tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJessie's Ordeal Ch. 04

Jessie's Ordeal Ch. 04


Jessie Andrews stood in the shower scrubbing her thirty four year old 35C-22-34 body while standing in the hot spray from the shower head. As her hands soaped her high and firm breasts, her sore right nipple reminded her of Rick's rough treatment of it less than an hour ago. The thought of his pinching her nipple hard, to force her mouth open so he could force his seven inch cock with that large mushroom shaped head into her throat, caused her left hand to reach up and gently massage her throat.

Jessie's mind went over the events of the last six hours, during which her nineteen year old neighbor, Rick, had used a video of her stepson breaking into and robbing houses to blackmail her into having sex with him. Rick was six one, one hundred and ninety pounds, muscular, good looking young man with blond hair and blue eyes. He also had a seven inch long cock, with a one inch wide shaft, topped by a large mushroom shaped head that was half an inch wider than his shaft.

Jessie continued to soap and scrub herself as her mind remembered the events of this morning. Her morning had started with a nice hot shower, followed by a loving blow job to her second husband Edward who was leaving on a four day camping trip with her stepson Will. Jessie's first husband had died in a car accident, leaving her a widow at twenty three and a half year old.

Jessie turned in the spray of the shower, rinsing off, before once again starting to soap and scrub her body, as she still felt dirty. Shortly after Edward and Will left for their camping trip, Rick had shown up and blackmailed her with that video of Will breaking into and robbing local houses. Jessie was desperate to save her stepson, and had agreed to allow Rick to have his way with her until her husband returned in four days, in return for the tape of her stepson.

Rick had forced her to strip and then he had played with her full, firm, round breasts and her sensitive half inch long eraser like pink nipples. He had also eaten her pussy while playing with her hard swollen nipples, causing her to have an orgasm on his tongue, as he licked her clit.

Following her orgasm, he had fucked her with the longest and widest cock she had ever had, causing her to have her first cock induced orgasm and then her second. Shortly after her second orgasm her had pulled his seven inch long cock out of her convulsing pussy and sprayed her torso with five thick steaming blasts of cum.

Later in the morning her had caused her to have an orgasm while beating his hard cock on her clit and playing with her nipples. Following that, Rick had pinned her legs, bent next to her chest and fucked her hard and deep, banging the large mushroom shaped head off her cervix, until she orgasmed again. After that orgasm her pussy expanded enough that he no longer was hitting her cervix, and he had fucked her to four more orgasms.

Jessie felt ashamed as she remembered begging Rick to fuck her with his thick, long cock after that first orgasm, and during the four that followed it. She continued to soap and scrub her entire body as she stood in the spray of the shower while her mind replayed the events of the morning.

Following that second fuck, she had offered to suck Rick off, to avoid him fucking her to more orgasms, which she was not sure her body could take, after already experiencing nine orgasms in a little over four hours. Jessie's mind was torn, over weather that had been a wise choice, as Rick had roughly throat fucked her with his seven inch long cock. While her husbands six inch cock fit in her mouth, Rick's seven inch cock had forced the large mushroom shaped head an inch into her throat.

Rick had abused her throat for almost thirty minutes, with his long cock, before cumming down her throat. While Jessie had swallowed his entire third load, she did not taste the first four blasts, which were delivered with his cock head buried an inch into her throat. His fifth blast had landed on her tongue, as he pulled his cock out of her throat and back into her mouth. Jessie blushed as she remembered swallowing that salty, sweet cum after she pulled her mouth of his cock.

Jessie rinsed off, and started to again soap up her body, as she suddenly realized that Rick was asleep on the couch, with his video camera connected to the television in the living room. She quickly rinsed off and turned the water off in the shower. Jessie pulled the curtain back and stepped out of the tub, grabbing a towel off the towel rack.

She quickly rubbed herself dry, as she was thinking she could sneak down to the living room and get the video camera, or erase it from Rick's camera. She dropped the towel on the floor as she left the bathroom, entering the master bedroom, and stopped short.

Rick sat on the king sized bed in the master bedroom, his eyes roamed over her naked 35C-22-34 figure as she stood there in the doorway to the bathroom. Jessie's firm full breasts sat high on her chest, with her flat stomach swelling into her womanly hips, forming the top of her heart shaped buttocks, as she stood in the door stunned.

