tagLoving WivesJessie's Double Stuff Fantasy

Jessie's Double Stuff Fantasy


Those few times the Korington's had tried to get someone else to participate in their outrageous sex sessions, it had never worked. That's why when Keith's wife Jessie suggested they invite a long time friend for a sleepover, Keith had been against it. Jessie was very adventurous though so she had went ahead with her plans anyway.

She was such a little sex kitten. Her magnificent body was perfect from her flat tummy and tight ass. He loved to have her on her knees with her ass up. He'd have kept her in that position if he didn't have to work. His favorite part of her perfect body was something else. She had a large pair of perky tits. They were always alert with her nipples poking out.

She informed Keith on Friday morning that David would be over around midnight to await Keith's arrival from work. She wore a thin silk gown on her bare body. Her nipples pressed against the fabric at him. She was explaining her plans for the night, but he couldn't take his eyes off her. Keith still didn't think it would work out, but he'd do anything to please his wife.

His thoughts all day would be on Jessie's tits. He had a close up photo in his wallet that he liked to take out when he was in the bathroom. Usually they made him instantly hard. Thanks to Jessie, he couldn't just will it away. His cock was so used to instant gratification no matter where he was, or what time it was.

This particular day, knowing what was awaiting him tonight made his cock harder. He knew today would have to be a day of self pleasure. He unzipped his pants and released his hard member. His cock was decent sized; about 8 inches long and pretty thick. Jessie could fit all of it down her throat, without gagging.

Thinking of Jessie's lips on his firm cock, he began to stroke himself. She did this thing with her tongue that always made him drip into her mouth. Sometimes she let him cum in her mouth, he loved those times. Picturing Jessie's mouth filling with his cum was all it took today. He stroked harder and harder before his cock exploded everywhere.

The rest of the day had been smoother and went alot faster. After cleaning up his mess in the bathroom, Keith had went back to work and forgot about the night ahead.

Around eleven Jessie had phoned him, her plans were in place. David was picking up a pizza for them and heading to the house. She was planning to change when Keith arrived home, she didn't want David to think she was cheating. It wasn't like that.

Jessie wore a tight t-shirt without a bra. Her breasts were perky and stood on thier own, she loved that. She had on a pair of short booty shorts that barely covered her ass. She knew Keith loved her tits, then her ass. He couldn't decide which one to cum all over when he earned a cum shot.

When David arrived, they settled on the couch and had their meal. When they'd cleaned up, Jessie cracked open a few beers and settled next to David on the couch. He seemed comfortable with thier legs touching, so she didn't move. When Keith arrived, they were in the middle of a re-match on the video game.

Keith opened the door, surprised to see Jessie almost in David's lap. Their legs were touching and he could see her nipples through the fabric of the shirt. She wasn't wearing her bra and he could imagine that she didn't have any panties on either.

He headed in for a quick shower, he heard soft footsteps heading toward the bedroom. Jessie slipped into the bathroom with him, locking the door behind her. He knew what this meant, she was giving him her plans and a quick reward.

She settled on the edge of the counter of the double sink, pulling him over. He was hard again, she could feel his cock pressed against her. Only the thin fabric seperating them, she kissed him.

When she pulled back, she smiled up at him, "It's working, he's been a little flustered and he hasn't backed away yet.

Keith laughed, "I didn't think he would babe. You're amazingly hot and if he think's you'd fuck him, he'd be a fool to turn you away."

To reward his compliment, she undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. His boxers couldn't contain his soldier, it poked out of the opening and pointed at her. She slipped down off the counter, opening her mouth and accepting his cock. After a few slow strokes, she got down to business.

She took his entire cock deep into her throat, sucking and licking him. He pressed in further and leaned his upper body back. She had his whole cock in her now, so he began fucking her mouth. She accepted it with pleasure, wrapping one hand around the base and using the other to stroke his balls.

He couldn't contain himself. He was too excited for the night's events. He released his cum deep into her throat. She didn't miss a beat, she swallowed all of his cum as quickly as it had came.

When she had finished cleaning up and brushing her teeth, she returned to the living room. David was opening new beers for them and a third for Keith. She made sure to sit close to him again, gently brushing against his leg as she reached for her drink.

