tagRomanceJessie and the Yellow Thong

Jessie and the Yellow Thong


Rick was leaving again, a seven month trip this time. After so many of these excursions, there wasn't much to talk in the car as Jessie drove to the airport. Years of taking similar long trips meant that preparation for them was rote. All the finances were in order, the kids were prepped for the start of school in the next coming weeks, and all the odd jobs around the house were complete. There was no need to finalize any details.

Cars flew past her going ten over the speed limit. Normally, she would be with them, shaking her head and muttering under her breath as she wove around slower vehicles. Not today though. Today she took it slow, keeping a cool five under the speed limit. Trying to hold on to every second they had left.

Their hands were entwined on the center console, their contrasting skin picturesque. His dark brown was the life he lived in the field with his men. Her pale white a reflection of the long hours spent studying the human psyche. They and their lives were very different. Yet, when woven together like their fingers, they made such a beautiful image.

Jessie reflected on that as she pulled into airport parking, turning into the short term parking and ascending to the top deck. There were no other cars on that level yet so she parked next to the elevator. Rick jumped out of the car and walked around to the trunk to get his duffel bag. She came after him, leaned against the car, and watched him pull his gear out. He set it all down neatly next to the elevator then came back and closed the trunk.

The two lovers stood three feet apart from each other. They had barely spoken a word since they left the house this morning. Jessie felt a familiar tug at her heart as reality set in. Those three small feet were soon to grow to thousands of miles with limited communication. She quickly crossed the distance now and collapsed into his arms. They stood there for a time, holding each other. Eventually he pulled back from her and looked into her eyes, searching her soul.

"Everything's going to be fine. I'll see you soon." He never said goodbye at times like this. That word left the world with an arid sense of finality.

Her wordless response was to bring her lips to his, embracing them in a soft kiss. The kiss started off small but quickly grew. She parted her mouth and his tongue filled the gap, caressing hers. They kissed passionately now and he let his hands fall to her waist. He snatched her body tight to his and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Eventually the kiss broke and they stood lost in each other's eyes.

Not content to allow the moment to pass, Jessie kissed her husband again, this time transitioning quickly to his neck. Her hands went to his waistline and started to undo his belt buckle. He responded in kind, reaching for the hem of her sundress and caressing her tender flesh underneath. The hem slowly crawled upward under his guidance until his hands cupped her buttocks. Belt and pants undone, she eagerly thrust her hand into his underwear and stroked his rapidly hardening cock. Rick let out a moan, gripped her ass firmly, and lifted her onto the trunk of the car.

With quick movements, he bunched her skirt around her waist and moved her yellow thong to the side, revealing her wetness to him. She laid back on her elbows and arched her back in ecstasy as his fingers explored her slick depths. Eventually he stood straight and placed his hands on her hips. Jessie watched as his hard cock approached her soft folds and disappeared inside. Waves of pleasure ran through her when he pushed inside and continued as he thrust into her. His tempo increased quickly and he began fucking her with abandon, enjoying every inch of her. She relished having him inside her and squeezed around his shaft in time with his movements.

Rick's breathing quickened and Jessie knew he was close. She wrapped her legs around him and compelled him to drive deep into her. He stiffened and released his warm seed into her. Her hands quickly pulled him into a deep kiss and their tongues danced as he slipped out of her, spilling some of his seed down her legs and onto the car below.

With a final kiss, he replaced her thong and lifted her off the hood. Her heels made a sharp click as she alighted on the concrete and walked with Rick to the elevator. They entered and stood next to one another, hand in hand. The doors closed and Jessie could feel time slipping away from them. She wanted a way for him to remember this moment. As the elevator descended, she let go his hand and slid her dress up. She removed her panties and handed them to her husband who stood staring at her body. His seed, now free from the cloth that was holding it back, dripped down her inner thighs as he knelt and put her panties into the top pouch of his backpack.

"Thank you," he said. "I'll pull them out when I think of you."

"You're welcome. I love you," she replied as she straightened her dress back out.

"I love you too."

She squeezed his hand for the last time as the doors opened and he walked out to join the airport security line.

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