Rick smiled at her as he spoke "Nice of you to clean up for me, I am not done with you by a long shot." Rick sat on the end of the bed with his legs spread, his limp four inch cock hanging over his testicles, with a confident grin of his face.

Jessie was frozen in the doorway, seconds ago she thought she had a way out of this blackmail, and now her ordeal was about to continue.

Jessie was frozen in the doorway as Rick's eyes roamed over her body, eying her firm, full breasts sitting high on her chest. Her pink nipples sat in the center of her breasts, not yet swollen to their half inch length, but looking so enticing.

Between her thighs was a nice neatly trimmed landing strip of fiery red pubic hair leading to the top of her pussy slit.

Rick stood up and walked over the where Jessie stood in the doorway. He reached out and took her left hand and retreated backward towards the bed, pulling her along as he went. About half way to the bed Rick stopped, and leaned forward to plant a light kiss on her right nipple.

Jessie stood with her arms at her side, determined not to respond to Rick this time. She felt his left hand come up and gently knead her breasts while his tongue flicked at her nipple. Jessie's mind was determined to remain motionless but her nipple started to swell and harden as Rick sucked her nipple into his mouth and squeezed her breast. Jessie felt her nipple elongate in his mouth until it reached its full half inch length and resembled a pick eraser protruding from the center of her breast.

Jessie felt Rick's right hand move to her left breast as he continued to nurse on her swollen right nipple. He was gently squeezing and fondling her breasts as he returned to flicking her right nipple with the tip of his tongue. Jessie was struggling to remain still and impassive as her very sensitive nipple caused her pleasure and started her juices flowing.

Rick moved his mouth to her left breast, flicking his tongue over her left nipple and he moved his left hand to her right nipple. He played with her right nipple with his fingers as he sucked on her left nipple, until it to elongated inch a half inch pink eraser. Jessie watched him drop her nipple from his lips and stand up with his hands now playing with both her swollen hard nipples. He was watching her breasts as his fingers flicked and played with the swollen nubs.

Jessie watched as he leaned down again to take her right nipple back into his mouth, sucking hard as his tongue battered the swollen flesh. His left hand dropped and began to caress her firm, tight heart shaped right ass cheek. Jessie was forcing her self not to moan as her excitement grew as Rick continued to work on her hard nipples, while kneading and squeezing her right ass cheek. Jessie was staring over his head at the wall, concentrating on remaining passive and still while Rick moved her mouth to her left nipple. His right hand dropped down and reached around her to massage her left ass cheek.

Jessie felt his hands grope and play with her tight firm ass cheeks as he moved back and forth between her breasts, sucking and flicking her nipples with his tongue. Jessie thought she was winning the fight this time until Rick let his fingers slip into the crack between her cheeks and let his index finger trace over her puckered rosebud. Jessie jumped slightly at the touch to her asshole, causing her left nipple to pop out of Rick's mouth.

Rick returned the end of his index finger to her asshole and gently traced her puckered rosebud as he said "A little sensitive spot huh?" before returning his mouth to suck on her nipples. Jessie did not respond verbally but again she jumped as he traced his finger over she rosebud again. Jessie felt something poke into her flat stomach and glanced down to see that the large mushroom shaped head of Ricks cock was standing straight out as his semi erect cock extended about five and half inches from his shaved crotch. She raised her eyes to again stare at the wall over Rick bent head, as he sucked and tongued her hard, swollen nipples and caressed her firm butt cheeks.

Jessie let her eyes move to the alarm clock on the nightstand and noted that it was fifteen minutes till one o'clock. Jessie was shocked to realize that she had been in the shower for almost and hour, 'Why didn't I think of erasing the video before he woke up!" Jessie was still scolding herself as Rick continued to suck on her nipples, while playing with her firm heart shaped ass.

Rick pulled Jessie's hips forward by his grip on her ass, causing his fully erect seven inch cock to be trapped between their stomachs. Jessie shivered as she felt his long cock throb against her firm stomach, as Rick's hands dropped to the back of her thighs, directly below the cheeks of her ass. Rick raised his head, as he straighten up to his full six foot one height as he picked Jessie up off the floor. As Jessie's feet left the floor, her hands shot up and grabbed Ricks shoulders, as she started to fall backward.

As Rick held her off the ground her thighs bent parallel to the ground with her calves hanging straight down the the ground. She moved her hands behind his neck, clasping them together, as her breasts where pressed into his muscular chest. Jessie expected Rick to carry her to the bed, but he just kept pulling her up higher, dragging her hard swollen nippled up his chest causing her pussy to become even wetter, as her juices flowed due to the stimulation.