He shifted, not uncomfortably though, so that he was closer to her. When Keith came out of the shower, he wore a pair of silk pajama bottoms. He looked so sexy, Jessie wanted to climb onto his lap and ride him right there. She was patient though.

Jessie passed her controller to Keith and headed to the bedroom. When she got there, she slipped off her clothes and laid back onto the bed. She was very horny all the time, she was constantly either having sex, thinking about sex or mastrubating. She spread her legs and touched herself. She needed a shave before she put on her new outfit.

She'd gone on the internet a few weeks ago and purchased something new for tonight. Maybe if she was wearing something new and cute, David would be interested in their idea. She sure hoped so, the fantasy her and Keith talked about most was her getting double stuffed.

As she rubbed her clit, she moaned and rocked. She was in tune with her body, she could instantly make herself cum by rubbing herself while using a dildo. She slipped hers from under the pillow and stuffed it into her cunt. Soon she was wet and ready for tonight.

After her shower and taking care of everything it took to get her sensational, she walked back to the bedroom naked. She peeked out into the living room, David and Keith were tipping back beer cans and laughing. She would join them soon and the laughing would be moaning, she couldn't wait!

The lacy suspender teddy she had chosen for the occasion was perfect. It was made out of lacy, looked just like a pair of suspenders attached to panties. She slipped them on over her bare pussy. The lace felt nice against her bare skin. When she slipped the suspenders over her shoulders, they covered her perky nipples.

Slipping on her thigh high fishnets, she clipped them to the suspenders. She pranced in front of the mirror, turning to make sure every ounce of her was perfect. She'd blow dryed her hair, so it was full and bouncy too. The waves fell over her shoulders and clipped the bow tie around her neck.

She sat at the large vanity Keith had given her when they'd gotten engaged. He'd told her he always wanted his woman to be the hottest woman in a room, so she'd bought product after product to help her stay gorgeous. She put on soft lip gloss before slipping on her stilettos.

Keith loved watching her strut in them, they made her legs look longer. After slipping on her silky blue robe, she called out to the living room, "Are you boys almost done? I need your opinion on something!"

Keith smiled, he knew what this was. She was trying to get them into the bedroom with her. David turned to him questioningly, "Um, Are you sure you want me near your bedroom? I don't want to make you pissed and hate me again."

Keith laughed aloud, he'd disliked David before because Jessie was so fond of him. He'd lightened up when he'd realized Jessie only wanted to please him. Her idea was to be comfortable with the second man in the threesome.

He'd agreed, with the promise that he got to be the one deep in her ass while they double stuffed her. She had agreed without hesitation. He now just smiled at David, "No need to worry Dave, if I don't like something, I'll say it."

He yelled back to his wife, "Hey Jess, we're done. What did you need?"

He heard her contagious laugh, before this, "Just close your eyes and I'll be out boys."

She walked out to the room, stood in front of the television and said, "Ok boys, open your eyes."

When they did, David looked over at Keith. Keith's eyes didn't leave Jessie though, she had a bigger surprise for them. Without a word, she dropped her robe to the floor. Her nipples were hard, she was barely covered and Keith could feel his cock harden.

She twirled around before asking, "What do you think boys? Does it look okay on me?"

Before Keith could say a word, David spoke up, "You are a goddess Jessie, I'm hard just thinking of fucking you." Then he remembered Keith was in the room, he looked over at him. But Keith's eyes still hadn't left Jessie, she was amazing in her barely there new outfit.

Keith patted the couch between them for Jessie to come and sit with them. She slipped between them, making sure to graze both their legs with her hands.

Keith made the first move, he slipped aside one suspender revealing her perky nipple. He lowered his mouth and suckled her. He looked up and noticed David watching, "Hey boy, help yourself, she's got two tits and she likes them sucked."

It didn't take anymore for David to join him. His rough hand peeled back the other suspender. He cupped her breast and lowered his mouth to her nipple. Both of them flicking at her nipple and teasing her. She enjoyed this, being their toy.

She slipped a hand into Keith's pants and unleashed his cock. It sprung to attention for her. She began stroking it, gently not wanting him to cum yet.

She used her other hand to find the hardness in David's pants. It didn't take much to find, he was as hard as Keith and an inch longer. When she began rubbing it through his pants, he unbuttoned them and helped her get it out.

