long minute while I towelled my shoulders and chest, then glanced to see if she was watching.

Abi looked away rapidly and then pushed herself back through the pool in a long glide, pushing her hips up level with the surface of the water, scissoring kicking her legs. Her eyes dropped to my trunks again and I felt my cock give a twitch. It must have been pretty obvious, too, because I saw Abi grin and then lazily roll over and continue on up the pool.

Oh fuck, I thought, I was going to have to put a stop to this before anything happened. I went inside and told Mom I was going to shower, locked the door of the downstairs bathroom and stripped off my trunks. I turned the shower on and then started to stroke myself. What had until then been semi-hard now became rigid. I stroked my full length, then reached down and ran a fingernail over my balls before gripping the shaft again.

I had been so turned on all afternoon it took hardly any time and then I grunted, rubbing harder, and shot a copious amount of cum into my waiting palm. I thought I was going to keep spurting forever, and the slippery white fluid filled my hand and started to drip on to the floor.

Finally I slowed, stroking gently now and pushing the last few drops from the end of my cock. At last it started to deflate and I sighed deeply. I had really needed that. As I stepped into the shower I wondered how I was going to make it through the next two weeks without going crazy.


I slept late the next morning and was still under the sheet on the sofa bed when Mom and Aunt Jessica came downstairs.

"We're going shopping," Mom said. "I think Abi's still asleep."

"Mm" I mumbled. "See you later"

"Help yourself to anything you want," Aunt Jessica said, and they were gone.

I heard the car start up and move away, drifted into a doze for some time, then woke at the sound of a thump upstairs and running feet on the hallway.

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