Jessie felt Rick's long cock drag down her stomach and through her pubic hair as she was lifted higher in his strong hands. The his large mushroom shaped cock head dragged over her clit, which was swollen due to Rick's attention to her sensitive nipples. A shiver went up Jessie spine as his cock head rubbed against her clit, and then she was lifted higher and lost contact with his cock.

Rick held her there in his strong arms, in a reverse piggy back position, and then lowered her slightly. Jessie felt the wide head of Rick's cock press against her between her left thigh and her wet and open pussy lips. Jessie was lifted up slightly and lowered again, but again the head of his cock was not aligned properly to pierce her pussy lips. Rick tried two move times before the large mushroom shaped head of his cock parted Jessie's pussy lips and nudged against her opening.

Jessie was still expecting Rick to carry her to the bed, as she felt the head of his cock at entrance of her wet pussy. Jessie was at eye level with Rick, as he held her above his cock, and was looking into her blue eyes, when he suddenly straightened his arms.

Jessie fell body fell towards the floor, impaling her pussy on his cock, her thighs sagged slightly when she hit bottom and rested in Rick's strong hands. Jessie's eyes bugged wide, and her mouth flew open, as the head of Rick's cock smashed against her cervix, and her clit slammed into the junction of his shaft and groin. Jessie saw stars, as she moaned "GAWD!!...Deep..Toooo long..."

Jessie's pussy was stuffed full, and it felt as if Rick's seven inch long cock was attempting to stretch her pussy. Jessie attempted to pull herself up with her arms, as her legs wrapped around Rick's waist and her ankles crossed behind his back. "So deep....toooo deep!!!" Jessie gasped as she strained her arms but was unable to pull herself up, as her pussy remained stuffed full of Rick's seven inch cock which was pushing against her cervix, causing her to feel like her pussy was being stretched.

The pain in Jessie's pussy was overwhelming, as her cervix was pushed by the head of Rick's seven inch long cock as she was impaled on his cock, with her arms and legs frantically trying to pull herself up. "NO!!...Too long..so lloonngg!!!" Jessie moaned as she attempted to pull herself up and off of Rick seven inch long cock that was stuffed into her pussy, as her clit was smashed against the top of his shaft.

Rick stood with his cock fully buried in Jessie's tight wet pussy as she squirmed and struggled to pull herself up off his cock. Jessie struggles were causing her tight pussy to clutch even tight around the seven inch shaft stuffed in her pussy. Rick felt the head of his cock pressing against her cervix, and was enjoying her frantic movements to attempt to relieve that pressure. Jessie was momentarily relieved when Rick pulled her up by her thighs until only the wide head of his cock was remaining lodged in her pussy. "Oh my God!!! So long....too long!!" Jessie moaned as the pain in her pussy eased, as her nipples rubbed against Rick's muscular chest causing her pussy juices to flow.

Jessie was gasping for breath and was thankful that Rick had pulled her off his long cock that was stretching her pussy, when he again straightened his arms allowing Jessie's pussy to slam back down his seven inch long shaft. Her clitoris smashed into the rock hard base of his cock, as the head banged into her cervix once again.

Jessie's mouth flew open in shock "NO!!!" as her eyes squeezed shut and she took shallow and raping breaths. "God...Long..Deep....My God!!! Too...Too deep" she gasped as she tried to puller her self up with her arms and legs, but only managed to cause her pussy to tighten around the long seven inch shaft that was stuffed in her wet pussy.

Rick moved his hands slightly to grasp the two cheeks of her firm heart shaped ass, an slowly pulled her up his long throbbing shaft. "God Damn...Please....No more...Deep..To Long." Jessie pleaded with Rick as he pulled her up, until only the wide head of his cock remained in her tight wet pussy. "PleaOoohhh!!!!" Jessie moaned as he again dropped her onto his rock hard cock, the head of his cock slammed into her cervix, and clit banged into the base of his cock. Jessie again saw stars as he pussy was stretched and stuffed full of his long seven inch cock.

Jessie was again struggling to pull her self up and off his cock, but only succeeded in causing her pussy to more tightly squeeze the cock that was impaled into her tight wet pussy. Her hard swollen nipples were being dragged up and down Rick's chest, as her breasts were squashed against Rick as she attempted to pull her self up.