Sitting between them, massaging both big cocks while they teased her nipples. Tonight was going to be a good night, she could already tell.

She leaned over into David's lap, stroking his cock with both hands. She flicked her tongue over the head of his cock. He moaned before looking over to see if Keith was angry. He wasn't though, he didn't seem to be paying any attention to them.

Jessie had adjusted herself so her ass was in the air and Keith was fingering her. She couldn't moan because her mouth was stuffed with David's cock.

David was a bit jealous, he'd wanted to see her pussy for so long. He didn't know what to expect, she was so glamorous. She could have a wild patch of hair, neatly trimmed, shapes, bare. He wasn't sure.

As she came to the tune of Keith's fingers, David had to distract himself from cumming. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he didn't want it to end anytime soon!

As she bobbed her head on his cock, Keith stood behind her. He slapped her ass before spreading her cheeks and poking his cock into her. He set into a deep pushing rhythm, which she was soon imitating on his cock. Bobbing her head up and down to his pumps into her. When he held her hair back and tugged, she swallowed him deeper.

Before he could cum, Keith slapped her ass and settled back onto the couch, he was ready for his turn. She mouthed sorry to him, then turned to the opposite end of the couch and lowered her mouth onto Keith's waiting cock.

With her ass back in the air, she didn't miss a beat when she reached her hands back to spread her pussy for him. He knew what she wanted, his mouth on her most intimate parts. He'd been getting a blow job from her, but he hadn't touched her any more than her tit and leg yet.

He nervously got onto his knees on the floor, spreading her lips wider. Kissing her thighs, teasing her, rubbing his fingers along her creases. He finally took one long lick, from her soft folds to her puckered asshole. Teasing her, then lingering on her clit. She tasted so sweet, like strawberry and juicy, like watermelon.

As he tongued her secret spot, she bucked her hips back into him. Begging him with her body, wanting him to make her cum. She rocked and slipped a finger back to her clit. Rubbing as he licked her. He slipped a few fingers deep inside her wet hole.

She was bobbing on Keith's cock, taking it all in. Her other hand cupped his balls, gently squeezing them. Massaging and walking up his taint, massaging his asshole. He could cum at any moment.

She came in David's mouth, her wetness dripping from his chin. He stood and pushed his cock into her. Gently at first, then quickly getting rougher, harder. He pushed so fast, his balls slapped against her.

She knew both men were on the brink of exploding, so when she came again, she was ready for both of them.

Keith sat back on the couch, midway, stretching back over the cool material. He needed cooled off, he was so fucking hot. His wife had made their ultimate fantasy come true.

Jessie straddled Keith's lap, facing David. She crouched her ass over his cock. Stroking it with lube, then her asshole. Slowly slipping him inside her ass. Rocking gently, getting used to having his eight inches up her ass.

When she was comfortable, she leaned back against Keith's chest. Showing off her spectacular body to David. Her tits bounced about, she grinned, "Come on David, join the fun. Why don't you climb on and fuck me too?"

David couldn't say no. He stroked himself a few times before leaning in and sticking his cock up her pussy.

Instantly she was in her own personal heaven. She had her husband and his friend inside of her. Both men dripping with sweat and passion, filling her entire insides. She could feel both of them, stuffing her filled with their huge cocks.

Keith breathing against her neck whispered, "You feel so fucking good. I can feel David too. His cock is rubbing mine through you. I'm about to explode."

David had buried his face in her breasts. Sucking and teasing her nipples as he pressed in her, feeling himself against Keith.

Finally, David lifted himself up, holding her down. He was still pumping faster and faster deep inside her. Keith pushed her hips down on his cock. Holding himself deep in her ass. Both men groaned, she screamed out.

Cum sprayed out of both cocks, deep inside of her. Filling her with their hot, juicy seed. She let them both lay there, filling her for awhile longer.

When they finally seperated, David was nervous. Keith just smiled at him, "Don't worry pal, it's not a dream. It's a reality, it could be a lasting one if you're interested in doing this again."

David's face lit up, "Threesome? You, Me and Jessie? Again? Hell yeah!! I'm definetly in, call me anytime!"

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