Rick pulled her up, slowly, enjoying the way her tight wet pussy was clutching as his cock, as it retreated. "Please.....Please..Noooooo!!!!!" He allowed her to fall onto his cock, again, causing her clit to smash into the base on his cock, as the head pushed against her cervix, stretching her pussy to its limit. Jessie was seeing stars, the pain of her pussy being stretched as intense, but her nipples dragging against Rick's muscular chest and his long cock, with its large wide head was causing her juices to flow freely coating his cock as it moved into her.

"No more please!!!" Jessie begged as he pulled her up, and immediately dropped her back onto his cock. "Gawd!!!! Tooooo..." Rick pulled Jessie back up quickly before dropping her back onto his cock. "LONG!!!" Rick again pulled her back up his long cock, as soon as she was fully impaled on his cock, and dropped her back onto his long shaft as soon as only the head of his cock remained in her pussy.

"My God..Deep" Rick pulled her up, "No more" he dropped her, "Too Deep..So long!!!!" Rick continued to pull Jessie's tight clutching pussy up his shaft, and then dropping her onto it causing her clit to smash into the base on his cock, as the head of his cock punched her cervix, causing her to see stars with every impact.

Rick just kept repeating lifting her up and dropping her tight pussy on his seven inch cock, as Jessie gasped for breath and pleaded with him "No pleeee....Too Deep..So Long...Oh God....No..Deep...Long....My God!!! Too Long..Deep."

Jessie's eyes rolled back in her head, as Rick continued to pull her up and drop her on his long seven inch cock, as her pussy quivered and clutched at his invading shaft. Jessie was babbling as Rick continued to pull her up and drop her onto his rock hard long cock, "No....OH GOD!!!..Long....Too Long...Please...God....Fuck...Me..OH!!..Fuck me...Too deep."

Jessie's breasts were pressed against Rick's chest causing her hard swollen nipples to drag and rub against him, as her clit was smashed repeatedly against the base of his shaft, as his cock head attempt to stretch her pussy as in pushed against her cervix. Jessie's pussy was quivering and clutching at the shaft that was retreating out of her pussy and rapidly slamming into her stuffing her full of cock. "My God!!.Long...Stop..So Deeepp!!"

Jessie was stunned to realize that she was on the verge of an orgasm as Rick continued to abuse her tight wet pussy, "God...YES!!!..Tooooo...Don't....My God!!!....YES!!!!" Jessie felt her pussy contract and squeeze Rick's cock as the stimulation to her engorged clit, hard swollen nipples, and fully impaled pussy was causing her to near an orgasm. "Please...Yes..Deeper...So Deep..OH MY GOD!! I'M CUMMING!!!!" Jessie's pussy exploded in orgasm, quivering and clutching Rick's cock as it was fully buried in her pussy, with the head pushing hard against her cervix, as she ground her clit on the base of his hard shaft.

Rick continued to pull Jessie up his long cock shaft and dropping her back onto it, as pussy pussy quivered and clutched at his shaft through her orgasm. "No!!..So hard...long...Yes..Harder...Sooo..deep!!!" Jessie babbled as her body was overwhelmed be the sensation of her nipples dragging on Rick's chest, her clit striking the base on his cock, and the large wide mush shaped head moving in and out of her wet pussy. Jessie still felt pain, as the head of Rick's cock banged into her cervix, stretching her pussy deeper on each stroke.

Rick relentlessly pulled Jessie up by the cheeks of her ass, and dropped her back down on his invading cock. Jessie's arms around his neck were unable to prevent her from rushing down the long shaft until in was fully embedded in her convulsing pussy. Her legs were wrapped around Rick's waist, but were quivering in exhaustion, as she attempted to use them to control her position.

"So Deep...Hard..My God..Fuck Me!!...CUMMING AGAIN...OH MY GOODDDD!!!!" Jessie threw her head back as an intense orgasm gripped her pussy, causing in to tightly squeeze and convulse on Rick cock as he continued to lift her and drop her pussy first on his hard seven inch long cock.

Jessie felt her pussy gripping and clutching at the long cock that repeatedly was invading her hot wetness. The wide head was dragging in and out, rubbing her g-spot, banging into her cervix on each in stroke. Her clit was rubbed and smashed against the base of the hard invading cock on each and every stroke.

Jessie's head rolled forward and hung limply against Rick's hard muscular chest, as he continued fucking his long hard cock, by moving her up and down as he fucked her standing up.

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